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iOS Game Review: Save Yammi

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I sat back on a lazy Sunday, craving something greasy, comforting, and delicious. A phone call and many minutes later, I placed an empty tin on the side and reached for my trusty iPod Touch. I started to play Save Yammi, a recently released puzzle/strategy game by BulkyPix, my hunger adequately sated with a ridiculous amount of fried calamari.

I felt a little guilty but still up for the chance to redeem myself as the screen loaded and a cute baby octopus with large, round eyes peered at me. I vowed to make up for eating Yammi’s real-life cousins and was immediately given the opportunity to feed him as an apology, but not just any type of food — chocolate chip cookies!

Similar to Burn It All: Journey to the Sun, Save Yammi works off a quirky, engaging concept with ropes and obstacles. In this game, the player draws and creates a limited amount of rope to collect stars and guides the falling cookie into Yammi’s waiting mouth. There are interesting barriers to overcome, like on/off switches; lightning clouds; electric barriers and sometimes, there are even two cookies at once.

This game will delight players of all ages. Young gamers will squeal in happiness at the adorable characters, while slightly older crowds will appreciate the high quality graphics, smooth controls, and increasing level difficulty. It is dizzying fun to turn the iPod this way and that, taking full advantage of the gyroscopic motions, and prevent the cookie from ominously crumbling in Yammi’s bathtub below. In addition, the full version features 100 stages.

It is an ingenious, unique game and outshines others in its class. 

Save Yammi has no ESRB rating available. This game is for iOS platforms and available from the iTunes store ($0.99 for full gameplay, free for the lite version). There are also HD versions of each for the iPad and iPad 2.

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