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iOS Game Review: Mamba Nation Battle

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Mamba Nation Battle, released by Mimesis Republic and BulkyPix, is an addictive, comedic game of virtual fighting to the death. Players challenge strangers, loved ones, and Facebook friends in one-on-one combat to the top of the ranking list. Fill up your treasure chest, unlock bonus stages, level up, and earn stronger, more advanced defensive and offensive moves with each win.

Begin by customizing a personal avatar – choose your warrior’s physical appearance, their outfit, accessories, and weapon of choice. Then, select your battle moves. Will your fighter attack first or block? Will they unleash a series of axe swings or dodge twice before striking once? It’s your call. Mamba Nation Battle is strategic because players only have a series of moves to make and the avatar mostly winning by the end decimates the other in an unforgiving way; the losing side must watch as their defenseless avatar gets thrown to the ground and beaten senseless. However, if you win, your avatar smiles broadly and victoriously cheers, throwing their fists in the air.

The 3D graphics and animations are wonderful and polished. The gameplay is also relatively unique, but fondly hearkens back to a less violent Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter mixed with the uncertain thrill one feels while playing Battleship. Players lock in their move combinations without seeing their opponent’s approach and can only fine tune their strategy with practice and a little bit of luck. The screen loading time also takes a little patience since Mamba Nation Battle runs half a beat slower than real-time, but the fun factor remains intriguing enough to maintain a strong following. This game can only improve, and hopefully real-time fighting is the ultimate agenda item Mamba Nation Battle seeks to accomplish. This reviewer will still play it, even if this is not accomplished because the draws are all there: I want to kick back on the couch in sweats while playing as the dainty girl with a chip on my shoulder, in a short skirt and toting a chainsaw, beating the smirk off a brawny dude in a leather jacket. And so do you. You really do.

Mamba Nation Battle is appropriate for teenagers and adults, but supervising parents will more than likely be charmed by its goofy presentation and permit preadolescents to play as well. There is no bloodshed at all, which is refreshing when comparing this app to its more graphic predecessors and even bloodier counterparts.

There is no ESRB rating provided for Mamba Nation Battle. A branch-off from Mamba Nation – The Social Playground, a successful French app in Facebook, Mamba Nation Battle is available to iPhones and iPads worldwide from the iTunes store for free.

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  • ghzcharles

    Love it! Great for the younger gamers & my favorite price.

  • Thanks, ghzcharles. I definitely kept this iOS game after reviewing it. My younger relatives love it too.