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iOS App Review – Five Little Monkeys With Nothing to Do

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Five Little Monkeys with Nothing to Do is the new ebook version of the classic kids story from Eileen Christelow. This version is released by OceanHouseMedia, a company known for educational apps and ebooks for children.

Daddy by Default reviews Five Little Monkeys with nothing to do

Like most ebooks derived from classic print books, Five Monkeys with Nothing to Do mirrors the original sketches. But this book really excels on the Ipad because it appears in vivid color, and features several artistic graphic inlays, like the one shown here to the right. 

Once you enter the app, you are greeted with the title menu, which gives you three choices:

  1. Read to Me – the app will read the book aloud to you, and you can turn the pages when you are ready to proceed.
  2. Read it Myself – The book shows the words on screen, but no audio is offered, you read the book aloud or quietly to yourself.
  3. Auto Play – the book not only reads the words on screen, but turns the pages for you automatically.

Daddy by Default reviews Five little monkeys with nothing to do - intro menu

This feature is the real charm of the OceanHouse Media ebooks, and a reason so many authors are choosing the company to reprint classic kids works.

The read to me feature progresses through the book and the iPad’s speakers speak out the words, which are highlighted as they are read. This allows your child to easily follow along, and to learn the words as she hears them.

Daddy by Default reviews Five little monkeys with nothing to do - reading words on screen

The read it myself feature still shows the words on the page, and the illustrations, but allows your child to read the book and turn the page when they are ready.

The auto play feature is like watching a movie. The words are read aloud and the pages turn automatically. This is great for kids who want to sit back and watch the book as if it were a movie.

Another great feature is the book’s interactivity. While reading the book, if your child touches anything on the screen the word for that object is boldly displayed, like in the picture below:

Daddy by Default reviews five little monkeys with nothing to do scrub up display words

When my 11 month old daughter pressed her finger on the toilet brush, the word “scrub” popped up in large red letters above the object, and the words were also highlighted in the page text, which we just finished reading.  It is a great tool to reinforce learning letters and words.

Daddy by Default rewviews Five little monkeys with nothing to do grandma words popup

In a similar fashion, when she touched her finger to the character in the green dress shown above, the words “Grandma Bessie” popped up on screen, along with the highlighted words from that part of the text.  And when she touched the monkey children, the word “monkeys” pops up.

The interactivity feature works in all three reading modules, and is one of the book’s core functions.

Overall, Five Little Monkeys with Nothing to Do is an entertaining read, and OceanHouse Media’s new ebook version is truly a delight to behold. With its interactive features and multiple reading modes your child has a fun new way to enjoy this classic story.  And for the parents who have burned out reading their children’s books for the 100th time, this ebook version is a new and fun experience which will renew your faith in technology as an educational medium.

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