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INXS Shares the Love With Rockstar Runner-up On Tour

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Marty Casey, 32, didn’t win the televised competition/reality show to become INXS’s next lead singer, he came in second. But in this case there is no shame and a fair amount of gain in grabbing the silver.

While Rock Star: INXS winner, Canadian J.D. Fortune, also 32, will be fronting the veteran Australian rock unit — which has sold over 30 millions records in a 25-year career but has struggled without a permanent lead singer since Michael Hutchence took his own life in 1997 — on their forthcoming “Switched On” tour, Marty Casey and his band the Lovehammers will be opening act.

Being the opening act is really the best possible scenario for me,” Casey says. “I’ve been with my band for 15 years and now I get the best of both worlds.” Or at least second best.

The singer describes his band’s performances as a “high energy, fast-paced, big-time rock and roll show. I want to get out there and get people excited,” he says. “We have to work 15 times harder to get to the level that INXS bring on every night.” Casey’s song “Trees” is the #1 download on MSN this week.

For INXS, the visibility of Rock Star has also meant sales. Recently, The Best of INXS (Atlantic) reached #1 on Billboard’s catalogue chart, and INXS’ new single “Pretty Vegas,” (Epic Records) hit #4 with over 20,000 downloads via iTunes (see video here).

The tour begins on January 18, 2006 in Vancouver and will extend to more than 20 U.S. cities and two stops in Canada. INXS is Andrew Farriss (keyboards/guitar), Tim Farriss (guitar), Jon Farriss (drums), Kirk Pengilly (guitar/saxophone), Garry Beers (bass) and new lead singer, J.D. Fortune.


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Feb 1 St. Charles, MO Family Arena on sale 10/15 via Metrotix.com

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Feb 16 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun on sale via Ticketmaster.com

Feb 17 Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre on sale 10/15 via

Feb 18 Washington, DC Warner Theatre on sale 10/15 via

See Pam Avoldeo’s insightful analysis of the INXS classic “Beautiful Girl” here.

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  • Trees Click on the sample track…I just have not been knocked out by Marty Casey, I don’t like his look, he’s got sort of a dead-eye look about him and not much in way of personality. Vocals; man I can go out tonight in Dallas and hit a number of clubs to hear that vocal sound. Always struck me as too commonplace. Wasn’t hot for JD Fortune either but he was OK for their sound (INXS) and look; he can do Hutchence.

  • Carol

    WOW…Marty not having personility?…HE has morals and thinks of his band…HE can sing and much more he has class! Those eyes…and again…WOW…If I were 20 years younger I’d love to see them singing to me!

  • Jacqueline

    In response to the above Comment, I have to say that Marty Casey is hardly dead-eyed, and the boy is busting at the seams with wonderful creative talent! Perhaps JD was the “better fit” for INXS’ attempt to re-create what they were back in the days of Michael Hutchence – but Marty? He is an artistic genius! Smart, genuine and talented, too. No, I do not know him personally – but he has enticed the masses with his depth of character! And as for his look? Well, it’s all his own, and he wears it well! Kudos to Marty Casey! {and the Lovehammers!} Rock On!!!

  • Jewels

    Jaqueline & Carol darlings; glad you found him hot; apparently I am just missing that Hot Marty Rush. Don’t get it Never Will. Won’t. Don’t. And to the eyes issue, once again I am going to say check it out Dead Eye Marty.com” Got it?

  • Jewels

    JacQuie & Carol: Here is the look I talked about; let’s compare: dead eyes of shark to this. Just a comment. Much Love

  • terese

    Well Jewel, someone’s feeling a bit snarkey aren’t they, darling. Y’know when people can’t say a good thing about anyone, I just don’t get it Never will. Won’t. Don’t.


  • I have good things to say terese; just not about S’Marty… Let’s talk Bo Bice; I could go Bo – on and Bo – on; but S’Marty; but hey you like ‘snark? One of my favorite snark spots is snarkiness. Good Times Good Humor. But no S’Marty for me. Bo – Thanks.

  • Sharon

    Ya know everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It is kinda like colors some people hate green, blue is so yesterday, and red is to harsh. To each his own. J.D. seems to have a lot of potential and a good fit for INXS and Marty Casey with his band the Lovehammers does seem to have a style that is all his own, probably why he wasn’t chosen by INXS. But apparently INXS & Dave Navarro, who I would think are people who know about these things, believe he has what it takes to get an audience excited for them on their tour. I would say the proof is in the pudding. Ticket sales for the tour and record sales will be the judge of their success. As for Marty Casey & the Lovehammers and INXS w/J.D. Fortune good luck guys!!

  • Eric Olsen

    yeah, duke it out ladies – what I find fascinating about the process is that we now have 32 year-olds at the “beginning” of their rock careers, being perceived as young and fresh when 40 years ago the motto was “never trust anyone over 30.” There has been a sea change in society and in popular entertainment

  • Ida

    Age doesn’t matter – if your hot your hot. Marty Casey has it all he is intelligent, talented, sexy and very HOT!!

  • shannon

    Would LOVE to know what you look like Jewels…..You don’t like him …big deal. You sure are posting alot about him though. That’s great!!

  • Jacqueline

    To See above requested pic of JEWELS: Be sure to click on the blue “Jewels” link on her Oct. 12th posted comment(i.e. “attempt” to bash Marty). You might also note her wonderful Ghandi Quote on her personal I love Bo site, where you can pretty much consider your source. ON that note, I have no further comments.

  • c

    i see white people

  • Eric Olsen

    most of them are sort of beige