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Investing in Food

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People may be be unsure in this economy where to invest their money. Some may wonder, “Should I buy gold?” “Invest in a sinking stock market and buy while everything is low?” “Should I let it sit in a savings account making, on average, a half of a percent?” However, in a Wall Street Journal Article written by Brett Arends, titled “Load Up the Pantry”, Arends suggests a different type of investment-FOOD, the type of investment you can’t live with out. It’s true, gold, cash, and stocks will never fill an empty stomach. Some call this idea of investing in food-food storage. And it may pay off more than any investment you can make during a bad economy.

According to the USDA’s projections for food inflation for 2012, food will rise FOUR TO FIVE percent. The average savings account is only making ONE HALF of a percent. The math is obvious that you can make more money buying food now and eating it later then letting it sit in a savings account. Plus, it has the added benefit of providing comfort that you will always have food to feed you and your family.

So where can you learn more about food storage? It may seem like a crazy concept, however, there are many people already practicing this principle. There are government sites suggesting food storage, blogs about food storage, and even companies that would be happy to sell you food storage.

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