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Introducing American Idol Contestant Jacob Lusk

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Of all the Season 10 American Idol hopefuls this year, it is Jacob Lusk who has caught and held my attention.

Jacob Lusk is a 23-year-old spa concierge from Compton, California. He wowed the judges during the Los Angeles, California auditions with his version of “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” by the Temptations. His command of the song and his presentation evidenced talent like we haven’t seen on that show in a long while.

During Hollywood week, he received a standing ovation from the judges, and my eternal support, for his performance of “God Bless the Child.” I have played the video clip of his performance for everyone I know.  He took the song made famous by Billie Holiday and made it his own. The judges were hollering and tapping their glasses during the performance. At the end of his song, he left the stage and burst into huge sobs. Jacob Lusk sang his heart out and it showed.

There was an Internet spoiler alert that he had made it into the Top 24 when his Facebook profile was dismantled prior to the final contestants being announced. His profile received attention because Jacob’s wall posting stated that he likes to receive pedicures. Jacob, man, I’m with you. There are very few ways one can pamper oneself like a good pedicure! What I learned from his Facebook snapshot, however, was that Jacob is a young man who has been performing with his church choir for years, who continues to participate in Bible Study, who participates in volunteer activities by giving his time and himself, and who has a strong faith in God.

I have long since stopped trying to predict the winners of any television contest. However, I will say that Jacob Lusk is a contestant I respect for his unbelievable talent. I predict that he will have a glorious career in music, whether or not he wins American Idol. His advice to others is my advice to him: “Be yourself, baby.”

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  • I’m with you on this one… Jacob Lusk is awesome! His performance of “God Bless the Child” was unbelievable! I was sad to see Chris Medina not make it into the top 24, but when you’re competing against talented performers like Jacob Lusk, I can understand it.

  • Jose

    I have not seem American Idols for years. Jacob is good. If does not makes it to the top three, I do not what is a good singer. If he does not win, I know he would be make it without American Idol.

  • JeanPierre Henderson

    I so agree with everything you’ve wrote about Jacob. A glimpse of heaven! Wow., I am just so moved I feel like I should change my whole life after just watching his “God bless the child…” lol… amazing, no words. 🙂

  • jay

    Just awesome… anointing…a voice that will give your soul to God!