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Interview with Susan Spence, Author of A Story of the West

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Susan Spence has done quite a bit of research to help make the A Story of the West. After researching historical accounts and first-person narratives she felt she was prepared to take on the task of incorporating that information into her novel. Susan currently lives in lives in Montana on an old sheep shearing station with lots of furry critters and one partially furry critter. This is her first novel, and she is busily working on a sequel due out in late spring.

You can visit her website at www.writing-ranch.com.

Thank you for this interview, Susan. Would you like to tell us all about your new book, A Story of the West?

A Story of the West takes place during the open range ranching days of the 1880s in the American West. The main character and his father come to Montana Territory to establish a ranch. The book is full of the adventures of settling the frontier. I attempted to tell a story about this era that was realistic, as well as having a thrilling plot.

Can you give us a little information on your writing background? Is this your first book?

Although English was always my best subject in school and a brief major in college, I have no real writing background. This is my first attempt at writing. I got the idea in my head and must have had some free time on my hands as I decided to attempt a book.

Can you tell us about your main characters?

Matt Daly and his father are cowboys who trail cattle north from Texas. Their goal is to make an honest living doing what they love, which is raising cattle. When others get in their way, they are willing to do what it takes to remove the threat. They are independent and prefer to deal with obstacles themselves, rather than rely on law enforcement. Lavina Lavold, is somewhat innocent of life on the frontier as she was raised back east. Her strengths are her intelligence and determination.

How long did it take for you to publish this book?

I self-published A Story of the West so it wasn’t a very long process. The editing took a couple months. The biggest delay was when I procrastinated because of doubts about my ability.

What’s one of your most favorite lines in the book and why?

“‘Is this woolie weather?’ Lavina asked.” The way I use this question gives my hero, Matt, an opportunity to share a laugh with his sweetheart. Besides, how many people know what woolies are? (No, they’re not long johns.)

Turn to page 52. What is happening?

Oooh, good choice. After thinking he has lost the woman he is falling in love with, Matt finds her again. He uses the excuse of buying a horse to make the journey to the distant town she has moved to. They are reunited on this page.

What’s next for you, Susan?

I am currently writing a sequel to A Story of the West that I plan on having out by late spring. It has a different flavor as it takes place in more recent times and I’ve challenged myself further by taking a different approach to this book.

Thank you so much for this interview, Susan! Can you tell us where we can purchase your book?

A Story of the West can be ordered through local bookstores. It can be purchased in both ebook and paperback format from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is also listed in all other ebook catalogs, as well as in Smashwords. For an autographed copy, contact me through my blog or website.

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