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Interview with Marcus Taylor, Co-Author of Get Noticed

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Marcus Taylor is a social media executive and author. He is also a regular contributor for a number of popular online marketing blogs. You can visit him online at his website.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name’s Marcus Taylor and I’m an author from Oxford, UK. I’m also the head of social media at a digital marketing agency called SEOptimise and I run a website called TheMusiciansGuide. I have always been passionate about helping talented people show off their talents, which is why I wrote Get Noticed.

What made you first decide to become a writer?

I never really wanted to become a writer, it just happened! I was a blogger before I was a “writer”. I’ve been writing 400-500 word blog posts for several years now, and Get Noticed actually originated as a blog post that got out of control. When I write, I write in blocks of 400-500 words because it’s what I’ve always known. It feels weird to consider myself as an author as it’s not something I’ve ever dreamed of being, but creative writing has become a huge passion of mine in the recent years.

Can you tell us about your book?

Get Noticed is all about raising awareness or yourself in a busy space, whether that’s building your personal brand in a certain niche, or getting your story, music, or product noticed by a whole industry. The book contains information on improving communication and people skills, networking skills, as well explanations of the psychology and sociology behind how people meet and how to reverse engineer those processes to improve and expand your social circle.

What inspired you to write it?

Get Noticed began as a blog post on different techniques for getting people’s attention. When I began writing it I couldn’t stop and before I knew it the blog post was several thousand words long and nowhere near completion. After meeting up with my good friend Rob Lawrence (who later became a co-author) and talking about it I realised the potential that this had to be a book.

What is one thing you hope readers will take away from this book?

Every reader will take away something different from this book. However, the feedback I have received so far has suggested that the common takeaway is that readers understand that they can change the people in their life and meet more of the ‘right people’. People often imagine what it would be like to be surrounded by the perfect people for them, but they do not imagine what they’d need to do to make that a reality. Get Noticed helps people realise how to make that happen.

How is your book different from others on the market?

There are books on business networking and there are books on improving your communication skills. There are no books on the universal concepts behind how every two people meet. Rob and I wanted to create a book that is as useful to a musician as it as a business person, because the focus on the books is about the process of getting noticed (something that every single person on this planet can benefit from). When reading Get Noticed you have to read between the lines and realise that every person you’ve ever met and every person you will meet follows a certain process. We uncover that process.

Where can readers purchase a copy of your book?

The book is currently available to buy in hardback or eBook format from its website. It will also be available from Amazon in two weeks’ time.

What is up next for you?

In 2012 I’m spending 10months travelling around Austrailia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hawaii, meeting new people and sharing Get Noticed with as many people as I can meet. I have no new books on the horizon but writing is a true passion of mine and something I’m definitely going to keep pursuing, so I’m sure that there will be more books from me, it’s just a case of waiting for the inspiration!

Is there anything you would like to add?

Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed on Blogcritics!

I’d also like to say that i’d really like to talk to any creative or aspirational types reading this who want to develop their personal brand or raise awareness of themselves, so if you’d like to chat, drop me an e-mail (marcus@wegetnoticed.com) and lets set up a Skype call and get noticed!

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