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Interview with Linda Acaster, Author of Torc of Moonlight

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When talking to many of the new Indie Authors about why they self published I hear time and again how they had publishers and agents love their books but because they didn’t neatly fit into one genre or another they didn’t know how to market the book, so they wouldn’t buy it. This is certainly the case for author Linda Acasters book Torc of Moonlight.

Here we have a story that covers romance, fantasy, history and thriller. With Amazon opening their doors for everyone to publish, we now get to read what the publishing world put in the marketing ‘too hard basket’. The reading public and new authors are both winning in this new ebook revolution

Interview with Linda Acaster

What will readers like about your book?

It’s fast-paced and they’ll learn a lot about Celtic water goddesses, and about my birth city, Kingston-upon-Hull. When researching I realised that I didn’t have to venture far into fantasy; most of real life fits all too easily. It was a real goose-bumps moment, so I ran with it.

Why did you self publish?

Good comments came back from a succession of publishers’ editors, but there was always the bottom line — we don’t think we could market it. They meant it didn’t fit squarely into their allotted pigeonhole. Most of the reviews so far have been 4/5* so I feel vindicated, and won’t be going down the waiting forever on editors trail again.

What is your writing process?

Lots of research, both reading and walking the landscape, as both throw up all sorts of interesting facets that lead to either twists in the main storyline or direct subplots. The usefulness of research should never be underestimated. Then I map out all the main characters, their backgrounds, motivations, fears. I hardly ever write in physical descriptions — those get added in as I write, if applicable. Then it is backside on chair, fingers on keyboard. I don’t write a dirty draft but live my scenes to the full. This means that I am a slow writer. 1,000 words a day is the target, but when completed it will only need a polish, no rewrites or character fill-ins, or what have you.

What inspired you to write this particular story?

A walk in the woods, more or less. England has a lot of bridlepaths, narrow walking routes through the landscape that have been established through usage over the centuries. They are mainly recreational now, and I used to take circular walks and write them up for a regional newspaper’s weekend leisure supplement. A feature I kept coming across was a spring or pond, often carrying the name Lady Well. I started studying these on Ordnance Survey maps, and then read up about their history. Voila! It pays to be curious.

Linda Acaster, Torc of Moonlight

Kindle Price: US $2.99 / UK £2.20
Paperback: $13.99 / £7.99
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  • Hey, thanks to BlogCritics for hosting, and to indie.ebooks for authoring my interview. Much appreciated.

    Another reason for taking up the reins and going indie is the lack of control when with a publishing house. “Torc of Moonlight” was envisaged as a trilogy, but prospective publishers didn’t want to know.

    “The Bull At The Gate”, set in York (England), is now being written.

  • I loved the book. For me it felt most like fantasy, with a romantic thread running through it. While it is set in England with some idioms and the like that I didn’t always grasp at first, I enjoyed the setting detail and historical background. Thanks to Linda for being curious!