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Interview with JuJu: The Elephant God

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greetings again, gentle Reader…

so much going on, from little things like a fellow BC'er suffering some old fashioned existential angst to another contributer in the middle of Jerusalem in the middle of a War

one can't help but be drawn in by both the micro and the macro nowadays, just as one cannot help but Wonder where IS the Spirit(s) that so much Death and War have been caused by over the centuries

since there is only one Entity on that Plane who will take my Calls, i figured it may be time to get some Answers, as best as i am able, from the Source… so i dropped the metaphysical Dime, left a Message…. and waited for the Callback

didn't take long, really

you Called? rumbled the Voice in my skull… "yes, yes i did, O Wise and Mighty…"

cut that out, you know I do not have much patience for simpering bipeds, why have you Called?

"well, i was Wondering, if you have the Time, of course… if you could help me Understand a bit better… maybe Answer a few questions?"

ever see a 39 feet high at the shoulder elephant shrug? it's like watching a house wiggle

sure, why not

now i was getting excited, finally… some Insight

"well, you see.. there's a lot of strife on Earth right now, has been for quite a while really… and a lot of it could be cleared up if God would just make his Will known… you know, like he used to in the Bible and all…a lot of that is what a lot of the fighting is about, arguing over Scripural things…and i was Wondering why He doesn't just set the record straight or something…."

which One are you talking about? doesn't matter, really…they are all playing fizzbin, the Game's been going for a while now. Zeus went out early but Odin is still hanging in there…YHWH is still going, but a little behind, Jehovah and Allah are tied…they kicked Lucifer, Satan and Loki out for cheating so Hades went off to skulk, Vishnu is playing 3 hands and a bunch of the others come in and out on occasion…it's a pretty big Game…

"wait a minute, let me get this right…they're…playing….cards?"

well, yes…a little bit of Fun, what's wrong with that?

"oh..no…nothing, of course…i'm just a bit…um…suprised? stunned perhaps, taken off guard, certainly…i mean, i had thought they invented fizzbin on the tv show Star Trek…?"

no, that was Inspired…it was a very tight Round that week, and some of the Excitement spilled over into your Dimension…it was the same week the Enlightened started the pool to see how much longer the Dalai Lama would reIncarnate…Gandhi thinks he will stick it out , but Jesus and Buddha are betting this is the last One

"that's just Incredible! but whose minding the store, so to speak?"

now you are starting to delve into the Metaphysical…I'll try and be careful so your head doesn't explode like the last one…every so often, one of Us will touch a Messenger, and give unto them the Word and the Message…but it's what you furless bipeds DO with it that causes so much Entropy rather than Harmony, that whole Free Will thing you know

"that's Amazing! but when was the last time? Ghandi? Dr. King?"

well… actually, it was Me less than 20 of your years ago…I Spoke to two Men, Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon…I had decided that two Messengers might do better… but they were stoned, and wrote It up as a screenplay instead… not a bad movie, it was Funny, and they did get the Message across…"Be Excellent to each other"

"waitaminnit here, you're telling me that the latest Gospel was Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure? now, my head IS gonna explode…"

you have to admit it is a much more modern Wording than "do unto others as you would have others do unto you"…it uses fewer Words…pithy, you could say….

what you bipeds have to Learn is that We are all just Facets of the same Gem, and the Message is always the same…just because you Perceive differences, or some corrupt leaders come along and tell you to do something against the Message doesn't mean you are supposed to kill each other over it….I told the Others that letting you evolve thumbs was a bad Idea, first thing you did was grab a stick and start clubbing each other…so We Knew the Message would be required, and Facets become Incarnate to fulfill the need, besides it gives Us someone to talk to, even if it is Ourselves…and even We like to "Party on, dudes" and Enjoy, you know…have some Fun…well, most of Us anyway…a few are pretty dour sometimes…Prometheus hangs out with the Enlightened because he is still pissed at Zeus…but feces Happen

that is more than enough for Now, did you bring my peanuts?

"of course i did…most humbly Offered… and thanks so much for Speaking with me…"

but the Connection went dead the picosecond he got the peanuts…

and i was left Alone.


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About gonzo marx

  • Somehow I knew this was cumming…. uh coming.

  • that’s it Jet?

    one Pun?

    i feel so….so….so….




  • What’s really scary here, people, is that a higher being uses Gonzo’s same typography.

  • What Gonzo, something crass about the line “it was a very tight round?”

  • where do ya think i got it from Suss?

    and He likes Planters best…. it si said, when you die…He weighs yer soul, if yer Good, you go to Paradise…if yer Bad He pops you into His mouth and poops you out to make the fields fertile…

    if yer in the grey area…he CAN be persuaded with peanuts…

    now, i’m not sure how much i was being snowed here, but just in case…

    i’m getting buried with a bag of peanuts


  • I just figured it’d go without saying that the elephant was republican

  • duane

    Well, there it is, then. I guess the problem is, if someone decides to transgress, and is not excellent to us, should we and can we still be excellent to them? Is there a line to be drawn? What would JuJu do if someone stomped on his most glorious foot?

  • See Gonzo, all I did was make one innocent comment on a virgin string and within seconds all hell broke loose!

    Carus deus, quis have ego commissio?

  • well of course, duane…

    one is allowed to Defend oneself from another, i’ve put the Ethic for that in other Comments…but it’s worth Repeating…

    do not Fight if you can walk away
    if you must Fight, do not Harm
    if you must Harm, do not Cripple
    if you must Cripple do not Maim
    if you must Maim do not Kill
    and if you must Kill, then you bear Responsibility for Death…

    oh yes…trust me, NOBODY is gona try and stomp on His foot

    but i digress…


  • Somehow I’m missing a Jimmy Carter joke in here somewhere…

  • In other words “When it is necessary to bluff, always bluff big” especially with that big of a foot?

  • bah… no need for Him to bluff, check the revelation in comment #5

    i ain’t interested in becoming fertilizer


  • You think you’re pretty clever with your Elephant God and your heresy, don’t you Gonzo?

    Yeah, well my God can beat up your God– and you don’t even want a piece of Gopher God.

  • well big Al….

    all i can say is that gophers are a bit tiny compared to elephants…

    and when last seen, the two of them were hanging out drinking Ambrosia and eating my peanuts…


  • troll

    gods extorting gold/gods extorting peanuts…what’s the diff

    keep the mice handy I say


  • all kidding aside…..

    gonzo this is an amazing interview, you seem to have been given the same Message that so many have F-ed up over the millenia….

    One wonders how many more times the same Message will have to be given to us before we finally understand and take heed.

    A very wise man once wrote (and anyone who knows who it is gets extra credit): “Everything you need to know is spread at you feet and scattered throughout your life.”

    any guesses?

    It was our very own, John Spivey.

    And the point, I think that so so many miss, is that regardless of which God you listen to, whether its the Dalai, Jehovah, Allah, the gopher or the Elephant….the message is the same. The cool part is, when they built us, they built that part in….It’s right in there next to Free Will.

    We know what we need to know to become enlightened. It’s in us already. We just need to take a moment to shut off the other noise and listen. And when your Falwells, and jihadists, and other extremists start blabbering away, it’s only because they stopped listening to the inner Light, and started to listen to the inner Ego.

    thats just my thought anyway…

  • and a fine Thought it is, Chantal…

    then again, troll may have nailed it about the mice…

    but i digress


  • Gonzo-
    Ganesh called. He wants proper credit. What’s this Juju stuff?

    A Hindu sage once told a Westerner that the Earth was supported on the back of a great elephant. The Westerner of course asked what the elephant was standing on.

    “Sir,” said the sage, “it’s elephants all the way down.”

    My wife would probably differ with your opinion of me.

  • John…
    heh, thanks for reading , JuJu=Heinlein sub-ref…sort of.. besides, Genesh won’t take my calls…probably because my sanskrit is lousy

    oh yes.. and yer Wife is teasing you… you were Wise enough to marry her, eh?


  • I still say it’s because the damned elephant was a republican and probably a hetrosexual one at that…

    Carus deus, quis have ego commissio?

  • I KNOW I’ll regret asking this but why Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure??? please be gentle…

  • well Jet, glad yer back from the doctor’s ok…!!

    as for why ?

    gee, i had thought that He had explanied it in the Article, it was a bit fo a mistake in choosing two stoned guys for Prophets… but they did get the Message right..

    “be Excellent to each other”

    silly folks… i know the straight Comedy is readily apparent, i guess i’m just too obscure and esotericwhen it comes to putting in other Layers of meaning…

    ah well, and yas Wonder why i don’t write often, lol…

    Jesting, of course


  • Clavos

    Al’s “…god don’t take no crap,…” which begs the question, where does JuJu…? I mean it IS an ummm–elephantine problem, no?

    Even troll’s mice can’t help there…

  • wel Clavos, as Revealed in comment #5 JuJu, may his Tusks always glow with the Light of Reason, fertilizes the World with the proceeds of his holy Ailementary canal…

    that’s the Story, anyway…

    He is pretty consistent, so few Rules after all…


  • Mightn’t the Big Bang be an expression of JuJu’s Holy Flatulence?

  • it’s quite Possible that it could be taken that Way, John…

    but each Facet *sees* circumstances with a different Vision…

    hence the Confusion for mere mortals


  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Fun piece, Gonzo. Thanks for the mention, by the way. Check out the news – try Israel Insider. The war is not here or even where I hope to wind up shortly. It is in the north, and may wind up in Tel Aviv.

    While the rest of the country is donning khaki in response to the Tzav Shmoneh (Command #8 – mobilization orders), this poor little pathetic fellow is battling the problem of finding a place to live and pack and clean – all at the same time. I feel very much like a rat chasing his tail. I have fourteen e-mails to post as news, but it’s just gonna have to wait. Reality is intruding big time.

    In the mean time, just pray to whatever Deity is meaningful to you. Enjoy yourselves – and remember that when an Elephant says that ‘feces happen’, he ain’t joking around…

    So steer clear of the Rear End and live.

  • Glad ya Enjoyed it, Ruvy…

    i know you are not close to the Conflict, per se. but the scale is so tight there, 100 miles is nothing here in the U.S. , but it IS critical in your neck of the woods … the mention was more as a reminder to myself about fragility, hence the comparing and contrasting between the Circumstances of you and Jet, both of whom contribute here on BC

    part of the esoterica i stuffed into the Thing had to do with the problems in your part of the world, Ruvy… obvious digs in painful irony at root cause for many violent Conflicts…

    far beyond driven…