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Interview With Jeanette Jenkins, Author of The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan

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I recently spoke with Ms. Jeanette Jenkins, while she was out touring the country, promoting her new book, The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan. She is a genuinely caring person, who values family and friends. No wonder the stars love her!

Ms. Jenkins: I love the inside photo of your mother and yourself. Tell me about your reason for writing The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan and how it is related to your mother, Karen Jones.

I was supposed to publish The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan in January. Then I received a call that Mom had had a gallbladder attack. I was raised by my mom—she was my sole parent. I had to prioritize; I quickly realized how I would be devastated if I lost my mother. It’s important to have a mental and spiritual connection with your family and not always be motivated by external factors.Mom--Karen Jones & Jeanette Jenkins

I was under pressure to get the book out, but decided that I had to go to Canada to make sure my mom was OK.

Publishing in May is a Mother’s Day gift, and a blessing in disguise. Mothers are the number one provider, and sacrifice their own time for their children and families.

However, they need to find time to incorporate family into healthy living because we need them.

That’s my connection—to inspire other women to motivate themselves.

How did you become a trainer to the stars?

I moved to LA ten years ago from Canada. I was originally born in Hollywood, my parents divorced, and Mom took us kids to Canada. I moved back afterward. California is the mecca of fitness. Wanting to do what I love to do, LA was the place to be for the most lucrative income .

I chose Hollywood and received referrals; Christina Applegate among other celebs would show up in front of my class. I knew I was doing something right! Then I got a call one day, “We’re looking for a trainer for Queen Latifah.” All of these clients have come from a personal referral.

Location is the case. I capitalized on the Hollywood thing. Queen Latifah is so inspiring, she lifts people up around her with her gift of entertainment. I wanted to help people live healthy lives through my Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss book and DVD.

Your foreword is written by Queen Latifah. She states, “Here’s the real deal: Jeanette knows how to keep me motivated, and how I can motivate myself when she’s not around.” While on your program, Queen Latifah lost 25lbs in less than six weeks. How do you motivate your clients?

I motivate clients through education. If you can explain and help people understand who they are, they will be interested. No preaching. “This is why this motion is difficult for you. Your aerobic level is very low.” I have them get initial assessments for fitness, blood, resting and active metabolic rates. I want them to understand what’s going on in their bodies. For resting and active metabolic testing—I encourage everyone to get this.

Today, we know you are biologically an individual. The things you’re going through environmentally and socially will affect hormones and how you burn calories. Clients get results quicker with me than with other trainers. Beginning assessments help me avoid trial and error.

What other stars do you train?

Kimora Lee Simmons—she inspires me. She’s only 30 years old and has two children. Taryn Manning, she’s been through a lot in the industry and she keeps coming back on top. This month she is on the cover of Stuff Magazines 100 sexiest women issue and she has a starring role in Fox’s new Prime time show Drive.

How often do you hit the gym?

Every day. I practice what I preach, and mix it up. Right now I’m traveling to promote my book. This morning I had to be on a show. My wake up time was at 5:45 AM to do treadmill first, before hair and makeup. I plan for it.

What does your eating program incorporate?

Oatmeal without milk. I believe in using raw dairy, not pasteurized, to be as close to nature as possible. I’m a berries person and include them four times a week with the oatmeal.

I eat French toast and buckwheat pancakes with berries the other three mornings.

Sometimes I’ll have eggs and chicken sausage.

I eat four meals a day, every 2 to 3 hours.

What’s your message to women who have delivered babies?

I prefer to address women before delivery. On the mental and spiritual side, women lead careers, have a changing hormonal situation, and lead busy lives. Under stress, the stress hormones (including cortisol) will go to the child in the womb. Women need to decrease their schedules and find a place of peace. As a sign of affirmation—take a day off. We do too much, shut down, make parameters. People will respect them if you set them; make peace in your life.

I see many African–American women with fibroids, which feed off estrogen. They need to decrease amount of estrogen produced. Under a microscope, fibroids have more estrogen receptors than any other kind.

Estrogen is affected by the cortisol, and cortisol is sometimes created by stress.

Find out what’s causing you to be unhealthy rather than getting a prescription to take care of the symptom. Don’t feed yourself with caffeine. Fight or flight, the rise of cortisol, is increased by diet pills, caffeine, and the rush rush go go of life. Cut it off.

Your book comes with The Hollywood Trainer Workout DVD, a great feature to the program. Who will best benefit from it?

I’ve had experience making my own DVDs. They are necessary to help people. I’ll open up Shape magazine, and look at the pictures of the exercises. They can only show so much of the exercise. That’s where motivation and results come from.

For the DVD, I chose 8 to 10 back up people. They include a variety of ethnicities and ages: a 63 year old grandma (She’s in great shape!), a pregnant woman, a 40 year old female with kids, a man aged 40 and another in his 30’s.

It’s important to show how this exercise is for anyone, for people just beginning to workout. The routine is all low impact.

Your recipes look delicious and nutritious. With your busy schedule, do you cook and prepare ahead?

Yes, I made all my own recipes and I love to eat!

Page 27 explains the proper footwear and fit for the feet. This is unusual in a diet book and is a welcome feature. Do I need a special shoe for the workout?

Yes. It’s important, especially if you’re overweight or if you have pain. Don’t wear $7 Target shoes. Some people spend little on the comfort of their feet, but they’re driving a Mercedes. Are you feet flat, do you pronate or supinate? It’s important that your feet are comfortable. Then you’ll stick with the program. Muscular-skeletal issues will be avoided too.

I especially like the Today’s Affirmation boxes for each of the 21 Days. How do they go hand-in-hand with the exercise Weight-Loss Program?

Motivation is a layering effect, involving education, fun, and a little bit of love. I reward or compliment. Everyone needs to feel loved. Through The Hollywood Trainer Weight- Loss Plan, I use daily Personal Affirmation. Next is the workout. Then the meal plan, fitness tip, and nutrition tip of the day.

One tip a day is given. Too much information at once isn’t useful. If the reader wants to read more after the tip, about healthy fat for example, she can read the whole section on the subject in the back.

What else is part of The Hollywood Trainer Program?

Learning to Love yourself!

Besides the book, I have DVDs, teach classes in LA, and I often speak at expos, and other events around the country.

What do you want the reader to take away from The Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Program?

Today people have a choice in health, either wake up and once a week collect your pharmaceuticals, or you can wake up and take your grandchildren to the park. There’s so much out there to enjoy. My book can inspire people to change their lives for the better.

Ms. Jenkins, thank you for the interview. Much success to you and your Hollywood Trainer Weight-Loss Plan.

Thank you.

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