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Interview with Gary L. Doman, Author of ‘Vinland Viking: An Original Saga’

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Gary L. Doman is the author of the Christian historical fantasy adventure novella, Vinland Viking: An Original Saga. He lives in Connecticut.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am an eccentric whose official family name is “Thomann” but whose (pen-)surname rhymes with “roman,” the French word for “novel.” Born in Syracuse (New York), I have spent the majority of my life in Connecticut. I have a degree from Fairfield University and one from the University of Connecticut. I consider the most important event in my life to be my acquisition of Christian faith. I’ve developed an interest in just about everything, especially history, geography, religion, language, and the natural world; in fact, I call myself a “knowledge collector.” In addition to writing, I devote considerable time to creative and intellectual endeavors that include my “weblog” the Doman Domain and one of the items of interest found there: “The Best Comic Strip Ever!”

What made you first decide to become a writer?

I produced a book of sorts no later than the early years of grade school. I’ve been writing on-and-off ever since, but I didn’t decide to pursue it as what I call a quasi-profession (since I don’t know that I can write often enough to describe it as anything more than a paying hobby) until young adulthood. I reasoned, why not try for what I thought I would enjoy the most?

Can you tell us about your latest book?

Vinland Viking: An Original Saga is an “epic novella” and a “fantasy-adventure” set at the time of the conversion to Christianity of Iceland and Greenland. The protagonist is a young Northman who longs to lead the storied life of the pagan Vikings. His opportunity comes with Leif Ericsson’s exploration in North America, but his fortunes change in a way and by a means that no one could have anticipated, and which lead him ultimately (in a surprise ending) to the one true god. The narrative incorporates history, nature, and mythology into its texture, along with plenty of action. It is told from a Christian viewpoint, but can be enjoyed by a general audience including the young.

What inspired you to write it?

Vinland Viking resulted from the convergence of three things. When the year 2000 came along, people spoke of “the” millennium, which prompted me to explore my imagination as to what kind of story might take place at the end of the first millennium AD. I had interest in the Vikings, but I didn’t want a pagan for a protagonist; and, I noticed the parallels between Norse myth and Christian belief. I can’t say any more, for fear of giving away the plot.

What is one thing you hope readers will take away from this book?

Hopefully none of the pages, because then anyone else who reads it will have a hard time following the story line. To answer your question, though: I hope that they find as much satisfaction in reading it as I did in writing it.

Where can readers purchase a copy of your book?

They can purchase it from Amazon through Kindle Books. The print version is also available from Amazon.com, but the electronic edition has been improved from the original.

If you could meet any writer (living or dead) who would it be?

I wouldn’t want to meet anyone who’s dead, especially on Halloween. Seriously, I suppose that I’d most like to meet one of the authors of the New Testament, such as the man whom I consider to be my patron saint: John the Evangelist. It’s hard to imagine how awe-inspiring it would be to encounter someone who actually lived with Jesus Christ.

What is up next for you?

Once I’ve finished getting Vinland Viking the amount of attention it deserves, I’ll see about publishing the second novella that I’ve “finished” (pending whatever revisions might occur to me the next time that I look at it). That’s not a sequel, but it’s also an historical adventure, and the protagonist of the story (and of three others that I intend to build around him) shares a common ancestry with my Vinland Viking’s Brand-Yngar Magnusson. In fact, the hero of every tale that I plan to tell is of that extended family, and in that way I hope to give unity to what I regard as a kind of epic cycle (encompassing a span of 13,000 years); the main characters of which together represent all humanity.

Is there anything you would like to add?

My site at Author Central is found at Author Central. My weblog is here.

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