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Interview with Dr. Michael J. Norman, Author of Unbridled Grace

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Dr. Michael J. Norman tells a fascinating story in Unbridled Grace. Answering a classified advertisement, he unknowingly ended up working for a Russian-organized crime ring. The challenges that resulted led him to rediscover his faith and make a choice to follow God’s plan for his life.

Visit Dr. Norman online at www.UnbridledGrace.com.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Currently celebrating my 20th year, I am a chiropractor in private practice in Dallas. Since 2003, I have served as a volunteer at a non-profit health center offering services to the indigent and uninsured of my community. In addition to my practice and non-profit work, I enjoy writing, speaking, mission outreach, and completing my graduate studies in Theology. I live with my family near Dallas, Texas.

What made you first decide to become a writer?

Since I can remember, I have always loved to write. In regard to Unbridled Grace, this was truly the book that insisted on being written. I tried desperately to box the manuscript up and pack it away in my closet on several occasions (for several years) and “move on” with our lives. It didn’t work. I kept stumbling back over it and “rediscovering” it.

Can you tell us about your latest book?

Unbridled Grace is the true story of our family’s nightmarish six-year legal ordeal. Written for the Christian market, it is a riveting and dramatic account of unimaginable crisis, but interwoven with an inspiring testimony to God that will build your faith and give you the courage to face the challenges of life.

As a trustingly naive doctor fresh out of school, just starting my career and life as a new father, it all starts with the answering of a two-line classified ad in the newspaper. In an unbelievable true story that could occur to any of us, I innocently took a part-time chiropractic job from employers who were later found to be a Russian-organized crime ring involved in money laundering, insurance fraud and other crimes. Despite my cooperation in a federal government investigation, I soon found myself surrounded by deception on all sides. As my cooperation was turned cruelly against me, I endured a federal indictment and an early-morning raid upon my home, where I was arrested at gunpoint by six FBI agents in front of my five-year-old daughter.

I was left with two choices: plead guilty to crimes I didn’t commit, receive probation and avoid prison time; or fight the injustice and risk going to prison for at least 10 years. The first means cooperating with the government and lying to put people in prison who may be innocent; the second means doing the impossible and taking on the government. As all appears hopeless, it is at this time that a series of seemingly miraculous occurrences begin for myself and my family that exceed all human explanation.

Unbridled Grace is the true story of how we can rise from the forces of evil through a renewed faith in Christ as readers are taken on a journey to redemption through the bold use of our power of choice for God.

What inspired you to write it?

My desire was to offer our story to all individuals gallantly engaging in life’s struggles and to those fighting to just stay afloat. Like myself for many years, you may find yourself canvassing and imprisoned within the depths of a self-imposed pit, or hell on earth, that seemingly holds no options for escape. I recorded the message in Unbridled Grace, to simply offer a way out.

What is one thing you hope readers will take away from this book?

Unbridled Grace is about God’s victory and all the incredible blessings that have resulted from this experience. I wrote this book to share what God can do in all of our lives despite anything we are facing. We simply must trust Him and then courageously choose His will. It’s not easy but it is truly the greatest of all roads to travel.

How is your book different from others on the market?

Unbridled Grace is written in a refreshingly unorthodox way. A riveting and compelling true story builds in increasing intensity as each chapter unfolds. However, perfectly placed reflections follow each chapter, offering the reader time to pause. Readers have remarked how these themed chapter-ending meditations provide the lasting value of the book.

They were certainly moved by the powerful true story, but they enjoyed the lessons my family and I learned through the ordeal most of all. Readers have told me how these lessons and meditations speak incredibly clear to their own life challenges and greatly assist in charting the course over the mountains currently facing themselves and their families.

Where can readers purchase a copy of your book?

Unbridled Grace is most easily available on my website. You can also find it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or ordered through your local Catholic Christian bookstore.

What is up next for you?

My prayer is that Unbridled Grace helps many people and it could open the door to allow me to write more often.

Is there anything you would like to add?

I would enjoy answering any questions and comments readers might have. Please feel free to contact me at my website, www.UnbridledGrace.com.

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