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Interview with Dr. Jackie Cogswell, Author of Super Luke Faces His Bully

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Dr. Jackie Cogswell is a physician and writer. She is the author of the Giggleheart Adventures series. Book Two, Super Luke Faces His Bully, was recently released by Divine Inspiration Publishing.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a family physician, wife, mother, author and a Christian with a passion to help others and to seek the heart of God!

I graduated from medical school from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1994. Then, my husband and I went to Boston for four years where I completed my family practice residency. We returned to Michigan where I enjoyed helping people as a physician for seven years. But I put my medical career on hold when I had my third child. I felt the need to be a stay-at-home-mom for a while. The intent was to return to work when my baby was about six months old. Well, my baby is now seven years old, and I am still on “maternity leave!”

During this time God has captured my heart and given me a hunger to learn more about Him and to write fun-loving Christian children’s books. It has been such an adventure following God’s path for my life!

My husband is amazing, and so are our three children. We live in South Eastern Michigan. When we are home together, our house is filled with noise, energy, lots of giggles and love! But, the moment the kids are off to school, the house is quiet, and then it is my time to turn on my music, pray, read, write, and occasionally get distracted enough by dirty dishes, laundry and dust to clean!

What made you first decide to become a writer?

It all began about seven years ago when I first started studying the Bible. At that time, God somehow seemed to have flipped a switch in my imagination and starting flooding my mind with visual thoughts called word pictures (“visual slices” of stories that teach a lesson). These visual thoughts had deep meaning yet they were child-like and fun at the same time! Often my kids would say or do something that would spark another visual thought. For a while, whenever my daughter opened her mouth, I would capture another visual thought in my head, until I could write it down! In my wildest dreams, I never thought of writing a story.

Prior to that point, I struggled with creative writing to the point that a root canal seemed more appealing. But, God changed all of that. After a while, these visual thoughts all connected and Giggleheart Adventures were born.

In short, writing was also a weakness of mine. In fact, writing used to annoy me! However, God changed all of that as He turned an old weakness into a new passion, writing Christian children’s books.

Can you tell us about your latest book?

Super Luke Faces His Bully is about a tender-hearted boy, Luke GiggleHeart, who always dreamed of being a brave super hero. However, his dreams came crashing down when he found himself stuffed in a locker by the notorious school bully, Bulldog Jones. During Luke’s journey he learns what the Bible teaches about giving God our fears in exchange for His strength and courage.

This story is written in a fun and engaging way so that children can connect with Luke’s heart as he learns to be brave!

What inspired you to write it?

This seeds to write this book were planted in my heart by my son, who started getting bullied in the second grade. These seeds grew and took root as my family witnessed how God transformed some of my son’s most hurtful experiences into victories. Through prayer and bringing the bullies parents to the table, we were able to witness some incredible heart changes that only God could accomplish. These experiences were so extraordinary that these seed to write about it grew and Super Luke Faces His Bully was birthed by God’s grace.

What is one thing you hope readers will take away from this book?

Bullying is wrong and should never be tolerated! Kids need to speak up and get help if they or someone is being bullied or abused in any way!

The ultimate solution to bully-proofing our hearts is by giving Christ our fear in exchange for His strength and confidence. This makes Christ our ultimate Super Hero!

Where can readers purchase a copy of your book?


If you could meet any writer (living or dead) who would it be?

I would love to meet face-to-face with King David from the Bible. He wrote the Book of Psalms, and his work is amazing!

What is one fact about yourself you wish to share with our readers?

Being a mom is one of my favorite jobs! Taking care of my kids blesses me tremendously. Some of the most precious times with them are listening to their hearts when they pray. One time, my sons prayed, “Lord, help us to think of others before ourselves and YOU before others!” As you can see, I learn so much from listening to my kids’ hearts.

What is up next for you?

I am working on GiggleHeart #Three. It is about a boy who learns how to handle his anger when he gets blamed for something he did not do.

Is there anything you would like to add?

God is amazing! When He captures your heart, you will be amazing at where you may end up and what He will have you doing!

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