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Interview with Dick Donato – Live From The Big Brother 8 Finale

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Last week we got the chance to attend the live Big Brother 8 finale, head into the backyard and interview the cast. Below is my chat with the Big Brother 8 winner Dick Donato, who is known as "Evel Dick" Donato. He was born in 1963 and is a 44 year old bar manager from Los Angeles.

Dick was known for his abuse to the other houseguests, but seemed to make it to the finals with his daughter Daniele even through the tremendous controversy. He was joined in the backyard after the show by other houseguests Amber M. Siyavus, Carol M. Journey, Daniele Donato, Dustin Simon Erikstrup, Eric Scott Stein, Jameka Linette Cameron, Jennifer Marie Johnson, Jessica Lynne Hughbanks, Joseph Barber II, Kail Lucille Harbick, Michael S. Dutz, Nicholas Anton Starcevic, Zachary Joseph Swerdzewski.

Top prize of $500,000 goes to the winner and a runner-up prize of $50,000.

Big Brother 8 has come to a close and CBS is already taking applications for season 9.

Mark (RealityWanted.com):  Which of the past houseguests stand out the most?

Dick Donato (Big Brother 8): Will, I admired the entire time. I admired Will and Will’s game play, but I knew coming in to the game I could not play like Will. Will played in different ways than I did and didn’t go on personal attacks. I enjoyed watching Will more than anyone. I always said my favorite player was Will and he almost won All Stars. I’m not Will so I played a different game a very different way.

M:  So, you really tore people apart on the show. Was this game play or did we see the real you?

DD: Calling people out and into a confrontation is me and it worked well for me in the house. In one way or another it hit everyone in the house. I think it’s very funny that the vote was 5 – 2. So after I took the hearts out of five of the houseguests and stomped on them they still voted for me, it’s a trip!

M:  We know you had fun ripping on your houseguests, was there anyone in particular you had the most fun with?

DD:  Ha ha, wow, are you kidding me I totally had fun with it. Watching Jen's meltdown was one of the highlights of my summer. Banging pots and pots over Dustin head…(laughing)… come on that ruled!

M:  If you were called in for a Big Brother All Star would you do it?

DD:  If it’s six years from now and I am 50 years old these competitions would kill me since I’m already 44. But like most of us I tend to forget the bad and only recall the good, so if it came down to it I would probably do it.

M:  I heard you talking with Real Networks about how you and Danielle had applied to prior seasons of Big Brother, I assume you watched past seasons?

DD:  We both watched Big Brother since season one.

M:  Okay, I know I am the last interview of the night and you want to get out of here since I see the backyard gate about to close. Talk to me about Eric and America’s Player

DD:  I need to figure out what the hell happened. The biggest thing is America giving him the votes to keep me in, wow! I thought I had the biggest game play in the history of this game and it was America helping me, I had no idea.

M:  Great to finally meet you, and congratulations on winning Big Brother 8. I have been talking with Nick, Kail and Carol over the past few weeks. Are you ready to head out of here?

DD:  Yeah, I think were all ready to walk out that back door.

M:  Well that’s about it for now I’ll try and catch up with you in a couple of weeks once the dust settles and you have had a chance to review all the prior shows. I think I see a limo waiting outside for ya.

DD:  Right on man, talk to you then.

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