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Interview with Action-Adventure Author Bill Craig

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It is my privilege to chat with Bill Craig, author of multiple action/adventure titles, including Emerald Death and the forthcoming The Sky Masters.

Give us a quick overview of Emerald Death:

Emerald Death is the first adventure of Mike "Hardluck" Hannigan, a young soldier of fortune out to see the world, when he becomes involved in a quest to recover the fabled 'Emerald of Eternity' to keep it out of the hands of the Nazis. During this quest we meet an interesting cast of supporting characters, from the fabled Priest King Prester John, to the diabolical Dr. Ragnarok.

Were any of the characters inspired by people you know?

Hannigan's origins were actually based on my father.

What did you read growing up and how did that affect your writing today?

I was an avid reader of Doc Savage, The Shadow, and The Avenger as well. The Executioner and The Destroyer were also favorites.

How did you come up with the idea for the plot of Emerald Death?

In a roundtable discussion with some fellow adventure writers the subject came up of creating a shared universe of old-style pulp heroes. Hardluck Hannigan and Emerald Death grew out of that.

Is writing pulp adventure much different from writing modern action/adventure?

It is different in that if something carries a "pulp" label, readers are more inclined to suspend belief and accept the story for the pure enjoyment of it. In modern action adventure, the readers are very detail-oriented.

How much can you share with us about the sequel, Sky Masters?

The Sky Masters explores some of the more fantastic weapons research that the Nazis were credited with using and introduces at least one new supporting character and several recurring characters. Hannigan's primary adversary in this is the famed Kondor Legion that were hired out to the Spanish during the Spanish Civil War. According to Walter Bosley, the publisher at Lost Continent Library, The Sky Masters will be available soon.

Tell us about your other published works.

I have the Adventures of Jack Riley, which follows Chicago Police detective Jack Riley and his investigative reporter girlfriend Moria Clark as they travel the world getting into trouble as a result of her stories or his cases or both.

The first Riley book, Valley of Death, introduces the characters. They continue through Mayan Gold, Dead Run, Pirates' Blood, and the Child Stealers. I am working on a sixth Riley Novel but it is on hold pending several other projects.

What is your favorite thing about writing?

It gives me a way to relax and also work on any problems I might be facing. Kinda like self-therapy.

Any parting words?

I hope that your readers find and enjoy my books and the people they meet inside them. And that they can do like I used to do and lose themselves in the adventure…

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