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Interview: Trish McCallan, Author of Forged in Fire

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Trish McCallan has been writing for as long as she can remember.

In grade school she wrote children’s stories, illustrated them with crayons and bound the sheets together with pencil-punched holes and red yarn. She used to sell these masterpieces at her lemonade stand for a nickel a book. Surprisingly, people actually bought them. Like, all of them. Every night she’d write a new batch for her basket.

As she got older her interest shifted to boys and horses. The focus of her literary masterpieces followed this shift. Her first full length novel was written in seventh grade and featured a girl, a horse and a boy. At the end of the book the teenage heroine rode off into the sunset . . . with the horse.

These days she sticks to romantic suspense with hot alpha heroes and roller-coaster plots. Since she is a fan of all things bizarre, paranormal elements always find a way into her fiction. Her current release, Forged in Fire, was the result of a Black Dagger Brotherhood reading binge, a cold, a bottle of NyQuil and a vivid dream.

You can find Trish McCallan at her website.

Please tell us a bit about your book and what you hope readers take away from reading it.

Forged in Fire is the first book in a high octane romantic thriller series involving the officers of SEAL Team 7 and the women they fall in love with. I hope to provide the reader with a non-stop roller coaster ride where our heroes and heroines go through hell, but eventually prevail and find love. Where the human spirit remains intact, the bad guys are defeated and good triumphs over evil.

Who are your favorite characters in the story?  

My favorite character in the book would be Commander Jace (Mac) Mackenzie. Mac is a seething thunderstorm of frustration and anger. He’s a warrior stuck in a desk job which he hates. He’s blunt, politically incorrect, impatient, and an admitted misogynist. Yet he is also highly intelligent, honest to extremes, and loyal to the core. Mac would step in front of a missile for those he cares about — without hesitation, without even thinking about it.

Do you have a favorite line or excerpt from your book?

Beth, the heroine in Forged in Fire, is an avid romance reader and the alpha hero is very popular in romantic fiction, so my favorite excerpt is a bit of an inside joke.

“Too bad.” He caught her chin in an iron grip and forced her gaze up. The face staring back was hard, determined. Lethal. “You can fight what’s between us all you want. It won’t change a thing. You’re mine. And sweetheart, you don’t want to bring another guy into this, not unless you want to watch him bleed. I don’t share.”

“Excuse me?” Beth’s jaw would have dropped if he hadn’t had hold of her chin.

A wave of intense disorientation swept over her. For a moment she was convinced she was still dreaming. That she’d fallen asleep while reading one of JR Ward’s Brotherhood of The Black Dagger romances and had inserted herself into a dream based on the book. Any moment now he was going to start growling Mine Mine Mine and let loose with some spicy bonding scent. Or flash a massive set of fangs.

Except… if she was dreaming, wouldn’t he be a jacked-up, massively muscled vampire warrior, rather than the testosterone laden, far-too-alpha—but human—pain-in-the-derriere?

She concentrated on the hard fingers under her chin, and the sense of disorientation dissipated. Oh no, this was real. And it just went to show that her secret weakness in literary escapism did not translate well into reality. The last thing she needed or wanted in real life was a bonded alpha male. Romantic fiction aside, they were serious jackass material.

If your current release were to be turned into a movie, who would you love to see play what characters and why?

I’m asked this question a lot, but the truth is I can’t think of any actors/actresses that match the images of the characters I have in my head. Nobody even comes close.

What are your favorite aspects of writing?

Reading the book after it’s finished and marveling that I wrote it. LOL

Your least favorite aspects of writing?

Actually writing the book. Writing is mentally exhausting, frustrating and plain hard work.

Who are some of your favorite authors/books?

Linda Howard’s Dream Man, Now You See Here, and Kill and Tell. JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, anything written by Guy Gavriel Kay.

What are you reading right now?

Guardians of Ascension by Caris Roane

If you could have a dinner party and invite five authors — dead or alive — who would they be and what would you serve them?

They would be my writing buddies: Patti O’Shea, Simona Tyler, Veronica Worthington, Jolyn Palliata and Denise Swank. I would serve them Abby’s Pizza because it’s the best pizza in the world and I don’t cook.

What is a book that you wish you could say that you had written and why?

Guy Gavriel Kay’s The Lions of Al-Rassan, because it has such intricately drawn characters and it’s emotionally haunting.

What is the greatest piece of advice (for writing and/or just living) that you have heard?

Don’t spend your life talking about doing something, grab your courage and just do it.

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