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Interview: TNA Pro Wrestling’s Christy Hemme

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TNA could not have hired anyone better than Christy Hemme to promote their unique brand of pro wrestling. Winner of the 2004 WWE Diva contest and April 2005 Playboy cover girl, Christy's infectious enthusiasm seems to have no end.

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After being released by the WWE in late 2005, she found a home in TNA. She debuted in April of 2006 at TNA Lockdown, one of the company's pay-per-views. Though she's been on the sidelines and not in the ring, she's anxious to be part of the mix.

"I've always loved pro wrestling," she said. "I can't wait to get back in there. TNA has a full woman's division planned."

On her WWE experience, she seemed less than pleased.

"They didn't want me to wrestle." She did have kind words for WWE diva Melina, picking her out as her favorite opponent. "She's a great worker."

Her in-ring showings should have indicated she could carry a match, wrestling for the WWE Woman's title at Wrestlemania 21 against Trish Stratus. Still, TNA is proving to be a great experience for her when compared to the WWE.

"It's the energy in the locker room. Everyone is always ready to go."

At the upcoming October 22 pay-per-view Bound for Glory, Christy will take part in a pre-show activity.

"I'll be part of the Fan Interaction, along with some of the guys."

Thirty TNA stars will be part of that event, held a day before Bound for Glory at the Shenandoah Country Club in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

As a parting thought, Christy managed to get in a plug for Bound for Glory and her favorite star in TNA.

"Kurt Angle has always been my favorite. He'll be the special enforcer for the main event."

You can be sure we'll be watching that one.

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  • JC

    what did you mean by “her in ring showings should have showed that she could carry a match”, and then make reference to the WM 21 match? Trish carried Christy in that match. Next you’ll be saying that Christy carried Victoria when they wrestled at Vengeance.

  • They put her in a title match at the biggest pro wrestling event of the year, and not in some stupid pillow fight crap either. That shows they had faith in her in-ring ability. She out on a hell of a match to, unlike WM 22’s title fight which had multiple mistakes.

    Also, her brawl against Melina on Smackdown is as close to a woman’s match classic as you’ll see these days.

  • Trish could carry pretty much anybody. She even carried Jackie in their few Raw matchups, having to improvise on the fly when Jackie botched a couple moves in classic “You F’ed Up” fashion. Trish was a great worker who is going to be really missed in WWE.

    I do like Christy though. She has the enthusiasm, the drive, and the general mindset–she seems to be a true fan–to do well in wrestling. Hopefully TNA sees her as more than the eye-candy WWE did.


  • Abz

    christy christy i miss watching u im a wwe guy i dont watch TNA is full of wwe rejects and non entertaining like the world wrestling entertainment TNA stands for total nonsense action yea wwe raws champion john cena totaly sucks i know so dont take words out of my mouth but what evers best 4 christy is up 2 her good luck hun

  • christy u slpt with your friend lita husband

  • breanna

    christy i miss please come back 2 the wwe the womens devision hasn’t beeen the same with out u & u r the rightful women’s champion

  • vicky

    christy hemme isdiva and good wreslter but whatever happened between her and her friend lita husnabd edge was wrong?
    christy hemme should say sorry to lita?