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Interview: Thanksgiving Memories with Author Laura DiSilverio

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 Laura DiSilverio penned her first novel for a creative writing class at Trinity University. Professor Bob Flynn inspired Laura and heroically refrained from gagging when reading the contemporary romance she titled Jeweled Torment. That manuscript is buried in a box in her garage, along with the Regency Romance she wrote shortly after joining the Air Force.  She concentrated on becoming a good intelligence officer for many years before doing any more significant writing. DiSilverio served with an F-16 wing in Korea, and helped resolve reports of live-sightings of Vietnam prisoners of war while working out of the embassy in Bangkok.

She also pushed paper at the Defense Intelligence Agency, earned a Master’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania, taught English for three years at the Air Force Academy, learned cool things about satellites (none of which she can ever write about) at the National Reconnaissance Office, attended various professional schools, did  time in the Pentagon, commanded a squadron in England, and ended up in Colorado.

Along the way, she married her wonderful husband and produced two beautiful children who re-defined what is important in life.  A moment of Holy Spirit-guided epiphany in Elliot’s Bay bookstore in Seattle convinced DiSilverio it was time to embark on writing and mothering full time. She retired from the Air Force in late 2004.

DiSilverio’s motto? Never, never, never, give up. She is  also fond of the saying that sits on her desk beneath a photo of a sailboat on the sea: “You cannot discover new worlds unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”

Laura was kind enough to share some Thanksgiving moments with me.  Enjoy!

 What are you most grateful for? 

Healthy, well-adjusted kids; a loving and dependable husband; my mother and brothers and their families; all Tom’s extended family; my church community.  Gosh, I guess it all boils down to people, doesn’t it?  I’m also grateful for our home, for privacy and a sense of safety, and the gift of living in the United States.

Favorite Thanksgiving tradition? 

Going around the table to hear what everyone is most thankful for each year.

Where will you spend Thanksgiving this year? 

At home with my immediate family and a couple of friends. 

What’s your number one splurge food? 

  Stuffing.  I love stuffing. 

 What do you prefer, sweet or salty? 

 Yes.  Salty followed by sweet, as in stuffing followed by pumpkin pie.  Repeat. 

What are your plans for the holidays this year? 

Stay put, avoid airports, church on Christmas Eve with my family, present opening and traditional breakfast (huevos rancheros with champagne) made by my hubby on Christmas morning.

What are the five tools you must have in the kitchen for Thanksgiving dinner? 

5.  Can opener

4.  Fire extinguisher
3.  Take-out menu
2.  Phone
1.  Corkscrew!

If you could have a dream Thanksgiving dinner party, who would you invite?

I have invited them: my family. 

What’s the one Thanksgiving dish your family can’t live without? 

Probably mashed potatoes and gravy.  Not exotic, I know, but it’s always the first empty bowl.  Ahead of the Brussels sprouts with walnuts, can you believe it?  (No, I don’t really make Brussels sprouts for Thanksgiving, or any other time except my husband’s birthday; they’re his favorite veggie.) 

What do you do after the meal is finished? Play football? Watch football? Movies? 

Yes.  If the weather’s nice, we’ll go down to the park and play football before coming back for more pie and some football on TV.  We’re also likely to watch a movie or two and play some games.  Scrabble and Apples to Apples are popular with us right now.

Pumpkin, Pecan, or Apple? 

You keep putting “or’s” in these questions!  All three.  Maybe at once.  Maybe pumpkin after dinner, pecan while watching football later, and apple for breakfast on Friday.

Are you up early the next morning to kick off your holiday shopping?

Nein, non, nope!  I try to have most of my shopping done before Thanksgiving so I can relax into the holiday season, maybe enjoy a party or two with friends, decorate the house with my kids, and enjoy wrapping the presents I bought while listening to Christmas carols.

Thank you so much for this warm Thanksgiving memory.

Happy Thanksgiving from my house to yours! Thanksgiving wishes from the Blogcritics team.

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