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Interview: Thanksgiving Memories with Author Casey Daniels

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A couple years ago Casey Daniels applied for a part-time job as a tour guide at a historic cemetery not far from where she dwells. Hmmm… wondering why, huh? She loves cemeteries. Yep, she’s got a thing for cemeteries.

Casey Daniels learned to love mysteries early thanks to her dad, a Cleveland Police detective who enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes stories and spent his days off searching for stolen cars. Often on those trips, she was in the back seat and to this day, she has her Dad to thank for her knowledge of some less-than-savory parts of the city. Later, she read her way through every mystery story she could get her mitts on. Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle are still among her favorites.

Casey was gracious enough to share some Thanksgiving memories and traditions with me.  Enjoy!

What are you most grateful for?


Favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Drinking a bloody mary while we get the turkey ready for the oven.

Where will you spend Thanksgiving this year?

Home. Always.

Most memorable Thanksgiving memory

The year we had an odd assortment of people here, anyone who didn’t have another place to go.  Two full tables, lots of laughs.

What do you do the eve before Thanksgiving?

Get as much ready as possible: mashed potatoes, rutabaga, the beginnings of the stuffing. Used to try out a new and unusual drink the night before, but haven’t done that in years.

What’s your number one splurge food?

For Thanksgiving? A fresh turkey, not frozen. Costs lots more, but always worth it.

What do you prefer sweet or salty?


What are your plans for the holidays this year?

Stay home and relax!

Please share a favorite Thanksgiving recipe.

Cranberry relish (so easy, it’s ridiculous)

Bag of cranberries

1 Cup sugar

1 cup port wine

Cook all until the berries pop.  Cool and store in fridge. Lasts a couple weeks.

If you could have a dream Thanksgiving dinner party, who would you invite?

That’s a tough one . . .my dad, my father-in-law, and since I’ve been doing family research, let’s go for broke and get all the greats and great-greats here, too. I have lots of questions I’d love to ask!

What’s the one Thanksgiving dish your family can’t live without?

Rutabaga. They fight over it.

Pumpkin, Pecan or Apple?

None of the above.

Are you up early the next morning to kick off your holiday shopping?

Absolutely, positively NOT!!!!

Thank you so much for this warm Thanksgiving memory.

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