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Interview: Stephen Christian from Anberlin on World Premiere of Impossible Video

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In 2008 alternative rock band Anberlin released their hit album New Surrender. The singles “Breaking” and “Feel Good Drag” climbed the charts with “Feel Good Drag” being named 2009’s “Rock Song of the Year” by FMQB. It will also be the featured song on the in-store version of “Guitar Hero 6”, due out in September. Anberlin’s songs have been included in the season finale of CW’s hit series The Vampire Diaries as well as 90210.




Today marks an exciting and historic day for Anberlin and for lead singer Stephen Christian. Today is the world premiere of the much-awaited video for the first single, “Impossible”, from their new album Dark is the Way, Light is a Place, set for release in September.

Anberlin – Impossible from Publicity on Vimeo.



This album, produced by Brendan O’Brien (Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Rage Against The Machine), promises to blast Anberlin into a new realm of rock stardom. The buzz around the album promises something potent and the pre-release single “Impossible” is already climbing the charts.

I’ll be doing the review of that album prior to its September release, but first… I had the opportunity to chat with Anberlin lead singer, Stephen Christian about the new album and the single “Impossible”. I compared the sound of it to INXS, Muse, and U2. We’ll see what Stephen had to say about that later this week. He also talked about the personal project he’s involved in, his development of the organization Faceless International, which is focused on bringing “human trafficking” to an end.

Musically, Stephen reminds me very much of Bono (U2) and, as I noted previously, Michael Hutchence (INXS). Like those two profound singers he not only has the ability to create infectious, radio-friendly, pop songs, but he’s also just as capable of producing gut-wrenching, powerful, rock vocals that shake your soul to the core. No matter what the subject, Stephen Christian’s passion is always evident in his voice.

While most artists wouldn’t even bother to spit in your mouth if your tongue was on fire, Stephen has proven that he is not resigned to such apathy. He is a man on a mission. You can listen to Stephen talk about how Martin Luther King Jr. inspired him in writing the first track on the new album, “We Owe This to Ourselves”, in this audio segment from our interview. But be warned: you, like me, just might find yourself inspired by his words; you might not ever be able to listen to an Anberlin song the same way again.








With the help of the other four incredibly talented members of Anberlin, Stephen Christian proves that the message behind Dark is the Way, Light is a Place is not just the usual pop radio fluff, it’s a commitment to break through the fog of political lethargy; to find and share inspiration in a world over-concerned with self-regard; to elicit an epiphanous connection by reminding us of all that we’ve learned, and lost, in the past. 

Photos courtesy of Big Hassle Media

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  • Lily

    I was wondering if there is a website that tells you who the actors and models were in the “Impissible” music video? Or if you knew who they were?

  • Conor, there’s a bit of audio on page 2. Did you get a chance to listen? Very inspiring. I’ll have another audio clip when the rest goes up later in the week, talking about making the video, the actors and where it was filmed, that sort of thing.

    I try to use a mix of audio and text, most of our visitors are readers and can’t sit at work listening to a long interview. And honestly, the text was too long to put up on this article. It would have been way too long to sit and read, and it might have been missed — I’m hoping people came to watch the video!– so I’ll add the text for most of it, but there is a pretty good segment in audio so you can listen to him as well.

    I do apologize for the recording quality though, during our interview he said we’d talk again around the release date, so I definitely plan to have that fixed before then.

    I take it you’re a fan? Great choice. He’s a great guy.

  • Lynn, I’ll have the rest of the interview up in a few days. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was so impressed with an artist and what they have to say about their music, about their cause.

    And Stephen is just, really, the nicest guy.

    We talked more off-record than on-record, just about music and writing and stuff. I must admit that I was a little intimidated when I called but he’s very laid back. And intelligent. He has a great way of expressing himself.

    I can’t wait to talk to him again when the album is released, it’s an exciting time for them.

  • Conor

    When will the audio be available from the interview?

  • Well, you certainly got me curious about this band. Great video. Exciting stuff. Good job, ma geeky pal.

  • The lay-out is thanks to Editor Phillips. She does great work.

    You’ll be hearing this band everywhere shortly, I predict huge hits off this album. Wanna put some money on it?

  • the real bob

    Wow! This is a front page story if there ever was one! Nice writing and layout, too. I have to sample this group. Thanks!