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Interview: Saranna DeWylde Dishes About Frozen Sin

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Saranna DeWylde writes like nobody’s business. The Amazon Goddess is a born storyteller of the highest caliber. DeWylde always leaves readers closing their books or turning off their devices with a chuckle, grin or warm sensation pulsating through their veins. Oh, not to mention grabbing their honey buns for a romp (giddy up, Jacob), devouring chocolate and pouring wax on their loved ones (I’ll be mindful of your shell, Papa Turtle). Yep, I went there. Why play the demure card when spice is where we’re at–at least I am bold enough to claim it, darlings. *wink and saucy grin*

Reader’s school is in session and Ms. Morasco wants you to listen up and take notes, if you are new to the DeWylde cache of literary goodies, you will definitely benefit from ordering her backlist and hunkering down for a weekend retreat of DeWylde. In fact, I think you and your sweet baby should take the week off, stock up on staples–candles, marshmallow, water, Gatorade, protein bars, cherries, caramel and chocolate syrup…you know what I’m talking about.

In a nutshell, no matter what you do, who you do or how you do just enjoy the moments on your DeWylde adventure and buckle up for safety! *wink*

Saranna, what did you learn about yourself while writing Waking the Queen (Ride of the Darkyrie 1)?

I learned to find my bliss again. To let go and just let the words come. Sometimes I forget that and then I don’t understand why I’m having trouble with a scene. Whenever I try to pretend like I’m in charge of what my characters do, I get a stark reminder.

What is the guilty pleasure you find the most mischievously delectable?

Belgian Chocolate Gelato. It’s like frozen sin on your tongue.

When you’re deeply connected and immersed in a book, Saranna, have you ever had a dream that you felt was not your dream but one of your characters’?

That’s a very interesting question and I wish I could say yes. That would be cool. I hope that happens to me. Although, I’m not sure if I would want it to happen with my protagonist from Ride of the Darkyrie. She’s very complex and I’m sure her brain is probably a scary place.

Do your characters dream within you?

I believe so because they live within me and what’s living without dreaming?

What do you find most distracting and most worthwhile about social media when drafting your outlines?

I don’t outline. My characters speak, and I write. But social media is very distracting. It’s also a place where a writer’s life and process doesn’t have to be so solitary. I like that I can pick and choose when I work and when I socialize. I like that it’s laid back and there are no actual demands on my time except what I place there.

What does the word assiduousness mean to you?

I won’t lie, I had to look it up. But it’s a good word. Diligence and persistence. Those are the keys to success.

If you were able to go on a Moroccan getaway with whomever you wanted (past or present), who do you pick and what are you dishing about? Mama, do share what you are drinking and munching while lounging on a chaise, too! *wink and giggles*

Anybody? You know, I’m going to be boring here and choose my husband. We’re not dishing, we’re just together in the quiet. No one has to be anywhere or do anything. It’s just us breathing the same air, occupying the same space and having time to just be.

With all that he’s done to support me and how hard he works, I’d love to give him that. And I’d love to give me that too. I miss him.

He’ll say one thing to me. “You’re so cool.” And I’ll repeat it back to him. It’s a line from our movie. You know most couples have a song? We have a song, and a flick. If one of the readers can guess what movie it’s from I’d be happy to give away a pdf of Waking the Queen.

What did you find most infuriating about penning Waking the Queen (Ride of the Darkyrie 1)?

I don’t know if I would say it’s infuriating, frustrating maybe, that I knew some people would have a hard time identifying with my protagonist. She’s a sociopath, so she doesn’t have the same emotions and that’s what ties us to a book. But I don’t think you have to like someone or even identify with someone to care about their story, so I hope that story is compelling enough to entice the reader to take that ride with her to redemption and the humanity she finds within herself.

Saranna, please describe exactly how Waking the Queen (Ride of the Darkyrie 1) was conceived?

Actually, I just heard her voice in my head. She started talking to me. This was supposed to be something else, another story. But when I got started, not only was I on a completely different road, but a whole different world. Many writers describe their process and crafting characters, Brynn just started speaking to me. She said, “I am the daughter of a serial killer…” and I started writing.

What do you want readers to take away from their reading experience with Waking the Queen (Ride of the Darkyrie 1)?

Redemption. That’s what I hope they take away from every story I tell, no matter the genre. My characters live in dark worlds and sometimes experience horrible things, sometimes do horrible things. But no matter what, through it all, there is a light at the end of the darkness and if my characters can make it through with everything that’s stacked against them, so can anyone.

But just as importantly, I want them to be entertained and enjoy the ride.

Thank you bunches, Saranna, for taking the time to dish with me. I wish you the best.

Thank you so much for having me! I always have a great time when we get to chat. Brightest and best to you and yours, doll. Xo

Visit Saranna’s website.

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