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Interview: Ryan Wesley Smith, Founder of All For Him Ministries

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Tell me about All For Him. What is the purpose of the organization?

All For Him is a movement for Christ. We empower Generation Y to live intentionally and live a life of serving and evangelism through both online media and grassroots events via our ministry partners. Our mission is to activate what God is doing with this generation. Mark 16:15 tell us “He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.’” That means everyone. When we give our lives to Christ, we also need to share His name with our communities through testimony and outreach.

What kind of impact is AFH hoping to make within the next five years?

Our prayer is that God uses All For Him to impact a whole generation. Not only bringing Jesus into our culture, but also touching the lives of thousands. In the next five years, we’re asking God to activate 500,000 students. By taking a stand to live all for Him and evangelize their city, we believe this movement can redirect the foundation of America to point to Jesus centered communities.

I understand that AFH is relatively new; can you briefly tell me about the process it took to get to where it’s at now?

Being able to hear Christian speaker Nick Hall preach the Good News at Winter Jam this year really sparked a passion that has always been burning in my heart. With his message, I was able to connect the dots of what I felt into what I should do. Being savvy with social media, I took to Twitter to test the waters and was overwhelmed with the response. There’s a generation rising up who wants and needs hope. All For Him knows that Jesus is the hope they’re looking for. We started mid-January this year and have reached over 10,000 with the overwhelming grace of God.

Is AFH partnered with any other non-profit or for-profit organizations?

God has connected All For Him with such amazing organizations all across the country. As we grow in Christ and pray for lives to be changed, our paths are being directed. We have partnered with Nick Hall’s ministry, PULSE, an organization built upon awakening culture, and plan on working with them in the future. Our visions run parallel in that we both know and are ready for this generation to rise up for Jesus.

Who are the faces behind AFH?

I don’t believe there is any way that All For Him would be this far without God doing it. Being a new movement, we are still forming our organizational structure. But I cannot mention my amazing team that is all over the country. With God’s grace and the support we’ve been given I believe All For Him can assist in His transformation of this generation.

Tell me about yourself.

I’m a 15-year-old online student living in Bradenton, FL. I began volunteering at my church, Bayside Community Church, at a young age. In the span of six years, I’ve had amazing mentors and friends who encouraged me to really seek God in all I do. All For Him has been brewing in my heart for a long time.

Is AFH lacking in any area? Are you guys looking for any specific help?

We need everything. We need prayers for revival. We need volunteers for events both big and small. We need media support to help us spread the Good News. And most of all we need Christian leaders such as musicians, pastors and businesses that will help us activate this generation into evangelism. Visit AllForHim.org to get involved.

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