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Interview: Royal Pains Producers on 2nd Season Return

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Season two of USA’s Royal Pains, a television series about a concierge doctor in the Hamptons, resumes on Thursday night, January 20 at 9/8c. Due to its popularity (best performance by a cable show in its freshman year, ever!), Royal Pains will now be the lead-in for the new USA series, Fairly Legal.

The last episode of Royal Pains that aired ended on a cliffhanger which involved Hank and Evan’s father Eddie R. Lawson (Henry Winkler) suffering a heart attack after his sons discovered some startling secrets. In the January 20 episode, we learn Eddie’s fate and are treated to a guest appearance by Tom Cavanaugh.

As part of a conference call, I had the pleasure of interviewing the Executive Producers of Royal Pains, Andrew Lenchewski and Michael Rauch. They opened up on working on Royal Pains and what is coming up later this season.

Was it difficult writing Season 2 in two parts?
We needed a lot of foresight in the writer’s room and a lot of stamina in production. It was very satisfying to get 18 episodes this season and see how much we could deliver. However we did have to create two arcs with two cliffhangers.

With the plot of Divya getting married and moving away, is it possible that she is leaving the show?
We can’t answer that but we can say that she is a very important part of the show and this plot will take us up to the second season finale. It would be a loss to the show if we didn’t see her anymore.

With musical episodes becoming all the rage, would you ever consider doing one on Royal Pains?
Yes! We actually spoke about this before they became a current trend and would love to do it if the network would allow it.

Will Hank get any further in helping Boris with his illness this season?
We are not going to be dealing with Boris’s illness as much bu Marissa’s pregnancy will be very important.

How is it having a big star like Henry Winikler playing Hank and Evan’s dad on the show?
The cast loves him. He is a great guy and perfect for the part. He brings a kindness and love to a bad guy. Hank, Evan and Eddie all have different perceptions of the past and they are all somewhat believable.

The end of the next episode made it look like it is possible that Tom Cavanaugh might be recurring on Royal Pains. Will he be?
There is nothing planned now, but we left it open because we would love to have him back if he is free. He enjoyed working on this episode and fit in well with the cast (I concur).

What is happening with all the romantic relationships on the show?
The Evan/Paige relationship is lots of fun and is evolving Evan’s character. Hank and Emily’s relationship will Climax and the Divya, Adam, Raj triangle will peak. Hank and Jill are star-crossed lovers – fate and timing never work out.

Evan’s life will come together more as the season goes on, while Hank’s will feel like it is coming apart.

How does the weather on Long Island affect shooting?
It can be difficult. We shoot from April through October, yet it is always summer on the show. It can be very chilly for the actors and crew during the spring and fall, especially for the actors who have to wear shorts and act like it is a hot summer day.


For more information, streaming episodes, games and much, much more, visit the USA Royal Pains website. And don’t forget to tune to the USA network on Thursday night, January 20, 2010 for the return of Royal Pains at 9/8c and the premiere of Fairly Legal at 10/9c.





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  • Rick

    I have stopped wathcing Royal Pains because of Evan. I know it is “acting” but he has become such a distract from the show and has taken on the part of an arrogant AH sufficient enough for me and my wife to turn off the show all together.

  • Well i liking this show ,its pity good as far… glad its back again :). Thank you so much for this interview i hope divya wont leave and she should be with ralj ,she should be with ADAM (HE LOOK HOT)