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Interview: Richard Blunt, Author of Lucas Trent 3: Grand Theft Magic

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Richard Blunt was raised in the heart of Europe, in a nation where English is not the native language.

Mr. Blunt loves stretching his creativity through writing to entertain others. However, he publishes under a pen name to keep his personal life separate from his writing life. Like his heroes, Richard Blunt calls himself nothing more than a shadow – a specter that whispers a story for everyone to hear.

Mr. Blunt is currently busy promoting his latest book titled Lucas Trent 3: Grand Theft Magic.

Readers can learn more about Richard Blunt and his work by visiting the following links:

Website ~ Blog ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ YouTube ~ Amazon

If you had to describe your book in two sentences, what would they be?

When a fantasy story filled with spellcasting and alchemy meets the real world you have entered the realm of Lucas Trent. A realm that will blur the lines between good and evil and will teach you that things are never as simple as they appear to be.

Do you have a favorite line or excerpt from your current work?

Asking for that is like asking for a favorite child… But I think that would be the one… It pretty much sums up the entire character in one line: “’They call me Guardian.’ He said calmly. ‘And I am here to set things right that you have done wrong.’”

What are five important things that you take into consideration while writing your story?

One: Be consistent. Two: Plan ahead. (Otherwise you have no chance of being consistent to start with…) Three: Stay true to yourself. You can try to write a story the way people will like it, but it will be a compromise if you do, and that everyone will feel in the story… Four: Write it only if you feel like it and you really like what you are doing. This is the only true reason for writing a story in the first place. And five: Don’t have too high expectations.

Why should readers pick up your book?

Because it is different. Does different make it better? You have to decide for yourself.

What was the turning point when you realized you wanted to write and share your voice with the world?

It was a chat with some friend a few years back. They had listened to a lot of stories I told them and kept pushing me to write.

What genres do you prefer to read? Which do you enjoy writing in?

I like Fantasy and Science Fiction. So far I only wrote Fantasy, let’s see what comes next.

What five things would you have with you at all times if you had to be prepared to take a trip at the drop of a hat?

Enough money, a pocket knife, a good jacket, my cellphone and a photo id. Nothing fancy…

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

Hard to say… I would maybe opt for the power to rearrange molecular structures. It seems to be a prudent choice, and gives you a lot of flexibility in the use.

What footprint do you want to leave behind in this world?

Honestly I don’t really care. I do what I do because I like doing it. Whatever footprint this leaves will be good enough for me.

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