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Interview: Noztra – “The Real King of New York”

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Martin Rivera is not new to the game, he has been a part of it since he was 16. You might know this man now as Noztra. His fiery lyrics and style are backed by some of today's most influential industry executives. Noztra was the first ever artist to get signed to Machete Music. That speaks tons for his ability.

After a plethora of mixtapes, Noztra is set to release his debut album on Machete Music called "A Mi Manera" in Spring of 2007. Your boy Blast Boogie had the honor to touch base with this soon to be legend in what I like to call: "Un Minuto con Noztra"

CorrienteLatina.com - Un Minuto Con NoztraWhat's going on man… how you feeling?

I'm feeling good. I'm working real hard on my new album A Mi Manera which is keeping me busy. But that's the point, I'm working hard to make it to the top.

You call yourself "The Real King of NY."  Why?

Yes this is what I'm known for. This is because I'm the first act signed to a major label like Machete Music. Besides I am the artist that has represented and always will Reggaeton, NY.

There are a couple of diss tracks out now between you and Big Mato. Can you talk a little about that?

That ain't really an issue. I made it clear with Depresion this whole beef ain't with him it's with Nore. But since Nore cant get at me for many reasons that ya' know like "He can't bring competition” to the game, Mato is sucking up to try getting at me. But he failed. They dissed me with like six artist, none of whom have made it.

First of all the beefing with Nore started because they copied the song "Mas Maiz" off my song "Dame Ron," which you can find in my Mixtape. Lata went on when my manager approached him with one of my tracks, he bad mouthed me saying he disliked me because I say N.O.Z.Traaa and he says N.O.R.Eeee — which he's also copying the way he's saying it from me.

If he's so original why didn't he do this when he first did "Oye Mi Canto?" Listen to "Alcahuetes," and all the questions are answered there.

Your Mixtape is out, and you allowed CorrienteLatina.com to pass snippets out as a free download. How are people reacting to your mixtape?

Wow, the reaction is great. I'm glad they are feeling it. Like I said this is just a tease while I work on my new album which will release next spring 2007.

What's Next for Noztra?

Many things, I'm really concentrating on producing an album that will make history. I'm here for a reason, my music speaks for itself and I will prove that. Don't sleep on me, because Noztra is here for a long time.

Any last words to the fans?

Thanks for all the support – always. This is really appreciated, with out ya' we are no one. Don't forget to get the new Mixtape free and check out my Myspace profile. To Corriente Latina thanks for being so supportive as well. Godbless, good luck with everything and take care!

"The Real King Of NY"
A Mi Manera coming spring 2007



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