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Interview: Louis Koster, Author of A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What!

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Louis Koster, a Dutch surgeon, is a distinguished humanitarian who served for over ten years with Doctors Without Borders. Dr. Koster worked in the war zones of Bosnia, the Sudan, Angola, Liberia as well as with Afghan refugees in Pakistan, and Cuban refugees in Guantanamo Bay.

Dr. Koster has received numerous awards and has appeared on radio and TV. For the past decade, he has practiced medicine in Australia.

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If you had to describe your book in two sentences, what would they be? 

A New Language for Life, Happy No Matter What! is an inspirational guide to personal freedom, long-lasting happiness, and higher awareness. A New Language for Life is for anyone who wants more peace and joy from life.

Do you have a favorite line or excerpt from your current work?

“The quality of your life is a function of the language you dwell within.”

What are five important things that you take into consideration while writing your story?

1. Authenticity. In being authentic, I open myself up to our common humanity, and now true communication occurs with the reader. Authenticity is what communicates.

2. Simplicity. I find it vital that the language I use is simple, and expresses the essence of what wants to be expressed.

3. Humanity. In sharing my humanity, I allow for openness, where I enter into a true dialogue with the reader.

4. Applicability. I find it very important to be thoughtful how the reader can take the value of what is written into his/her life, so a shift in perspective may occur.

5. Integrity. I believe that internal consistency is very important. I think from design, i.e. my gift is to uncover patterns that are hidden in the obvious, which, once designed, created a clarity and perspective that makes it easier to live in the world.

Why should readers pick up your book?

I believe that this book will pick the reader. This is one of these books that may just fall out of the book case in front of you when you walk through the corridor in the bookstore.

Irene Conlan, who reviewed the book, wrote: “Who should read this book? Anyone walking a spiritual path will find it immensely helpful. Those who want to make a shift from being a victim to being victorious, from being out of control to choosing the kind of life you want to experience will benefit from this book. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, this book might be of help to you. If you’ve worked at manifesting what you desire but just don’t quite make it, this book may put that last piece in the manifesting puzzle for you.”

What was the turning point when you realized you wanted to write and share your voice with the world?

When I started my journal, and I sensed that something was unveiled to me in the writing that was of real and lasting value, I was willingly compelled to share my voice with the world.

What genres do you prefer to read? Which do you enjoy writing the most?

The genre that speaks to me the most is that of an exploratory journey, where the writing leads the reader to discover their own truth. This book does not tell you what to do, but invites you to a journey of discovery and exploration The book is not trying to make you look for anything, but is showing you what you may find when you make the choice to be happy, no matter what. The book allows you to find a truth that is true for you.

What five things would you have with you at all times if you had to be prepared to take a trip at the drop of a hat?

My computer, my wallet, my mobile phone, my Dictaphone, and passport.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

The power to skip sleep. It would allow me to be more productive.

What footprint do you want to leave behind in this world?

I am hoping that A New Language for Life goes viral and becomes an international best seller. A New Language for Life-The Series will have its own unique category in the book store. A New Language for Life is more than just a book, but will unleash a movement, a way of life that carries the potential of altering the discourse of what it means to be a human being, and change the dream of the modern world.

A New Language for Life basically is a series with a potential endless list of titles. A New Language for Life is an ever-evolving conversation, since life is evolving continuously, and there is always more to say.

I finished recently the draft for three book proposals with the titles A New Language for Life and Relationships, and A New Language for Life and the Way of Oneness, and A New Language for Life and Manifesting. Currently I am working on A New Language for Life and The Art of Living, which is a practical guide that teaches people life skills in how to experience enduring happiness and peace in the face of life’s daily interruptions and challenges. I think this book will be very contributing to a lot of people who are searching for a practical, common sense guide to managing their life from the perspective of a higher awareness.

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