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Interview: Lindsey Frazier – ‘Nicole Edmunds’ in Mystery at Mansfield Manor

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After being given a press release pass to check out the new Mystery at Mansfield Manor game, I was kindly offered the chance to interview a few members of cast and crew and get all the questions I had about the game off my chest.

In the second of a three part series, I got the chance to interview the beautiful and charismatic Lindsey Frazier, who plays the “girlfriend” of the deceased — Nicole Edmunds.

Andy Ogier: Hi Lindsey, thanks for taking time out to talk to me and our Blogcritics readers.

Lyndsey Frazier, who plays 'Nicole Edmunds' in Mystery at Mansfield ManorLindsey Frazier: It’s my pleasure. I am thrilled that there has been such an interest shown towards MMM.

Andy: So, tell us a bit about yourself.

Lindsey: Well, I am currently in Charlottetown PEI for the summer as a member of the Charlottetown Festival, performing in their two main stage shows, ‘Anne of Green Gables’ and ‘Canada Rocks!’ This is my second season with the festival, and after last season I decided to move from my home in Bermuda, and make Toronto my home base so that I could begin to make the transition from the musical theatre world to the film world. I am a graduate of the Sheridan College Music Theatre – Performance program and have been in many musicals, as well as a number of short films, including ‘Curve Balls’ ‘Conflict’ and ‘Ballerina Burns’ in the last few years.

And you play one of the key roles in the online interactive games MaMM – the beautiful Nicole Edmunds. How did you find out about the role?

Lindsey: Through my agent, DaCosta Talent.Management in Toronto.

Andy: Tell us a bit about Nicole.

Lindsey: I was actually quite excited to play the role of Nicole, because she is so complex and has such unique relationships with each of the members in the household. Immediately after reading the script I saw that Nicole would need to be a very bold and strong-willed person to live in a household where she is hated by almost everyone. Although she does have a softer side and can be caring and considerate, she is also very smart and manipulative.  This is a girl who knows how to push people’s buttons and get what she wants.  

Andy: She certainly does interact with the other characters in several different ways – cold and calculating to some like Rachel, then warm and kind to others like Debra, then become sexy, sultry and seductive around Greg! How do you prepare for a role that varies in moods and emotions so much?

Lindsey: Well, in everyday life you interact differently with each person you know. You have people you like, dislike, love, trust, or distrust etc. Nicole is a slightly heightened character who simply does not hold back on any of these emotions. In preparing for each scene, I made sure I knew exactly how I felt about each character I was involved with, what our history has been, and what I wanted from them. 

Andy: And on top of having to deal with such a varied character, you also had to act with an interactive audience in mind. What differences are there between interactive movies and standard movies from an actor’s point of view?

Lindsey: To be honest, not a whole lot from the actors stand point. We were given a movie script, shot it, and left the rest up to directing and editing.

Andy: And one of the bonuses I would guess would be that you had a nice location to film in. It certainly is a nice house. Where was it shot?

Lindsey: Yes, it was a beautiful house on the outskirts of Toronto. It was always exciting to see which room we would shoot in next.

Andy: And in that house, Nicole seemed to be a generally disliked character in MaMM on the screen, but how well did you get on with your peers while off the screen?

Lindsey: The entire cast was fantastic. Although we only knew each other for a week, we certainly did gel as a cast.

Andy: Judging from the “Behind the Scenes” Material it looks like you had a blast making this game. My girlfriend doesn’t like many videogames, but she’s a big fan of CSI and Criminal Minds on TV. Do you think that Mystery at Mansfield Manor will interest her? Will it convert her into a videogame aficionado and force me to buy a second PC so that I don’t have to drag her away from the keyboard kicking and screaming when I want to get some work done?

Lindsey: Well lets just say I think you might be making a little investment sometime in the near future! This game is great because it is just like watching a murder mystery movie….except this time…instead of just yelling at the screen…you can become a part of the madness.

Andy: As if I wasn’t part of enough madness as it is. One last thing before you go. Who killed Mr Mansfield Sr., really? Was it Professor Plum, in the Library, with the Rope? Whodunit? 

Lindsey: I could tell you…..but I’d have to kill you!

Andy: Thanks very much Lindsey for taking time out to talk to me. I hope my interrogation wasn’t as bad as the one Nicole had to face in the game!

Lindsey: Thank you!

Mystery at Mansfield Manor is online now and priced at $4.99. It got a very respectable Four out of Five stars in my review.

Part One of this mini series of interviews is viewable here.


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