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Interview: J.R. Hauptman, Author of The Target: Love, Death and Airline Deregulation

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More than a half-century ago, Ernie Gann authored Fate is the Hunter and The High and The Mighty. There has not been a bona fide blockbuster novel about the airline industry written by a genuine airline professional until now.

The Target: Love, Death and Airline Deregulation by J.R. Hauptman, a retired pilot, is set in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West, and tells the tale of the tumultuous first years of airline deregulation and the effects it had on that industry and the people who worked there. There are many people today who believe it was, in large part, the rush to overall deregulation back then that led directly to the economic chaos that threatens to overwhelm our entire economy today.

We interviewed J.R. to find out more about his new book and his life as a published author now that his flying days are behind him.

Thank you for this interview, J.R. Can you tell us a little about yourself and how long you’ve been writing?

J.R.:I am a retired professional pilot. I began as an Army Aviator and served two tours in the Viet Nam War. I left the Army after eight years and hired on with a major airline on the west coast. I flew as a line pilot and left that company during the early years of deregulation when a corporate raider took control and maneuvered the company into a sham bankruptcy and our union declared a strike in protest. In the ensuing years, I worked as a securities and insurance broker, travel agent and tax preparer. I returned to active flying after almost six years, flying jet charters, airfreight and corporate jets. I began writing in the early nineteen-seventies by writing mostly letters of political commentary to be published in the opinion pages of the Denver Post and Boulder Colorado Daily Camera. During periods of labor strife, I also wrote articles for union newsletters.

Do you write full-time?

J.R.: It has certainly evolved that I have become a full-time writer. It took a long time to write my first novel because I was working full time as a pilot and that was the most productive way to support my family. In the intense environment where a professional pilot dwells, it is often difficult to summon the energy to write during ones days off. It took a great deal of determination to make the commitment to finish my novel. In doing so, it became apparent that I could be most productive by concentrating on writing during my winter vacations. Two years ago, I encountered medical problems which were not life-threatening, but precluded me from holding a pilot’s medical certificate. I decided that it was time to “fish or cut bait.” I took this gift of time, finished my novel and set out to have it published and marketed. These latter tasks require me to polish my writing skills in order to sell my ideas to the reading public. Blogging has become my main outlet for the more creative side of my writing because my ultimate goal is to become a political writer and to contribute to that discourse.

You’ve met an old friend from high school and you want to pitch your book to him/her in five minutes or less. What would you say?

J.R.: “Dave, it’s good to see you here at our fiftieth reunion. Am I keeping busy? I certainly am. I have been involved in promoting a novel I wrote based on my years in the airline business. Currently, I am conducting a virtual tour of the internet, posting interviews and guest blogs on the book review websites. This also entails posting articles on authors’ websites where we share ideas about writing and how we go about marketing our work.

“What is my book about? It’s based on my experiences in the airlines back in the early days of deregulation and it’s a murder mystery called The Target; Love, Death and Airline Deregulation. If you are interested, you should check out my marketing website, Caddis Publishing. Here is my card. It has my website, contact information and email address. You can order it there or at Amazon and most of the internet sites. In fact, Amazon has some fairly good reviews on The Target at their site.

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  • J. A. Hunsinger

    Another great interview, J. R. I am posting today, Wednesday, as I am not available tomorrow, the official day for your interview.
    To all of your readers and fans, let me say that I have read your book, The Target, and enjoyed the story immensely. A big well-done from here J. R.
    I recommend The Target to all who might enjoy a mystery that will engage you from the first page. All the elements of a good read are present in abundance: mystery, intrigue, sex, love, and all the other elements which engage us humans. Highly recommended–see my review on Amazon.