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Interview: Jordan Ekeroth, Author of The Fulton Incident

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Jordan-Ekeroth-206x300Jordan Ekeroth is a young man with a clear voice, wisdom beyond his years, and always a story to tell. From a young age, you could find him either buried in books or bearing the adventure of his imagination into the great outdoors. He’s met some people and seen some things that have given him a radical desire to impact the world in a positive way. A person of deep faith, his dream in writing is to take people along on the adventure of a lifetime, while simultaneously creating a space for them to learn about themselves and the world around them. Jordan Ekeroth’s latest book is the adventure/suspense, The Fulton Incident.

Readers can learn more about Jordan Ekeroth and his work by visiting the following links:

Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Youtube

The Fulton Incident may be purchased on Amazon.

If you had to describe your book in two sentences, what would they be?

An introverted blue-collar 20-something gets caught up in an international conspiracy. He ignites a scandal by stumbling upon a secret affair, but the real secret is far, far darker.

What are five important things that you take into consideration while writing your story?

When writing, the most important thing to me is that every detail, word, or phrase serves to support the narrative. Readers are busy people and I don’t want to waste their time by fluffing out my story. After that, I think the most important things are: richly developed characters, creating a balance between a sense of the familiar and the unfamiliar, knowing more about your universe and characters than you are saying, and finally, checking your motivations. Are you writing because you want to and you believe you have a story worth telling, or are you doing it because you think you’re going to get rich?

Why should readers pick up your book?

Because if they enjoy works that take them on an edge-of-their-seat, page-turning ride, but also challenge them to think about the course of their own life, they will absolutely love this book.

The-Fulton-Incident1-225x300What was the turning point when you realized you wanted to write and share your voice with the world?

I’ve had many story ideas over the years that never materialized into actual books. I actually began writing The Fulton Incident while volunteering in Uganda. It was a time of my life where I had been experiencing some very low lows, and rather than helping me get away from that, the abject poverty I was encountering actually made me confront it. This story was first conceived as an allegory, but as I worked on it and worked through my own issues, it grew and grew into it’s own story.

What genres do you prefer to read? Which do you enjoy writing in?

I enjoy reading most every genre. I cut my teeth on fantasy and sci-fi, but these days I have been enjoying much more literary fiction. I enjoy challenging myself to write in a broad variety of genres and styles.

What five things would you have with you at all times if you had to be prepared to take a trip at the drop of a hat?

Passport, iPad, headphones, chocolate, and running shoes.

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

I know there are a lot of powers that might be more useful, but I think flying would be the most fun. Super speed would be a suitable alternative.

What footprint do you want to leave behind in this world?

I am more interested in being respected by the few who know me than praised by many who don’t. I hope my life and my choices to set an example of compassion and humility, so that in some small way, I can contribute to a better world for those who come after me.

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