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Interview: Jimmy Wayne, Country Singer

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Jimmy Wayne started out with nothing and ended up with everything. Even though he grew up in foster care, where many kids are considered "lost causes," Jimmy made something out of his life and became one of the more dominant country singers, proving that generalization completely wrong. His hit song, “Do You Believe Me Now?” was Number One for three weeks. And that’s only the tip of it.

Jimmy Wayne, whose song topics run from foster care to broken hearts, started his career at age 12 by writing songs, which he said, “Kind of sparked my curiosity.”

Surprisingly, Jimmy admitted, he never really studied any music program at school. “No, I was never really involved," he said. "I think I did one course. And I didn’t even know what was going on. I was too shy. I wouldn’t even sing.”

What won Jimmy Wayne over to country music was "the story telling. The fact that it seemed to be that country music spoke directly to the real people, the majority. I felt like I [had] something to say. I grew up listening to country music as well as other kinds of music. Being in a multi-cultural family, I was kind of exposed to a lot of kinds of music.”

And he doesn’t have just one musical influence. “I listened to all kinds of music being in the group homes, foster homes. Different genres. So, it’s kind of hard to pick just one person. It was all the music.”

Growing up in foster care has definitely affected his music. He agreed, “Oh yeah, it gives you something to write about. As an adult, I realize there’s a lot of kids out there growing up in the same homes. You can relate to them. It affected my music positively. It gives you something to say about my experience and it may give kids hope."

On the foster kids themselves, he said, “Just because they’re in there, doesn’t mean they won’t be successful or be somebody. A lot of those kids feel like they’re not special. And then there are kids in there that are very determined. They’ll be someone. I was one of them. I believed for some reason. I don’t know why. I just did.” He also said that he would love to get involved in charities benefiting children.

Jimmy Wayne’s single “Do You Believe Me Now?” continues to dominate the airwaves. Jimmy was surprised by the success. “I was very surprised and very excited. The list goes on. It’s like a single rush that won’t go away.”

If you haven’t seen the music video for the song, definitely check it out on YouTube. It’s one of my favorite videos, because there’s a definite story in it. Filming it, Jimmy said, was “pretty exciting. I mean, it’s always exciting. It’s kind of like looking at old pictures, sometimes you don’t want to look at them.”

For those of you that may have missed it, earlier this year Jimmy was picked as “Hot Guy of the Month” by People Magazine. He let out a slight laugh when asked about it. “Oh. Well, I guess it was an honor to be in there period. I was very glad to be in it. I would be happy to be in there again.” He then added that it came as a shock, saying, “I don’t think of myself as being … hot. It was kind of funny.”

His fans have affected him “positively. There’s a lot of response at the shows.” He went on to say that many people travel a long distance to see him live, sometimes even halfway across the United States. “That really knocks me out.”

“I’m always working forward,” Jimmy continued, “Writing songs. Working on my next project.” Expect a tour in 2009.

Jimmy Wayne really provides hope for the foster care community. He is incredibly talented and extremely inspirational. For more Jimmy Wayne, check out JimmyWayne.com.

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    i never been your coner before

  • Loretta Johnson

    I thought he was wonderful! I was at country USA.

  • Jimmy Wayne was a student where my brother taught school in Bessemer City, N.C. He has visited in my brothers home many times when he is at home here in Gaston County, N.C. My brother thinks the world of Jimmy Wayne. They are the best of friends. Talk pretty regularly on the phone. Jimmy will call my brother when he is out on tour. My brother is Ricky (Rick)Davis. His wife is Patsy Davis. Jimmy even gave my brother a autographed guitar. It is on the wall in my brothers den. I hope to meet Jimmy some day when he is at my brother’s home. My 12 yr old grandson, Nathan Wilson, is crazy about Jimmy. He is a great singer and I know he will continue as a top county singer for many years to come. I encourage you country music fans to buy his albums and support this fine young man…

    R. Tommy Davis
    Gastonia NC
    [Personal contact info deleted]
    29 Sep 2009
    “A Jimmy Wayne Music fan”….