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Interview: Jessie James – Singer and Songwriter

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Nearly a decade after the meteoric success of Shania Twain, Jessie James is staking her claim to become one of America's marquee pop starlets. And looking at the current musical landscape, Jessie James may be the breakout star of 2009.

As with all new artists, comparisons are bound to arise—especially with the presence of best-selling artists like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. But Jessie James stands apart, however, through her songwriting prowess, which better suits an audience that would allow for pop chart dominance. Take "Wanted," Jessie James' lead single, for example, which is quite reminiscent of Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle" years.

Although the future is unpredictable, call me clairvoyant. Ten years from now, the world will distinctly remember—and fondly address—the name of Jessie James. Upon the review of her self-titled debut, Jessie James managed to squeeze some time out of her busy schedule and settle down for an interview with Clayton Perry — reflecting on Bobbie Gentry, "Wanted," and the long road to Mercury Records.

Several sources note that you've been singing since the age of two and that you won your first talent contest at the age of nine. Do you recall the name of your victory song?

Yeah. It's called "I Want to be a Cowboy Sweetheart" and I had to yodel in the song! [laughing] It was great.

In the early years, what motivated you to pursue your musical passions? Was there a family influence or was this all personally driven?

I asked my mom about it. I had heard about the talent show. It was in Baker, Louisiana and they have one every year. I had heard about it through my grandmother. It was in the paper, I guess, and they were just talking about it happening again. I was like, "I really want to be in this contest." So my mom put me in the show. The good thing about my mom is that she was never that stage mother. It was always my decision. She never forced me to do anything that I didn't want to do. "If you want to do it, you can do it. If not, we won't do it." That was a good thing about her. I really wanted to do this talent show and it's a good thing that I did. I love being onstage.

On your road to Mercury, what do you consider to be the biggest obstacle you had to overcome, in order to secure a major label deal?

I think style of music because – I'm not being cocky – I'm good at doing all types of music it was very hard to pick one. The biggest obstacle was I really loved country music but I really loved pop, soulful music. That's not going to fly in country music. They didn't want me singing about some of the things I had to say and they didn't want me to do some of the runs that I'm doing. Vocally, that was a big obstacle. I thought Nashville is the only place for me but as soon as I came to Island Def Jam and got to meet with the president of the label, I was told I'm able to do the kind of music that I like to do. It was a dream come true. So that was really the biggest obstacle – getting to do the music that I wanted to do.

Before you actually landed at Mercury, what key event do you think set your career in motion?

To be perfectly honest, it has just been one long process. There were a lot of little things that I would do here and there. I think the main one was going to Nashville back and forth when I was 15 writing. I'm a true songwriter and I love doing it. I think the writing and meeting lots of people led me to the point of being signed because one of the songs that I had written was on hold for Carrie Underwood at the time. She was going to cut this song. The song ended up in the hands of the people at Island Def Jam. I think just being a writer led me to that point. If I wouldn't have written that song, I don't think they would've heard it.

Are you at liberty to say the name of that song?

Yeah, it's called "Gypsy Girl." It's not going to be in the record but they heard the vocals and they sent another song that is going to be on the album. It's called "My Cowboy". That's the actual song I auditioned for in front of L.A. Reed so that's the song that got me my record deal.

"My Cowboy" gave some insight on the qualities you seek in a mate. Which quality do you appreciate the most?

Patience, I think. Patience is a big thing, probably for me. I think all around with women it should be respect and having manners. I'm huge when it comes to a guy opening a door for you. There are some points, like, "I can do it myself," but I was just at the airport yesterday, I was on the airplane and I was trying to get off the plane. There was a line of men from another country – I didn't know where they were from – but I was trying to get my bag out from the top of the shelf and they were like five rows behind me and we were all getting off the plane. They kept pushing me out of the way saying "Excuse me. Excuse me." Nobody would help me get out my bag or let me out of the way. I kept thinking to myself, "You know, if we would have been in the south, we would have been somewhere where people had manners and would have let me out." So I think not having manners is a huge, huge deal breaker with me. If they don't have manners, I'm not interested.

The bulk of the songwriting on your debut album was handled by you. Of all the songs, which do you consider to be the most personal?

"Guilty" is probably the most intimate and personal to me because it's about a guy being out on tour and me, assuming—because he's a rock star—that he's cheating on me. So I'm cheating on him while I'm back at home. It's just the dilemma of the situation and feeling everything, every emotion just not feeling guilty because of my anger towards him, assuming that that's what he's doing. It's a true story and it's probably the most personal song out there, like my diary for the world to see. I cheated on somebody and it's not very nice but, you know, women do it, too.

Well, success has a funny way of impacting an artist's personal life. Have you noticed any changes in the way men approach you?

I get stares and stuff like that, but I honestly don't see a difference in the way men approach me now. I don't know if men are intimidated by me, but I don't get approached that much. Maybe I throw out some sort of vibe. [laughing] I think I'm very smiley and I feel like I'm approachable. I feel like I'm very accessible, but I think men are scared of me.

I'm sure that will change with time. I'm sure there are a lot of guys that "want to be wanted" by you! [laughing] Your lead single, "Wanted", was co-written with Kara DioGuardi, who currently serves as a judge on American Idol. Since she's well-known for her songwriting, did she offer you any tips, as your wrote together?

You know, even though I have been writing for a really long time, I was amazed by how fast she worked. The first day we came in, she and I weren't really feeling it at that point. So we're like, "Let's go home, recoup and just come back tomorrow with a different idea and see how it works." Then we came in the following day. She brought in another writer, Mitch Allan, and then we wrote the song "Wanted". So I think the thing that I took from her is if you're not feeling it, get out and then come back to do it later because you'll just burn yourself. I think that's what I learned. It's okay if you're not feeling it at a writing appointment to say come back to it later.

Your music has been labeled as pop with a country twang. And for as long as you remember, in coming to Nashville, some people were a bit hesitant about investing in your particular style. Outside of Nashville and just being a new artist in general, how do you go about generating interest in your work? In what ways did you have to be most creative in getting people to know more about you?

I think just through my writing. I think when you're trying to be an artist and you need to get noticed, you got to have something special and something unique about you. I think, for one, I'm not blonde. And the other is my lyrics. I think my songwriting and my songs are different. I don't think you're going to hear a lot of songs on the radio that are like mine. I feel like I got something new that I brought to the table. I think that was something that made me unique and stand out a little bit compared to the other artists out there that were trying to make it or are trying to make it. I think my songs are the real deal. I'm a little ballsy. I say what I mean. I think I don't try too hard. I don't think I overdo it, you know. I'm just myself.

Your musical influences include Bobbie Gentry, Janis Joplin, Shelby Lynn, and Shania Twain. Since you have so many, pick one or two and tell me what you most admire about their work? What from their careers do you want to incorporate into your own?

The thing I like about Bobbie Gentry was she was signed to a pop label and her song was number one in pop and country radio. The song was called "Ode to Billie Joe". She was able to cross over from pop to country. She was signed to Capitol. You know, I think that's something that I would like to do. I'm a pop artist, but I have so many country influences. I would like to be in both markets and I really admire the fact that she was able to do that. So it's been done before. I don't know if people remember that – it's been a long time ago – but that woman will go down in history. Her songwriting was amazing, too. Shania Twain was turned down by everybody in Nashville as well. She finally got the chance and took over the world. She's the biggest-selling female country artist of all time. She did pop and she did country and had so many different fans in so many different places. That's why I admire those two the most out of that group.

Having attained so much success at an early age, what words of wisdom would you share with other aspiring artists?

For starters, I think an artist should just stay focused and not turn into a diva. I think that's the main thing. You got to look at the big picture, I think. Sometimes girls and guys out there that are singers and artists, some of their demands are just crazy – about what color of couch they want in the dressing room. I just want hot tea and potato chips. You just can't be too demanding. I think you got to stay grounded and look at the actual goal instead of all the other stuff. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Generally, when an artists starts out so young, they tend to lose their focus. Is there someone you consider to be your mentor in the business?

There is an artist named John Rich who I really, really appreciate. He produced my song "My Cowboy". That's the song that got me my record deal. He's a big Nashville guy and he's said a lot of things that maybe offend a lot of people but he also said a lot of things that people appreciate. He's been working at this his entire life and he's given me great advice: be the best that you can be. I think I really appreciate him in this business. He's really helpful.

During your childhood, you lived all over the place, simply because you were a military brat. What value do you see in having so many diverse experiences?

Moving around really helped me, because it made me really, really strong. I always had to be the new girl. Once, I had to be the new girl three times in one year! [laughing] All of my different experiences forced me to meet new people. So it definitely helped. I was born in Italy, lived in Germany for a little while, lived in Iowa, Kentucky, Texas, Louisiana – I could name more. Now, I am able to be in any scenario, any situation and feel comfortable and make people feel comfortable. I think moving around really helped that.

Now that you are in the spotlight, you have instantly become a role model for countless young fans. Is there a message you want to send to your young, female fans in particular?

My advice is to not let anybody bring you down. I was brought down a lot in school and my advice is don't let anybody do that. My answer is never no. If someone makes you feel not pretty enough or not talented enough, take it as people who are insecure in themselves and are pushing you down to make themselves feel better. You can't listen to that. You are your own star. I think that girls can be very hateful in school. So many people being bullied these days and I was one of them. I think if I had listened to everybody, I wouldn't be where I am right now. It made me a lot stronger. So my advice to girls out there is don't take the abuse. Don't even listen to it. Do your own thing.

For more information on Jessie James, visit her official MySpace page.

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  • Tay

    Yall are dumb. Robert James is Jesse James the biker and rebel’s dad not this Jessie James the singer. Yall need to do yalls research and get lives!

  • hw

    I heard her Dad was shot in Afghanistan but he is going to be ok i think.

  • Lisa

    I wish I have boobs like hers…but shes so freakin conceited and stuck on herself, she’s NOT that pretty either. And she comes off as slutty….

  • CD

    I served with her “Real” dad, Robert James. He served multiple tours in combat and deserves better then what Jessie is giving him. Karma is going to be a b1tch, Jessie.

    • jham

      Robert her dad is a fucking sicko child melester that hides behind the military and deserves to suffer for his actions! Fuck you’re friend robert!

    • jham

      And fuck u too cd if karma is getting anyone it would be him u bitch!

  • Sara

    Wow I seen her tonight in West Salem, WI what a joke!! She was so drunk, only sang like 10 songs from start to finish and mostly was asking for requests!! This was a train wreck I have never seem anything so unprofessional in my life. She started so many songs and ended them in the middle saying that’s all I know REALLY WTF!! Atleast Bruce Larson played first now he actually sounded great she should have opened up for him it was so dumb it was actually funny to watch something like that wow!! Another thing who takes a bottle of Jack Daniels on stage with them anyways I mean really she is horrible don’t waste.your time or money to see get totally not worth $5 even lol

  • Chan S.

    Jessica’s real father is Robert James who is still in the U.S Army and I served with in the 82nd Airborne Division with him way back when, and remember Jessica being born in Vicenza,Italy back in the late 80’s.This other Dad who she always mentions I have never heard of. So I am little confused to why she calls this guy her Dad. I feel sorry for her real Dad. He was a good Soldier and probably still is.

  • mike

    She makes me sick and she has always lied she even lies about who her Dad is. The military man song is a prime example. I know her Dad and he is in the Army and I have served with him in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Her step Dad is an Air Force guy who has never been to combat. Quit lieing Jessie we all know the truth and it makes you look so dumb when you lie all the time.

    • jhammer

      Her real father is a child melester ! Y do u think she disowns him! He rapes 12 year old girls and deserves to die in prison after a life sentence!

  • CD

    What about the relationship between her and your your dad? She acts like he doesn’t exist. I know he trys to keep up with her career and is proud of her. It seems a shame that relationship can’t be fixed.

    And what do you mean ppl like us turned her into a bitch? Are you saying she is one NOW? People make themselves into what they are.

    • jhammer

      Look I personally know the girl he rapes years back. The girl was 12 and he was with the girls mom for years and watched her grow. He gained her trust and then when she developed he began to melester and rape her over and over and if I ever see that man named Robert james he will suffer a great deal! I am truly hurt by what he has done and I’m sure she is not the only one! Robert james rapes 12 year old girls and deserves to pay for his actions ! He is a sicko and should be exposed!

      • jhammer

        Hope this explains why she wants nothing to do with him and not one of u should blame her!

  • sydney

    to the people on here saying mean and hurtful things. im her sister. and before u judge someone u should get to know her. ppl like yall are the ones who turned her into a bitch. always having to defend urself to anyone and everyone. how would u feel?

  • CD

    Right on Sara W,
    I know Jessie’s real dad and yes she refuses to have anything to do with him despite efforts on his part. He is proud of her and tracks her success from a distance but its got to hurt. Its a damn shame.

    • jhammer

      Cd I’m about ready to find out where u r! U r blind if u don’t see it! Her dad raped a 12 year old girl on many different occasions. He threatened her and melester her and the girl told jessica what happened! He’ll I would disown him too he’s a fucking sicko!

  • Hailey

    I think its sad that so many people are so easily persuaded. You don’t even know Jessie James, and yet you’re defending her. I think the people defending her are more ridiculous than those who are speaking the truth about her … it’s really actually pretty ridiculous to defend someone you dont even know? For those who went to school or knew Jessie James on a personal level, they have no reason to lie. For those who have met her in meet and greets or in concerts etc., they have no reason to lie either. If this was the case, every celebrity would be called “stuck up”, “fake”, “ugly” etc. They all aren’t. I personally have met Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Selena Gomez and a few more in person, and they are the sweetest most well put together people I’ve met. I have to say that when I did meet Jessie, the same can not be said for her. She is just a wanna be, while the others are unique individuals, and real. Jessie James acts too fake, and personally other than singing extremely loud? She is not good.

  • ksuehow

    This is all probably the same person making an argument with theselves. Dumbasses.

  • Jessi

    Sooo….How many comments do you think are true on here? And not to get in a argument or anything, but you all are aware that her agents and managers probably told her to play up the whole bully thing. Something might have happened to her once, and then she was told to make it a huge deal to get more publicity. After all, getting attention as the new girl on the block is not a easy thing. And all those claiming to be this and that, stop it. I mean seriously? I’m pretty sure the REAL high school peers probably have actual lives that dont involve sitting on public blogs. Get a hold of yourselves.

  • Adam O’Donovan

    i think the pay back has already happened. The girl can’t sing, and only has made it this far because she dresses like a hooker and is fake. The jokes on her and its sad someone is wasting money to try to start a career for her, when others with real talent should have the chance.

    I know us here in Mississippi don’t want her on our radio stations. She is not country as much as she tries to be, and she is too old and way too slutty for pop. Her career ended before it ever started

  • sara w

    For the group of you who say that is not Jessie’s father who blogged here, guess again because I personally know the man and he said said to me and I quote, “She is twice as manipulative as her mother.” And no she does not talk to him because she thinks she is too good for him. I can tell you from personal experience, this girl and her mother are whores who would do anything to become famous. Unfortunately, in that quest she left her dad behind and he lost everything because of her mother including her, her little sister and her brother. Life is short and one day she will realize stabbing people in the back and walking over them will come back around and bite you..Hopefully sooner than later…

    • jhammer

      Robert james rapes 12 year old girls and doesn’t deserve to be a father that’s y she hates him! That’s y I hate him! The girl he raped was and is my best friend and I want him to be exposed for being a child melester!

  • Linz

    Holly you obviously do know her … are her friend, or from the sounds of her, ARE her just writing this stuff to try to make herself sound good. The bottom line is, those who KNEW her say she was horrible, manipulative, fake … and even “slutty”. Those who have seen her in concert say she sounds bad, and is not pretty … so either way, she is not a good person/singer

    • Jessica J. Evans

      definitely not Jessie if she spelled her own name wrong

  • Holly

    Wow! You guys are so gulliable! Like that’s really her father! I personally don’t know Jesse so I don’t know if she’s lying or telling the truth but I personally like her and I think she’s extreamly talented…

  • well…

    I went to hs with her she was a basically a stuck up slut that wanted to fuck anything that walks..she was always bad mouthing everyone. Said there was no need for college she already knew she was going to be a big hit. I will not support her music

  • Abby

    Every girl went to school with a girl who was horrible, manipulative … and fake. You can tell from the comments from the multiple girls Jessie went to school with that they are true comments. No one would make that stuff up. Look back on big name stars, you never hear this kind of stuff. And the few and far in between are called out for it. Bottom line is, she even acts fake and attention craved in all her videos and interviews. She is trying to be way sexier than she actually isn’t. I have to agree with “Justin” on this one and say she has a huge nose w/ an ugly bump on it. She kind of looks like a midget too? Her voice is annoying and she sings through her nose. You can tell this girl has major daddy issues. If she toned it down and didn’t try to be SO fake, she might (probably not though) make it.

  • rob miller

    i”m in love

  • Sad but True

    I did not attend any school with her, however. I will never buy a cd of hers either. She has supposedly been “the next big thing” for almost two years now and I have only heard her song (wanted) on the radio once? You can tell she is fake, and I think that is what puts people off to her so much. She is conceited and for no apparent reason. It’s not like she looks like faith hill or sounds like celine dion? She is a loud singer yes. Thats just about it. And she dresses like a hooker and wears way too much makeup. I dont see her going very far at all. Especially with her horrible past of treating so many girls so horribly. Those kinds of things catch up to people.

  • Justin

    I met jessie at a concert and all i have to say is she is way too short. her boobs are already saggy and she has a huge nose. she sings through her nose and sounds like she has a cold. she acts like a snobby bitch in all her interviews, so i have no problem believing what the people from her high school are saying. she acted like a snob at the meet and greet and was 100% fake

  • Wow

    This stuff is unbelievable. I’ve met her at a meet and greet and she is a nice person. She a great singer and song-writer, and from what I can tell is a good person.

  • Nin..

    wow i highly doubt all this bullshit. it sounds like one person (the girl that went to high school with her) put a bunch of comments wtih other people’s names on there…and i doubt she doesnt talk to her dad….girl…give it up. get a life. stop being jealous. She has awesome music. and yah she prolly wasnt bullied…but it gets her more money,so who cares!

  • AP

    Likee Mother Likee Daughter .

  • AEP

    I would like to start off by saying that I have never laughed harder in my whole life. Also, “My Cowboy” is a great song. Jessica is a talented, pretty girl.

    It has been my experience that if you are a fan of a musician than you usually want to like the person you seeing in concert, making rich, etc. You are supposed to idolize this person, wish you were this person, love this person. Not think to yourself… wow everyword out of this girl’s mouth is total horse shit. How are you supposed to form a connection to a song if you spend the time wondering if the story behind it is as fake as the person singing it?

    Every article I have read about this girl is completely a lie.

    She is building an image based on another girl’s life. My sister’s and mine.

    your loving and devoted step sister. AEP

  • yaya

    Well you said in this article she was going to be the breakout star of 2009. Well guess what it is the end of 2009, and no mater how many shows she sings on or places she goes, nobody knows who the hell she is and her songs are creepy, who the hell talks about how sexy they look, how conceited is that?

  • ml

    jessie portrays herself as this military brat who traveled around and lived a military life. The truth is her dad was only in the reserves and was a car salesman and her mom a wanna be tv reporter who could never get a job anywhere because she was such a hick. The only reason she moved around was because her mom could not keep a job. The now she talks about her family and her dad, blah blah blah but that would be her step-dad, the one her mom whored around with while still married to her dad, the one who blogged on here. She is not a good person and she is as deceitful as it gets, just ask her real dad. If you are going represent yourself do it accurately, not lie to try and get some kind of false support from true military kids who you have no idea what we all go thru with with our parents at war. Don’t try and be one of us.

    • diana james

      Her real dad was in the reserves, but also regular Army. In fact, he is retiring this month.

  • Jennifer

    I met her in mobile and she seemed so sweet?

  • A Ginger

    and the reason she had the slop poured on her in the first place is because she put on of my friends down, and the others took up for her.

  • A Ginger

    I went to middle school with here at Evans Middle School in Newnan, GA. She was sweet then, but after she hit high school she must have been on her period all year round, cause she went off the deep end!

  • Amy

    BHS…you haven’t a clue what you are writing about.
    It’s pretty sad her dad wrote that comment on this public blog!!!!!!

  • BHS

    wow! Pretty sad she and her Dad never made peace. I went to school with her mother. she was pretty stuck up too!

  • Calvin

    Jessie was very sweet in school. People have always been jealous of her looks…. Jessie wouldn’t harm anyone!

  • Bryce

    Ya’ll are crazy. Get a fucking life you jealous fucktards!!!

  • Samantha Vicario

    Well I was good childhood friends with Jessica and she was sweet and is a naturally beautiful person and as far as all the people bashing her on here they need to find a better hobbie, who hasn’t made someone feel bad about themselves…such is life and okay so she hurt some of yalls feelings. who cares the only reason yall are sayin anything about her is because she is famous and yall aren’t. The truth is people like her as an entertainer and that will not change, how many celebrities do you actually know personally? Just because your a fan doesn’t mean you actually like everything that person does, Jessica isn’t a saint so don’t judge her as if she is one people make mistakes and hurt peoples feelings, she hasn’t done anything wrong that any of us haven’t done.

  • wrhs

    well i think all of yall need to get a life!!! ok, so she wasn’t the best person back in the day but did it really hurt u that bad or are u just jealous? i knew her very well and she was phenomenal every time we were together! oh and Amanda, she did care alot about u as a friend! i dont know who u are but she talked about u alot!

  • Kelly Jo

    Clearly these comments were NOT written by students she attend WRHS with. I went to school with her and she was great, you don’t get voted in as Homecoming Queen if you aren’t loved. She had an awful time at Newnan High where a girl even poured slop on her. I have a feeling someone from that school is making all these comments. Move on with your life and stop being haters.

  • stopTHEdrama

    I’ve known Jessie for 8 years and she doesn’t have a bad word to say about anyone. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor]

  • Robert james

    Well I am her Dad and it sounds like to me that she is just like her stuck up mother that thinks that she is better then GOD. Oh and as far as Jessica Rose James, she doesnt even talk to me and I am her father. [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Andrea just passin thru

    BTW, I am SO over every “celeb” claiming they were “picked on” and “bullied” in school and “look at me now!” Get over yourself. EVERYONE feels/felt that way at one point or another, but I HIGHLY doubt she was the victim nearly as often as she was the instigator of the trouble. Bullied is when you are a quiet, shy, self-conscious girl who gets talked about by cliquish groups because her teeth have a gap or her hair is frizzy or her clothes are cheap. And when she gets shoved down in the hall and then the people pretend they didn’t do it and start laughing. And when people mimic her lisp or stutter while she’s reading out loud. And when the yearbook staff cut her off of pictures. I saw my best friend in the world suffer that. Something tells me that Jessie does not know what it means to be “Bullied.”

  • Andrea just passin thru

    wow to all the comments…I can see she has ticked off more people than pleased, and yes, personality is important in the industry as far as a loyal fan base. Shania was possibly the rudest person I’ve ever met for 5 minutes, (I was shocked and found out others had similar experiences with her) and if Jessie is like her then that is sad. Nobody is perfect and you can’t please everybody AT ALL. But I hope if she sees this she will consider being more careful with how she treats the “little” people in the future and doesn’t forget how blessed she is. I download songs I like, but I only BUY from singers I relate to and like in interviews and how they live and treat their fans. ie. Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson….NOT Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne.

  • This is harsh-but true


  • This is harsh-but true

    All this is true- I wend to high school with Jessie at WRHS…She was always trying to portray this “good girl” kind of image…just because you don’t drink or party…doesn’t make it okay to be a slut. She was such a whore. She’d do any guy that looked her way. I always felt like she was striving for attention because thats the only way she could get it… Pretty much BEG for it. I really feel bad for her…Maybe she doesn’t get love or attention from her family- or mom and dad..so she try’s to get it from others?? She has so much potential and I feel like she’s wasting it on being a SLUT. There’s still hope for her to turn her life around… But its hard for someone to change their ways after living one way for so long! But may God bless anyways… much love

  • This is harsh-but true

    I agree with all this. I get the impression that she thinks she’s prettier than she is… I mean , she’s a decent girl, but let’s get real…not a natural beauty for sure. And there are THOUSANDS of other people out there who sound just as good if not way better. She portrays to be classy, but there isn’t ANYthing classy about her. Def not a role model type – AT ALL. Lyrics are filthy. I def wouldn’t want my little girl listening to her songs. Also sending nude pictures to people isn’t classy either. And they will get out… ๐Ÿ˜‰ She’ll last 5 minutes- 10 years from now ….no one will remember her name.

  • ha!

    her rudeness covers up her talent.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Well, that went over your head(s).

  • wrhs

    Thanks for the defense “wake up”. I’m really not here to bash a girl’s world but just don’t lie in interviews where the people you hurt read them. It’s mad to think she wouldn’t have people angered by that.

  • wrhs

    who ever said “need” to know? no one needs to. but you feel the need to defend someone that you obviously don’t know. let her treat you the way shes treated everyone else on here. you wouldn’t be acting like a hard ass then. and i believe the term swarm woulc account for one person posting all of these. and i highly doubt that is true. in truth my comment is just in reply to your naive one. im sure many people are dissapointed in people they have met that they were fans of, thats the cost of liking people you dont know. so why not give people a heads up, obviously you need one anyway, or maybe she just hasnt victimized you yet…

  • Jordan Richardson

    Why would “the world” need to know how she is (or was, according to you) if they want to be her fans? I don’t understand the correlation, nor do I understand the obsession.

    If you didn’t like the way she treated you in high school, surely there are better ways to get over that than swarming an interview she’s done.

    Also, if you’re hinging whether or not you’re a fan of somebody on how “awesome” their personality might be, you’re in for a lifetime of disappointment.

  • wrhs

    I didn’t go to high school with her but I am guessing the people who did all have a point if they are all saying the same thing. I knew her from after high school and I feel the same way. I am guessing maybe these people, including me would rather not exploit their identity to the world, rather tell the world how she is if they’re gonna be fans. Ive met many people that I thought were awesome before, and after meeting them I was no longer a fan, she was definitely one of them.

  • ha!

    Not her whole high school, just the people that didn’t like the way she treated them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jordan Richardson

    Is her whole high school planning on dropping by and posting behind anonymous screen names?

  • wrhs

    Wow I clicked on the link to view her interview, I wouldn’t be advertising this kind of publicity haha. I met her in Tennessee and she was a wench. Totally conceited it was sad, I even see it in this interview. People like her never last long.

  • wrhs

    jessie and i were really good friends at wrhs in ga. i thought she was awesome and it was really cool being friends with someone so talented. until she started traveling and totally forgot about me. i really considered her one of my best friends and it was really sad to try so hard and get rejected like i was a nobody all of a sudden. i totally agree with these comments. we had a whole group we were all friends with and she found a way to make every single one of us hate her for a different reason each. it’s really sad. she may be successful but it fades, who she is unfortunately never will.

  • bwrhs

    First I want to start off and say that I do think Wanted is a great song…I always listen to it when it plays on the radio. However, talent is not what you are remembered by when you actually do have the chance to get to know the person behind the curtains. I also went to high school with Jessie and although I wasn’t a friend, I do have one memory of her I will never forget. She told one of my really good friends that she looked like an uglier version of Carrie Underwood, and meant it as a compliment. It’s sad that a person with talent like Jessie has such a misconception of how people should be treated.

  • ha!

    I only talked to her one time, but in that ONE conversation she basically told me that she already knew that she was going to make it big, and that she didn’t have to “bother with things like college” (she was referring to me, as I had just told her I was in college). I didn’t realize that college was such a waste. Maybe it’s only good for us “not so important people”.

  • WRHS

    I also went to school with Jessie and i will agree SHE was the bully in school, she acted like it was an honor to be her friend, and for a good couple months i also thought it was an honor. But all she does is talk about people behind their backs and spread lies. Its sad, but i wish her the best of luck anyway.

  • wr

    yeah. i definitely agree with these comments. jessie and i were great friends until one day she just turned her back on me. complete b. i’ve always thought she was amazing and talented. I’m so glad that she is getting to do what she loves now and i know she will make it far, but i wish she would just stop with all the b.s. because its really getting old. she had friends and everyone loved her until she started talking about them behind her back. she always played the victim but truly was the cause of all the drama.

  • ha!

    she’s pretty and im glad she’s made it this far, but she always made me feel like i was a nobody. i won’t buy her music.

  • sbwr

    I only hung out with her a couple of times and she always managed to make me feel like I was inadequate to the point that I didn’t want to be around her anymore. I don’t want to use this as beat on Jessie time though… I’m still very proud of her and will buy her CD’s and support her all the way.

  • wrhs

    i totally agree with never let people get you down, but i dont agree for a second that she was the one being put put down. im happy for her and all, she was never mean to me, but one of my friends got really close to her and ended up being back stabbed horribly. it was more like she was the one she is talking against in this interview.

  • ha!

    Wow…Are you kidding me? Jessie WAS the bully in school. The only people who actually put up with her “I’m better than you” attitude were the ones who were hoping to use her if she ever got a record deal. She does have a nice voice, so congrats on to her on her success. I hope her voice at least gets her somewhere. However if it doesn’t, her fake personality should.

  • wrhs

    That interview is ridiculous. I went to highschool with Jessie and no one ever picked on her. The only drama she had to deal with was the lies she spread about people and the amount of bragging she did. We’re all happy for her success we all know she is talented but no one will ever forget who she really is.