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Interview: Jack Duffy, Author of The Man From 2063

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An attorney from Fort Worth, Texas, Jack Duffy has penned his first book titled: The Man from 2063.  It was the fateful day on November 22, 1963 when he was in school at Bruce Shulkey Elementary that Mr. Duffy heard the news about President Kennedy’s assassination.  His parents were at the breakfast in Fort Worth, Texas, that morning when President Kennedy gave his final speech.

Later, in 1970, Jack Duffy saw the Zapruder film for the first time.  He has been researching the JFK assassination ever since.  Mr. Duffy has interviewed many eyewitnesses including Marina Oswald and several Parkland physicians who treated JFK.  He has also met many researchers who have written books on the assassination.  Jack Duffy came up with the idea for a time travel novel in 1998.  He has one of the world’s largest private collections of materials on the JFK assassination. 

Mr. Duffy graduated from Texas Tech University with a B.A. in Political Science, before going on to earn a M.B.A from Baylor University.  He then graduated from South Texas School of Law with a J.D.  He is an Eagle Scout.

Readers can learn more about Jack Duffy by visiting the following links:

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If there was a conspiracy how could it stay quiet for almost 50 years? Wouldn’t someone have talked?

People did talk, and they got killed. 78 key witnesses died suspiciously over several years after the assassination.

Several major organized crime figures were murdered after they talked about a conspiracy to kill JFK.

Was Oswald a good enough marksman to have killed JFK by himself?

No. Oswald barely qualified as a sharpshooter in the Marines. Later he barely qualified as a marksman which is the lowest category of shooter in the Marines. Many Marines who saw Oswald shoot on the target range testified that he was uncoordinated with a rifle and was a poor shot. They recall that he could not hit stationary targets much less a moving target like JFK’s limousine. The top snipers for the Warren Commission using Oswald’s rifle could not duplicate Oswald’s shooting in re-enactments. The top sniper in the US Marine Corps could not duplicate what Oswald allegedly did. Oswald’s gun was a cheap Italian bolt action rifle. The scope was misaligned on the gun which made it even more difficult to shoot with any accuracy.

Who was Jack Ruby and was he part of a conspiracy?

Ruby was from Chicago originally and was connected with Al Capone at a young age. The Chicago mob sent Ruby to Dallas in the late 1950’s to set up gambling operations. The mob set Ruby up in the nightclub business and helped him with his IRS problems. In return Ruby did what the mob ordered him to do. In the weeks before the assassination Ruby was receiving phone calls from high level mafia figures. Ruby was stalking Oswald throughout the week-end at Dallas police headquarters. Ruby told his psychiatrist that he was framed into killing Oswald and that JFK had been killed by a conspiracy. Ruby told reporters that the truth about the assassination would never come out because the people who put him in the position he was in were high up in the Government. The first people to visit Ruby in his jail cell after he killed Oswald were local Mafia people in Dallas.

Did Oswald kill Officer Tippit?

The evidence is not conclusive. There are eyewitnesses who claim they saw Oswald shoot Tippit. Other witnesses claim two men shot Tippit. two types of gun cartridges were found at the scene of the Tippit shooting. two were from a pistol and two were from an automatic. The bullets taken from Tippit’s body were never conclusively linked to Oswald’s pistol. If Oswald shot Tippit there should have been nitrates from the gun powder on the outside of his hands. The only nitrates found on Oswald’s hands that afternoon were on the palms of his hands which indicates he handled boxes in the Depository. Tests have been conducted which prove Oswald would have had a hard time walking from his rooming house in Oak Cliff to the scene of the Tippit shooting in time to kill him.

Why was the autopsy on JFK’s body not done at Parkland hospital in Dallas?

The autopsy on JFK’s body should have been conducted at Parkland hospital. At the time of the assassination it was not a Federal crime to kill the President. Therefore Texas law controlled. The Secret Service forcibly removed JFK’s body from Parkland hospital over the objection of Dr. Earl Rose, the forensic pathologist in Dallas. The autopsy was then done at Bethesda Naval hospital in Washington D.C. None of the military pathologists who did the autopsy were qualified forensic pathologists. None of them had ever done an autopsy involving gunshot wounds.

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