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Interview: House, M.D.‘s Co-Executive Producer/Writer Liz Friedman on “Bombshells” and Television’s Most Complex Doctor

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Liz Freidman has been writing for House since season two. (She is also a co-executive producer on the series.) “Hunting,” which explores House’s (Hugh Laurie) relationship with Stacy (Sela Ward)—and triggers Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Cameron’s (Jennifer Morrison) relationship was her first House, M.D. script. It was an auspicious start, and Ms. Friedman has penned such standout episodes as “Forever” (Season 2), “Merry Little Christmas” (Season 3),  “Frozen” (Season 4), “Softer Side” and “House Divided” (with Peter Blake), both in Season 5. For the last couple of seasons, she’s collaborated a lot with Sara Hess, co-writing several episodes, including House’s first post-Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital experiences in “Epic Fail,” and the just-aired “Bombshells.”

“Bombshells” has proven to be quite the bombshell of anHugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein dance in House, M.D.'s "Bombshells" episode, and within the fan community there has been a huge amount of debate about it. The unforeseen-by-many, but perhaps inevitable breakup of House and Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein), especially within the context of Cuddy’s serious health threat added to the intensity of the episode and the reaction among fans. In the three and half years I’ve been writing my “Welcome to the End of the Thought ProcessHouse feature, I have never had a comment thread extending to the well more than 300 (mostly well thought out and intelligently argued) comments in a very wide range of opinion.

I was able to catch up with Ms. Friedman the other day by phone to talk about the episode, writing, and the character of Dr. Gregory House. She even turned the tables a bit, asking me a few questions herself, noting along the way that she’d read my “Bombshells” review (Yikes!)

Liz, You mentioned in a post-episode video piece you did with Sara Hess the other day that you were sort of given the marching orders to write the House-Cuddy break-up episode. Can you tell me how you approached that?

We approached it from the idea of going, how do we break House and Cuddy up? And at the end of it, obviously, you know, you want to evoke an emotional response from the audience and you want people to feel sad and heartbroken. But our ideal, which I don’t know if we hit, was, we wanted you to totally understand what everybody was doing and specifically, what Cuddy was doing.

We wanted people to understand that this is something Cuddy feels she has to do. But she’s not happy, you know, she’s not happy about it. She’s not even righteously angry about it. It’s just a dawning of what feels to me like a very real thing, when you come to a point in a relationship and you realize, “I may love this person but this just isn’t right for me.” And so we wanted it to feel in some ways inevitable. That’s always been my take on this relationship. I mean, in a lot of ways for a woman who’s where Cuddy is in her life to even decide to be involved with House in the first place is… I think there’s a real argument to be made that this was not a great choice [for her]. You know, he’s a jerk.

He’s deeply messed up and quite fond of his own problems. And doing the work [involved in making a relationship work] for him is very hard. And so I think that it was always a questionable choice [for Cuddy]. As much as I know there were people who really wanted to see them together, I think this is the way that it would have worked out in reality.

How did you and Sara decide on the genres for the dream sequences?

There were some ideas swatted around in the writers’ room when we were talking about the episode generally. And then when Sara and I went off to break the episode, we really had a list of probably 15—or maybe even more—genres up on the board that we might want to do. We would have to have done an animated sequence, but we really just didn’t have the lead-time to do that, for instance. [There was also] a soap opera scene, but that felt redundant to what Sara and I had done with the “Prescription: Passion” stuff in previous episodes.

Right! You wrote that episode with the soap opera guy (“Living the Dream,” Season 4).

Right, right, we wrote that together. And some of the most fun I’ve ever had was writing those soap opera scenes. I just sat in my room and laughed as I wrote. So, it was like, “well, we’ve kind of done that already.” So we started “spit-balling” ideas: soap opera, film noir, musical, throwing out everything we could think of, and then sort of looking at that and going, “okay, what do we like the most, and what can we use to tell specific parts of this story?”

So then we decided to use the horror film [genre], specifically zombie films, to show, to show House’s, fear, which is in contrast to how he’s actually acting. So we thought’s we’d do a little House hommage to Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2, which are, key, key films for me. From there we just started whittling it down to decide what’s going to tell the story best?

Okay. How did you select the song “Get Happy?” I loved the subverting of the classic Harold Arlen/Ted Koehler movie musical song (Summer Stock, sung originally by star Judy Garland). It’s like so happy on the surface of her performance…but then in the context of Garland’s life…  there’s really a tragic edge to it as well. That’s really well echoed in a different way when Hugh Laurie sings it in “Bombshells.” It was really chilling. And then within the dreamscape of the episode…we had Hugh seeming to channel Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange

I hadn’t thought of it that way, actually. That’s a very good angle on what he was sort of playing there. You know, it was interesting. We really wanted to do a musical portion of the episode, but it had to tell the story. We certainly didn’t want to be in a position where Sara and I were trying to write a song [ourselves], because that seemed impossible. And we talked about some other sort of iconic, you know, iconic movie musical moments that might correspond to House. One very early passing thought was to have House as the Tin Man [from The Wizard of Oz] sing “If I Only Had a Heart.”

That would have also been an appropriate choice…

We thought that it was an interesting idea. But we also realized that a House musical [production] number can’t be anything like Glee. It can’t be happy and buoyant. Even if we’re playing with a song that has “happy” in it, we need to do [it as] something darker. So we thought about the great darker movie musicals, like All That Jazz. We also were thinking a lot about, “Bye Bye Love,” but that is, in a way, so classic, we wondered if we wanted to touch that? Then we came up with the idea of setting the number in the operating room. Suddenly we just had the idea of Cuddy’s vision going black—and then the spotlight coming up on House. We decided to put the musical number there. And then it was really strange, for some reason I started hearing “Get Happy” in my head without even realizing. It wasn’t until then that I went and looked at that song. “Get Happy” is not a happy song. I mean, if you look at it lyrically—

Oh, you’re right; it’s not at all.

It’s about dying, right? So then we thought, “This is exactly what we want.” I think, all of us would say it was definitely inspired by “Bye Bye Love,” but it makes it its own sequence.

As the number was being performed I was reminded of Amber sing “Enjoy Yourself” in House’s “Under My Skin” hallucination near the end of Season 5.

Yeah. When you take a monster or something else that’s hideous and you make that creepy—it’s like, well, okay, that’s what’s it’s supposed to be: text and subtext working together. When you take something that’s supposed to be cute and cuddly—or fun and happy, and you use that to terrify, that’s just  really fun.

It’s a certainly more interesting to watch something nice being turned on its head. And I love when the show does that. The episode has almost the feel of a finale episode to it, actually in very specific ways, calling to mind the finales from the past couple of seasons. You know, House sitting on the bathroom of his floor with the Vicodin bottle in his hands. Was that intentional?

I am not a believer that intent really matters, because I think you have to be, as a writer, willing to put your thing out there, and then people take how they take it.  I don’t get to say, “But that’s not what I meant!” But yes, the echoing of those endings was completely intentional and designed by everybody.

So, but if there are eight episodes left this season, right?


The final scene of “Bombshells” recalls for me the final scene of “The Softer Side.”  At the end of that episode, after trying to deal with his pain using methadone as alternative to Vicodin, House says to Cuddy, “This is the only me you get.” He’s saying to her that he’s always going to be flawed and he’s going to be in pain. Is Cuddy answering House’s declaration from that episode at the end of “Bombshells?” Although she seemed to have already answered it in “Help Me” by telling him that his issues didn’t matter?

Cuddy’s saying, maybe I don’t want that?


I believe the point of view of our show is weighted towards the idea that people don’t change, which I think is a very real message. I think people can work tremendously, tremendously hard and make tiny incremental changes. But, you know, a lot of times, people may change what they’re obsessed with but they generally do not change being an obsessive person.

What I hope we’ve shown this season is that, yes, House was off Vicodin; he was really working to try to be a decent partner for Cuddy, but that’s not really in his make-up. He had to try tremendously hard to do [simple] things like taking out the trash and not using her toothbrush. This is not a man for whom caring and being empathetic comes naturally. But I don’t think, he would be the great character that he is, if it did. House is fantastic and brilliant and funny and absorbing, but then think about whether he’s the person that you’d want to come home to and rely on to be your rock every night. That’s not a choice I would make. And I totally respect Cuddy. This is ridiculous, because I’m talking about her like she’s a real person. But I totally respect that choice.

Somebody asked me once, would I like to have House as my partner? (Never mind the fact that I’m happily married to my own complex, brooding, brilliant man.)


I’d have to confess that I’d love to sit down, and talk to him about everything from science to music; he’s fantastic and fascinating and complex as a fictional character. But I’m not sure I’d want to spend my life with him. But that’s true of probably all the tragic heroes that have ever been written in the history of literature.

Sure. Hamlet…what a pain in the ass!

Wilson and Cuddy, for all they try and for all their efforts to get House to change, do they understand him as well as they think they do? They like to do what’s best for him, in their opinion, at least. Is that, I mean, is that what you think as one of the show’s writers?

Hmm. I guess I might, my tweak on what you just said would probably be that they may not accept him quite as much as they think they do.

Okay, I would buy that…

Because I do think that they understand him. I think they see his impulses—his destructive impulses; they’re right about that. I think that, at moments, they are both very optimistic for him to have some degree of minute change—that his desire to change will actually result in something, or that if encouraged he can manage that. I certainly think that Cuddy getting involved with House was, in one way of looking at, an incredibly optimistic endeavor. But [neither Wilson nor Cuddy] don’t always really accept the depth of his pathology. The intractable nature of, as you know, the things he identifies himself with are very hard to shake.

Is the aftermath of House and Cuddy’s break up the jumping off point for the season’s final narrative arc?

I absolutely think that particularly House’s emotional state after having made this attempt at having a grown-up relationship is significant. You could argue that it’s the first attempt since he’s had the problem with his leg—and it didn’t work. And he tried his hardest, and it wasn’t enough. And I think that’s going to put him in a tough place—and now he’s back on Vicodin

Right. That leaves a lot of places for you to go with him…

I think this is definitely a key moment for the character, and that’s going to inform where we’re going. House and Cuddy’s relationship has sort of ebbed and flowed, but there have been key moments of friction for them. And, to me, if you look at the end of “Recession Proof,” with that completely tremendous speech of House’s—what a wildly messed-up thing that was! And what’s so great—and John Kelley (the episode’s writer) did it so well, is for House it is the biggest declaration of love that he can make.

Absolutely, that’s true—but you’re right. How screwed up is that—from that perspective?

“People are going to die because of you. You make me a worse doctor. And I am okay with that,” he say. And, you know, and that’s your boyfriend’s idea of paying you a compliment? I think, we made a deliberate decision in that. We didn’t want to have House and Cuddy have a fight at the beginning [of “Bombshells”], have them discussing all their thoughts about that fight, and end with the decision to break up. To me, that would be much less interesting storytelling.

One of the things I like is that even though it’s an episode about House and Cuddy’s relationship, there’s a very heavy plot about Cuddy’s health crisis and, so that they’re both dealing with those emotional issues through that lens. And as a result I think what the break-up does, is dramatically surprising.

Yeah, it, yeah, it was, I really, that ending was a sucker punch to the gut. And the fact he’s on Vicodin again is stunning. The episode was very controversial in many parts of the fan community, but I think the episode was really, really well done.

Thank you. But you didn’t like it, I think you said in your column…You didn’t like the dream sequences?

I actually was very complimentary to the episode as a whole, and I thought it did the emotional/character beats perfectly. But I did say that I thought the dream sequences didn’t seem to fit in as organically as they have when the show has used those devices before. And maybe that was by design, but they to me personally seemed a little abrupt. (In my review I noted that compared to episodes like “House’s Head”/”Wilson’s Heart,” the dream sequences didn’t work quite as well.)

Right, right. I totally agree. And, you know, for me if I had to choose the pinnacle of our show, it would be a very, very difficult choice between “House’s Head” and “Three Stories.”

Both are very, very high benchmarks in the series history…

I think [you have] a totally valid point. And I hope that people liked this episode. I’m really proud of the work that Sara and I did on this, and also the production team—and, of course [director] Greg Yaitanes and [choreographer] Mia Michaels absolutely killed it. But I don’t think it’s as good as those other two episodes. You know, I think those were pure, unadulterated brilliance.

Garrett Lerner and Russel Friend wrote “House’s Head” from Doris Egan’s story. They often write episodes ‘round the end of the season, but they’ve not been listed as writers on any of Season 7’s episodes thus far. Anything coming up for them, being as we’re drawing to the end run of episodes?

Yeah, they’re just about to start prepping an episode, I believe (Episode 7×22). They are writing it with Seth Hoffman (who wrote “Office Politics”). Their names have not been on as many scripts [this season], but their pawprints are still all over them. Nobody should have any doubt of that. The way things worked out, it was a more doable workload for them to supervise than to actually write as many originals this year.

Who’s writing the finale?

Kath Lingenfelter and Peter Blake.

When I’ve spoken with some of the other writers on the show, they’ve noted to me that they sometimes come at the characters, especially House, from slightly different perspectives:  he’s a jerk, he has a deeply buried humanity, he’s an ass, he has a romantic streak…

He has deeply buried humanity; he has no deeply buried humanity. Those are two different perspectives.

When you write with someone else do you ever disagree on how the characters would act or feel in a situation? And how do you resolve that, if that’s so?

Yeah, that absolutely happens. We had a debate about that a lot in one scene [in “Bombshells”]. We both brought our own personal experiences into the break-up scene—how much of it had to do with House’s addiction, how much of that was representative of a deeper emotional thing. When you get into the stuff that’s so personal you are pulling it out of your past. Sara and I are writers, so [of course] we had vaguely messed-up childhoods as such. But then again I should actually say, we’re human beings, so we had vaguely messed-up childhoods. Both of us had stuff really important to us. So we hashed it out, we argued, and we tried to find a way to make sure everybody felt comfortable with what was there.

Does being on network TV as opposed to cable hinder you in telling the stories you want to tell? Are you hindered by the nature of network TV versus, say, being on HBO?

I have to say what’s really remarkable about House is that I really don’t feel hindered. I mean, once in a while, sure, it would be great to be able to, you know, write the word “fuck.” You know, you have those moments where you just, it’s like, well, this, you know, what does this person say here? Well, they would say, “Fuck you.”

Yes, they would.

But I can’t write that. When I was writing “Hunting” [Season 2], I was thinking about  what I wanted to do with Cameron’s identification with this patient (Cameron strongly connected with the team’s AIDS patient in that episode). I was hashing stuff out with Larry Kaplow and said, “Well, what I really want her to do is take meth and have sex with Chase, but I can’t do that.” [Kaplow’s response was,] “Well, why not?”

And that’s exactly what Cameron did!

I think, David Shore doesn’t believe in caving to TV convention. And, you know, this is when it’s good to be on a really big hit. We have always been about doing things that aren’t expected. And Fox has been very, you know, supportive of that.

Many of your scripts you do such a great job at getting at House’s turmoil and his angst, and that’s probably why I like your episodes so much, because they do really tend to tap into his internal pain. Do you think House has inner romantic streak? Is he pining for something he maybe just can’t attain?

That’s a good question. Yeah, you know, I don’t. I really have a very hard time seeing him as a romantic. I know I’ve had this debate with people on staff. And, you know, maybe he’s a romantic through a certain point of view.

Sometimes part of the underlying reason people take a cynical stance on things is, you could argue that it’s a win-win situation. You know, when the bad thing happens and people act cravenly and in their own self-interest, you get to be right. But [when you’re proven wrong] and the good thing happens and someone is actually nice and giving, well, then you get to have the nice thing happen [which is a good thing too]. House, I think, has a fairly bleak view of humanity, but I guess the question is, would he mind being wrong about that?

Right. And I think a lot of the episodes suggest he wonders about it. Or at least people who encounter him suggest to him that he wants to be proven wrong.

Right. Yes.

Do you have a favorite episode of all those that you’ve written?

That’s a good question. Well, I would say, I do really, I love “Merry Little Christmas.” I loved Meredith Eaton, who played, you know, the patient’s mom in that. She was just so great.

Oh, yes, yes. Great chemistry with Hugh Laurie!

And I also, I really loved “Frozen.” That was a great experience for me as a writer. Although a slightly odd one in that we only, I think we filmed two, maybe three days of that episode before the writers’ strike started. And so it’s the only episode that was mine that I was not on set for a good chunk of it.

It was was right at the beginning of the strike, and it was very weird, literally, to be picketing outside the studio and knowing that something that I wrote was, happening in there. People were so fantastic and respectful about doing it. I remember they actually, there was something that there was a mistake in the script. It said “right leg” or something, but it was actually going to be the person’s left leg, and out of respect they didn’t change that [when shooting]. They said, “we’ll fix it in ADR because we’re not going to mess with your words.” I loved that. And I also really, I liked “The Softer Side” a lot. I really liked that methadone story, so think—I can get it down to three. How’s that?

That works! Those episodes you mention all get under House’s skin enough to pluck at his humanity—at least to me they do! Talk about House’s humanity…or the lack thereof we were discussing before. Is it there…or absent? Some would argue that House has, so little humanity in him that it would be an impossible thing for him to even feel. He’s just an ass…that’s all there is; something your episodes would suggest isn’t true.

Well, I would say that if that were true he wouldn’t hate himself so much. I mean, that’s the thing. And I think that is like why, part of the reason, you know, why as a character we love him is that he does all this stuff, but he’s not Charlie Sheen in a manic phase.

Right, right.

No, he’s not totally comfortable with what he does and how he acts. He’s not completely, you know, he’s not completely capable of necessarily changing how he is, and he’s not even sure he wants to. But I actually think for House, that comes out of an insistence on not being a hypocrite—and being honest. His thing is like, yeah, you can want it all you want but you can’t do it, so shut up already.

I have a relatively random question about “Merry Little Christmas,” the stunning penultimate episode in Season 3’s “Tritter” narrative arc. I wanted to ask you, all these years later, what is in House’s head at the end of the episode, having taken a bottle of Oxycodone pills and a not insignificant amount of alcohol? What’s House’s emotional state at that low point? Is he suicidal? Or had he just stopped caring or wanted the pain to stop? And then he phones his mother… It’s a heartbreaking moment for the character.

I don’t think he was suicidal at that moment. I think he felt really crappy. I think he felt really vulnerable and wanted a moment of connection with somebody who he could be vulnerable with. It’s nice to think that maybe that there was this primal need for him; sometimes, you just need your mom. That’s what I saw it as.

And that makes complete sense. I think people can interpret that scene in all different ways.

Right. And then in the midst of that, I think he was being incredibly careless with all the booze and medication. Can you make the argument that—yes, he’s a doctor; is he somewhere in his subconscious aware of what he’s doing? If you made that argument I would say, well, I couldn’t really tell you you’re wrong. And that to me is sort of interesting.

I think that’s probably why people interpret that scene so many different ways and why it still—what is it, four years later? People still debate it.

What are some of the different interpretations you’ve heard?

(As I take a deep breath, having had the tables turned, and the questioner becomes the questioned.) Some people say maybe he was thinking, “let’s end the pain, we’re done.” Others have suggested that maybe he wasn’t actively suicidal but maybe he got to the point where he was just sort of past caring about what he was doing. Or maybe he was just being careless, stoned was stoned out of his mind, “so let’s take more.” On the other hand, perhaps he was looking at all this time in prison coming up and was just trying to just numb himself. So there have been a lot of interpretations of that one scene through the years. But I know that it’s something that’s still discussed.

That’s good. Lots of thinking. Lots of thinking—and no clear answers is, I think that’s kind of how the world works too, so…

And that’s how writing works. I mean, obviously, you know, you’re sitting down to write something, you need to get to point, from point A to point Z, but a lot of times the characters kind of, you know, take that power away from you as you write.

Well, yeah, as all of a sudden you realize, uh-oh, they’re not going to do what I thought they were going to do.

Yeah, right. But that’s the constant struggle of a writer.


So, when to let your characters be wild and reckless and when to say, okay, you know what, I’m in control here.

Right, and cut it out.

Thank you so much for taking the time and looking forward to seeing what’s coming up next on House!

House airs Monday night with “Out of the Chute,” and the aftermath of House and Cuddy’s breakup…oh, and the team treats a bullfighter. Tune in on FOX 8 p.m. ET.  


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  • housecomelately

    Just reading back to the last 100 comments, gotta commend ruthinor on your clear-eyed logic and questions regarding continuity between shows and characters’ behaviour.

    Unlike Barbara, I don’t find the prospect of the post-breakup Cuddy to be interesting. I anticpate a lot of tension and negativity, harassment, even, and a permanent loss of that witty repartee and sexual chemistry that House and Cuddy used to have.

    Good questions about what’s in store for Wilson and Cuddy. Not much, I wager. after ‘Out of the Chute’, it seems as if neither has the stomach to try to save him from himself anymore.

  • housecomelately

    In response to post 333, hey ruthinor, I’m still on that island with you! And just want to add my two cents to your great post.

    “ruthinor said: – Well, I know I’m out here on my island of “I don’t think House tried all that hard”, but que sera! I know things like toothbrushes, toilet seats, taking out the garbage, slamming doors etc are not what led to the break-up, but really, how hard would it be for House to do those simple tasks? The fact that he didn’t means to me that he was testing the limits of Cuddy’s patience. This is love?”

    And yet he didn’t mind wiping the dishes after he drugged his would-be mother-in-law…character inconsistency or what? Yeah the continuity in this season has been almost non-existent.

    “Where was he when she came home from the hospital?”

    My question, is where was anyone? Did anyone visit her? And when she returned from her sick leave, did anyone say ‘How are you? Welcome back?’ I guess having major surgery that could be cancer is a non-event these days.

    “Why couldn’t we see Cuddy talking to Wilson, for example about how things were going and what she’s feeling?”

    Yeah that conversation from ‘Out of the Chute’ would have been a lot more helpful had it happened before she decided to break up with House! 😉

    “What was her reaction to being told that she was responsible for making House a crappier doctor? She thinks she’s dying and all we get to see is House’s anguish.”

    I asked myself that too.

    I guess I’ve come to the conclusion that it was pretty crappy of the writers to break up House and Cuddy in the manner that they did, i.e., by making Cuddy the ‘fall guy’.

    To me it would have made much more sense if House had ended the relationship seeing as it cramped his style so much and he’s commitment averse. But the writers wanted him to suffer…again, so they made Cuddy dump him suddenly, without tears, without recrimination.

    I would not be at all surprised to see them write Cuddy off the show because after making her the instrument of House’s latest downfall, what further part can she play in House’s life?

    P.S. 358 Hannah, Cuddy did not see House jump off a building–it was Wilson, and he walked away shaking his head afterwards.

  • Hannah

    This is really stupid. Why the hell would anyone want to watch the show if there is no character growth?
    Huddy was the best thing that happened to this show cos it indicated House going somewhere, but they have just pulled back to miserable House. And after seeing the end of Out of the Chute I thought, this is ridiculous. So after Cuddy sees how House is gonna jump off a building she doesn’t give a crap. This show is going to lose a lot of viewers if they do nothing with House.
    Thanks for a wasted time writers of House, you have lost a viewer!

  • ruthinor


    Go here for Barbara’s reviews.

  • ruthinor

    Barbara’s review is now in a different place. Click on her name at the top of the page and you will find it. It’s pretty confusing.

  • DebbieJ

    I don’t indulge in the media frenzy of Charlie Sheen’s obvious problems. I don’t find it fascinating or humerous, I find the whole thing sad and pathetic. I also don’t want to see it happening to Gregory House, either. Even his excitement with all the college students in the pool sound like he is convinced that he is “WINNING”. Ugh! Please, I do not want to see him going down this path! TPTB didn’t hit the reset button to Square 1. They went far beyond that to Square -1 and then some.

    Okay, he’s on a bender. We get it. But hooker after hooker, vicodin after vicodin, scotch after scotch? You don’t need to shove it down our throats for an entire episode. This is honestly the first time ever watching an episode that I was totally pissed off the more it went on. And promos for next week’s don’t look any better. Please, please, please, let House’s self-loathing phase end!

  • Boeke

    Sometimes Cuddy reminds me of Phillip Wylies Medusa, IIRC, in “Generation of Vipers”.

    House lies a lot with Cuddy, so he’s better off without her.

  • Nola

    Oh WOW. I loved every minute of “Out of the Chute”.
    Loved it, loved it, loved it.
    Will post more on why I loved it after Barbara writes her review.
    But I thought it was the best episode of this season.

  • justabitterfan

    I’m sorry if Barbara’s blog has been a ranty and bitter outlet for me. I’m also waiting for her review, which I think are always a good read but then now I’m gonna rant for it.

    First, I just want to say that Cuddy might have a convoluted sense and meaning for LOVE. Or maybe House also has a convoluted meaning for love. I dont even know now. Before, I might squeal in joy hearing Cuddy say she loves House but hearing her say “I LOVE HIM” in Out of the Chute was just out of place. She have always contradicted herself so many times in the past about her feelings with House but this time I think she doesn’t even mean those words. I dont really know now. It feels really that the Cuddy and House I know from watching the past 6 seasons is really not the ones I am watching from Season 7. And I Wilson, I loved how he really tried to help those two but to no avail. I am really loving Wilson but House and Cuddy, I am really starting to hate these two characters I have loved so much.

  • 54

    I know another thread about the episode is going to open up soon, but I can’t contain my heartache.

    Susan (#347), I noticed most of your impressions, too. In regards to #5, think more nausea, though it wasn’t full on. BTW, don’t hookers not kiss people on the mouth? Or is that just in the movies? Why do I even have to think this while watching the show??

    Also, #4, the weather thing…Come on! I noticed that too and thought it was too ridiculous for words. At that point, I really wondered whether all this was a dream, too.

    I have a feeling that I’ll post tonight about the episode, “bottom out”, and go off the show. It hurts too damn much to continue with this.

  • ruthinor

    Thanks for the heads up! I decided to do my exercises instead of watching it live. I recorded it and will watch with a late dinner. Hope I don’t throw up!! Saw the promo for next week…things do not look any better. OTOH I think there’s a break after next week so at least the garbage won’t continue for a while.

  • Susan

    Sera G – maybe the writers are taking Vicodin.

    I hesitated to watch but couldn’t resist. It was so bad that I think it may be the first episode that I will delete from the DVR this season.

  • Sera G

    Susan, my friend,
    I am soooo glad I didn’t give into temptation and watch. It was really depressing just reading about it.
    Seriously…it’s like they stopped taping the ‘real’ show and started copying Charlie Sheen’s (pathetic/self destructive) antics.

    Why? It there is a valid, artistic, logical explanation for what they have done to this once brilliant show, I am willing to hear it.

  • Susan

    Watched it with my husband on DVR at 10:30. I am nauseous. IT was disgusting and depressing and I couldn’t believe it.

    I felt absolutely nothing when he jumped from the balcony – I knew it would be the pool. And I even hoped that he would kill himself – if the show is going to be like this -better it be over quickly and end the misery. I don’t know what’ll be in the net episodes but for now I don’t care about the character. I’m numb.

    Stupid impressions –
    1. House is wearing a hair piece. (He looks great by the way).
    2. I yelled “He never did that with Cuddy”, when he kissed the hooker’s feet.
    3. How can the team stand in his hotel room while he’s in bed with hookers – it’s ridiculous.
    4. Where is this hotel that it’s summer there – but still close enough for Wilson and the team to pop in?
    5.. I couldn’t watch when I thought he was going to kiss the hooker – did he?
    6. This show is finished.
    7. He needs Cuddy and I need House and Cuddy together for me to watch this show.
    8. Doesn’t Wilson work? – he just seems to follow House around
    9. I get more enjoyment now from the comments from my fellow House fans than I get watching this garbage.
    10. The shot of House in bed, that people thought would pan out to show Cuddy next to him, – it didn’t happen and I was disappointed.
    11. Through much of the show i was waiting for it to be a dream.

    So no, I am not throwing up Eileen, but I am empty inside.
    Still hoping the writers will either change their minds or are still jerking us around.

    Waiting for comments from the rest of the crew…….

  • Sera G

    Okay, showing my age here.
    Someone posted on the Fox site that there are about 40,000 House fans on FanPop (whatever that is) only about 3900 are Huddies. Therefore, this person reasoned, it doesn’t really matter if the Huddies are unhappy, because their number is insignificant.

  • fatOlady

    Barbara said on Twitter she will open a new thread in about 40 minutes (with a brief commentary) when the west coast airing is over.

    I didn’t watch, I didn’t have the heart. After reading these few comments, I am glad I didn’t.

  • I will publish an ep summary at 11 CT so people can move the “out of the chute” conversation there… longer commentary on this episode and House’s humanity in the context of this episode up sometime tomorrow. I’m still processing it.

  • Sera G

    eileen, hi!
    I am not watching. I confess to reading comments here and on the Fox site.
    No wonder TPTB killed Cuddy/House;those…
    children think its a great episode. The old House is back!
    I may start crying again! The show is still live here, I am in another room.

  • eileen

    Delia_Beatrice, SeraG, and all the others (you know who I’m talking about!), where are you? Probably throwing up right now. I guess I’ll have to wait to hear from all of you tomorrow.

  • eileen

    54…I don’t give a hoot about the acting…the show SUCKED. Depressing, ridiculous and gross. Just awful.
    Did not watch this show live, will not buy it on iTunes, will NOT buy the DVD, don’t care.

  • dreambigr

    So sad and depressed right now. Started a new job today that I hated then came home to see this!

  • 54

    eileen (#336),

    There were some parts to the episode that surprised me in a good way. I will concede that. However, the only reason they were good is because HL, LE, and RSL were excellent as always in their performances.

    As for the content of the show…

    The barrage of hookers disgusted me. Fine, House has been with hookers before, but, the blatantness with which they portrayed the House-hooker situation–I was shocked. I’m all for unflinching television, but this felt so disgustingly cheesy that I felt nauseous.

    The nausea returned with the promo for the next episode. I really wanted/want to cry. If House really does get married to that random girl, I…I don’t know how the writers could have any credibility left. The only thing left to do is…marriage…the promo said. Really? I’m not even going to say why that is so ridiculous for House, even if he is so heartbroken that he can’t think straight right now.

    I think I want to cry most because the show really is turning into the epitome of GIMMICKRY, the lack of which what made me love the show seven years ago. A marriage gimmick for House, even a possibly fake one, just seriously makes me want to cry.

    I don’t know where the powers to be are going with this, but, they are digging themselves into a gigantic hole and I hope they have some dignity of what the show once was left. I got my hopes up just a little bit during the episode, but, the the promo left me broken hearted about the show once again.

  • eileen

    I agree. TPTB have lost their minds. This show has turned to crap.

  • housemaniac

    I think people are probably waiting for Barbara’s review, but in the meantime I’ll take the bait, if only to vent. Horrible and disgusting is right! Just as I had feared: they have nowhere to go with the plot but to regress and they have no interesting ideas about how to regress. (I’m not sure any exist. A straightforward regression back to Square One just isn’t an interesting premise to begin with.)

    So… the writing was flat, the humor almost non-existent (except for the Wilson and House massages) and there was absolutely NO dramatic tension. Why didn’t House’s self-destructiveness provide this tension? Because House simply returned to his old ways as if he had had no new experiences since he got off the vicodin. But to the contrary, he had many new experiences and he is not *exactly* the same person he was before Mayfield, before detoxing, before therapy, before Cuddy. We need, the show needs him to have moved on just an iota, so at least his self-destructive behavior would not be entirely predictable. Okay, he’s back on vicodin–that’s realistic–but 1) after such a long hiatus might we not have expected some physiological or emotional reaction to plunging back in? Plus, do we have to have the prostitutes, the crankiness (especially with Cuddy), the need for exicitement along *exactly* the same lines as before? This is simply not interesting. Not surprisingly there was nothing creative about this episode. So House jumped off a balcony into a pool? That is supposed to be the new twist on his old ways? Eh.

    Given the “Square One” approach, I’m not sure what a creative episode might have looked like, but this was not it. And if the writers don’t introduce some interesting new plot direction, I have little hope for the rest of the season. But I’ll keep *trying* to watch for now, until I have absoltuely no hope left.

    The bottom line about tonight: boring and predictable.

  • eileen

    Nobody is commenting on tonight’s horrible episode?

    Horrible, disgusting episode?

  • Justine J

    @Michele1L 325

    I apologise! I shouldn’t have posted without reading more of the other posts beforehand and being of the general opinion that folks were just whining about the breakup.
    I have read more of them since and now have a better understanding of the valid points made about the tarnishing of Cuddy’s character.

    Of course i understand that they tell the secondary characters tales too and I get where you are coming from now with regards to Cuddy, they did miss a lot of opportunities to explore more of her character and instead chose to tell it through House’s perspective only and focussed too much attention on Taub. Last season had too much Taub and they have kept him at the forefront this one too, wonder if there is an explanation for that?

    I think they entered House and Cuddy into a relationship at this time to show the audience where he is emotionally and that may also be why they never explored it properly. He had received therapy he had been free from the vicodin for a year and a half so they chose to show us how much he had grown by entering him into a relationship which only really shown us in the end that he has a lot more growing up to do. Cuddy’s the same, she was her naive self in entering this relationship but i guess they could excuse that with the old love is blind notion.

    I suspect he will self destruct a little in next several episodes but i trust TPTB to not just return him to his former self and that is that because not only would not be true to his development it would be bad storytelling.

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Like an obnoxious gawker staring at a gruesome car accident, I’m going to watch tonight’s episode. I can’t turn away. I can’t abandon Hugh and Lisa.

    But I’m doing this out of disbelief, and a sense that wrongs can be righted. Oh Barbara, thank you for providing this outlet. My greatest hope is that you can serve as a voice for us disgruntled fans.

  • ruthinor

    Well, I know I’m out here on my island of “I don’t think House tried all that hard”, but que sera! I know things like toothbrushes, toilet seats, taking out the garbage, slamming doors etc are not what led to the break-up, but really, how hard would it be for House to do those simple tasks? The fact that he didn’t means to me that he was testing the limits of Cuddy’s patience. This is love?

    What would be more important to Cuddy, the mariachi band or him turning up for her at her event? Where was he when she came home from the hospital? The NY Daily News is right. Cuddy’s character has been marginalized to girlfriend. Where is the hospital administrator? What’s going on in her mind? Why couldn’t we see Cuddy talking to Wilson, for example about how things were going and what she’s feeling? What was her reaction to being told that she was responsible for making House a crappier doctor? She thinks she’s dying and all we get to see is House’s anguish. Sorry, what I see is House’s need for Cuddy as a crutch to keep him off vicodin. I also see House’s (and Cuddy’s) enjoyment of their sex lives. I don’t see the love and I don’t see the trying.

  • To my knowledge, the writers have never misled me, at least not intentionally. (Even Doris Egan, who I spoke with after BSN) gave me some insight on where the next season might be headed, but asked me not to discuss publicly in case they changed direction before the episode (Broken) was filmed. She was absolutely honest in what she told me and it played out the way she explained it might.

    I’ve seldom been given any spoilers by anyone–the writers just don’t like to do that. The only genuine spoiler I’ve ever gotten and passed along was from Katie Jacobs about “Unfaithful” and Cuddy’s seranade.

  • fatOlady

    CathyB – Most of us have questioned if ALL or part of season 7 (since Help Me) could be a dream. Another theory is that Bomb Shells and tonight’s epi are a dream. Unfortunately, I don’t think (even for those who chose to watch) there will be any answers gained. I don’t think Shore and Company is quite ready to let us in on the joke yet.

  • CathyB

    This question is to Barbara. Have the writers/producers ever lied to you or obfuscated to throw people off track? I’m relatively new to your blog so I don’t know what direction or misdirection might have come up after Under my Skin or before Help Me or even Now What. The inconsistencies that have been eloquently posted make this seem like it could all be House’s bad dream.

  • housemaniac

    OK, here’s the comment from Hugh Laurie about House’s relationship with Cuddy that I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. I don’t know where and when it originated, however, because this was a repost. But I’ve seen this elsewhere and there are quotations marks around it. HL said it in 2010. What happened???

    He [Laurie] added: “House’s capacity for emotional closeness sis [sic] very limited. But he’s trying. He’s 51 and thinking of becoming a father to his girlfriend Lisa’s adopted daughter. That’s a big deal for someone who’s set in his ways like House.

    “I’ve always liked him. I know he’s not a good man all the time, but I find him immensely funny. He’s dark and bitter, just like myself.”

  • Delia_Beatrice

    Boy, am i glad i took the time to log in and read the impressive number of new posts. Excellent debate, excellent.

    @NEWBIE (#289, #291): i am happy you decided to finally post your thoughts. I found your insights and ideas extremely interesting and very well stated. I also agree with pretty much everything you’ve written.

    @PEEVED (#292): i appreciated your analysis immensely. I admire that you took the time to go through all of that material and i agree with your take on House and Huddy.

    @BARBARA (#295, #298): i find that you have expressed my thoughts on the whole situation better than i have actually been capable of formulating them. I send my thanks to you and your students, who have analyzed the episode with you and managed to reach the conclusions i was too emotionally-devastated to put into words.

    But i have one tiny thing to add: as it was very true that House took both Wilson and Cuddy for granted, that has no longer been the case in seasons 6 and 7.

    In season 6, “Baggage”, House actually put into clear words what had been pretty visible throughout the season, which is that he chooses not to push his relationship with Wilson till it breaks and he makes the necessary compromises and efforts for that.

    This season, it was crystal clear that House was doing ANYTHING BUT take Cuddy for granted. He lived through their relationship in terror of losing her and he worked extremely hard to avoid that. As far from perfect as his inner demons make him be as a life partner, this season he has, in fact, made gigantic efforts to accomodate Cuddy’s needs and wishes. Gigantic for him, as we know him, and never before witnessed on the show.

  • ruthinor

    This is an article from the NY Daily News today: It expresses a lot of what I feel.

    Today, class, let us diagnose the case of Lisa Cuddy.

    For six years she was dean of medicine and chief administrator at a prestigious hospital.

    This year, she’s been a girlfriend.

    For its seventh season, continuing tonight at 8 on Fox, the drama “House” decided it would give in to the sexual tension between Dr. Cuddy, played by Lisa Edelstein, and Dr. Gregory House, the show’s title character, played by Hugh Laurie.

    For six seasons Cuddy and House tossed sublimated and blatant innuendo back and forth, like a hand grenade. It’s a familiar boy/girl TV dynamic, being played out as we speak on shows like “Castle,” “The Mentalist” and “Fringe.”

    On “House” this season, the producers decided to roll the dice and make them boyfriend and girlfriend.

    That’s given the writers new fields to plow. Unfortunately, it has roped Cuddy into a corral.

    While House has remained a practicing doctor, Cuddy has spent pretty much the whole season dealing with the issues produced by a relationship with a brilliant narcissist.

    It’s not that having a relationship with House, in real life, wouldn’t be a full-time job. It would be a full-time job for the entire graduating class of Harvard Medical School.

    It’s still disturbing, both for Cuddy and for the show, to see her character written down into a role that’s almost purely supporting.

    Sure, House is the focal point of the show, so in that sense everyone serves him. But as with any show, surrounding the lead with characters who have lives of their own makes both him and the show better.

    “House” has also had a problem for several years with gender. After Jennifer Morrison’s Cameron and Olivia Wilde’s Thirteen disappeared from House’s team, the diagnosis part of the show started to resemble a stag party. Finally Amber Tamblyn was brought in just so someone could occasionally wear a dress.

    Tamblyn’s Martha Masters is fine, but that still left Cuddy as the only strong female presence on the show. In fact, the only other noticeable female presence at all.

    Now this year, almost all her stories seem designed to give us further workups on House. Last week it looked like she was about to die and it turned out the point of this scare was that it drove House back to Vicodin.

    The Vicodin story works for House, because his arc of pain and neurosis has always been the dark backdrop that puts his medical genius into its full relief.

    But the larger show works best when it has other strong subplots and interwoven character dramas. So in a year when House’s patients have become almost incidental afterthoughts, Dr. Cuddy needs more than ever to multitask.

    She can be a girlfriend the same way she can be a single mom. But she also needs to run a hospital.

    Read more.

  • Committed

    Regardless of how we all feel about this past episode, HL and LE gave an outstanding performance. If this doesn’t prompt an Emmy, I just don’t know what will.

    When House was pleading with her, telling her that he “can do better”, and then of course “please don’t….” my heart just broke picturing that child in him trying so hard not to being hurt again. I think the bitterness some feel towards Cuddy quite frankly resides right there.

    “I can do better.”

    “I don’t think you can.”

    That final scene brought on such feelings of despair that you really know the truth behind the statement “pain happens when you care” because we all care about House.

    It would be interesting to hear from them if that was a particularly tough scene for them to shoot.


  • Michele1L

    Justine J 284 – With all due respect, I am not only aware of the fact that the center of this show is House himself and thus, it is his journey, but you could replace the entire cast (including Wilson) and I would still watch the show because I so love this character. — Having said that, surely you must be aware that one of the reasons that “House” is such a great show is that its supporting cast is also explored and is well-drawn. For example, there has been a tremendous amount of screen time(too much in my view) not only devoted to Taub, but House’s assessment of Taub, Taub’s issues with his wife, etc. — We also have seen House relationship with Wilson from both House’s and Wilson’s persepectives. House has always asserted to Cuddy that she herself is flawed and she has not been in disagreement with him, yet we saw none of these assertions from House during their relationship. There were no conversations between them about what she brings to the table, her potential commitment issues, etc. ( After all, this is a career woman who, herself had never before settled down (except for that brief marriage when she was young) and was about to marry a man she did not love.) It was all one-way-traffic. It would seem, with Cuddy being a more pivotal character in House’s life than Taub, that if they were to explore anyone’s issues other than his and Wilson’s, it should be hers.

    Perhaps now that they are broken up, we will find out more about what’s going on in Cuddy’s head. I’m guessing she will confess more about things to Wilson. Perhaps at the core of the breakup is her not wanting to bear the burden of making him a “crappy doctor”, etc. (I wouldn’t.) For me personally, the reason she gave House for calling it off, based upon their long history, was just not enough. It was too abrupt. Almost as if it was solely a creative decision. “Okay, we’ve explored this enough — now break them up”. From what I’ve read, that’s kind of what happened.

    I fully expect for DS to break them up, I expected it to be during “Bombshells”, so it didn’t come as a shock to me, although I think it should have happened in the previous episode when House told Cuddy she made him a “crappy doctor” and that more of his patients would die because of her. It didn’t seem to make sense that there was no follow-up to those remarks and that they seemed blissfully happy in the beginning of “Bombshells” as if the previous week’s situation never happened. ??

    I’m not nearly as broken up over the split as other posters are. I was more annoyed by the reasoning behind it. And unless the show will be canceled this season, the split is probably not permanent. David Shore said they were done for now, but said he could not say whether it was for good … which probably means it isn’t.

  • TulipanRojo79

    #323- ruthinor

    Yes, I said at my first post: This Bombshells has non-sense. House and Cuddy are OOC (if we acepted their evolution along seven seasons).

    Bombshells is good in its form (if you like the remakes scenes) but is bad in its contents (if you analyze what it pretend said to us), not for the contents but for how writers told to us.

    At the first, I thought all ep15 and ep16, and maybe the end of ep15, would be dreams of House drunken, about his fears…

    But now, we know it is all real…So we only can to expect, or to leave to belive in that show.

    I want to belive…

  • ruthinor

    So many things about Bombshells seem to me to be inconsistent with what has happened previously. Many of us have commented on the fact that the first scene really seems out of context with the previous episode. But the more I think about it, so does the last scene. It may have been in Cuddy’s subconscious that House was high when he finally came to see her prior to her surgery. But she didn’t make the connection until her sister mentioned “candy”. My question is why was House not with her when she came home from the hospital? The crisis was over, she was not dying. Why wasn’t HE making her tea, caring for for if he loves her so much? If taking vicodin was a “one-time thing”, he should no longer be high. Why is her sister there? So she could mention “candy”? And why is Cuddy going to House’s apt. for the final break-up scene? Merely because it could put bookends on “Help Me” with House sitting on the bathroom floor? Gad, if that’s really all there is to it, how pathetic!!

  • Flo

    Hwl40 (#282), admit it, you just want to make me blush. 🙂

    In my previous post, when I said it would be my last (or so I thought) I wanted to say my last “here” on this particular topic. I never intended to stop posting on others Barbara’s reviews.

    I wasn’t really afraid to post but I just didn’t like the turn this discussion took. The post were repetitive and sometimes too confrontational. I mean, when Barbara has to defend herself on her own blog then it means something is wrong.

    I am happy to see that things went back to a more insightful, calm discussion. Thanks for the kind words.

    You all have good points.
    Barbara (#295), I too, think that Cuddy and House both acted out of fear. I said so in a post on your episode review. Nice discussion you had in your class.
    Cuddy may have broken up the relationship too hastily. She did what she thought she had to do at that time. She was vulnerable and she let her own old insecurities about relationships take the better of her. But that doesn’t mean it was a bad decision. It doesn’t mean it was a good one either. I think it is interesting that the writers didn’t pick sides in that scene. They wrote and shot it just as it was. They didn’t show it from one or the other point of view.
    Knowing if this decision was right or wrong is not really the issue. From all the different opinions the writers and us fans have, I guess it is safe to say that they were both right and both wrong. They had excuses to take the pill and break up.

    Were these good decisions or were they just excuses? This is something that will perhaps be talked about in the aftermath.

    It’s wait and see now.

  • DebbieJ

    Robert K #123 wrote: “House’s pain and the temptation of addiction, within the frame of the relationship. His childhood, his real father and his identity issues, the way this impacts his connection with Rachel. A serious exploration of their way to deal with conflicts at work. House taking his patient-related torments at home and Cuddy dealing with his state of mind. His resistence to truly trusting and feeling happiness and Cuddy’s way to handle that – none of these posed any interest whatsoever. Toilet seats are so much more important.”

    This is my issue as well. Every week, these past 14 episodes since Now What, I was waiting for them to deal with their “uncommon” relationship. What did they show us, but “common” hurdles (lying to a partner, toilet seats and toothbrushes). If the writers never intended for “it” to last, that is fine, but for their journey to be played out the way it was was sophomoric. I expected so much more from the writers. I thought they would deal with his addiction (after all he IS an addict even though he has been sober for 18 months). But instead, they deal with his addiction at the 56 minute mark of Episode 15 as she breaks up with him. For her to say “I can’t believe I had forgotten you were an addict until just now” (paraphrasing) is a bit too out of left field. I mean, she’s a doctor for Pete’s sake! I feel they threw it in at the end of the arc just to move onto the next phase (or should I say revert back to the old one).

    I’ve always said in times of turmoil such as this episode has caused, that I trust the writers. Well, I don’t know how much I trust them anymore, BUT, there is still much story to tell. With the remainder of this season and all of next, they have about 32 episodes left to tell it. Let us PLEASE witness this tortured soul to come to some sort of contenment in his life. I don’t care if it’s with Cuddy, Wilson or Blue the Janitor. Or no one! I just want to see some redemption for this tragic figure. I want him to realize his self-worth. Want him to realize he is worthy of happiness, contentment, enjoyment for life. Please do not let these past 7 years be for nothing!

  • rjw

    Just a reminder: in season 5’s “Joy to the World”,Cuddy admitted to her patient that she (Cuddy) was lousy with relationships.House isn’t the only one with baggage.

  • Committed

    Susan #316 – I agree with you. I don’t want them to be simply friends either. I do see what you see. They do love each other very much but since this does not appear to be the way things are going or the way they are going to be, maybe the plan is to unveil their feelings in a less threatening way. If House was constantly afraid of losing her while in the relationship, then how could he open up to her? If she could not see him for what he is (not sure I even know what that is now because I really did not see him the way DS/LF see him), maybe she can care enough to take a closer look from a friends vantage point.

    Call me crazy but this is the only theory that fits for me. I think that that effort alone is going to take some time.

  • Munch–Nope, I was suggesting that IMHO, it takes two to tango. I think the breakup was hasty (on Cuddy’s part–not the show’s, necessarily) and that she, despite her belief that she could cope with House and be involved with him, couldn’t. She’d reached a breaking point with him, and this tipped her over it, and whether it was a rational moment for her or not, it made sense to her–and is plausible.

    House is House, and he made a huge effort (which is what Liz Friedman said), but in the end, it wasn’t enough for Cuddy (or for him).

  • TulipanRojo79

    Oh, Susan…I´m trying to convence to me that a really very good TvShow like House MD can´t finish so bad!

    At my last post (last saturday), I say that I don´t understand Why do they give a lot of interviews about Bombshells episode? I think if someone (writers, producers, director) has the need to explain something (the end of S7 Ep15) is because they did it BAD!

    Also I think if usually, House will come back on drugs an House&Cuddy will break up forever, without more explain that “House is House”, “House isn´t a romantic”, “House hasn´t humanity”, “Nobody changes”, “We all knew this relationship won´t stay along in the time”…If it really happens…I said all this show is a LIE! They think the audience is unconditional, but they are so wrong!

    Because of that, and after read all the new comments, now, I am more positive about the show…because a lot of people is worry about the storyline of HouseMD, and they (like me) are disappointed with the end of Bombshells. So, I can´t think David Shore and company want to run the risk of lose a lot of viewers if the show will be going to a worst place!

    On the other hand, I still don´t understand the reasons they have to insist about “Huddy is done” or “HuddyRIP”…if they consider that is only a part of this show…it isn´t necessary talk so much about it!

    And that are my reason to think, maybe they want that we forgot by now this point (the break up) and try to see the other things.

    I mean, this relationship isn´t really done, it is done like we saw that at latest episodes…This relationship could be better but previously, they need to fix House character, so we have to expect and enjoy with House MD (well, or try it)

  • Susan

    Eileen #313 – Agree with you –
    “I WAS NOT expecting them to break up, but rather take some space apart or really try to work through their issues. Barbara and others in the past have said that they could see House and Cuddy’s relationship continue on in some manner throughout the rest of the series with it carelfully woven in and out of the weekly storylines… I did not expect their relationship to come to a complete and total stop. I’m so disappointed.”

    Heartbroken, not disappointed. And I don’t want to see them work out their differences and remain ‘friends’. They have a love that is hard to find and they shouldn’t let minor details keep them apart. I don’t have any experience with addiction but if House takes 1 Vicodin to let him deal with the pain of possible losing Cuddy – is that a reason to leave him? Not with such a long history behind them. And besides, she’s not marrying him, why can’t they just “let it be nice”. When he’s on Vicodin he’s not a lunatic, beating her, being incoherent. I guess I’m naive but they are all each other has, and they love each other so why can’t that be enough? Why be miserable apart when they can find some happiness together? Is this romance over reality? I don’t really get Cuddy’s problem.

  • Susan

    #314 Tulipan – Thank you for the positive points in your comment. I’m still in denial that the relationship is over and I need some more people like you to keep me hoping.
    Besides all the plot/character inconsistencies that have been pointed out – if makes no sense that 2 writers and 2 directors have to all come out in the middle of the season and announce the way the show is going to end. Who does that?

  • TulipanRojo79

    WOW, One week last…We all are still commenting about the last House Md´s episode! It is really fantastic! I´ve never seen nothing like that! I just wrote here last saturday, but now I want to say…

    1. The most part of the viewers are disappointed with the end of Bombshells.

    2. The most part of the viewers are disappointed of how writers took the relationship of House and Cuddy: They didn´t make credible relationship (except at the first eight episodes of this season) and They didn´t credible the break up of the relationship (they forgotten Help me, Now what? and seven years of relationship in the show and almost 20 years of relationship in their lifes).

    3. The most part of viewers are disappointed with House comming back on drugs.

    4. The most part of viewers don´t understand the words of LF about the show. Maybe we don´t understand House character…maybe they dodn´t remember the vision of House character that they showed to us during seven years.

    Well, I think Bombshells was a really good episode in its form, but not in its content.

    I don´t want a Tv Show that stay long in the time and die with non-sense. I think House Md has to tell so much to us about House´s life…I only hope writers know how to tell us (with sense, of course)…

    Oh, I really think House and Cuddy have still a good future relationship to show us… If a lot of us have seen a posible relationship between both is because writers had alow us to see that possibity.

    But, previosly, they have to fix House character…they have to explore inside him and his problems…and then we will have our happy end!

    Sorry if my English is too poor (I´d like write it better…”I can do better”)

    And CONGRATULATIONS again to Barbara. I don´t see ever a blog with so many comments like that!

  • eileen

    @Peeved 292: You said
    “Before I go on, I’m not saying I was hoping to see House and Cuddy cuddling happily until the very last minute of the series. I was expecting them to break up. The majority of fans across all sub-fandoms was expecting them to break up.”

    I WAS NOT expecting them to break up, but rather take some space apart or really try to work through their issues. Barbara and others in the past have said that they could see House and Cuddy’s relationship continue on in some manner throughout the rest of the series with it carelfully woven in and out of the weekly storylines. YES! That’s exactly how I felt. I expected the brilliant writers and TPTB to take this path, BOLDLY forward, for an amazing and entertaining ride. I did not expect their relationship to come to a complete and total stop. I’m so disappointed.

    My husband and I will not be watching the show tonight “live” because our interest in it is minimal. As a result, when we do watch it, we will fast forward through all the commercials. No chance of Ad Revenues from us.

  • Committed

    Just a thought – we all know that we are going to see Arlene again. By all accounts she did like House, thought he was good for her daughter, and even though he may have “hurt” Cuddy, she may not see it that way. She knows her daughter well.

    Maybe she will talk some sense into both of them. That might not result in a reconciliation (thanks for extinguishing that hope TPTB) but it might result in a better friendship between them. I think that is the best we can hope for for now.

  • Munch


    It’s always great to hear from you! You have such a terrific sense of originality and enthusiasm which I’m sure must be utterly infectious to those around you within as well as beyond the realm of cyberspace. I hope I don’t come across as argumentative or confrontational for asking the following, but could you please clarify what you meant when you wrote these statements from Post#295:

    “Of course Cuddy is at an incredibly vulnerable moment when she realizes that House had to chemically prepare himself to be with her. She is wrongheaded, because I do believe House was with her completely. Would it have been better had he been plastered in order to cope?…

    Cuddy’s act was emotionally driven and perhaps hasty, in my opinion. But her anger and realization (at least in her own mind) that House needed to take drugs to be with her was what drove her to the breaking point with House. Unfair of her? Absolutely.”

    Are you saying that Cuddy was ultimately the one in the wrong when she ended things with House, despite the collective attempts of Liz Friedman, Sara Hess, and David Shore to make the fanbase believe otherwise? If so, then it is very depressing to think that ultimately no one, including the second woman to whom House committed his heart, will understand him on a fundamental level or even truly empathize with his well-worn perspectives. While I can appreciate her concerns given the literal life-and-death situation that she faced, Cuddy is pretty screwed up herself, and I don’t know how she can improve on herself while House goes through another cycle of self-annihilation/redemption.

    While I agree with the writers that she deserves better, I always believed that House is that better man that she deserves. Moreover, the thing that worries me the most, even more than House going back to square one, is Cuddy going back to self-denial. She may over-react to the break-up and to House’s reaction to it. She might even conclude that she gave House a shot, got the answer to her question (“I just need to know if you and I can work”), and ultimately pick safety over risk. In fact, I do think that there is a big possibility she will marry Lucas. If this does happen, and TPTB decide to have Cuddy react to the break-up by going back to Lucas, well, then I don’t know these characters as much as I thought I did.

  • Justine J

    @54 #290
    @54 post 290

    I wasn’t really being definitive of my examples i was just trying to highlight the point that they would never have shown scenes such as them cuddling on the couch if it wasn’t to serve a purpose to the story.

    All what he has done so far this season with Cuddy, with Rachel, with him interacting and respecting his team better has all been a learning curve for him and i am sure he will take that into account eventually and he will evolve better from the experience.

    TPTB entered them into this relationship at this time to prove a point that neither of them were really ready to do so. Cuddy had been seemingly happy with her safe choice of Lucas but witnessed House become vulnerable with Hannah in “Help me” and couldn’t then ignore her feelings for him and believed she was his savior. House played up to her being his savior because he wanted an out of his misery and the opportunity arose just at the right moment.

    It is true that the character can never change from his “core” personality but he is capable of smoothing some of those edges to make his life better.

  • housemaniac

    Peeved #292 –are you a lawyer or a TV writer? You should be one or the other, or maybe both–they exist, you know! You just made *the* case that so many of us have stumbled over with vague generalities about the inconsistency and bizareness (to be nice) of the writing this year. As for being a TV writer, you seem to have a much better sense of the integrity of these two characters than most of the writers/producers on House of late. Wonderfully well done. It is a long post, but I hope everyone reads it, and I wish, Barbara, that you might offer some response to this worthy effort. Thanks so much for taking the time, Peeved, to pull up all that dialogue and remind us of numerous episoides that would seem to have pointed to a different kind of relationship and a different denouement than we actually got from TPTB.

    Finally, I cannot resist repeating a comment that has already been made about the thoughtfulness of the House-watchers who post here. As Sera noted, I hope somebody in TVland is reading these. What a great chance to get insightful feedback. To #304, I know you aren’t endorsing this, but since you brought up “the sense of entitlement” that some posters believe that others seem to possess, I just want to say that this is not entitlement; it is criticism, much like a reading group engages in when its members discuss a novel. Writers of all sorts put themselves out there when they “publish” or “produce” something for public consumption, and that’s one of the hardest things about writing. These writers ought to be grateful for such thoughtful responses to their craft.

  • Carolina

    Sorry my bad English.

    Barbara,I know you love Huddy, Cuddy, Wilson and I respect this.
    But why you don’t interview no one when Cameron was writing off?
    I’m so hungry so many people simply ignore her existed for 6 year.
    You are journalist, I know you don’t like Cameron but Shore and company no really talk whit Cameron after JMo fired at all. (LF season 2 reference is just a crumb)
    It’s objective and so injustice!
    We want extended explanation from TPTB.
    I think you are a professionist, I hope you in other opportunity tell TPTB something on Cameron fired.
    Possibly one depht interview like this.
    If House/Cuddy break-up deserve this attention, a carachter written-of after 6 years deserve same attention too.

    I hope you understand me and nobody contest my request. If TPTB fired Cuddy I support hungry of fan explanations also I don’t like Cuddy.

    Some things are objective and incontestable.

    JMo is actress lead with another pilot/show so she never return for sure.
    If you don’t ask TPTB with her, TPTB never answer forever whit her fans on her fired.

    You are sensible, I know you understand.

    Thank you Barbara, I trust you. You are few journalists really cares and love House.

    Kisses from Italy.

    Sorry my awful English (again).

  • justabitterfan

    Also I have to applaud Peeved #292 post

    and @fatOlady that is one thing that also bugs me the most. Add that to how Cuddy even managed to go to House when she just had a tumor surgery recently. I am also disappointed by the continuity of events and such of the show so many questions swimming in my head really.

  • fatOlady

    I have a question that has bugged me about episode 6×21 (Help Me). Okay, it may be a little late to be asking this question but, I am the “Queen of the Delayed Reaction.” Does ayone know how Cuddy got into House’s apartment at the end of the episode?

  • justabitterfan

    I really really agree with what Post 268 – Joan said.

    And I’m sorry I cannot helpbut come back here over and over again.

    Also what really irks me the most is how Liz Friedman said about Cuddy “MAYBE SHE DIDN’T WANT THAT?” when before Wilson himself said that Cuddy was in love with house for years but what did he do? He toyed her feelings, he insulted her, embarassed her, fondled her, made every sexual remark to her. I have always emphatized with Cuddy too, and House was really a jerk to her but they really had something special albeit twisted and screwed-up but this two screw-ups really had something. What I have seen from Season 1 – 5 there is much more than that. So we found out Three Stories that Cuddy was the attending physician for House’ infarction and that she thinks House blames her for all that happened in that medical procedure (as what she have said in Help Me where she thinks House is getting back to her by opposing so much to Hannah’s leg amputation) and as hinted in Humpty Dumpty by House that something really happened to them in the past, which leads us to Known Unknowns that they really had ONS back in Med School which really validated the proof by the desk he gave her. Which leads me back to the other endless things Cuddy did for House, turning down the million dollars of Vogler, perjuring for House, Ketamine treatment, Methadone, saving his life when his heart stopped when House od’d to that memory enhancing pills, stayed by his side so he cannot do anything riskier for his life and when he went into the coma she stayed by his side until he woke up. He shouted on the top of the hospital’s balcony that he slept with her, she got mad and so angry but then when she knew what really went on his head she forgave him as if he didn’t do anything wrong. Not to mention she looks very worried when he started to get on to mayfield and she was at Chase & Cameron’s wedding. Oh can I also add she also wanted House to be there during Rachel’s jewish christening (forgive my memory if that’s correct and please correct me when I am wrong) can I also add all the whims she had to cater for House and all the covering up of his drug use and all the lawsuits she had to minimize and manage just so he can still have his med license and practice his work. Forgive me but I am saying is that if she really did not want that then what were her actions years before mean? That Cuddy was just attracted to House’ brilliant mind? That when she came to him back in Help Me she just wanted to try and see how far she can go with him? Is he some sort of a male guinea pig she wanted to experiment on? Looking back at all she said that lead to Bombshells I really think she was being cruel now. Because yes she must have known how difficult and childish and stubborn House can be with his personality, him not being too open with his emotions and feelings and yes more importantly with a drug addict like House. So yes, she really knew him but it all seemed to me she wanted to change him, be the perfect, fascinating, attending to all her whims boyfriend. Stacy had really said that with House she felt lonely,although vindaloo curry he is. Sure Cuddy felt lonely and I will always understand her standpoint with a kid, I know but then most of all what I really noticed in her character this season in the relationship with House she seemed to be really bossy and House really tried his best, I remembered in Selfish House often said sorry to her, and that was big for me, for House he seldom uttered those words. So I think he really have tried. And Cuddy I just hoped she would have tried to, when she dumped him he was really devastated and he said he can do better so, Cuddy cant take that anymore but I still think it’s too cruel for her when he really wanted to be with her. He risked his sobriety for her. He really tried so yes it’s really dissapointing for me. That this two character should have really been explored more, this character explained more. But then again a girl can only dream right?

    Sorry for thelong rant again I just have so many questions and I still feel dissapointed with how TPTB handled all this.

  • Baby Seal On the Run

    I know some people have commented about our sense of entitlement (more or less) in criticizing the writers and thinking or at the very least “wondering”, if we don’t know the characters better than the writers seem to, given what we’ve heard from one of them here. And I CERTAINLY know I have strong opinions on House and Cuddy and especially on how I view (amongst many others) that Cuddy has changed this year and last from the Cuddy of the past. But… even if I acknowledge that I am guilty of such a sense of entitlement, I think that’s kinda the point of a show. They WANT you to be invested in their characters. They WANT you to feel like you own them to an extent. It’s what keeps you tuning in.

    My current problem is… I just… The more I think about this and the inconsistencies and the leery doubts that spring to mind over things like LE saying this ep picked up where the last ended or the dosage on her prescription bottle being wacked (and come on, like they don’t pay close attention to their close ups and would miss such a blatant mistake) or a dozen other… not quite right “things”, I really do just get the sense that they fully intended to take us on this emotional ride into anger and frustration and heartbreak (how many times have they done THAT before?) and THEN… right it in some inexplicable (or maybe not so inexplicable – maybe just vaguely annoying) way. I don’t know. There’s too many things WRONG. Does that make sense? And then, as welcome as the idea of them righting this mess is, I can’t say I will be happy with them. And for me, admitting that just kinda sucks. I don’t LIKE seeming ungrateful. (I like even less actually BEING ungrateful but that isn’t actually what I’d be in this circumstance.) So somehow this thought bothers me quite a bit. It’s just that from the cockiness and the in-your-face commentary (with an attempted striving on my part to overlook or at least accept the deception involved), I think my greatest frustration at present comes in being fairly confident that if/when they right this somehow, I am 100% confident that they will ALSO fully expect us to turn around and THANK them for correcting this and making this a “ha ha – scared you” prank on the viewers. But… I WANT to be grateful when that happens. Really I do! Because this is crap and the characters deserve better (and the fans too, who tune in with expectations of great writing and who are heavily invested in the addictive nature and characters of this show and who were PROMISED so much more for this season – in all honesty) and so I WANT this to be corrected. But seriously, my problem is not just in part not being sure I will be satisfied by HOW they go about correcting it (not even sure they CAN satisfactorily correct it for me because of how complicated this mess is for me and how long it might take them to work themselves back out of it), but what’s worse is that I already know that my gratitude will be counterbalanced by an equally significant dose of mistrust and… begrudgingly given at best. Honestly, what DO you do when someone rights a wrong but… is absolutely ARROGANT in doing it? I guess I’m just… commentating on this now in hopes that SOMEONE important will realize that the arrogance could be toned down a notch or held in check from here on out. (And I think that’s already been noted due to comments erased, etc. but might need reinforcing anyhow for whatever is to come.)

    I’m a fan of the show; a fan of the awesome work that’s gone into House, M.D. in past seasons. But the arrogance of late… is really turning me off. (I’m not happy with the show for reasons completely separate from the show itself, and that is a new one for me.) Because unlike House, they AREN’T always right. “Their” arrogance isn’t backed up like House’s occasional arrogance is. And in the end, as much as I HATED the end of Bombshells, the arrogance in the aftermath bothers me more so please…

    I won’t be watching this next episode. Several days have passed but that hasn’t changed. I really just can’t. I have no interest. Nor can I watch House sink back into the muck of his existence like the previews suggest he will (I won’t call them promos because for me, they aren’t promoting the episode to come at all). And unless something changes and I go back to watch it after the fact, I don’t EVER imagine watching this episode. I’m not even sure I will watch Fall from Grace when it airs. Then again, I’m not sure I’ll watch House at all after this (and trust me, I’ve MELLOWED since last Monday night). But if things are righted and I AM able to watch and enjoy House again, I will really HATE the distraction of how highly GY or anyone else thinks of themselves and their clever “baby seal-clubbing even with a built-in bounce-back after the fact” ways. I guess what I’m asking in the end is that David Shore not allow the show to be destroyed by things that have nothing to do with it but which are personal pitfalls/character flaws of those involved with the production of the show. We love having a genius show to watch. But that doesn’t mean we want to hear about what a genius someone is for making the fans feel like duped idiots. It isn’t about whether praise is due for your brilliance regarding the show. It’s just that self-praise actually IS a turn-off and will detract from my enjoying the show, potentially leading to me turning THAT off. And I can’t imagine I’m the only one who feels like that in this.

  • Allen

    To Peeve…AMAZING analysis…you’ve explained my feeling

    Very, Very disappointed in how they have assasinated Lisa Cuddy’s character. There is no more respect for the character whatsoever

  • Susan

    Haven’t read through today’s comments yet but saw SeraG’s #299 – don’t leave this site yet. I (we) need you to commiserate with.

  • Susan

    Dreading tomorrow night’s episode. How much worse can it get?

  • ruthinor

    Barbara, in that last scene in “Help Me” Cuddy told House that it was up to him if he took drugs or not. Do you think she would have embarked on this relationship with him if he had chosen drugs? I don’t. I think she would have tried to help, but not gotten romantically involved. So the question is, when she said that she accepted him as he was, I think she meant his personality, his emotional problems etc. As she herself said, because he had been sober for quite a while, I believe she just submerged those fears about his addiction. It was incredibly naive and stupid. But I never thought she would accept him as a relapsed addict, living in her house with her child. She was extremely unrealistic, but she wanted the relationship so much, she just didn’t want to think about the possible consequences.
    Given what happened during her illness, how could she ever trust him again in a crisis? When an addict says it’s a one-time thing, do we really believe that?

  • Sera G

    Hello, all.
    So many well articulate, heart felt comments, I am so impressed.
    Mine will not be that eloquent:

    Barbara, first let me thank you, again, for this wonderful, safe place where we can vent and offer opinions in a thoughtful way.

    Committed, #285, you wrote what I had been thinking about today as I was running errands; didn’t it seem odd that Cuddy wouldn’t let House breakup with her while he was drunk at the end of “Recession Proof” and yet she breaks up with him knowing that he was probably still high?

    Okay, we can make excuses; she had to do it while she had the courage, or she’s been thinking about it for a while, (sorry, I really don’t agree with that one!) or he might be able to handle it better while high. NONE of that makes logical sense within the framework of her character, the storyline,or what we have seen in over 6 years of writing. Of course, very little lately has been what we have seen over six years of writing.
    TPTB wanted it ended, so they did. That is the simple explanation: no justification, logic or reconsideration allowed.

    I am not trying to be a whiny baby or a rabble rouser, I am just a still angry, still disappointed, still emotionally shocked person. I can not watch tomorrow night. I don’t want to see him spiral out. I don’t want to see him act like a fool when that is something he has NEVER been. A jerk, yes, insensitive, sometimes, afraid, often, but never a fool. The things that I have read, (several hookers at a time, hot tubs,etc.) that is ridiculous. House has used hookers to alieviate physical needs, never for ‘fun’. This is not the Charlie Sheen hour.
    I will probably be weak enough to come back here to read the comments about the next few shows, but honestly, my heart is not in it anymore.
    They have taken my hope, they have stepped on my admiration and they have mocked my loyalty. To quote Cuddy, “I am done.”

    Thank you to all for your wonderful comments. Thanks to all who have written nice things to me. I loved this show with all my heart. I am still grieving.

  • Hi Ruthinor,

    House has always self-absorbed. He has a narcissism problem, and everything revolves around him most of the time. He can transcend that and does. In Wilson, he avoided being with Wilson because of his fear that he’d lose Wilson and “be alone.” But he transcended his own feelings to be with Wilson–be his friend.

    House does the “big things” well most of the time: the grand gestures, the big romantic moments. But it’s the little stuff that build up in time to big stuff.

    He takes for granted his relationships with Cuddy and Wilson. But I think that covers deeper issues, including his need to test those relationships constantly pushing them to prove they’re conditional. He is a very messed up person. He’d be the first to say that (and did to Cuddy in Help Me).

    On the other hand, Cuddy told him that none of that mattered–she could accept him as he was (despite her deep reservations from the start). I don’t let House off the hook, but he’s doing the best he can to cope given the terrible coping skills he’s got.

  • ruthinor

    Barbara, I guess we really do disagree here. House was NOT with Cuddy completely. Why do so many people allow House to get away with murder? In scene after scene it was made clear to us that House never listened to Cuddy. Wilson knows her dog’s name and House couldn’t give a crap. Other than sex, why is House in this relationship? Does he actually give a rat’s ass about anything she has to say? What he said to her at the end of Recession Proof is NOT what you say to someone you love. You just don’t. How is she supposed to respond to that? Just let it slide? And then he can’t even enter her room? Sorry, but suck it up, big fella.

    Wilson and Cuddy have frequently been wrong in their approaches to House’s problems, but they always did it with HIS best interests at heart. The only interest House cares about is his own. Even when he finally went to see Wilson’s surgery it was not because of Wilson, but because HE might lose his best friend.
    The longer I think about it, the angrier I get at House. Cuddy thought she was dying. She’s allowed to be selfish. No matter what she does it will never come close to House’s self-involvement. Cuddy’s biggest error here is going into the relationship with blinders on and hoping with her heart, not her mind. If House’s drug taking had begun again in another situation that did not involve Cuddy’s health, I wonder if they could have worked their way through it? OTOH, since House never actually listens to Cuddy I don’t imagine that they are capable of adult discussion. Well that was therapeutic! I’m sure many will disagree, but I’ve just had it with House.

  • Committed

    54 #290 – I totally agree with you. I really don’t want to watch tomorrow’s episode for fear of further disappointment but I will. I’m hoping it will be worthwhile.

    I said in a previous post that I would give it until the end of season and that really breaks my heart but I just can’t go through House and the vicodin again.

    Let’s see what happens. It will come down to the creativity of the writers. I just hope they limit their interviews and the cancel GY’s twitter account. Let the show speak for itself.

  • I teach a class on Sunday mornings on ethics and values through a House lens. My class requested that we watch this week’s episode together (some had seen it, and others had not). And so we did. We stopped at the dreams and talked about them; we stopped at the point that House shows up and talked about that. We talked about House’s zombie dream and “Get Happy” and the fact that as Cuddy ascended the long staircase we only see House’s panic as he can’t follow her on the stairs (which are difficult for House physically, but wouldn’t have been in the dream).

    We talked about Cuddy’s fear and House’s and how both their fears came into play. Ultimately Cuddy decided (I think she’s been thinking about it for the past three eps) that she wasn’t up to accepting House for who he is, and this is why she ended up. “I thought I could do this…”

    Of course Cuddy is at an incredibly vulnerable moment when she realizes that House had to chemically prepare himself to be with her. She is wrongheaded, because I do believe House was with her completely. Would it have been better had he been plastered in order to cope?

    Anyway, there was a diversity of opinion on the episode, with most of these (non-fandom) fans feeling the ending like a sucker punch, but liking the episode. A couple did not like, but because it didn’t end the way they would have wished it to end.

    But all were anxious to see where it was going next. We discussed the question of whether Cuddy (and Wilson) really understand House. If they did, I asked, would Cuddy not have understood the devastating blow she delivered. Wouldn’t she know he’d fall apart? She does understand that he’s more fragile than he lets on, etc.

    People felt that because she was acting out of her own panic over the health scare and her own fear, she wasn’t considering House’s fears and issues. She did what she had to do– for her, and her alone. It was a purely selfish act, but one she did reluctantly and with (obviously) a lot of regret.

    At the end of the day, Bombshells featured two frightened, guarded people dealing with their deepest emotional fears and acting based upon them.

    Cuddy’s act was emotionally driven and perhaps hasty, in my opinion. But her anger and realization (at least in her own mind) that House needed to take drugs to be with her was what drove her to the breaking point with House. Unfair of her? Absolutely.

    House’s fear emerges in his denial of Cuddy’s illness, except that he can’t help but being distracted by it, no matter how much he tries to dismiss it as “nothing” to be worried about. But once he gets the news from Wilson, he can no longer be in denial, and while he can justify staying away from Cuddy to emphasize how little she has to worry about (even tho that’s now really how he feels), by that time, he can’t do that.

    House believes at that point that she’s dead. He has to be with her–to spend their last hours, days, weeks together. And hope that it’s not as bad as it appears. He was there for her.

    I wanted to also mention (don’t know if anyone else has), the juxtaposition of Masters’ anger at House’s not being available to them where he could do more good so he could be by Cuddy’s side. Her cold calculation suggests that she represents in House’s universe the truly automatonicly (neologism, anyone?) calculating observer that House wishes he could be?

  • Sneaky Microbe

    Wow. Seriously. Wow. Peeved, bravo! I am near tears from the passionate intensity of this group. And I thought I was the only person super upset by this turn of events.

  • 54

    I came back to add another thought, but, Peeved (#292), you have expressed what I would have said in a much better way!

    Your post is everything that I wanted to say, i.e., “It is not the story I’ve been told for almost seven years.”

    On a side note, the way you wrote your analysis is awesome! I enjoyed reading your writing.

  • Peeved

    Giving the House/Cuddy relationship the go-ahead was a bold decision to make. As a fan of the show, I applauded when they made it. But I was also very aware of the extremely high potential risk of screwing that gem TPTB had IF they were going to just “experience” the relationship and then move on to something else, as one moves onto the next course during a meal. I had faith, though, because I thought the desire to be less miserable was so deeply ingrained under House’s skin since his conversation with Amber while unconscious at the end of Season 5 that the relationship would undoubtedly be taken seriously and most of all, with respect for its background history.

    Before I go on, I’m not saying I was hoping to see House and Cuddy cuddling happily until the very last minute of the series. I was expecting them to break up. The majority of fans across all sub-fandoms was expecting them to break up. After “Bombshells” aired, the wave of discontentment that ensued was not necessarily caused by the final event itself. Why are a large majority of fans, disrespectfully dismissed as whimsical and grumpy, incapable of digesting that event, as just another normal turn of events in the storyline? Why can’t it be as simple as that?


    “House is an addict, ergo House can’t change. House is a jerk, ergo House is incapable of displaying emotions. House is not a good boyfriend, ergo House is not romantic. House has no empathy and no humanity, ergo House doesn’t care…”

    Those are samples of the crap that’s been shoved down our throats in recent interviews by the writers of “Bombshells” to make us digest the inanity of its entire concept.

    And I have to strongly disagree with all of them.

    Still, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t absolutely hate the episode. Artistically, I can’t dismiss its boldness, or the very creative aspect of its visuals, or even the premise of its storyline: Cuddy being sick and thus testing the emotional implications of House in the relationship was also, I thought, a good idea.

    But then the way it deals with the consequence of that drama, and worse the reasons invoked for it, represent a betrayal to House the character, his quest, his doubts, his efforts, and his entire journey.

    Amber to House in “Under My Skin”: “If you take the pill you don’t deserve her, if you secretly take the pill you don’t deserve anyone.”

    So that should be it? House took a Vicodin to be able to overcome his fear of losing Cuddy (and I guess, consciously aware of flushing two years of detox down the toilet by the way, which is strangely something that nobody seems to grant him as the most immense gesture he could have done for Cuddy…but well, it’s all a matter of perspective) and that’s why their union shall forever be doomed?

    Let’s assume it is. Does that mean we then have to also assume that his decision all comes from every bit of warped and dark aspect of his persona as well? Is taking one pill what constitutes the proof he’s not empathic? Or that he has no humanity? Or that he doesn’t care?

    That’s strange because I was given quite the opposite impression throughout the previous seasons, and even more so, with this undeniable crescendo in House’s evolution (but maybe that should have constituted the warning signs. The better it gets, the more likely it has to be ripped apart? So original…)

    Where did I get that preposterous idea that House is empathic and a man with profound humanity?

    “Three Stories”: He accepted to treat Mark (Stacy’s husband) despite the obvious emotional conflict he had to face in the meantime, even admitting to Stacy he was “wishing him to be dead.”

    “Wilson’s Heart”: House was willing to risk his life to help Wilson save the woman he loved. He put HIS life on the line at the request of his best friend, with no guarantee that it was even useful. What can be more selfless than that?

    “House’s Head/Wilson’s Heart”: He forced Thirteen to face the shocking reality of her disease instead of denying it. One could argue it’s cruel but I think, in House’s book, it’s what humanity should be: no pretense, no treachery, no lie. In the same spirit, he also tested Cameron for HIV in “Need To Know” when she refused to do it herself, denying the risk she was facing for herself and others. Forcing her to know was House’s humane way of not messing with people’s lives.

    “Joy”: He’s the ONLY one who went to Cuddy’s home to console her. Of course that was not with the intention of hugging her or to absorb her tears, but the awkwardness of just his stance in her hallway was proof of how much it cost him to be there, and yet, he WAS. And there is no lie in his gaze when he sheepishly confesses he doesn’t know why he’s a jerk: deep inside he probably feels the empathic vibe, he just don’t know how to display it.

    “Broken” and “Lockdown”: He stayed with Nolan at his dying father’s bedside, and in the dying patient’s room (even after the end of the lockdown), absorbing their respective pain and angst while being himself in a clearly uncertain state of mind at both times, thus risking to endure a severe emotional fallout. But he did it just the same. Again, if that is not pure empathy, I don’t know what is.

    “Remorse”: He signed a $5000 check for an old med school colleague and slipped it in his mail slot, unbeknownst to the guy, in a pure anonymous, selfless gesture. No credit requested. Just generosity. To me, but who knows what I’ve been learning all this time, this is humanity.

    “Help Me”: House prayed with Hannah to comfort her even though he’s an atheist.

    “Recession Proof”: He hired a mariachi band for Cuddy, just because (and by the way he apparently was the only one concerned enough to know) he knew she would love it.

    “Family Practice”: He yelled at Cuddy to shake her back to her senses and gave her one of the very few opportunities she seemed to have had in life to stand up to her mother.

    And the list could go on…

    Why should I believe that House isn’t a romantic? First of all, I think the writers who claim that House is not should maybe clarify their definition of “romantic” so that we’re all sure we’re talking about the same thing. Being romantic is being ruled by emotions over the path of rationality. At first sight, one could argue this is not exactly what defines House, and even quite the opposite actually. House likes to solve puzzles. He’s obsessed by the truth and can never stop the reasoning process even when the solution seems to have been found.

    But then, let’s not forget, he numbed his mind with pills. and that certainly wasn’t – and never has been – to improve his intellectual skills. Drugs numb the mind and they, in fact, have the exact opposite effect. So, let’s say, at most, that it helped him view things from different angles and put aside the exhausting effect of constant reflection. But if House deflects, throws cynical barbs and avoids dealing with emotions it’s probably because, intrinsically, he’s constantly invaded by a deluge flow of emotions that he has to struggle against to be able to focus. Other than that, when he’s not capable of being in control, House is THE romantic by definition, doing crazy, desperate grand gestures that reeks more of emotional outbursts than pure rationalization.

    House shouting that he has slept with Cuddy from the balcony in “Both Sides Now” is the best illustration of that. Even though he tries to rationalize his attitude with strategic motivations, it’s just the opposite of anything rational, knowing that the risks he’s going to face are not even going to ensure him a positive outcome. This “all or nothing” desperate way of going all in is romantic. Just like, in the same spirit, was him wanting to move in after the first day. Of course, some will object that this was based on an hallucination and ergo wasn’t true. But I think that’s the very reason why, it’s exactly the most raw view that can be given to House core personality, because there are no barriers in those moments…and that’s why the emotions flow freely.

    Finally, and I admit most shockingly for me, we were told that House doesn’t care; and (conveniently for the endgame of “Bombshells”) that he specifically doesn’t care for Cuddy. Isn’t it strange then that the only real, blatant (and even so, arguable) proof of that is seen only in “Bombshells” itself?

    On what ground should I based the assumption that House does care for Cuddy?

    “Who’s your Daddy?”: He was there for her through her IVF process. He kept her secret safe.

    “Joy”: He was there for her after her adoption fell through at the end.

    “5 to 9”: He was there to comfort her in her moments of doubts.

    “Family Practice”: He was there for her mother even though it absolutely contradicted one of his strongest medical principles: Never treat relatives.

    And finally, “Bombshells.” I completely disagree that House didn’t care for Cuddy in that episode. He did, all the time, but in his own unconventional way; he hacked her computer to know about her reaction to the news. He bribed a doctor so he could have access to her scan results. He sent Chase to be with her. He made Masters search through every patient file to find the results of her biopsy. He tried – clumsily but still – to reassure her that her medical crisis was initially nothing. He dug deeper into her results to explain the cause of her lung abscesses and gave her full reassuring closure on her illness. And he took the immense risk of relapsing just to be with her, like SHE wanted him to, while knowing it was interfering with his case, his emotions and his ability to cope. He sacrificed himself, in the most romantic way, candidly heading to his own destruction…

    Cuddy to House in “Unwritten” – “Common is boring. What we have is uncommon.”

    To top that whole convoluted mess, we’re also told that Cuddy should NOT have given that relationship a try in the first place and by saying so, we’re asked to close our eyes upon six years of very specific actions and declarations which all tended to prove that Cuddy was not going to give up easily on a man like House.

    Cuddy was once depicted as a strong woman, with a stubborn character. Instead of preserving that continuity within the challenge of a relationship, the minute the writers decided to give House and Cuddy a chance, they turned her into a whining, insensitive bitch, cracking the whip and forgetting every empathic promise and gesture she’d had for House in the past.

    For any fan, and even the ones who do not ship House and Cuddy together, it’s impossible not to see the evident disruption that Cuddy’s professions of faith to House in “Help Me,” “Now What” or “Unwritten” causes regarding her later incomprehensible intolerance for very insignificant things like toothbrush, garbage duty, and toilet seats. And it leaves me wondering WHY? Why did the writers feel the need to build Cuddy’s character that way, slowly and conscientiously adding stone after stone to give it sense if it was heading there?

    Significant quotes that Cuddy’s said throughout the show in regard to her relationship with House:

    “Who’s Your Daddy?”: “Pick someone you like.” “Someone like you?”

    “Let Them Eat Cake”: “Everybody knows this is going somewhere.”

    “Help Me”: “All I can think about is you.”

    “Help Me”: “It’s your choice if you wanna go back on drugs.”

    “Now What?”: “Why do you have to analyze things to death? Why can’t you just let it be nice?”

    “Now What?”: “I don’t want you to change. I know you’re screwed up. I know you are always gonna be screwed up. But you’re the most incredible man I’ve ever known. And you are always gonna be the most incredible man I have ever known.”

    “Unwritten”: “Who cares about common? Common is boring. It’s common! I like being with you. You make me better. Hopefully, I make you better. What we have is uncommon. And I’ve never been happier.”

    “Recession Proof”: “Shut up! You’re too drunk to end this relationship.”

    So, ultimately, it’s not just about her breaking up with House – which in itself, at this point is already inane enough – but it’s about killing the strength of her character. The faith she always had towards House. And, her will to fight adversity no matter what.

    I don’t know what the writers have in store. But the fact that they’ve dismissed all hope to see House, a) trying to evolve and b) Cuddy giving him another chance in the future (seeing how they’ve messed it up enough to ensure that’s how it’s gonna be) is simply foolish. It doesn’t make sense. It is not the story I’ve been told for almost seven years. It feels like an irresponsible disruption of the characters’ continuity, even if the final destination has to being House in the darkest recesses of his soul.

    David Shore said in his interview that it was a challenge to write House and Cuddy together while not changing who their characters were. And that’s exactly what I was used to see this show doing – take up challenges. That’s, therefore, exactly what I was expecting to have again. Unfortunately, something else entirely occurred.

  • Newbie

    Sorry – just one more thing!!

    I just wanted to add that I could certainly see them breaking up (as much as I would hate that, I could see where it would eventually make sense). If the two of them had really gone all out, trying to deal with all the aforementioned reasons why Cuddy avoided and buried her feelings in the first place… and THEN Cuddy decided that she really couldn’t do that. I could get behind that.

    But like this?? Geeze. The writers never gave them a chance to work through any of this heavy stuff. One pill and it’s over.

    Ok… I’m done!!

  • 54

    Michele1L (#283), I agree with what you said in your post!

    Justine J (#284), I respect your point of view, but, from my point of view, I think that we did see House and Cuddy cuddling on the couch (watching Cinderfella), bantering, arguing, and making up at least a couple of times this season. I think that the David Shore take on that was not to make those processes sweet, but, as was portrayed in the episodes, to have House say “Housian” things and to have Cuddy have a strong opinion on what she wants. I think I was bothered by the topics they chose to focus on. To me, they seemed somewhat forced and at times trivial.

    I did like the direction they took with House secretly helping Rachel prep for the school interview. A child obviously cannot be ignored in a relationship, and I liked how the writers took that important topic on. I thought that his actions were true to his manipulative nature, but I also thought that the writers showed him trying to be there for Cuddy and Rachel in his own Housian way. I also liked seeing him interact with Rachel because I was curious as to how he would act around her, considering his childhood and his personality in general. This topic is the type of “deeper” topic that I would have liked to have seen explored in more depth before the breakup. The kind of topic that could be handled in a fun way, but also the kind that illuminated what he wanted, the history of his character and how it influenced his current actions, how he tried to act within those limitations, and etc.

    Committed (#285), I agree with you. I was confused after seeing Lisa E’s interview because I thought she said they pick up right after his drunken confession. Maybe that was another point the writers were trying to make, that House and Cuddy didn’t discuss their “feelings”. I don’t know. After Cuddy’s look at the end of the previous episode, though, I think that perhaps a very short shot with her just looking at a sleeping House with a complicated expression on her face would have been a nice continuity in the beginning of the episode. House could have woken up and have been in just as much of a joking-around mood as he was in “Bombshells”, and the mood could have turned equally romantic, but, the continuity of what troubled Cuddy would have been nice. I guess one could argue that the continuity appeared in her dreams sequences. I don’t presume to be a writer of the show, so it’s just a fan’s perspective.

    Maybe I should just stop following the writers, producers, and cast’s interviews because it seems that even the question of whether the end of episode 14 and the beginning of episode 15 are related is being raised because an interview said that it would be. The majority of my current heartbreak is over Shore’s and Ms. Friedman’s interview. Sigh. I don’t know.

    I am afraid to watch tomorrow’s episode. I don’t think I can stop myself from watching it, but I’m afraid because I don’t want to watch it and have certain fears confirmed. I sincerely hope the show does not cheapen the emotional complexity of the breakup. I’m not asking for House to cry. I’m asking for serious looks, or at least glimpses, into his psyche after the breakup. If the episode focuses mostly on just how much he’s gone back to ‘square one’, that would personally be too painful to watch for me. I know that House will always be a jerk and that he’s severely stunted in emotional growth, but, to have him regress completely to who he was seven years ago would be so depressing to me. It would really make me think what has been the point of House’s painful and slow journey and sadly make me think that the writers were not being diligent in coming up with storylines. Again, this is all my personal opinion.

    I hope tomorrow’s episode doesn’t further shatter my hopes in the show. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Newbie

    Hi Everyone!

    I’ve been lurking on this site for awhile, but never really felt the urge to post because you all do such a great job having a truly interesting discussion of this show. Thanks in large part to Barbara Barnett’s insightful, thorough, and well-written reviews.

    However, even though I think many people have already said pretty much everything I want to say, I hope you won’t mind if I indulge myself and just go ahead and say it!

    Bombshells certainly shocked me – it was far too aptly-named for my taste! I was so happy to find this site afterwards, because I was just reeling from the ending, and it was great to see so many others articulate exactly what I was feeling. Very much needed, in fact.

    While I am all for House and Cuddy as a couple, and have been for a long time, it wasn’t exactly their break up that had me so shocked and appalled. Rather, it was the WRITING. And this is my huge point of contention… The writers have done such a masterful job of creating complex, flawed, and fascinating characters. And they’ve done this through brilliant writing. And part of this brilliant writing, I think I can state with certainly, has centered around the relationship between House and Cuddy, and their deep and unorthodox (and frankly, inconvenient) love for one another.

    However, it’s like the writing just fell apart once they actually put the two of them into an “actual” relationship. I never once thought Cuddy was supposed to be some type of bandaid/fix for House’s emotional issues and addiction. Clearly, some sort of “love can cure all” line of thought is absurd. But I thought that perhaps the chance at love might make House think working through his issues was at least worth a shot. This could have been so good… Cuddy and House dealing with the vicodin, residual issues from Stacy, his leg, his past, etc. Never mind all of HER issues! Instead, we get goofy hijinx, babysitting issues, and sloppiness. In the back of mind, I kept thinking, “ok, the writers are keeping it light and kind of corny for now, for some as yet to be revealed reason, but eventually this will get good…”


    Instead it just ended, in the most ridiculous way. OF COURSE House is still a Vicodin addict – what idiot within a fifty-mile radius of House wouldn’t have seen a relapse coming with the possiblity of Cuddy’s illness? This could have been written so much better. Instead, we have a group of medical professionals going around acting like House is “cured,” when anyone who’s ever dealt with an addict knows that an addict is *never* cured, and that relapses and near-relapses are quite likely. And to top it off, Cuddy goes over to House’s apartment, and proceeds to devastate and then leave a man who has the propensity to take Vicodin when devastated. Right.

    And one last note (sorry for the ridiculous length of my post!)…
    This whole situation becomes all the more absurd and disappointing when I think about the way in which the relationship has been built up. Cuddy was not avoiding getting involved with House because he apparently has the housekeeping and courtesy habits of a teenager, or because he wasn’t wild about watching children. She tried her hardest to avoid getting involved with House because of his severe emotional issues, addictions, etc. So, I thought that when she entered into this relationship, that she had given herself an ultimatum, much in the vein of the one House gave himself. Whereas House thought “medical abilities versus happiness,” she thought “normal life, with stable man versus being with the one I love, and taking on his baggage as my own.”

    Apparently not.

    Whew! Again, many apologies for the absurdly long post!! Consider it all my many weeks of lurking, rolled into one!

    You all are a great group!


  • Hi Elisabeth and everyone else. I’m really glad to see things continuing to be debated, but with the tone (nearly a week later!) calmer.

    Thank you for your kind comments everyone. After being away all day today, I’m stunned to see nearly 300 comments added to the 300+ in the review comment thread. Impressive!

    I rarely use the term “Huddy” because I think about their relationship as more than romantic. Like you, Elizabeth, and others, I’ve enjoyed their interaction since House’s protest that there’s nothing there but a “Great Wall of China” between them (with lots of sentries).

    I agree that “Huddy”–the House/Cuddy relationship will go on, change, grow, retreat as long as the series is on the air. It’s still there. It’s just different. It may even be more intriguing as these two, having acknowledged their mutual love (and having been together for several months) now have to go on with their lives while still working in close proximity.

  • Elisabeth

    I have nothing but praise for Barbara and what she does and I have never considered her anything but an erudite, interested follower of and commentator about House-world. Please don’t equate her with the show runners or a plea for any particular outcome.

    So, just one thing… define “Huddy.” I have always enjoyed following the House and Cuddy interaction from the first season onward. To me, “Huddy” is their interaction, rather than simply their sexual pairing. Looking at it through that lens, “Huddy” will always be an integral part of this show.

    So, despite what David Shore and the rest intone, I think we are going to experience “Huddy” for the rest of the season… and maybe beyond.

  • ruthinor

    Committed, I totally agree with you and I think this and other facts led many of us to believe that perhaps this was a dream. It just did not compute. Was this days later? How could he be so chipper when he must have had a bad hangover, if indeed it was the next day. There’s no context here. It just IS. And I don’t know how anyone, even if they adore what the writers have conceived here can say that those 2 scenes follow logically from one another. But, that’s just me!

  • Committed

    Question – do people really think that after House comes over drunk, makes the statement that he did – choosing his happiness with Cuddy over his diminished capacity as a doctor, that the next scene we would see would be of him flying out from under the bed and the romance that ensued? Am I missing something there? Should we really believe there was absolutely no discussion of that? Really? If so, maybe that’s the problem.

    I’d be interested to read others thoughts.

  • Justine J

    @Michele1L 283

    The simple fact is that this is House’s journey not Cuddy’s. What they showed through the episodes of the relationship were the problems and issues they faced shown through House’s lens.

    I think part of the reason why a lot of people are complaining about the breakup and how badly they explored it etc is because they expected that once House and Cuddy were in a relationship they would get to see them cuddling on the sofa, bantering arguing and making up etc etc. This show is called House created by the misanthropic David Shore who would never have gone down the road of fluff, when he put these two into a relationship he knew that they were just going to make a point of the issues that they would face and rightly so. This is as i said House’s journey and this relationship was just another part of his evolution.

  • Michele1L

    I have a question to put out there – Why has the relationship between House and Cuddy been approached as if Cuddy is the model of perfection and it’s all about House stepping up to the plate, when past episodes have established Cuddy has her own issues as well? It all seems so one-sided. I hope there is more exploration as to why Cuddy broke it off. I feel more like it would make more sense that it was less about House’s problems and more about her own. Afterall, she fell in love with him just as he is. ???

    Secondly, boy do the writers of this show have a dreary perception of House the character. Thank God for the brilliance of Hugh Laurie’s fully-drawn interpretation of this character. I truly believe that if Laurie portrayed the House character as the one-dimensional drone described by some of the show’s scribes, the show would not have lasted nearly as long as these seven years. I think all of the nuances that make us, the viewers, see House as a romantic soul beneath the sheath, a person capable of compassion, humanity, humility, etc., is all created by his masterful performances. (He’s so brilliant in his silences — which have been missing so far this season.) Don’t get me wrong, I think the writers of “House” are some of the best dramatic writers on television, but every time I hear one of the producers or writers of this show talk about their character, he is dismissed by them as simply a jerk. If this is all they intend him to be, I believe a lesser actor who might have taken the character too literally, would have sent this series into the ground after just one season.

  • hwl40


    Hope you will reconsider. I have gained a lot from your insights, not only into the characters but also in regard to the process of filming. Helped me a lot in putting this show in perspective so please don’t stop posting.


    How wonderful of you to provide this interview for us confused and angst ridden fans! Maybe it’s true that no good deed goes unpunished, but, like Flo, you are the still small voice of reason.

    Love reading all the other guys too but there really needs to be someone (or two) in the middle! So thanks to you both!

  • Sneaky Microbe

    First time post, here. A quick “Thank you” to Barbara for many stimulating reviews and interviews!

    Like most, I was floored by “Bombshells.” It was a great episode, but the ending devastated me. I knew that if Huddy ever happened, it would be a roller coaster ride. It was never the fun ride I was expecting, and I certainly didn’t appreciate having the car slam into a brick wall last Monday night. And what I think is the absolute worst out of it all are the comments by TPTB. How rude and insulting to the fans can you be???

    Of course, consider this: They succeeded in making many of us feel just as heart-broken as House. And with their post-episode comments, they make some of us want to figuratively take pills and jump off a balcony. If that’s the goal, congratulations.

    We watch “House” every week because we care about the lead character. Now I realize the writers don’t agree on who House is and what are his principals. That’s unacceptable (or unbelievable?) to me. As you can see from the comments here, many of us are mature, intelligent fans, and we are insulted. I don’t want to watch House be miserable again. As someone said above, there’s plenty of misery in Reality, and television should provide an escape. I enjoyed seeing House happy for a change, but now I know TPTB have only the worst planned for him. How very, very sad. But, hey, you’ve had seven seasons, maybe there’s an 8th, so what do TPTB care any more WHAT fans think?

  • Sera G

    Hello, Barbara and all,
    So many interesting posts. I only have a minute so:
    D_B, #243, so sad! So true!
    Robert K, #263, nice job. I wonder if those behaviors (silent treatment, etc) were the only way she knew to fight in a relationship, an example from her mom, perhaps? She said she was bad in relationships.
    Joan, #268, Beautiful!
    housemaniac, #270, I agree with you.

    I truly was not that disappointed in the ‘trivial’ fights/disputes because I felt they were done for a few reasons;
    1. the couple is just getting together and it’s the minor stuff you get to first
    2. I thought TPTB wanted to make a first time viewer or absent for a while or wary viewer not feel overwhelmed by the complexity of these two.
    3.House has a hard time trusting. He had known Wilson for more than 10 years before he told him about his real dad. I thought they were going to wait ’til later in the season for House to feel secure enough to tell Cuddy about his inner turmoils.

    I also thought, that if they did break these two up, it would be the season finale so the I (personally) could suffer for 5 months! (Ha)

    Very telling that this debate/therapy session is still going on 6 days later.
    I wonder if anyone ‘above’ is aware? (To be clear, I don’t be God.)

  • Topaz Eyes

    @housemaniac (#277): I do apologize for my mistaken impression.

    You wrote, “My whole point–and I think the point of many, though certainly not all, of the people who have commented here is that “Bombshells” felt untrue to the writers’ own vision.”

    I think we have to agree to disagree. I think “Bombshells” was entirely consistent with the vision and the themes of the show which the writers have laid out over the last 6.5 seasons.

  • ruthinor

    Since the beginning of the series we were all invested in House, and to a somewhat lesser extent (or maybe not?!) Wilson and Cuddy. I guess what depresses me the most now is that while I can see the writers going in any number of directions with House, what are they going to do with Wilson? Do we have to go through another round of him picking up the pieces. Been there, done that and personally that’s not what I want to see again. With Cuddy, it’s even worse. As you can tell, I love her character and to have her go back to administrator Cuddy trying to stop House from his outrageous actions is basically marginalizing her. I’m also not interested in seeing that. Maybe the writers will surprise me, but frankly, I’m not hopeful. If she decides to leave, how will House even survive? No one else would want the job, but it might make for interesting TV.

  • housemaniac

    Fair enough, Topaz Eyes #276. But just to clarify: I didn’t mean the storyline was an insult to fans; I meant it was an insult to *blame* the fans for the direction the story took, as though the fans would not have accepted a different direction. The producers, especially, seem to have played this kind of blame game in the their comments regarding “Bombshells.” I’m not speaking for anyone but myself. It is simply my opinion that it is insult to blame the fans. Please do not create conflict where there is none. And, by the way, I don’t disagree with the outcome; I’m disappointed, which is different. Nor do I have a vision of the story as I am not a television writer. I just thought–and think–they could have done better and that includes doing better on their own terms, meaning they could have done better telling the story of the breakup. I never expected House and Cuddy to live happily ever after. In fact, I didn’t give much thought to their future together. And I totally agree: the writers are beholden to their vision. My whole point–and I think the point of many, though certainly not all, of the people who have commented here is that “Bombshells” felt untrue to the writers’ own vision. It’s about the circumstances and the timing of the breakup as well as the apparent motivations, not whether it happened at all.

  • Topaz Eyes

    @housemaniac #270: You wrote, “It’s a copout to blame this turn of events on the characters, the fans, or anyone else. This is insulting to us, the fans, and oddly to the writers themselves.” I am a fan, and you do not speak for me. I can easily see how the breakup stemmed from House and Cuddy’s respective character flaws. I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly, but it was coming, and it had been foreshadowed weeks ago.

    Please remember that you do not speak for other fans who saw the breakup coming, either, or for those fans who may agree with the new direction the show’s taken. Simply because you do not agree with the outcome in no way means the story’s an insult to everyone. The writers are not beholden to your vision of the story. They are beholden to their vision, which is, in the end, House’s journey.

  • Hi Heather–Sorry if I misunderstood your intent. I was feeling a bit under siege yesterday, so I apologize if I was unduly harsh.

    Like a beat reporter, I tell the truth as I see it, even if it is somewhat skewed through a prism that predisposes me to like the show. I love the series, and if I didn’t (or no longer did) I’d stop watching (and find something else to cover).

    I don’t feel it’s my job to shill for the network or the show. They give me access because I write about it–good or bad. But I’m respectful of the network and show people because that’s my nature–and I’m not an “investigative reporter” looking for the skeletons in the closet (been there, done that :))

    Anyway, thanks for clarifying.

  • Committed

    Thank you Joan – well put.

    The more I think about this, the more I believe there is something more to the story. We just have to be patient.

    Thanks to everyone for the posts. It has been very theraputic. It’s nice to know others are affected by this show.

  • ruthinor

    Flo, I echo what RobertK said. The little “to do” between D_B and HouseMDfan was quickly resolved. If D_B and I could get through our hiccup anything is possible! Anyway, I really enjoy this site because people are serious, intelligent and above all, free to express an opinion. Many of us are also emotional and this can lead to hurt feelings, but I don’t think any of us means it that way!

    HouseMDfan, I think we see “Two Stories” in a somewhat similar fashion. Again, this is just my opinion, but I think many people took that episode too literally. Every scene between House and Cuddy was as House told it, except the last one in her office. So many now blame Cuddy for the break-up because she was “upset over such trivia”. But my interpretation is that it is House who believes she’s upset by those events, when in fact Cuddy’s major complaint is that he never listens to her. House pretty much confirms this when he talks to the kids outside the principal’s office. He does NOT listen.

    Was the scene at the door between House and Cuddy real, or an exaggeration by House? I don’t think we know. We can only surmise, and here’s where opinions can differ. Why is it such a bad thing for Cuddy to ask for some time away just to get away from all the petty annoyances? It was OK for House to get his time away from Wilson and Cuddy in an earlier episode, so why not Cuddy? IMO, House is so beloved by many that he’s excused for all sorts of behavior that we would never tolerate in others.

    I agree with HouseMDfan and Flo that these are 2 screwed-up people and things would never be easy for them, but I guess I just thought the break-up was too facile.

    One more thought, I agree with Topaz Eyes about all the dreams except “Leave it to Beaver”. I just don’t see that as Cuddy’s ideal life. If it was, she would have married Lucas!

  • HouseMDFan

    @Flo: Yep! As you might imagine, I agree with you! In addition, I thought it was always clear that Cuddy is good at her job, but bad at personal relationships. She said so herself in “Joy to the World”, if I remember correctly.

    @Housemaniac – I think it requires a lot more courage to stick to your idea of the story and the characters than to succumb to the demands of the “fans”. I for one saw a lot of effort and courage, not least in this latest episode.

  • RobertK

    @Flo (#269): i believe that anybody is welcome to post here, whatever the nature of their opinions.

    But when people post here with the declared purpose of “I’m just here in the feeble hope that it is possible to make people think a bit”, then i feel things are a bit in muddy waters.

    It’s in my nature not to sit and watch agressive and injust behavior without taking a stand, so i defended the poster whom i felt was being attacked in an uncivil and unjustified manner.

    Other than that, Delia handled the situation with grace and civility, and HouseMDFan eventually apologized.

    I see no reason why anybody should be “afraid” to post here.

  • housemaniac

    You know, Sera G. #236 I think you’re spot on, and Joan #268 as well. The only thing that really explains the shoddy job the writers did with the House-Cuddy relationship is their own timidity (and possibly some serious disagreement as to who this character House is. Friedman has a bizarre interpretation of House. Good think Hugh Laurie breathes more than an ounce of humanity into a character that Friedman insists has none.) You can see this when they blame the inevitable demise of the relationship on the characters, as if the characters had a life apart from the writers! As if to say “in character” required some rigid forumula, to wit, House cannot be “too happy” or “in a relationship”, etc. Many people are not happy *and* in relationships and many people (most?) are in relationships and are not very good at it. Yes, House is an extreme example of someone who would really have to work to maintain a relationship. But by the writers own telling, he’s done it before over a period of years–with Stacey. It’s a copout to blame this turn of events on the characters, the fans, or anyone else. This is insulting to us, the fans, and oddly to the writers themselves. In fact, I think this is what’s really frustrating so many fans, even more than the plot line. As so many here have said, we feel cheated by the lack of effort by and/or courage of the writers/producers as much as by the result. Is redemption (for the show) still possible? I hope so! But they have made it very, very hard for themselves.

  • Flo

    Is it me or is this place is turning to a very delicate place to post?
    Some repetitive posts and people getting at each other now? I feel like it is somewhat dangerous to post. It is turning kind of toxic to me. Like I even may be disliked for that very comment.

    Okay, this will be my last post here.
    Just want to say this: Not only there is a difference between evolving and changing but House & Cuddy are both frightened, screwed-up people.
    – Cuddy in the end of help me: I love you despite the fact that I don’t really want to.
    – House at the end of Recession Proof: I love you despite the fact that you make me a worst doctor cos you make me happy.

    I mean talk about two screwed-up people!!
    BOTH of them have problems.
    If those two declarations of love prove something to me is that neither House or Cuddy were really ready to go at it fully. They decided to give it a go but those declarations tell me that they were more reluctant to do it than most of you fans seem to think. (I could be wrong though I don’t want to put intent to any of the post here.)
    I wonder if this reluctance is somewhat the reason this relationship wasn’t as deeply explored as some fans (and I, to some extent) expected it to be in the first place. Maybe it was House and Cuddy, who both very frightened, unconsciously didn’t gave their relationship a real chance.
    Anyway, 8 episodes to go this year. We’ll see.

    So I agree with Jaim and HouseMDFan.

    I really think people should take a deep breath and try to relax.

    Hope to not have offended anyone. So long.

  • Joan

    I agree with those of you who have already so beautifully described the development of Huddy in saying that the breakup remains unexplained despite Ms. Friedman’s attempts. As she says intent does not count so all I can go by is what I have been watching all these years.

    Her view that House may be a fascinating guy but not someone you’d want as a boyfriend, not the rock you would want to come home to may be her personal view but to me it is so OOC of the character of Cuddy they created. It actually makes me angry —when has Cuddy needed, or frankly really had, any man to be her ROCK to come home to? She has taken care of herself and the hospital and House and recently Rachel all by her self…and happily maids and nannies and others, should we include Lucas in that category? She was clearly lonely and despite her pride in her achievements was not happy — she wanted someone to share her life with. But neither I nor most viewers ever thought she got together with House because she was looking for him to be her ROCK!! If she wanted a normal, reliable nice guy she clearly should have stuck with Lucas. But the writers all told us/showed us that she really didn’t want that, thought she did, but better on paper than in reality. What she wanted was the insane genius who has been driving her crazy with his issues for years and who she has loved for years.

    The writers showed that there were some very real fears and practicalities that kept them both from acting on their feelings (she’s my boss, etc.) and they made sense over the course of the seasons. But when House came back from Mayfield trying to find happiness and finally stopped hiding his feelings (Friends is the last thing I want to be) and Cuddy gave up her ‘normal’ boyfriend to tell House outright that she loved him, we saw these two flawed people as being the only ones who could be perfect for each other in their own imperfect ways. Yes, we all accept that House has deep issues and insane behavior that means he is definitely not the guy most women are looking for — but Cuddy is’nt some floozy he picked up in a bar. She knows him and she went into the relationship accepting that he was screwed up and might always be screwed up. That she would be mothering his neediness seemed far more likely than that House would turn into her ROCK.

    Moreover, the way their relationship was portrayed House was trying and did make some changes even tho he was essentially the same. As TPTB continually chanted, House is still House and Cuddy is still Cuddy! The thing is, the relationship seemed to be working quite well for both of them, that House as House could make her happy, could be part of her life — dinners at her place, cuddling in front of the tv, washing dishes, playing video games. Staying ‘themselves’ I think Cuddy did accept a lot of House’s behavior and unlike some, I don’t think her ‘demands’ on House were at all unreasonable (be nice to my mom, put the toilet seat down, come with me to social engagements, don’t lie to me, etc.) and House was not changing fundamentally in trying to meet them. So to me, it seemed, refreshingly, that the writers created this flawed, mature couple who were each very much their own persons but who had an uncommon relationship that was enhancing both their lives and they would explore the bumps in the road they faced.

    Certainly, I could have imagined many ways that the relationship could have blown up if House’s behavior was so outrageous Cuddy could’nt take it any more. But that was not what we saw. Even in Bombshells, I could see Cuddy being angry or disappointed over his needing the vicodin but the fact he used it so he could be with her says a lot to me. Breaking up with him over this or any combination of the little issues they supposedly ‘explored’ does not explain it. To say, as with Lucas, well I thought I wanted this, but this isn’t what I want either is a cheap ploy. TPTB all said they both really want this and are really trying to make it work. In the 15 eps they were doing pretty well overall and the breakup was just thrown in because it was planned that way. It did not feel like an organic development at all.

    So now Cuddy has to continue to deal with House and his craziness without the perks of being his girlfriend. And House is broken, again. Like he was after Stacy left and the infarction. Like after he was shot and the ketamine stopped working. Like after Stacy left him again. Like after he could’nt save Amber and Wilson didn’t want to be his friend. Like when he hallucinated and ended up at Mayfield. House has good reason to have a pessimistic view of the world, he’s actually a realist! This is the new angle they are going to explore? Apologies for the long post!

  • very disappointed not huddy

    “The episode was really, really well done”. I don’t agree. The dream sequences were very feeble. And I think now that TPTB are going to kill House in the end. “You know, he’s a jerk”.
    And folks, people don’t change, so don’t try.
    The end of season 5 was perfect end of [H]ouse.
    Sorry for bad English.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    HouseMDFan (#264): yes, those are all very good points. It’s a valid way to look at things, IMO.

    I’ll take some time off to brew this over. Partly because i need to think, but also because the marathon of posting here this past week is something that i certainly cannot afford to keep doing, time-resources-wise.

  • HouseMDFan

    @Topaz_Eyes – Awesome! Finally someone is talking about the brilliance of the episode. Love your post and I agree with it completely. People don’t realize that Cuddy may have been deceiving herself from “Help Me” on, and that this is responsible for a lot of the things we’ve seen.

  • HouseMDFan

    @Delia: But I don’t think this was really silence treatment! She did talk to him and he shut her down (see my post above). Then he did the same thing (and more) again, without giving it a second thought, and didn’t listen to her when she said that she didn’t have time and they would talk later. Only then did she slam the phone, because he wouldn’t for one second respect her wishes.

    To comment on just one on the list of things you say about her: I’m not sure her commitment to the relationship was so grand. She certainly provided the initiative and the confidence, especially during the first episodes, but I think some of that was a mask (look at her expression at the end of “Now What”), and some of it was lying to herself (look at what House says to her in “Massage Therapy”). Also, I’m sure there are examples for her conflict resolution techniques, but I am thinking about “Mirror Mirror”, “The Greater Good” and “Unfaithful” at the moment, and there she isn’t perfect by any means.

  • RobertK

    @Delia, i agree on this. Regardless of how we interpret the reason for the conflict, her poor resolution strategy is unquestionable, IMO.

    What’s been great about Cuddy all these years is how little of the common female character stereotypes were in her. She used to be an amazing character, and i don’t mean just Miss Edelstein’s blue eyes and impossible ankles LOL. How honest and succint she managed to be, how witty and ironic, her verticality and backbone, her willing to admit she was wrong, her determination of doing the right thing, her sense of loyalty and her sense of humor, her dignified, even mature way of handling her emotions.

    The “we won’t talk about things” strategy is beneath the seasons 1 to 5 Cuddy, as i understood her. Breaking away from him, asking for time alone, forbidding him to talk to her – all of these turned into her standard reaction in response to a conflict… It reminds me those unsufferable and fully unrealistic female characters in romantic comedies, where depicting women as hysterical and bitchy is the only way to push forward a story that has zero consistency.

  • Topaz Eyes

    To “Huddy” fans who say the breakup came out of left field:

    Did any of you pay attention to Cuddy’s dream sequences? Those sequences held the key to the fate of their relationship.

    1) The “Two And A Half Men” takeoff shows House reverting back to his old ways after Cuddy’s dead. His reaction to Rachel stealing candy was “Don’t get caught next time.” This dream which leads Cuddy to assign guardianship of Rachel to her sister because subconsciously she can’t trust House to be a good father to her.

    2) The “Leave It To Beaver” takeoff represents what she thinks is her ideal life. She’s cast as head of the household, Rachel is the brilliant daughter, and House is cast as the complacent housewife. (Notice I didn’t say happy.) What most viewers may not know about the 1950s, was that unhappy housewives were often prescribed sedatives and tranquilizers to get through the day. The point is that her expectations of life with House are unrealistic.

    3) “The Butch and Sundance” takeoff shows House abandoning Cuddy when their lives are at stake. She has to fight the barrage of bullets alone. This is essentially what happens during the episode.

    4) The musical number is astounding because while Cuddy is focused on House, House is never really focused on Cuddy. His part is distorted, even mocking, while hers is earnest. Much of the time they don’t even touch, except through the candy cane.

    The metaphor running through all of these scenes is candy (Rachel stealing candy, the lollipop, the candy cane, the chocolate bar). Only when her sister tells her that Rachel calls pills “candy” does Cuddy realize House was on Vicodin when he finally did visit. And she finally understands, House cannot change enough for what she needs.

    Way back in “Humpty Dumpty” in S2, House says about Cuddy that she sees what is, and what could be, but not the gaping chasm in between. “Bombshells” is proof of that. From “Now What?” onwards there have been clues suggesting that House and Cuddy’s relationship wouldn’t last. The devastated look on Cuddy’s face at the end of “Recession Proof” suggested to me that the relationship couldn’t last much longer. House essentially said he would give up everything important to him to make her happy. That amount of change–that gaping chasm–is simply impossible to cross. “Bombshells” illustrates that concept.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @HouseMDFan: i agree on that.

    And i still believe that her reaction shows such poor effort into the relationship. The silence treatment, withdrawing love and refusing to discuss things are such a weird strategy for a woman whose excellent conflict resolution techniques we’ve witnessed over the years, whose understanding of House is so deep and whose committment to the relationship was so grand.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @Ruthinor: i am aware of that. For instance, i am aware that the scene in Cuddy’s office, in which she yells at him and hits his finger with the telephone is House’s distorted perception.

    But do you assume that House completely made up the scene at the door of her house, when she tells him she needs time alone, instead of talking things through with him?

    And do you assume that she had another reason for that, except those relatively minor things?

    Because the one scene that we do know for a fact shows reality, and not House’s take on it, shows a bleak Cuddy, clearly in the aftermath of a conflict, who listens to House’s apology and promise to do better and accepts it, by inviting him over for dinner – which mirrors the resolution of the “Massage Therapy” conflict.

    There is nothing to indicate that their conflict had a different motivation, than the toothbrush and stuff. Which is also confirmed by House pulling a new toothbrush out of his pocket.

    Of course, those minor things stand for Cuddy not feeling respected or cared for enough in the relationship. But, regardless of House’s exxagerations, i still feel like her way of handling the situation was the whole “i am upset, by i won’t talk to you about it” attitude, which we also saw in the 3 episodes “you lied to me” storyarc, all over again.

  • HouseMDFan

    Ruthinor, if I’m allowed to contribute something: I think the real point in “Two Stories” indeed weren’t the toothbrush or the garbage, but the conversation the two of them had, where he practically said: “I’m right, so shut the f** up and let us watch TV in peace”. That’s what she mentioned in their conversation at the door, too. “You are always right and don’t care about anything else.” I actually loved that this was the crucial point in the episode, because it echoed what Stacy said about him in S1, along with her statement that she was lonely with him.

  • Heather

    Sorry, post cut off.

    Again, it seems to me that your success at the job you have now is predicated on House’s success.

    That’s not an insult, though, just the nature of the industry…isn’t it? Every critic is dependent on their source material to have a job.

    Regardless, I wanted to clear up this issue if in case there was a miscommunication on this issue. It was never my intent to offend.

  • ruthinor

    D_B: I disagree with you about Cuddy’s actions. All of the small stuff about toothbrushes, toilet seats etc was in “Two Stories”. IMO, what we were seeing in that episode is House’s version of how annoyed Cuddy was. He was terrified of losing her and so in his mind, he made a big deal of all the small stuff when it never was to Cuddy. At the end of the episode after House had pretty much destroyed Rachel’s chances of getting into that school and done all the stupid things he could think of, she wasn’t angry at him. She invited him over to dinner. I also thought that House treated her horribly in “Recession Proof”. House has lost patients before, and he’ll lose them again, but to make Cuddy the reason for this is, IMO is disgusting. All she did was let him fall asleep in her lap. Likewise in Bombshells, she was the only one who had faith in him to be there for her. Too bad her faith was shattered.
    Again, my opinion only and I know lots of folks will disagree!

  • Heather

    Wow Barbara, in my attempt to stick up for you, I actually managed to insult you more!


    I respect you very much and I think either I must have miscommunicated my intent or perhaps there was a reception problem.

    Regardless, if you felt personally attacked by what I wrote, I apologize. It is my intent to be honest and open, but never my intent to make people feel bad.

    I am, however, confused by what you wrote. You denied you had a symbiotic relationship with House and TPTB…yet your very job (at least on here) is to cover House. If you were terribly disappointed in the show, and encouraged people to tune out, and people did, and the show was cancelled…you would be out of a job, would you not?

    Seems to me the success of House as a show lets you continue to do your job. Without House, you would not have this job.

    I don’t know how what I am saying is at all controversial, or indeed, how you can deny that. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, though! It’s not a criticism!)

    Again, if you feel personally attacked by this, that’s not my intent. I compare you (since there are so many allusions to baseball recently in the comments) to a beat reporter for a local team. Saying a beat reporter has a symbiotic relationship with the team and the front office is entirely accurate, and that’s not criticising the person at all, merely stating a fact.

    The beat reporter has a duty to report the truth, but similarly the beat reporter’s access is predicated on the respectful way he treats the FO and the players. Also, if the team is not popular, the beat reporter’s audience also suffers, and the beat reporter could be out of a job.


  • Delia_Beatrice

    This was never an issue of how great an episode “Bombshells” was. I don’t remember ever writing a single word about that – if i hadn’t been overwhelmed with what its ending means, in terms of both past and future, i would have found the strength to say that i found it a very good episode, with its multiple layers and excellent exploration of the subconscious.

    @HouseMDFan: apology accepted.

    @RobertK: thank you. I fully enjoyed your sarcastic post from the other day, and i appreciate your position.

    @Ruthinor: Yeap – on the relationship being “explored” and pretty much on the female characters as well.
    I just cannot get over it, goddamn it. Cuddy throwing tantrums, using the silence treatment, refusing to discuss matters, withdrawing love, blowing things out of proportion…

  • ruthinor

    Robert K, seconded. #237 Jaim, YES!! #239 Pearl, couldn’t disagree with you more, and all the others for blaming Cuddy for refusing to be road kill. OTOH, I also agree with those who think the writers did a piss-poor job of exploring this relationship. But if you think back..what realationship have they ever really explored in any depth other than House-Wilson? They generally butcher the female characters and throw them under the bus. I hate them for what they did to Cuddy. They made her the villain in this (to most fans) when she was the one who risked everything to be in the relationship. She wanted it so badly that she submerged her doubts. This is something they could have explored before blowing everything up.

    HousefanMD, I will give you this…the episode had to be astounding to bring forth all these emotions!

  • eileen

    RobertK, well said! I totally agree with you.

  • RobertK

    @HouseMDFan, WOW. The superiority…

    Your comment felt so out of place among all the others. Personal vendettas and lecturing people is something i didn’t expect to see here.

    You seem to be turning Delia’s words so that you can find anything to attack her on. The fact that the seeds of destruction were planted in House and Cuddy does not justify a bunch of pathetic storylines and the lame way in which the best things in this relationship were simply not used. It was bad writing, and whatever the subtext of the relationship failing might be, there is no excuse for not showing Huddy at its full potential – which by no means meant “happily ever after”.

  • HouseMDFan

    Delia, not agreeing with your first points, but I apologize for going about it the wrong way. You are right, that was a bit condescending. My desire to make other people see the greatness of this episode – which left me in shock and heartbroken as well as elated and in awe at the same time – has been running away with me. I have enjoyed this episode so much, it made me think so much, that it got a bit frustrating to see all the negativity about it, burying all the beautiful details. In any case, don’t disregard the thought because of the perceived motivations of the messenger. (There is a House vs. Cameron argument in there I think?)

  • fatOlady

    I am uneducated on how the ratings system works and I have questions for anyone who may know how this works. Does anyone know if there is ratings system for re-runs on other networks such as Bravo, USA, or Sleuth?

  • Sheryl

    #147 Angela: “But he was there for her. It took him a while to steel himself. And he felt he needed to take Vicodin in order to numb himself sufficiently so that he could set aside his own fears and be there for her. But he did it. This was a huge risk and sacrifice on his part. And what does he get for it? A broken heart.”

    This is the way I saw it, too! He couldn’t go in there with Cuddy seeing him terrified; he felt, I think, that he needed to look strong for her. Maybe he was wrong in that assumption, but why give up on him, knowing how far he’d already come? Cuddy assumes, in the end, that on this particular issue he’ll never make any progress. But why–again, after he’d shown himself able to do other things? I’m not sure. And all this after Cuddy herself seemed to be taking sleeping pills to help calm her own nerves. Is this hypocritical, then? Well, not according to the show, I suppose: I guess if you’re an addict then we’ll always just assume you can never, ever, overcome the addiction and get on with your life.

    I’m bummed beyond measure about tomorrow, dreading the return of hookers especially. Don’t have any idea where they’re going with this, and with the weirdness of these definitive-sounding interviews, I’m not optimistic for House’s future.

    That said, I wonder what these writers and producers CAN say after pivotal episodes like these. They’re obviously NOT going to say, “Just wait and see–Huddy will be back.” Yes, they could’ve just been vague about the future . . . but I’ve found in the past that they seem to have odd talking points sometimes. But maybe I’m wrong in that. Can’t recall what they’d been saying last year toward the end of the season, just to keep the real plot secret. Anyone?

  • Delia_Beatrice

    Between understanding, on a rational level, what you are trying to say, and accepting to be lectured on a pretty personal level, there is a huge difference.

    Your way of approaching me was based on bringing up what you think you know about me, back from our conflict of ideas five months ago. That feels to me like trespassing boundaries in many ways.

    I disagree that the 600 posts here (and many, many others, in many, many other places) that emerged after “Bombshells” are based on nothing but people “reinforcing each other’s idealizations”.

    I also disagree to anybody being entitled to taking on the role of “voice of reason”, coming here to “make people think a bit”… That is condescending, to say the least.

    Whatever you have to say (and i believe you are right in many aspects of what you say, and wrong in a few too), if this is how you say it and the motivation for which you say it, then i believe that i am not interested in the exchange.

  • HouseMDFan

    There are an awful lot of people who don’t agree with the vision of House/Cuddy that is predominant in the comments here, but they have given up on this site a long long time ago. I’m just here in the feeble hope that it is possible to make people think a bit, instead of reinforcing each other’s idealizations. This honestly isn’t personal, and I know it’s hard if the show doesn’t do what you want, if the potential is there in the characters, you just know it is, and they won’t explore it. I chose this moment to adress you, because from your last post I thought you might understand what I’m trying to say, but it seems you still aren’t.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    Also, it is pretty surprising (it’s an euphemism) to see that you would use this moment to pressumably gain the upper hand in a conflict of opinions we had over five months ago (!), and to teach me my life lesson and to point out how impossibly wrong and biased my judgement is…That is just… well, it is what it is.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    @HouseMDFan: You misunderstood me. I did not mean that i was “psyching myself up” in seeing what i wanted to see in House and Cuddy. I meant that i was doing it in building up hope that the compromises and bad writing of this season is acceptable, because it is leading to something better.

    I am well aware of your opinion about me. However, there do seem to be an awful lot of people who share my wrong vision of House and Cuddy, so maybe there is more than my personal inflated perception at play. Perhaps there was something in the actual show that is making so many of us see it in a similar manner, or do you think i am forcing my own vision down the throats of all the people who posted here and on the “Bombshells” review?

    I am in no way going to carry on a debate about this with you. Whatever processes of self-examination this is bound to give birth to, i’d much rather i carry them in privacy. Just for the record, i believe that your perception of how “i see what i want to see” is pretty colored by you seeing what you want to see in me, as well.

  • HouseMDFan

    Delia, honestly not to kick you when you are down, but do you see now how your own perceptions, your own “what I want to see” is colouring everything? You said it yourself, you “psyched yourself up”, you saw what you wanted to see in House and Cuddy and inflated them as a result, disregarded the seeds of destruction. You can only “properly explore” a relationship, if both parts of that relationship are willing and able to do that, and I think it’s very much in character that they ultimately weren’t. And idolizing each other isn’t something that’s a problem for the characters only, but for the fans as well. No, you won’t get to see your ideal House/Cuddy romance, but that’s something that other people, including the ones who love the House/Wilson friendship, had to accept a long long time ago. That’s what fanfic is for, whereas the show is allowed to carry on its own vision.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    And it goes on and on… People reacting, speaking up… Some believing there is hope for the future (in terms of good writing and House’s evolution), some simply too disappointed to accept taking the risk of trusting again.

    As for me, i do agree that there is room for growth, as far as House is concerned, and that maybe the actual writing will be better that the absolutely infuriating interviews of the week past. Maybe – a big maybe.

    The trouble, for me, is that regardless of what lies ahead for House, regardless of the fact that maybe there is the possibility of an open and postive ending for House and Cuddy at the end of the series, one painful truth remains: i do not think that they will ever be explored as a couple on the show again (again – as if they ever really were…).

    Which means that I will never, ever get to SEE what i had been longing to see: this relationship properly explored. I wanted to SEE all the scenes and themes and issues that were great and deep and meaningful and fun and intriguing. I wanted to bathe in the chemistry, the deep emotional connection, the profond, albeit troubled, union. The only episodes of the 15 Huddy eps that did that are “Now What” and “Family Practice”, IMO. Everything else was compromise.

    Restrospectively, it feels so odd. I have psyched myself up into believing that better times are to come, that we’ll get to the good storylines eventually. But the truth i refused to admit this whole season is that the approach of Huddy was a million years away from what i had wished to experience. The lame storylines and trivial approach, the way their chemistry was toned down, the way they were not allowed to display passion or joy, the way the intimacy they showed was burdened with the constant impression that they were holding back, the way the fun and entertaining side of Huddy was almost completely removed from the equation…

    And i don’t think there is room to turn back. If, indeed, House will explore his own demons and become a healthier person, if maybe he and Cuddy will find a new type of love and closeness (non-sexual), if the ending is open or positive for them, that still leaves one thing unchanged: that House and Cuddy will never be explored as a couple on the show again. I just cannot see that happening.

    Which means that all i had been waiting and longing to see will never, ever be in front of my eyes, brought to life by Hugh and Lisa. And that is just impossibly sad and infuriating for me right now.

  • Jennifer

    Housemaniac. I don’t want anyone to stop watching the show. I just read in some posts that people were threatening to quit watching or were going to quit watching. I could have misunderstood. Critical comments appreciated.
    I can’t believe how many 1st time posts I have read. And I can’t believe as a house fan I have never been here before. Fantastic blog and fantastic interview. I cannot wait until Monday.

    For now I have decided that houses main love affair is with his patients. For instance, I love the “DNR” episode where the jazz guy says “I know that empty ring finger…” and basically sums house up.
    And the episode with the autistic child where the child hands house his video game and Wilson says “Now that was a ten.”
    I could go on and on….

  • Committed

    Matt #225 – You are spot on in regards to all of the interviews, comments. They had to know that many of their fans would not like this turn of events for so many reasons. Why would you make it worse?

    Honestly, that is what bothers me most as you can tell by my previous posts. I just hope that they did that for some unknown reason.

    Just a note about Cuddy. I know that this is not a show about her – I get it that but as in any relationship, it is a 50/50 partnership and she bares responsibility for this mess as much as House. She had the blinders on from the beginning – she tends to do this. I really don’t think she was that committed to Lucas either. It didn’t seem to me that she was all to happy with him in 9-5. I hope when the dust settles, House gives it right back to her. She needs a lesson in truly knowing what she wants prior to diving in. She seems to be leaving a trail of hurt of her own.

  • HouseMDFan

    @Jennifer – I mostly agree with what you say about the show. I, too, think that the last episode was perfect and what’s more, that it was set up. There was SO MUCH continuity in this episode, not only from this season, but from earlier ones as well, it was just happymaking to puzzle all of it out.

    @Jaim – I love you. That is all. 🙂

    @Happy Foreigner – Just want to comment on your “Socratic Method” example. I agree with you that House cares there. But I think it’s made very clear that this is indeed an exception. He is interested because the patient is unusual and interesting. He has his “favourites” that interest him, because they aren’t as boring as the “normal” people. He is able to care very much sometimes, but as an exception, and that’s why I think to say “it doesn’t come naturally for him” is absolutely justified.

    One last word about Cuddy (and House for that matter): Do you people ever consider that one of the basic human conditions is lying to ourselves?
    This isn’t so much about her not knowing what he’s like, but not seeing what that will mean. That’s exactly what House said to her in “Humpty Dumpty” and it deserves to be quoted again:Cuddy…you see the world as it is and you see the world as it could be. What you don’t see is what everybody else sees. The giant, gaping chasm in between. She finally saw that chasm in “Bombshells”. She thought she could take on House’s baggage, but in the end she couldn’t and I don’t blame her for that.
    Apart from that, his dependence on her was/is utterly unhealthy, as shown in “Recession Proof”, and that’s another thing why I think she was right to leave him. She had indeed become a vicodin substitute in a way and the moment that was threatened, he turned to the real thing.

  • Pearl

    I agree that sometimes House can be selfish and a Grade A jerk — but Cuddy knew that when she got into a relationship with him. He was terrified of losing her, and it pained him to see Cuddy going through her medical ordeal, especially when he was certain that she was terminal. He didn’t know how to deal with those emotions on his own. It overwhelmed him.

    Cuddy knows how he normally is under emotional pressure after years of working together, but he did show up for her in the end. He loves her and ultimately knew that he had to be by her side to support her. I was as disappointed as her that he relapsed. But Cuddy is a doctor; she knows that addiction is a controllable but incurable disease and that relapses do happen. She knew he was a recovering addict when she started the relationship. Did she honestly think that his struggle with Vicodin would just disappear when they started dating?

    This is House we’re talking about. He’s the author of “People don’t change.” He told her at the beginning that he wouldn’t change, and she told him that she didn’t expect him to. At the end of “Bombshells,” however, it was Cuddy that was doing the lying. She led House to believe that she unconditionally loved him just the way he was, broken and all.

    Cuddy labeling him as selfish was essentially the pot calling the kettle black. House bent himself into a pretzel trying to please her, but her demands never stopped and no matter what he did she was never fully satisfied. Did she ever make any truly significant concessions for him? Did she ever care for one second what his thoughts and opinions were? Because if she did, I and a whole bunch of others never saw it. It’s obvious that Cuddy entered this relationship with unreasonable expectations for someone like House; she wasn’t really in love with who he was but rather the man she thought he could become. She may think that she’s more mature than him, but did she even consider what breaking up in such a callous fashion would do to him and his fragile sobriety?

  • Happy Foreigner

    Hi Barbara,

    I am here for the first time. English is not my first language, so please forgive me for my mistakes.

    Your interview with Liz Friedman was very insightful and informative. Being an active listener is a talent that requires practice and focus, something that many people lack in today’s world. However, I am confused by her statement that House “is not a man for whom caring and being empathetic comes naturally.” While I generally agree with the former since House has often feared letting others see into his soul by appearing uncaring, I confess that I do not understand the latter part of this sentence. I have always believed that he is innately empathetic at his core despite his best efforts to remain estranged from the world, especially with those patients that reflect his own mental and physical traumas. For example, I recently watched a repeat of “The Socratic Method” from Season 1. House treated the female patient and her son in a more humane way than even his own team, including staying by her hospital bed and gently reading to her from a book of W.B. Yeats’ poetry near the end. She was a real human being for him, not just another “puzzle” to solve.

    Fan from abroad.

  • Jaim

    I liked the episode. I think that it shows more strength on Cuddy’s part not to enable his behavior and lie to herself that the way he handled things was okay. She deserves more. She was afraid she would die and he wasn’t there for her for most of the episode. When he does show up he’s high as a kite. This is not a healthy way of giving support to someone you love.

    I think everyone saying that Cuddy should just accept his behavior, be there to understand and comfort him, are out of their damn minds. House needed to be there for her. Plain and simple. She was facing her possible death, not him. Wilson was right when he said House was making it about himself. I like House, but he did not act like a man in this episode. A real man, no matter how painful, faces the hard stuff with a clear mind. Cuddy needed him to be emotionally present and he wasn’t. Why be together if you’re never really together? She’ll always be more open and he’ll always be afraid to do that. No woman deserves a partner that needs drugs or alcohol in order to be emotionally supportive. Women fans that think that Cuddy was wrong, well, I am a bit disappointed. A woman is not supposed to be a self-sacrificing doormat that will tend to her emotionally immature boyfriend’s relapse when she just got out of serious surgery! Women we can’t complain about these rigid images of women in society and at the same time uphold them. Women are more than good girls, bad girls, nurturers etc. Cuddy should not be defined by House’s behavior. She was a strong woman before him and she’s an even stronger woman after him. House has got to get rehab for himself and no one else. And Cuddy needs to find her own piece of happiness for herself too.

  • Sera G

    54, #234, Thank you. Wise words.
    I agree with everything you said on this post.
    I doesn’t make sense to give away the ending…”Yes, he’s going back to square one.” No need to watch now.

    Do you remember waaaay back in May, when people were so excited with the finale? All of the interviews stated, that yes, they were really going to give the relationship a shot. No, it wouldn’t be easy because House is not easy, it would be bumpy, but they were committed. Yeah, I should be committed for believing it!

    They can’t blame ratings, they can’t blame critics who ‘don’t get it’. They can’t blame the audience for not giving the couple a chance. House/Cuddy weren’t given a chance, not a real one, anyway!

  • Amber

    I am again flabbergasted anyone writing Cuddy would think she was looking to him as her rock?? Where to begin? First, the Cuddy we have all loved has been her own ROCK for years now and there has not been any man in her life to be her rock or her pebble or anything.

  • 54

    Thanks, bigHousefan (#30) and everyone else who read my post.
    Matt (#225), I think that your post is really on point!
    housemaniac (#228), I agree with your theory. I think that the writers and producers had initially planned something different, but, for whatever reason, they changed their minds. I think that the shallow exploration of House & Cuddy’s relationship reflect this. It is most obviously reflected in the abrupt, wait…what? way the breakup took place.

    On another note, the producers and writers really need to stop giving justification interviews and also need to stop telling the audience the definitive “end” to the characters. It confuses (and, at times, enrages) the viewers. It also leaves them in a tight position if they decide, for whatever reason, to change certain things about the show.

    Personally, I do not understand the point of giving a definitive answer to the end of a central storyline. Why would an audience want to know how it ends before it happens? Doesn’t that work against the show?

    DS may say that we are nit-picking at specific words he gave in an interview and are taking this thing way too seriously. However, I think that the creator of a show bears the responsibility of being the spokesperson for the show itself. Along with the perks comes responsibility. I believe that responsibility includes the duty to choose your words carefully as a spokesperson for the show.

    I also think that people involved with the show have a responsibility to not treat fans like idiots and snark at them in tones of derision. The show would not exist without the fans, and the collective eye rolling by certain House producers and staff is not appreciated. As can be seen from this discussion thread, many fans of house are intelligent, thoughtful people who have valid reasons for being upset with the show. They shouldn’t dismiss valid points under a stereotypical banner of rabid fandom.

  • Kay

    I have watched house for 7 years and this is actually my first time posting on a house fansite because after that BAD and ABSYMAL writing on Mondays episode, I felt the need to post about it. I don’t know if the writers or whomever is in charge of the show reads this but I hope they do.

    To the WRITING TEAM: Watching a character like House finding happiness showed us viewers, if House can, we all can and will find HAPPINESS, however Monday’s episode DESTROYED the show for me, after I finished watching, I called my sister who was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED in the EXECUTION of the ending and that fact that HOUSE is going back to SQUARE ONE AGAIN. She said to me, “IT’S TIME I LOOK FOR ANOTHER SHOW ON MONDAY NIGHT AT 8:00,” WITH THIS BAD WRITING, it is clear to me we all cannot find happiness and will be doomed to our demons forever. In addition, you have absolutely destroyed Lisa cuddy’s character of seven years…she is now a JOKE and was obviously the TARGETED character to be destroyed. I PITY the actress of the character.
    I don’t know what the remaining episodes bring but I hope it brings REDEMPTION to this SHOW…sadly after Mondays episode, I WILL NO LONGER WATCH THE SHOW, redemption or not, but I do HOPE, viewers sticking along will EVENTUALLY GET IT.


  • housemaniac

    Thank you Sera G. for your wise comments. I agree that the writers/producers planned to make it fall apart. I just think that maybe–and I of course am just speculating here–they originally had different plans for how, why, and when it would fall apart. I think they always thought that it would be out of character for the show to keep the relationship going, but… a) that thinking could have changed as the show progressed and b) more realistically, they still could have explored it differently and for longer than they did. It could have continued for virtually the whole season, for example. I think they had to break up because TPTB wanted them to. What other criterion is there?!

    And, Jennifer, if you like the show so much, why would you suggest anyone stop watching it? I certainly hadn’t planned to stop. Just offering a few critical comments. Criticism does not mean disgust and disappointment is a part of life, right?

    Also, did House in fact lose any patients because of his relationship with Cuddy? I think that’s in House’s head. Still, kudos for predicting the demise of the relationship.

  • Jennifer

    I love that this episode has everyone freaking out. I think all those who are upset and actually thought this was out of left field should stop watching. I thought this last episode was so perfect. It was the reason I started watching house and kept watching for seven years. I could watch grey’s anatomy if I wanted hero do no wrong perfect doctors and characters. What I don’t understand is the thought process behind those who posted that house had to take vicodin to be there for her. That makes no sense to me.
    And I loved the interview. I thought the interviewer did an amazing job and I feel grateful to be able to know what the writers were thinking instead of speculating. I would have considered it unprofessional and arrogant for her to have ambushed the writers of the show about their characters. I know how attached I have become to characters i was writing about or researching.
    I did tell my husband last week that I hoped there was no way house would settle for not being able to solve every case and save everyone. I told him the tides were changing and I felt a relapse coming on. And I was so happy when it actually happened.

  • Sera G

    housemaniac, I would like to discuss the point at the beginning of your great post. This is what I find troubling, they film 5-6 episodes ahead, am I correct?
    So what they filmed in June (on the beach) was to be shown in late September. I know, that plot was not used. So say they scrapped it and refilmed 2-3 weeks later. (Maybe not, if those shots are indead intended to torment us) anyway, “Now What”, “Selfish”, “Unwritten”, “Massage Therapy” and perhaps “Unplanned Parenthood” had already been filmed. They had not been viewed as yet, so there was no fan reaction or critic reviews. They had to have already known that they were going to junk the storyline at that point.

    Not to harp, yes, I know that I am…
    They never intended to make this storyline rich or deep. Adoption at 51, that could have been fascinating. No, they planned to make it fall apart. That is where I am still stuck.
    You have two of the most complex, clever, socially maladept, sneaky, sexy, chemistry-charged people/actors to appear on TV and you can’t take 23 episodes to make the relationship work? Others have said it better than I, there was a rich field of material on which to draw. They did NOT have to break up. TPTB wanted them to.

  • housemaniac


    One thing I forgot to ask you in my previous post: Why do you keep suggesting that anything is still possible with House and Cuddy? Strictly speaking, of course that is true. But the best David S. could do was to say that he would not claim a reconciliation was impossible, but that for the foreseeable future, it is indeed permanent. Having gone on record basically slamming the door on the relationship, I cannot imagine now that David and company would bring it back in any serious way or any time soon (i.e. this season), and I would think based on these comments not at all.

    Thanks for your fantastic blog. This is the first time I’ve commented.

  • housemaniac

    I’m definitely on the side of those who are disappointed by the latest turn of events and by the writers mouthing off in a way that ruins much of the mystery of future episodes. Can you imagine the adapters of the Sherlock Holmes stories closing off future possibilities in such a manner?

    In any event, I have a theory that I have not yet seen expressed, here or elsewhere, that might explain why the plot went in this direction: I think the writers changed their minds about the House-Cuddy relationship in the middle of writing it. I am not saying that they thought it would last for the duration of the show. I am saying I believe they intended it to last longer than it did and then, for whatever reason (fear of a ratings drop? fear of jumping the shark? fear of no Season 8? who knows…), they abruptly ended it. My evidence for this theory is that at one point before Season 7 began, or perhaps near the beginning of the season, Hugh Laurie said somewhere (I just can’t remember where!) that it would be an intense season for his character, using as one example the fact that House was going to consider adopting at the age of 51. This would have to be a reference to Rachel. Whatever happened to this scenario? I never saw it in any of the episodes during the House-Cuddy relationship. This suggests to me that at one point the writers contemplated a different, more serious trajectory–at least in the short run–for the House-Cuddy romance. They may have even written it that way initially.

    Finally, I think one reason for the bitter reaction among many fans is that the writers have given so much depth to House’s character on so many levels, including a degree of unpredictability amidst all his more predictable antics and characteristics. And yet that same commitment to complexity just did not seem to be there with the House-Cuddy romance, which simply did not last long enough for this to have occurred. Maybe the writers didn’t know what to do with it, but I find that a bit hard to believe. Is it “real life” for House to backslide? Of course! (Though I hardly think the point of this show–or really any TV or film production–is to precisely mimic real life, whatever that is.) The death of the romance just seemed too abrupt — a kind of implosion out of nowhere. And that does feel a bit like toying with the fans! Oh, and by the way: if House can go on and off Vicodin, why can’t he go on and off Cuddy, so to speak?! I think David Shore was supremely wrong-headed to suggest that *any* one scenario concerning House and Cuddy would not be acceptable to the fans. Think of all we’ve been through, and keep taking those risks, writers, that have made the show such a great ride for 7 years!

  • Sera G

    Hi, Matt, I agree with much of what you said.
    I have waited, hoped for, imagined a House/Cuddy pairing since the start. I think there was so much that could have been explored. TPTB have always hinted that they are ultimately IT for each other.
    Didn’t DS say that if House could be with anyone it was Cuddy.
    This was my interpetaion for six long seasons:
    House is attracted to Cuddy, but he’s too miserable. (Season 1)
    Fans, just wait, we need to explore a bit more. (Seasons 2 and 3)
    House needs to hit bottom. (Season 5)
    Hang on, we have some unfinished Vicodin business, House has issues to handle.(Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4,5,and 6)
    Cuddy needs to find stability with her child. (Season 6)

    Finally, with that amazing finale of season 6, we were given the opportunity.
    The callousness of what they did with the opportunity is stunning. I am going to regret writing this, but I almost wish they had never done it. I could respect TPTB more it they had said, look, we just can’t make this work in our vision of House’s world. That would have disappointed me, but at least I could respect the honesty.
    No, they set us up and they let us down and now they have the…well let’s just say I think it unfair that we are being blamed for not knowing that it was just a trick being played…on us!

  • Grace

    I don’t hate the writers or think they’re morons who don’t know their characters or whatever, but I too feel gyped. House and Cuddy have been heading towards this since season one just getting stronger every season and then when we finally get them they last 15 episodes. Chameron lasted longer, Foreteen lasted longer, Rachel/Taub lasted longer. But the key romance on the show because it actually involves the title character and that’s it, that’s all you can spare? I know this show ends all relationships and none are lasting but put yourselves in our places. Even if you did feel this was the inevitable end you could’ve gone much longer than this.

  • Matt

    There is no doubt in my mind that people wouldn’t be half as disappointed and angry if it weren’t for those interviews given by David Shore, Hess, Friedman shortly after the episode. Not to mention the usual making fun of by Yaitanes and even Omar Epps (!!!) on Twitter. Yes, the episode felt contrived, rushed and once again they used Cuddy (along with her intelligence) to further yet another plot device and, once again, favor the shock value over actually compelling storytelling. But, hey, we’ve been disappointed before. We were telling ourselves that House and Cuddy would eventually find their way back to each other and that House relapsed once. But, no. We were told that not only House and Cuddy wouldn’t get back together at all (“they’re done”, “this is it”, “it was never supposed to last this long”, “we’ve moved on”, “the break up will stick”) but that House didn’t just relapse, he was now back to square one.

    Seriously? How is one supposed to keep on watching after they have completely dashed our hopes of ever seeing House finding a glimpse of happiness – which, yes, it IS what he wants and what he’s been trying to achieve since the very first episode of the show.

    As for House and Cuddy, if I were a fan of the couple I’d be raging right now, because the writers pretty much destryoed the entire foundation of their relationship this season. And, well, of course Shore wouldn’t say the break up would stick forever. He says he doesn’t want to jerk us around but that’s all he’s been doing for the past 7 years. And by leaving that tiny crumb out there, he’s doing it again. Honestly, I do not expect them to ever get back together. However I do eventually expect a hopeful/open ending for the two of them. We deserve that much. The characters certainly deserve that much. I agree that it would not be plausible for them to end the series with anyone but each other and yet, ultimately, I’d also agree that in their point of view, House, Cuddy and Wilson are destined to be alone… together. As of now, THAT is the only hope I have left regarding the show and I am aware enough that, as plausible as it sounds within the context of the show, it might be too “happy-ish” for them to consider ending the series in a place where House is not alone or miserable.

    Too bad. The potential was there all along and yet they never quite knew what to do with it.

  • Isabel

    I can not settle for just six months into the relationship, all written in fifteen episodes, after waiting patiently for seven years.

    I can not tell myself that a woman like Cuddy, who knew who she was getting into, and chose it because she always loved this man for so long, suddenly give up the relationship just because he is a difficult person to deal with. This is not consistent with what we know about Cuddy. She was always a strong character and always knew what she wanted. And she wanted House! The same flawed man, who never enjoyed being at events, which has always been messy, immature and playful. The same man who made her embarrassment and she also did go through many difficult times. She never let it show on the grounds. I do not buy it. I’m sorry!

    And I think that if the writers did not want House and Cuddy to stay together, they should not have given them a story together from the start. They should not have done the chemistry between the two characters is so powerful, that resulted in this wonderful dynamic that exists between them. I think the producers should not have hired actors are as great as Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein, who did an amazing job with these characters, making House and Cuddy perfect for each other.

    But they did it and now they should at least have the decency to write them so as not to underestimate the intelligence of viewers nor lacking with the reality shown on the show since the first seasons.

    To review all over again, ie back to square one House, surrounded by women and drugs, alone and unhappy, it is better not to continue watching.

  • justabitterfan

    Wow, I have read most of the comments and it is like therapy really. I am done being felt screwed up by the TPTB and again I am saying what I will be watching for more is the show’s quality cinematography and the actors. If not for Hugh Laurie and Lisa Edelstein’s acting I would not have felt that House and Cuddy is as real as a person and that is why I am so much affected by how their characters have been written this season. Bombshells easily gets to my all time favorite House episodes but then minus the character consistency and the Huddy fall out so I am still watching for the actor’s acting everyone on House was always great of course from Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, RSL, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer, Peter Jacobson, Olivia Wilde, Amber Tamblyn and even the defunct cast. Not to mention even the actors who are POTW and supporting ones were as great. So hats off to all the House MD actors.

    So I will be okay if Season 7 is the last season because the show I really loved just feels like someone who just keeps disappointing me. Storyline wise and character consistency wise. TPTB are all brilliant no doubt about that I will always admire their work for the show but then I feel really crapped by them and to I say to hell with it, theyre the ones who are earning all the dollars and what am I really just someone who have watched House for years and they can take all what we say here with a grain of salt and they can say we are ungrateful blah blah, we already gave you House and Cuddy you all knew it was not gonna last and you whine and whine and complain but really we would not be complaining if only YOU HOUSE TPTB has made some more sense in their relationship. Okay really they’re not called TPTB for nothing okay I’m gonna lay off that now. And again Greg Yaitanes, I have lost all respect for him as a human being. Because isn’t it the raved Huddy fans who have put every PCA awards for the show and the one who gave Lisa Edelstein for her real first award? And he says its only a small percentage. Way to screw your audience and fans and mock us and actually spit on our faces. So yes, screw them all, whatever they have in store for the characters I would not care for more but will really stay for the actors and their brilliant acting. Thank you for making all the characters all so real to us with your acting. And to the TPTB well, thanks but no thanks. You guys could have done better. I will steer away with any show you guys would be involved in.

  • Sam

    So all of these recent interviews are starting to convince me that House’s journey is ultimately meaningless and hopeless and therefore there’s no reason to watch anymore. I’m almost there. I’m not threatening and I understand that some people claim to love to see him miserable and popping pills and being old House, meaning alone, because he’s always been old House intrinsically and some people would watch House’s journey regardless of the futility of it all because they are burning to know why he is like this but I can’t. I like House far too much to watch the poor guy have a life of futility. That’s not entertaining in the least. I started watching this show knowing the mantras but ‘people don’t change’ is a large, vague and seemingly ridiculous statement. I can get what they mean on a certain level but if they mean what they say they mean in these interviews I can’t watch that.

  • Sera G

    While I was away the discussion has not stopped. I think that says something very important. No matter your opinion; this episode touched a nerve. Or perhaps I should say this episode and the resulting comments/interviews from TPTB.
    I am still so sad about it all. There was such potential for House as a man, the show as a series and House/Cuddy as a groundbreaking couple. It all feels squandered.

    RobertK,#123, your sarcasm was priceless. I truly wondered if I was crazy. At least I’ll have a little company in my imaginary Mayfield.
    Tellyfan, #145/6, well done. I agree with you, and while I certainly can’t speak for anyone but myself, a break up/cool down/reconciliation and an honest, “Let’s work it out.” would have been understandable and accepted. Instead, it’s ‘No, Done, Over. Why can’t you (insert derogatory term: idiots, fangirls, or House’s favorite, morons) understand? We are the Mighty Oz. The Mighty Oz has spoken!’ Now, that was my sarcasm for the night.
    eileen, #149, I told you your husband was a good man!

    I come back to my overwhelming feeling that this was a real breach of faith. A breach between TPTB and the audience and a breach of faith between TPTB and the characters of the show.
    Finally, thanks, Angela, #143, I only wish. Although after Bombshells, maybe I don’t.

    Really last, last comment: as someone, sorry forgot to write it to cite, said earlier, the only real way TPTB will get the message is with the ratings. Sadly, I think this will do exactly what they intended, bring a larger number of viewers to the show, if nothing else, to see what all the fuss is about.
    As for me, this is not a boycott, it is one disillusioned fan, physically unable to watch Monday night. Perhaps I will change my mind, as for now, I don’t want to see the destruction of an amazing character, the demise of a once brilliant show and the contempt that will be heaped on us.

  • I wasn’t going to add another comment to this, but when someone addresses me directly, I do feel the need to respond.

    Heather #216

    What do you want her to do? She has a symbiotic relationship with the writers/producers/directors, etc of the show. They give her interviews under the assumption that she will give them (mostly) good reviews.

    I ask for interviews–sometimes they’re granted, sometimes not. I have no “symbiotic” relationship with the series. They don’t expect me to be anything other than honest. And when there’s something I don’t like (which is rare), I call that.

    My episode commentaries usually take one or two things in an episode that intrigue me and expand on them. I don’t owe the studio a farthing. To suggest that I’m somehow collaborating with FOX or NBC to write positive spin, you’re simply wrong. Sorry.

    If Ms. Barnett did the interview and then ripped LF a new asshole for saying one thing (“I’m all about character continuity!”) and doing another (okay…then why are there so many examples of LACK of character continuity?) then that would probably be the last interview Barbara would ever get.

    When I interview a writer it’s to get into their head. I do the interviews I want to do (if I’m lucky enough to get them). Why would I ask to have a conversation with a writer and then ambush them? They’re not my characters — they belong to Shore et al. For to school them on character continuity and how they should be writing the characters would be the height of arrogance. I like to see where they’re coming from, how they approach the characters and how they feel about them in a given situation. Maybe that’s not the sort of interview you want to read, and for that, I’m sorry.

    There’s good things and bad things about every site. The good of this site is the insider access and Ms. Barnett being respectful of the characters and storyline.

    OTOH, If you want someone who is going to give you their unvarnished, unbiased 100% viewpoint, and isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade…then there are other sites.

    You don’t think I give my viewpoint because I don’t yell and scream that they’ve got it all wrong? Maybe I don’t yell and scream because I’m generally really happy with the season and the characters. I’m even beginning to like Foreman. I have many, many examples of saying in my reviews that this or that didn’t work, or I thought they were getting too close to the edge of unlikability with House, etc.

    If I don’t criticize the show enough to please people, maybe it’s because I disagree with you. Again, sorry. My opinion is as valid as yours, even if I see the show differently than you do.

    Don’t get me wrong, occassionally I am disappointed that Ms. Barnett doesn’t nail people to the wall when they are inconsistent…but it’s unfair for me to expect that. If she did that, she would jeopardize her job, and that’s too much to ask someone to do.

    Trust me, my job as co-executive editor has little to do with my securing interviews. I try to do them because I’m interested in exploring the characters and narratives with the writers and actors. It interests me–and I thought perhaps it would interest the people who visit this column.

    If not, it’s not worth the time and energy. I’ll stop and stick to the commentaries. No one expects me to or asks me to do interviews and long introspective pieces. I do them because I like doing them and analysis is part of my nature. I may enjoy analyzing something different than you want to read, and you’re right, if you’re not getting what you’re looking for in my pieces, maybe someone else is covering what you’d prefer.

  • Anne

    Yep. TPTB say that’s it. So they cheated the fans of a great story, themselves out of a great opportunity for creativity and cutting edge tv, and the actors out of some award worthy content. That’s just frustrating.

  • eileen

    Baby Seal On the Run: Okay, so, Cuddy is running scared and House did the best he could…we get that. The problem is: this not-even-barely-started let alone finished relationship is OVER according to TPTB. No hope…nothing…nada…rien…bubkes…kaput…bagel hole…

  • Baby Seal On the Run

    Sorry. Let me reword that slightly. At that moment, he had no reason to think he’d be holding onto Cuddy. He thought she was dead (or as good as). He already believed she was forever lost to him. He took the Vicodin so that he could be there for HER. It wasn’t about him. He was going to lose her anyway. He could have ran for it so as not to have to WATCH her approach to the end. But he didn’t. This in my eyes is an example of House NOT being selfish in the least. Cuddy deserved him there. He wanted to be there. He found his way to do so. Cuddy’s once more running scared.

  • Heather

    BTW, for all who are criticizing Ms. Barnett for not taking a harder line with Liz…

    What do you want her to do? She has a symbiotic relationship with the writers/producers/directors, etc of the show. They give her interviews under the assumption that she will give them (mostly) good reviews.

    If Ms. Barnett did the interview and then ripped LF a new asshole for saying one thing (“I’m all about character continuity!”) and doing another (okay…then why are there so many examples of LACK of character continuity?) then that would probably be the last interview Barbara would ever get.

    There’s good things and bad things about every site. The good of this site is the insider access and Ms. Barnett being respectful of the characters and storyline.

    OTOH, If you want someone who is going to give you their unvarnished, unbiased 100% viewpoint, and isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade…then there are other sites.

    Don’t get me wrong, occassionally I am disappointed that Ms. Barnett doesn’t nail people to the wall when they are inconsistent…but it’s unfair for me to expect that. If she did that, she would jeopardize her job, and that’s too much to ask someone to do.

  • Baby Seal On the Run

    LOTS of thought-provoking, well-written comments here! And I am glad people keep mentioning that it wasn’t about House taking the pills, but about what lay behind it, however, where is Cuddy in this whole “averaging our misery” thing? If you can say it, you better be able to back it. She’s not doing so. It’s just another one of the contradictions they’ve given her this season, making her even less likeable and uber flimsy. I mean, House took the pills so he could be there for her. He’s not an idiot. He knows Vicodin is a no-no. He knows by taking them he’ll risk everything. So I really don’t think he would take them if he didn’t foresee them as his ONLY option TO hold onto Cuddy and be what she needed him to be in that moment, weighing the risk as worth the gain of being who she needs. The minute he knew she was going to be alright, the foray into Vicodin was done with. But then she breaks up with him and Cuddy HAD to know she’d just be reinforcing his Vicodin reflex and yet she walked away? That doesn’t make sense. That isn’t Lisa Cuddy. Zombies… Pod people… What’s next?

  • trackemtigers

    #212 Heather

    I can agree with that.

    These well articulated and well formed opinions just show how much people still care about this show and characters. It still evokes a reaction, even if negative in nature.

    I believe the TPTB are perfectly fine with that. It’s apathy (which would have to be reflected in ratings) that would concern them.

  • Doya

    Since you have an in with the writers, can you give them our thoughts – forward some of these postings? They are great.

  • Heather

    “Also, perhaps it will be an alarm signal to TPTB”

    Nothing I have read so far would seem to indicate that. I think they’re just fine with a negative reaction. They’re convinced of their own interpretation of the characters. If the fans like that, fine. If they don’t…well, they’re still watching, aren’t they?

    The only thing I think (might) have any effect is if people stop watching. That’s why that’s what I’m going to do.

    If you’re upset but you just say that, and continue watching….TPTB aren’t going to care. All they want is for people to tune in. And if you’re doing that, then…why change?

    If you just complain, but their actions never have consequences, why should they care?

  • Connor

    To Diane
    Think I’d rather watch “a loser” who saves lives every week, despite his flaws and issues, over someone who runs a meth lab and involves his wife in the business. House has proven over and over in his damaged way how much he cares about the people in his life. This interview with Liz Friedman just made me wonder if some of House’s writers really understand the character they have been writing about all of these years. What the audience thinks House deserves and what some of the writers think House deserves seem to totally opposite or nearly opposite.

  • Jennifer

    Of all the addicts I’ve known and the even larger number I have read about, most if not all are somewhat like House. Yes, each addiction has it’s own nuance but addicts are sensitive and hate emotional, physical pain and feeling vulnerable. There is a fear and instant gut wrenching “oh crap” that hits an addict when pain and fear enter their realm. And a relapse never stops with just one. I loved the next to final shot in “bombshells” when he looks down the hall at us, pills in hand. Any addict watching the show knew that he wasn’t going to put them back in the bottle and call a friend or go to a meeting.
    Even though in writing we learn about static characters that don’t change and have come to expect a round main character. But then the story is over when the “round” main character changes for good. Hugh Laurie is genius and has created a character that I want to remain somewhat static.

  • Flo

    Nate (#198) and Barbara (#203), Nice comments!
    Nate, I don’t think House was addicted to Vicodin prior to what happened to his leg. I just think he started taking it because of the infarction and the physical pain and slowly became to take it also for emotional numbness when his life became a disaster after Stacy left him.

    However, I agree with you and Barbara about this breakup. It was kind of inevitable and I’m, for one, is curious to see where it will take House and us. House really has to confront once and for all his issues and try to heal for himself only.

    #Amie (#204), Nice to know I made you laugh! 🙂

  • Tellyfan

    Good post, Nate. I agree on several points. I do believe that House probably would’ve had a relapse at some point, and I wouldn’t have had a problem with this. I don’t even have a problem with the fact that they’ve chosen to split them up at this point in the story.

    What I find irksome, and disappointing as far as the characters go, is the fact that we’ve been told by the writer-producers that when Cuddy broke up with House in the last episode, it was for good. While I see your point, and agree to a certain extent, about the band-aid metaphor, I find it a shame that the writers chose to tell us that House’s happiness, such as it was, is fleeting, and will forever be so. That we know now that House and Cuddy will never find happiness together as a couple and that’s just a shame. They’ve shown us how much they love each other and after all these years, with all this build-up, what these two have been through together and apart, there shouldn’t be any reason that these characters can’t find redemption, and a certain peace together, eventually.

    However, unless they’re trying to fool us, they seem to be telling us point blank, this will not be the case. And at this point, I find that such a shame.

  • Barbara 203 and Nate 198

    I think you are right. In Help Me, the imagery and significance of House dropping the vicodin and with the same hand taking Cuddy’s instead is important. Their relationship can have no real meaning or genuine discovery if Cuddy is more of a distraction from inner torment. House’s dream showed him that while he’s at battle with his inner demons he cannot be there for Cuddy when she needs him.

    It would be awesome if the writers pursued this direction.

  • Amie

    (Sorry for all the posts)

    I also loved UMS/BSN, was shocked, but in a good way!
    Just to prove that I really am easy to please normally.

  • Amie

    Barbara #203

    Exactly what I’ve been saying : he has too much empathy, he cares too much!!!
    At least, that how I see him (and I’m not sure the writers see him like that, reading your interview of LF).

    Your speculation brings me hope…

  • Amie

    Wow! Comments come in faster than I have time to read them.

    My 2 cents :

    First of all, I’d just like to say I loved all story arcs (vogler, stacy, tritter, survivor, and event the Lucas arc! Yes, indeed : I thought it made sense Cuddy chose the safe road first (but I do admit the season was less fun because of the absence of banter and clinic scenes). So I quite easy to please.

    I’d also like to say I loved all LF’s episodes : Merry Little Xmas, Frozen especially.

    I am quite stunned to read that the writers don’t agree on House the character and if he is a romantic or not! Like someone mentionned, it is upseting finding out that there is a huge gap between the TPTB and their audience…

    Lots of people have already said what I feel and certainly better than I could (#30, somy #57, leandro #62, jonas #74, caic #80, robert K #123 -LOVED THE SARCASM!! – 139 justabitterfan, Angela #147) And Tamis #160 summed it up perfectly :
    “Just to say:
    I’m not a Huddy;
    I love the show;
    I’m pissed;
    Not about the end of the relationship but about how they did it;
    Unhappy about the superficiality from the Huddy storyline all season;
    Can’t wait until they fix it (the storyline).
    I want old House back, not the character, but the old and good storylines.”

    I agree with every word! (except I am a Huddy I admit)
    I’d even add : Unlike many, I don’t care he’s back on drugs. I don’t care if he doesn’t “change”, if he goes back to square one. (And bring back the clinic! while I’m at it…)

    What bothers me the most are these 2 points :

    1. don’t mind the breakup but how they did it.
    I would have understood if it had happened after what he said in the end of RecessionProof, I would have understood if he had never shown up at her hospital room (and we would have been screaming at our TV “go House, go see her”!), I would have understood if he had broken it off to keep his mojo, or if we had seem them deal with “real” issues and fail.
    But I don’t buy this : he DOES care for Cuddy as we’ve seen (just to name 2) in 5 to 9 and in Bombshells, he did what he had to to be there for her (even if it is relapsing), he did it because he cared. Maybe too much.
    IMO, they were too intent on shocking us then getting the story consistent. It’s like Kutner’s suicide that came out of nowhere.
    I’ll quote Dreambigr (#196) : “To me, it seems the world view of TPTB is that the audience is something to be beaten, outsmarted and mocked. The organic nature of storytelling is less important than punching us in the gut with something unexpected and OMG dramatic. It may not be good storytelling but, hey, at least we got the better of you.”

    2.To quote FLo 166 : “However I do agree that this relationship didn’t really deliver any compelling exploration of these two great characters.”
    Robert K (#123) listed some things that could have made for great story-telling as I have in the previous post too (somewhere in thecomments of “Bombshells”).
    I was disappointed in the breakup because I kept waiting for interesting storylines to come and it never did. And the definitive break up means it never will.

    Thanks for evreyone’s insight. I must admit I also really enjoy reading the ones who disagree!

    @FLo 166: “So it seems that TPTB finally managed to gather a good portion of fans together. Only thing, it’s on a negative side. You gotta love the irony.”
    YES!!!!!I LAUGH OUT LOUD at this comment.

    @Costello 199 : The horrible tragedy in Japan has been mentionned in the comments of Barbara’s previous post (“Bombshells”) as, indeed, something more tragic than a fictionnal breakup…

  • Nate, I think you’re onto something perhaps.

    The show’s writers (IMHO) have always been invested in the character. But House is “jerk.” There’s truth in that. But he’s ONLY a jerk. There is a lot more to him than that.

    I think Cuddy puts eloquently in the final scene of Bombshells why House is too much for her to handle. “It’s not about the drugs.” It’s that he had to distance himself from her hurt just to get through her crisis.

    “House doesn’t handle bad news well.” Foreman has, I think, come to an interesting understanding of House (I think since “Help Me”), although he lapses. He does now seem to understand that House–while he may be a jerk–internalizes things that happen to him and to those he cares about.

    Cuddy explains that House uses whatever he can: vicodin, sarcasm, keeping people at a distance so he won’t have to feel. I’ve always thought that House’s problem isn’t that he feels too little, it’s that he feels too much. And he’s unbelievably uncomfortable with those feeling. He doesn’t know what to do with them, so he avoids them. Except he can’t always do that. This is where his internal conflict really clashes and that’s what happened in Bombshells.

    Now, will Cuddy think better of the entire thing once she’s feeling better? Perhaps.

    I think House has to figure this out for himself and if and when he can overcome this obstacle, maybe then he and Cuddy can find each other again.

    Random thoughts, but…

  • xinyuActor

    Costello #199
    Sad of what had happened to your country. Hope you and your family well from a China House fan

  • Nate

    Thank you HouseMDFAN,

    I refuse to believe that the writer’s are doing these plot twists only for shock value. And I know that they are building toward an ending that will not only satisfy, but keep the show alive long after it has stopped airing new episodes. To think, I was only 13 when first watching this show. It has been quite a ride, and I can’t wait to see what happens with the band aid once again removed. Added it in there because you complimented it before.

  • HouseMDFan

    Nate, I really like your “band aid over a bullet wound” picture. Just sayin’. I also think that deep down House knew that himself, but he let himself get swept away by Cuddy’s optimism for a while. (Which wasn’t all that fool proof either, if you look at her expression at the end of “Now What”.)

  • Costello

    The people of Japan say thanks for your concern

  • Nate


    Fantastic use of my time as always, and I thank you. The show is firing on all cylinders, and looks to be just another roller coaster for me to ride yet again. House back on vicodin is completely believable. I am a true fan of the show who has watched ever since the first season. I have watched the seasons over and over again, picking up the subtle continued complexities of my favorite character. Now, for all of you “fans” out there. Let’s look at this from a true fan perspective. When we first meet House in the pilot he is popping vicodin. It is barely halfway into the first season where we see him detox, and realize just how hooked he is. And also, that episode was really the beginning of my awe for the awesomeness that is Hugh Laurie. It begins in the first episode and continues for many seasons. We always see House trying to improve, but he is an addict. He isn’t emotionally available because he has always buried it under vicodin. Like Cuddy said, “pain happens when you care.”

    The relationship between House and Cuddy is something I saw as placing a band aid over a bullet wound. It had to happen. It wasn’t going to end well… definitely not on the first attempt. How long house has been addicted to vicodin has never really been clarified. In “three stories” he introduces himself as a drug addict seeking pain meds. I don’t think the leg is what started the pill popping. I think it’s the life he lived, and didn’t know how to deal with. I don’t think he would have referred to himself as a drug addict seeking pain meds if he hadn’t had an addiction before the infarction.

    So if his drug use goes back to before his leg, long before we were introduced to him, it is very unrealistic to think that a few month stint in rehab, and the love a good woman will heal him. Like I said, it’s putting a band aid over a bullet wound. Even in Mayfield, his doctor says we have to work on the deep seeded issues before anything else. House has grown very slowly. He was shaken to his core by Kutner’s death, which followed Amber’s only a year before, both of which he blamed himself for. He got help at Mayfield, and came back to Princeton Plainsboro in a pursuit of happiness. Laying it all on the line in the end of season 6, he found himself rejected by the woman who ends up saving him– or placing a band aid over a much deeper wound. Had she not been there that night, he would have fallen hard. She came into his life for some months, and then rejected him for not changing. To House, it probably feels worse than if she hadn’t come at all that night. He opened up to her. I mean the woman kissed his bad leg. He was as vulnerable as he had ever been, only to realize that once again he isn’t enough.

    And so, like anybody who has found more company in a bottle of pills than the people around him, house has resorted back to what has been there for him. Yet, I argue that it has also betrayed him. What was the hallucination scene with Cuddy, and Amber if not betrayal? It isn’t just a numbing companion anymore. It, like everyone else, has proven to betray. And after another rocky journey, I see him quitting, but not for Cuddy, or Wilson, or anyone else. But, for himself. Because, let’s be honest. He quit for her. And when she left, there was no reason to stay sober. He wanted happiness with Cuddy. Not just with himself, but with Cuddy. In the end of season 5 we find out it is exactly what he wants. And his drug addled mind gave it to him, only to take it away.

    I am confident that this is all leading to some form of self redemption, in which he gets clean for himself, and not a woman. Because, that is when he will be placing a band aid over a suture and not a still bleeding bullet wound.

    Thanks Barbara,
    What do you think on this issue?

  • Amen to that Lucy!

  • dreambigr

    To me, it seems the world view of TPTB is that the audience is something to be beaten, outsmarted and mocked. The organic nature of storytelling is less important than punching us in the gut with something unexpected and OMG dramatic. It may not be good storytelling but, hey, at least we got the better of you.

    I don’t understand feeling this way about people who care so deeply about what you created. I know they get their fill of whackjobs on Twitter, but the goal of TPTB seems to be to alienate every part of the House fandom. I hurt deeply at the end of “Bombshells”, but the pain was amplified by the interviews with DS, LF, SH and the mocking tweets of GY.

    This is what gives me such a sense of foreboding about how the series will end. I think they were toying with us in “Unwritten” about either the death of the main character, or leaving the audience with no resolution or satisfying end to the story. They seem to enjoy holding that power over us and letting us know they could “squash us at any minute”.

    Sorry for the rant, but I am in agreement with many of the posters here who have articulated their disappointment with TPTB much more eloquently than I can.

  • Lucy

    It’s so easy to discount what people are saying as “Huddy” discontent, but it’s not just shippers speaking out. Ironically, most Huddies didn’t think it was the best season because of the inconsistencies.

    I appreciate the healthy discussion on this post because it hasn’t resorted to Shipping Wars. It’s a great discussion on the art of storytelling and the challenges faced. It speaks to the awesomeness of the fans when we can do this without shipping clouding the issues.

  • fatOlady

    #192 – carpenter – Your lucky. I haven’t been able to watch a House episode since the end of Bombshells. I usually watch 5 or 6 a week. I don’t know when I will be able to watch again.

  • xinyuActor

    Ok think I’ll just stop reading your nice comments and move on to next part of House story, find my answers by my own.. You guys are just scaring a none English speaking and a slow reader of English language person who want to read all your ideas in this site. True for me is, after 3hrs comments reading from 3 AM to 6 AM (Beijing time), I’ve finished 100 and now left 200 more comments. OMG. No ending. Just to thank Barbara and Liz and all the commenters. Think I’m one of those most opinistic ones after my reading.

  • carpenter

    Oh my God. We are really a self-help group here by now, right?

    Here (Berlin) it’s now 0.20 a.m. I’ll watch onother episode House and go to bed.

    Good Night to all on board out there.

  • Val

    Barbara, Nice comment (#156). I remember reading an article you wrote early on about that comparison, and ultimately found Rochester to be quite Housian when I finally read Jane Eyre and saw it played out on screen.

    If House is inspired by Holmes as far as his intellect and deductive skills, than I am certainly able to also see some inspiration from Rochester. Two great literary characters, one great modern character! As difficult as it may be (and it is now), it’s certainly not over.

  • Sam

    You huddies are so funny, really. According to you this was the best season ever and now you’re done with it, you hope the ratings will drop, the writers don’t know the characters like do you (the same writers you praised until the last minutes of bombshell) and I could go on but I’ll stop here and I’ll have a good laught at you. Have a nice day

  • Celia

    Well, do keep in mind that Hugh Laurie plays this character and his point of view of House is somewhat different. He sees House as a flawed romantic (remember the desk ?). LF is only ONE of the writers of [H]ouse. Hugh gets to interpret the material and this , in my mind, is what makes the show great. He has to take all those divergent views and create a living ‘man’. I go more with how the actor interprets the script. There are a lot of versions of Hamlet out there, all of them varied due to the vessel they were poured into. The script is just words on a page until the actor breathes a soul into it. HL is the Soul of House. And that soul is human, lonely, yearning, flawed, scared and romantic in the classicial sense.

  • fatOlady

    185 – Delia_Beatrice – Another thing that is coming through loud and clear (if anyone is listening) we want to find out what made House the way he is. We want him to deal with his parentage and confront the ghosts of his past. We want history (or his story if you prefer).

  • ruthinor

    I saw the entry below on another site and thought that it expressed very well what many of us have been thinking:

    The Liz Friedman Interview: A Few Thoughts


    March 12th, 16:00

    I read the Liz Friedman interview that Barbara Barnett posted and found it very insightful. Read the interview here. Some things, such as the way the writers work on an episode were new to me. Some of the thoughts they had on the characters, how they saw the break-up, etc. were interesting, because they partly mirrored mine. In some instances there were, of course, divergences. I did have two points of criticism, both not so much in matters of content (which is a matter of taste, I guess), but in the manner of the writing process itself.

    Character Continuity

    House MD is a show that prides itself on showing how people interact with their surroundings. It sets on character exposition and development, one of their main creeds being, according to Liz Friedman, that characters don’t change in a major way. As such, it must be the aim of the show to achieve character continuity, and if a character does change, there has to be a valid explanation for it. There can’t be inexplicable jumps in behaviour or actions that violate what we know of the characters.

    This is, however, an aspect that is being violated by the writing process as described by Ms Friedman. Writers are apparently given an aim for an episode and left to their own devices on how to achieve it. If they work as a team, there are at least two of them discussing what a character is like, but all too often a single writer is responsible. Now I don’t doubt that the writers discuss a lot of things in bigger meetings, but there doesn’t seem to be anyone who has an overview over what has been decided for certain characters. There seems to be no basic standard to which everyone sticks, a sort of blueprint of each character that may not be violated.

    Take for instance the episode ‘Two Stories’. We are shown a House who has to ‘try tremendously hard to do simple things like taking out the trash or not using [Cuddy’s] toothbrush’, according to Ms Friedman. Ah, so House is a bit of a slob. It’s possible. In theory. There’s a lot of fanfic that works with that premise. Unfortunately, there has been no evidence so far to support this character trait, but quite a bit to refute it. Whenever we have seen House’s apartment from the inside, it has not been in a huge mess. His bathroom has always been pristine. His coffee table is cluttered, but it is not a rubbish dump. There are no left-overs lying around, the trash is not piling up. (Anyone who is a ‘messy’ themselves or has a teen in their household will appreciate that House doesn’t come anywhere near qualifying for the epithet.) When he was living with Wilson, Wilson started a fight with Sam because he thinks she put cups on the coffee table without coasters, put the milk in the wrong place and loaded the dishwasher inefficiently. Would Wilson even have noticed if House had been causing the kind of mess that he was making at Cuddy’s place? Would he not have attributed these things to House straight away? Would he be bothered at all after being subjected to House’s mess for over half a year?
    Now if House MD were a sitcom the question of character continuity wouldn’t matter. Sitcom characters don’t have to make sense, they have to be funny. If the sloppiness were a trait that is irrelevant to the plot (as it was till now) it wouldn’t matter either. Unfortunately, the question of whether he can clean up his own mess or not has become a central issue with the aforementioned episode. Before I watched the episode I had decided in my mind that House was no Mr Messy based on the evidence I cited. So when I watched ‘Two Stories’ I came to the conclusion that House is no overtaxed stereotype male, but a compulsive teen who needs to see just how far he can bend Cuddy before she breaks. Teens are like that – they do (or don’t do) a lot of stuff because they need to see whether they can get away with it. Now teens can be made to see sense – it’s hard work and a challenge, but it can be done. Slobs are a different issue and it probably isn’t worth the bother. If House is a troublesome teen who overdoes the provocation bit, both Cuddy’s reaction (‘I need time off from you’) and House’s attempts to right matters make sense to me (teens can be wonderfully contrite once they realise they’ve broken you). If not, if he’s just a slob, then the thing to do is to figure out how to work around it – tell him that if he can’t get rid of his own mess he’ll have to pay someone to do it or whatever – but slamming phones on his fingers doesn’t get anyone anywhere.

    I’m sure that whoever wrote the episode was thinking along the lines that Ms Friedman depicts – after all, they will have been discussing episodes that close together with each other. Hence my interpretation was erroneous. But – my erroneous interpretation was based on solid facts as seen in previous episodes; the writer’s assumption that House is a slob is based on nothing. And this is where I lose patience with the show. I’m not asking for much: a basic knowledge of previous episodes; that he writers sit down together to discuss each other’s scripts and to figure out whether the new script fits into canon or not; someone who keeps track of canon. As I see matters, either the writers are paid so much that one can reasonably expect them to have an overview of what has taken place so far, both in terms of timeline and character development, as part of their job description, or they are paid so little that one can carve another job out of the huge budget that House MD commands for some poor would-be writer whose only job it would be to ensure continuity. I don’t care whether Wilson’s time line defies the theory of relativity or whether Cuddy’s sister has an everyday name and another one for special occasions, but if there is something that becomes an issue for a character, such as House’s pain or now his homemaking skills, then if the show wants to keep its claim to being a character-based show, it sorely needs to buckle up.

    Character Credibility

    If the lack of character continuity is carelessness, then a lack of character credibility is a sign of thoughtlessness. I frequently have the feeling that the writers make characters do things that advance the plot without fully anticipating the impact on the viewers. The action causes the viewers to attribute some intention to the character that the writers perhaps never intended. At that moment the writers may not care much, because creating tension, drama, and angst has priority. But many viewers take these actions very seriously and incorporate them indelibly in their view of that character.

    Take for instance Wilson leaving House in a pool of vomit in ‘A Merry Little Christmas’. In all probability we were meant to see a man at the end of his rope, despairing of his friend ever making the right decision and deciding that his friend would have to deal with the consequences of his own actions. Unfortunately (again), there are a lot of viewers who happen to know that from a medical point of view, leaving someone who has OD’d lying in his own vomit is somewhere between ‘failure to render assistance’ and ‘homicide’. In most countries either is a criminal offence, and a doctor who leaves someone in that state can’t plea ignorance, as you and I perhaps could. As I said, I doubt that was the intention. From the writers’ pov Wilson had to leave so that House would make his way to Tritter of his own volition – an important point, because we’re supposed to see that House has come to his senses and is not acting solely because Wilson is bullying him. However, by not considering the moral and legal consequences of their story arc for Wilson, they sabotaged Wilson’s character.

    It’s the same with Cuddy at the end of ‘Bombshells’. Her decision to dump House can be admired or despised, depending on where one is coming from. (I happen to accept it as a rationally good decision, but I reject it on moral grounds. I’m sure there are as many opinions as there are viewers.) What no viewer, regardless of where he or she comes from, has condoned so far is Cuddy leaving House alone after dumping him, although she knows that he’s got vicodin and that he is likely to be devastated enough to take it. It’s marginally better than what Wilson did – House hasn’t taken anything yet and there’s no sign that he’ll OD -but that’s about it. Now this is something that neither Ms Friedman nor Ms Barnett consider worth mentioning when they discuss Cuddy’s behaviour. Maybe they simply didn’t see it. But others did. Ms Friedman, who wrote the episode, should have seen it, but if she did, she decided to ignore it because if she hadn’t, she would have had to forgo that wonderful final scene where House sits in the bathroom like at the end of ‘Help Me’ hoping that Cuddy will come back and ‘save’ him. Having Cuddy call Wilson or Nolan and one of them arriving would have been a tad too shallow and undramatic, so the writer duo basically sacrificed the credibility of a supporting character (once again) just to keep their plot angsty and dramatic. Whether they intended it or not, Cuddy abandoning House to relapse is now an indelible part of canon that cannot be rescinded.

    A third instance, is House intending to use his CIPA patient as an illegal organ donor. What he does – suggesting a dangerous procedure that could impair her health severely – simply to benefit himself is no better than what people who buy illegal organs from third world countries do. Actually, it’s worse. People who buy livers or kidneys are usually dying; House isn’t. House finally allows Wilson to dissuade him from his course of action, but so what? He intended to do it and he would have done it, had his team and Wilson not run massive interference. How does this fit with the man who puts patient well-being first, who decides to abort a working pain management regime (methadone) because its mellowing side-effects endangered a patient of his? Few viewers seem to have noticed the moral implications of House’s deeds in that episode – it is rarely cited as an instance of House’s lack of values – but whenever I think of that episode I quail inwardly: a doctor taking advantage of a patient’s helpless situation, and the patient a minor at that, for his own gain. Morally it puts him in the same league as Ezra Powell, the cancer researcher who experimented on children without informing the parents of the risks. Had the writers intended that? I don’t know. Perhaps they really did, but somehow I have the feeling that the person who wrote the episode (a) didn’t have a particularly well-tuned moral antenna and (b) was not supervised sufficiently.

    House MD portrays a man’s search for truth. If that search is meant to be credible to the audience, then writers and producers need to sit down together and define a few core truths on which they base the series”
    Link to the original post by readingrat

  • fatOlady

    Jessica – At this point the ONLY reason I would even consider staying with the show, is because of the wonderful “FAR ABOVE AVERAGE” actors. The actors have always been grecious and never ridiculed the fans (for being fans) or set out to mislead them. Thank you HL, LE, RSL, et al.

  • Delia_Beatrice

    This is absolutely amazing. The reactions, the emotions that people felt compelled to come out and express… It’s the rightful measure of the former greatness of this show, to be powerful enough in people’s lives, minds and hearts to cause such involvement and intense care.

    Also, perhaps it will be an alarm signal to TPTB. Regardless of what they do next, one thing remains clear, and it’s been repeated to death by nearly everybody: they screwed up this season by not treating the exploration of Huddy with the proper respect, maturity and seriousness. And from the tone of the audience, i don’t think they’ll get a second chance at the forgiveness of the viewers, so they do need to tread carefully from now on.

    Nevertheless, the bleak truth remains, IMO: the essence of Huddy has been pretty much diminished and shattered and i honestly cannot see a way of rebuilding it to its justful greatness. Gigantic, gigantic waste.

    @sera: you’re sweet, as ever. Thank you.

  • eileen

    or eyes, I should say

  • eileen

    @Susan: Barbara is right, no shiva on Shabbat. Tomorrow you may bring a big chocolate cake, though!

    @vicpei: “maybe there’s still hope…” From your typing fingers to TPTB’s ears!

  • Sera G

    Quick nods and out the door:
    Love you, Susan, #66.
    Switman, #72, agree.
    HouseMDFan, to quote you, “that’s the point, there was always a reason and some kind of hope. They have taken it away.” Isn’t that what most of us have been bitter about?
    D_B, #78, so well stated, as always!
    Christine, #79, yes!
    Heather, #86, True.
    I’ll check in later.
    175 comments and people are still upset. Interesting!

  • vicpei

    @eileen 174 : Didn’t they just cancel a whole road trip arc and turn something else instead? Maybe there is still some hope of saving the season.

    @susan 173 : to me it goes deeper than Huddy only. It is the whole take on House’s fate that is turning wrong.

  • susan

    Barbara, you got me.
    Hey, how about a new blog post -“Sitting Shiva for House”?

    Question – have you ever asked the writers if they’re trying to get Stephen Fry on the show? He could cheer us up.

  • ruthinor

    I don’t believe that shooting is over. I think they are doing episode 20 or 21. Of course I could be wrong about that!

    Do you think it was just another one of the many medical errors (Polite Dissent!!) that led to Cuddy having a bottle of 200 mg. Ambien pills on her dresser (they used the real name that starts with a Z) when the usual dose is 5 or 10 mg??

    One more perhaps rude thought for the day: I’m so tired of everyone catering to poor Greg and his problems. I wish Cuddy had just smacked him in the puss for abandoning her and dragged him off to couples counseling. I think that would have made for some interesting episodes, assuming that the writers could actually delve into their issues (big assumption!).

  • Susan–no Shiva allowed on Shabbat 🙂

  • Anne

    Sorry for the errors in #162. I just purged my thoughts through the Blackberry without editing. 🙂

  • By the way it seems a large number of people I’ve talked to or read comments from around the internet are actually sticking with the show because the acting is SUPERB. IMO there’s never been an episode of “House” where Hugh, Lisa or Bob have ever been less than outstanding. Whether the script has been considered by critics and fans to be excellent, mediocre or just plain “WF?”, their performances still shine. I guess that’s the difference between a good actor and a great actor. Good actors just read the lines, but great actors live them. Hugh, Lisa and Bob have been outstanding since day one and it’s what keeps me a viewer.

  • David

    @vicpei shooting is not over for the season. They are shooting episode 21. There are 23 episodes this season.

  • eileen

    @vicpei:Don’t know if shooting is over for the season and I don’t care. Re-shoot scenes or episodes if necessary…

  • susan

    vicpei 165 – I echo Eileen #167 – why not talk of Huddy? That’s what this all revolves around.
    Eileen – how’s day 5 of the shiva? Should I bring deli or cake?

  • Committed

    It should be said, even though very well known, Mr. Laurie is the best. If not for him and his portrayal of this most complicated character, none of us would be posting. We wouldn’t care enough to.

    My utmost respect and thanks go out to him and the cast. All of this fuss over the writers, DS and GY and the real gems just sit back and do their job.

  • fatOlady

    Barbara #156 – Rochester is also my very favorite hero. But unforunately for me, I first read the book when I was 15. Rochester became the man I looked for in every man I met. Needless to say, I never found him.

    If the writers care enough to take him (House) down that road and explore “his” big, bad, secrets, then I believe there could be Emmy’s all around. But for all his dispare, will there EVER be a redemption?

    The difference between Charlotte Brontë’s character Rochester and David Shore’s character of House are that a vast majority of his anguish happened before we met him. We have no idea the torment he has suffered but we know the haunted man he is now and it must have been horrific.

    Rochester got his redemption after being in despair. My question is will we ever see House redemed or will he simply pass through the same torment over and over and over again?

  • fatOlady #161

    “Safety” is actually on “favorites” list and I may start reading it this evening. It has gotten amazing reviews!

    I really like the so many of the stories have handled House’s inner turmoils especially his past relationship with his father and his feelings towards his mother for not protecting him. The stories are just truly amazing and incredibly dramatic.

  • vicpei

    @eileen : yes, they did a poor job at it, but trying to heal it now by hastily picking the pieces would probably make things worse. Besides, isn’t the shooting over for the season?

  • trackemtigers

    Great post(#162), Anne!

    I completely agree.

    Thank you for taking the time to post it.

  • eileen

    @vicpei: “they want us pissed off now and there will be a twist later (not talking of Huddy”

    Why not talk of Huddy??? They did a piss poor job of exploring that relationship and they should certainly try to make it right.

  • Flo

    So it seems that TPTB finally managed to gather a good portion of fans together. Only thing, it’s on a negative side. You gotta love the irony.

    Personally, I agree with Barbara, I don’t believe we are back to square one. I liked the last episode and I will continue watching the show.
    I also believe that there is a huge and fundamental nuance to catch between “change” and “evoltution”. We all evolve but on a fundamental level we don’t change. Deep down we remain the same. I don’t think TPTB will negate all House’s progress and evolution.
    However I do agree that this relationship didn’t really deliver any compelling exploration of these two great characters.

    I always Like Liz Friedman scripts. She is truly a gifted writer. I like all her episodes. Thank you Barbara for this interview. It was interesting.

  • vicpei

    Barbara, thanks for letting this thread open. It is comforting to read how many people are strongly disagreeing with Liz Friedman’s tone and opinions in this interview. Her previous episodes were, in fact, great. I don’t understand how she can say what she says here, unless they decided to present with a common explanation, but I don’t believe it.

    I am also pleased at the number of people drawing the line to another “House is spiralling down” storyline. Thoughtful, quiet, articulate people, obviously here because they felt they had to voice their actual frustration.

    As I am in a “I try to calm down” moment, I am willing to believe this is deliberate, they want us pissed off now and there will be a twist later (not talking of Huddy) and we will all look back and understand what was going on. Frankly, I’m not holding my breath. But the finale is written by Kath Lindenfelter, whose ep this year was really good, and she told you she was an old fan of the show. You could feel it in her writing. So I have (tiny) hopes.

    Oh, and I am thankful to Hugh Laurie for not saying anything now, and not adding to the actual bitterness of the fans. His performance was so flawess and heartwrenching that he (unvoluntarily) had us all standing up for House happiness!!

  • Committed

    Totally concur with Tamis and many others that posted here. All of that time Cuddy and House have spent together and not once was there a deep conversation between the two of them with an attempt from Cuddy to try to draw some of the poison out of House – maybe we are to assume that they had them, we just didn’t see them. I just expected more. Just saying that he deserves to be happy over and over doesn’t quite do it for me.

    Regardless, it is obvious that this show will go the route that the creators want it to as it should. I would just caution them in certain areas. People do care very much for the character and they need to be mindful of that – maybe a little more sensitive to it. Don’t change your scripts but watch how you say things in your interviews. No need to make matters worse and make the outlook more gloomy. You are entitled to write the story as you see fit but actions have consequences (as someone once said) and words do have meaning.

    I hope to be able to watch the show for the rest of the season. I really cannot go back to square one with House. Been there, done that. No interest in doing it again regardless of what subtle differences there are. Here’s hoping that one day, House and Cuddy can openly discuss their relationship, tears, anger and all. Regardless of how it ends up, it would be worth seeing it and would provide the closure I think many are looking for.

    Thanks for providing the outlet Barbara and thanks for the interview. I am sure it was not only difficult to get but difficult to prepare for as well. Kudos.

  • Tellyfan

    Great post (#162), Anne. I completely agree. Thanks.

  • Anne

    Thank you for the interview.

    I have been disappointed in what the writers and TPTB have had to say about House. They built this character as flawed and screwed up, a selfish bastard with out a lot of social skills, but they made the audience love him in spite of all of his negative traits. They can’t blame all of that on the interpretation HL provides, or the actors subtext. They built in subtext by hinting at abuse from childhood, at the deep betrayal of those he’s trusted the most, at the fundamental curse of being so gifted. They created a screwed up character that we love and defend and want to see succeed.

    I think most fans and casual viewers believe House will never “live happily ever after,” but they believed TPTB were creating a character story that would find this amazing man less miserable, more comfortable with life and not so alone. It’s like having a challenged child. You know they may never achieve the “normal” life, but you want them selfisufficient, and somewhat content, and you certainly want them to have love and respect.

    TPTB went into this saying “this will never work” and every plot was a checklist of superficial challenges to prove why it wouldn’t. They should have gone in with a question of “can it work?” They didn’t explore this relationship at all. They can’t explore a foregone conclusion. They built so much complexity into these characters – especially H, W and C – and that complexity can make for the constant question of can it work. They approached the characters as flawed and doomed. This limited their writing. It’s sad because they are sooooo gifted. Yet, they stifled there own creativity by limiting the characters to an forgone conclusion.

    They seem to mock the shippers, but even the casual fan is saying WTF when the hear these comments. The fans as a whole embrace House the character, and his “growth,” which does not equal change. Behaviors may change for the success of the goal, but House is House. Understanding why he is the way he is and how he can be that way and still find some semblance of contentment and love is what has been an interesting quest. But that doesn’t seem to really be the quest TPTB have been on, which is disillusioning for the fans because that’s the quest we were sold on and the reason we’ve stuck around for 6.5 years.

    DS says they peel the layers on the characters, but they don’t change. They stopped peeling layers and started going for shock and awe to tell the story of a doomed character. They lost vision, I think, and it’s just plain disappointing. There is so much they could do with H, C and W to peel the layers, to reveal why they are flawed, how much more flawed they are than we realize, and how their relationships ease the pain of the flaws. They stopped doing that when they decided “it will never work” and House will always be miserable. Fans have so many questions that would be incredible stories to provide answers, but with the doom approach the questions aren’t asked or explored, much less answered.

    Shippers aside, the end of Bombshells was a blow because it revealed the chasm between what the viewers and TPTB. This is certainly a bigger issue than a break-up disappointment, to which they seem to be attributing the response.

    Thanks again for the interview.

  • fatOlady

    #153 – Jessica – I could not agree with you more. If anyone wants to read a fanfiction highlighting how wonderful Huddy “should” have been done then read “Safety” by Cherokee Jedi. This isn’t my story, in fact I have never written a fanfiction, but I enjoyed it tremendously. I have never met the young lady who wrote the story but she is a fantastic writer and has the voice of all the characters “down pat”.

    I recommend this story to ANYONE who needs some comfort right now. It will make you feel better by seeing a warm and loving Huddy story.

    Also…..you won’t believe what House spends $4,000 for.

  • Tamis

    Just to say:

    I’m not a Huddy;
    I love the show;
    I’m pissed;
    Not about the end of the relationship but about how they did it;
    Unhappy about the superficiality from the Huddy storyline all season;
    Can’t wait until they fix it (the storyline).

    I want old House back, not the character, but the old and good storylines.

  • HouseMDFan

    @Barbara: I knew that Liz Friedman was one of my favourite writers, but seeing this list of her episodes is stunning. Each and every one of them is one of my favourites, especially because all of them provide some wonderful insight into House’s character. Love it.

    Oh, and to whomever said that the musical number was “stupid”: If you have a look at it, it contains most of the problems for House’s and Cuddy’s relationship in metaphorical form and is far from stupid, but very much layered and full of information.

  • Jane

    I don’t buy this excuse, I don’t believe in her or DS, or GY. People lie! And they are lying to us right now.

  • Jane

    I still believe in the writers. We have 8 episodes yet… Maybe it is exactly what they want for us now: Anger and dissatisfaction. Take a note! 😉

  • fOl–Rochester. My favorite literary character. Rochester got his redemption after being in despair–and not until after Jane left (and after Rochester’s big, bad secret was forced out)–and spent time living with St. John. Their spirits called out to each other, and then at the end, nearly destroyed, he got his redemption.

    We aren’t anywhere close to that part of the narrative yet. Lots of plot to go.

    I actually disagree with the notion that LF thinks House is “just an ass.” She never says that and her previous episodes give ample evidence that he is not.

    Merry Little Christmas? That incredible conversation with the patient’s mother about her responsibility to her daughter?

    The Softer Side? House’s striving to get off Vicodin at the peril of his life to perhaps make himself more whole for Cuddy?

    Hunting? With House’s romanticism sneaking in between all the game playing?

    House Divided–with House’s hallucinations in full bloom, feeling the weight of so much guilt over Kutner and Amber? Giving Cameron sage, wise and romantically-infused advice about relationships?

    Forever (S2) with his powerfully compassionate discussion with the mom–and for that matter the dad?

    Frozen, which really got into House’s connection to a patient (but a distant one)???

    LF doesn’t understand House’s humanity? I disagree.

  • Breno

    It’s not about Huddy, it’s about House and even in this way the storyline was odd.

    I’m not a Huddy, I’m not complain about the breakup, but, as audience I’m complain about the way the storyline has been told.

    I’m not blind so I see that Cuddy always was important to House and House has been the love of her life, and it ended like that? Actually, it never started (c’mon let’s be realist). I imagined something deep and well done between this two.

    But, as audience that watch for House, I wait something big that will explain and clean this shit.

    By the way: Great performance from Hugh and Lisa.

  • Gina

    There is no possible excuse to convince me that they did a good job. No! The way this storyline has been written is pathetic.
    Always the same: People don’t change, House is House, Cuddy has a child, House is an addict, etc. Why not something new?

    I accept House and Cuddy breaking up, but I don’t accept HOW it happened.

    I hope they have a really good plan to explain all this mess.

  • ROFL at the notion we want reality. I write my blog when I want to deal with reality. I watch House to occasionally get my mind off the drama of my life. If I wanted to watch a reality drama, I’d write my life story and turn it into a series.

    Over the last year, I have read more than two dozen “House” fanfictions written by amateur writers and their stories were so incredibly full of OUTSTANDING drama, suspense, humor, hurt, angst, and romance that these amateur writers put to shame nearly every professional writer that has had their hands on “House” during seasons 6 and 7.

    Perhaps the House writers of late should peruse some of these most outstanding fanfiction stories so as to better understand what kind of drama keeps House fans coming back for more.

  • SAD

    Nothing breaks my confidence in them more than realizing they disagree on the real nature of their protagonist. C’mon! We know they better than the writers… How sad! ((

  • asdfjdfsdfjk

    House was the ultimate anti-hero. The flawed, screwed-up hero we have loved beyond his misanthropy, jerkiness and mean spiteful ways. I really loved him because he saved lives and it seemed as if his jerky and mean demeanor was just an act because deep down inside he really cared and has a soft spot inside him. But what did Liz Friedman said, that House is just an ass. What a really insensitive thing to do so because I believed in House. I cheered for him when he got out of Mayfield, I cried and felt sympathy for him the times when he were alone, popping vicodin to infinity, drinking himself into oblivion and was stuck being miserable and alone and drugged out of himself. I was happy for him when he got together with Cuddy because the anti-hero I have loved will finally have love for himself. I had hope for him and House is not just a show for me but the character’s and House esp has touched me and I am really attached because all these years House had been an escape for the real world we are in which is already a craphole and a hellhole in everyday. The writers are saying House can never change because nobody changes. Well, how delightful. At least give us hope and happiness for House because clearly you have woven this wonderful and brilliant albeit twisted character for us but now you have chosen to destroy him again and again like you did before. And what a way to destroy the hope of us who were cheering for House and wanting to see him happy. Oh well what do I know I’m just a regular viewer and heck my opinion dont matter but then thanks but no thanks for crushing everything I have believed in the show.

  • Dissapointed

    I think the House writers really let us down. They have been giving us hope for a house and cuddy relationship ever since the show started. Every season they gave us a little more hope and we got closer to that real relationship. Six years after the pilot aired they finally hooked up. And 15 episodes later they broke up.
    The writers have given us hope for so long and they split up almost immediately. It´s unbelievable.
    If they believe a character can never change and make his life better, why do you even create him? According to them he is doomed anyway en will always be miserable.
    I knew that they would break up eventually, but to do it this way with cuddy’s health issues I just think that wasn’t the right way to do it.

  • eileen

    This is from my husband who watches the show with me. He tends to be a bit overly pragmatic about most things but he took a few minutes to jot down his thoughts. I thought his comments might be of interest to this group.

    “I looked forward to “Bombshells”, the trailers setup the show to be one of the series best. After watching it I believe the show would have been better titled “Bomb” (hereafter referred to as BS).

    My wife tells me that GY and the producers are arrogantly patting each other on the backs for bringing the show back to “reality”.

    Here’s some reality they may have forgotten.

    1. If I want to watch the reality of someone dealing with a drug issue, I’ll watch an intervention show on one of the other 200 networks I can watch instead of Fox.
    2. How can the ending of BS be considered reality? After showing us a stupid music video, Cuddy dumps the man she loves so desperately with a simple goodbye? Yeah, that’s reality in my world.
    3. Season six sucked. If the producers want a repeat of seeing a mass exodus of viewers then keep insulting your viewers like they are a bunch of stupid, “I’ll do anything to see Hugh’s gorgeous blue eyes” zombies. Most of us are intelligent people who appreciate watching a show that offers quality entertainment. If House turns into another forum for displaying how creative writers and directors can be, you can kiss this viewer goodbye. I don’t have time for this crap.
    4. I’m sick of the ongoing story line where Cuddy, Wilson, Forman, etc. chase House around the hospital to pick up his poop like a bad dog and then pat him on the head because he is such a wonderful doctor who just happens to be addicted to Vicadin. This nonsense pisses me off.
    5. Here’s another point of reality, House wouldn’t last five minutes in the real world of medicine. He’s a train wreck as a physician. Real world hospitals wouldn’t give him privileges and insurance companies would never cover him. As I viewer I’m comfortable with this. Part of the appeal is that House is a “shock doc”. But I wouldn’t let him put a band-aid on one of my kids.
    6. So producers, stop the BS about wanting House to be more like reality! It’s TV for crying out loud! Get off your high horses and give us some great, edge of your seat entertainment that takes us on a journey through the full range of emotions. This is what I think truly great shows should do.
    7. Am I a Huddy fan? Sure. But, at the rate this show is going, it may be another season six for me. Did I mention that SEASON SIX SUCKED? It did, more than you will ever know.
    8. At the end of the day I know Fox cares about ratings and ad revenue. Keeping screwing with this show and watch the numbers drop like so many drops from the IV that will try to keep this show alive.

    This is all I have to say about this. I’m going to work now.”

  • fatOlady

    There is such a desire in me to want to champion the human spirit. We want (no we need) a hero. And not a hero who is a superman but a hero who is just a man with flaws and hangups. A hero who can struggle against the worst part of himslf and over come the tragedy’s and bad decissions in life to reach “a better place”.

    If it is true……. that people don’t change…… then why struggle? Why get out of bed each morning, why not just lay down an die? I think this is the question that is depressing so many people.

    The missed opportuntiy to say something iconic and valuable in pop culture is the real tragedy in all this. House could have been the cannon that all other dramas are judged by.

    House MD could have been to television what Jane Eyre is to literature. The buried humanity of the character, the torment, bad decissions, and tragedy that Mr. Rochester faced and over came, are much of what made those of us who know him, fall in love with him.

    This a fictional character who is a better man than who he believes he is. It is because he cares, that he feels pain, but he feels pain more intensly than most people. House internalizes everything. In so many ways he is more sensetive and aware of his pain AND the pain of others, but being able to cope with that is another story. He was never taught the appropriate way to cope. However learning how to cope would mean he would change….and people…..don’t….change, so he is stuck at square one, coping the best way he can.

  • Angela

    Quote from post 145: “House is a very complex person,and his inability to be there for her when she was diagnosed,makes it understandable that Cuddy would see the need to end the relationship.”

    But he was there for her. It took him a while to steel himself. And he felt he needed to take Vicodin in order to numb himself sufficiently so that he could set aside his own fears and be there for her. But he did it. This was a huge risk and sacrifice on his part. And what does he get for it? A broken heart.

  • Tellyfan

    (Part 2, long, sorry)
    – seemingly after House loses it and acts out, and Cuddy reacts however she’ll react, as a result – that they can’t build a bridge back to each other. And they TELL the viewers this. I don’t get this thinking at all. It’s like forcing readers to turn to the last page when you’re only two thirds of the way through the book.

    I find it very sad, having loved the House character for so long, that we’re being told he ‘can’t’ change, that he will never truly be happy, will never be with Cuddy – and ultimately, will never truly have a port in the storm.

    These are not two characters, part of an ‘arc,’ that were introduced to each other over the short term. Cuddy is not a guest-star. Cuddy is a living, breathing major part of this story, and of House’s life. This has been built upon since the Pilot. It took many years, both from a beloved character standpoint, and that of the viewing audience hanging in there, to get to this point in the relationship between House and Cuddy. Unfortunately for the producers/writers, they can’t throw it away as easily as they think they can. And the fact that they seem so misguided, arrogantly so, in their “A to Z” tunnel vision, and the beat they believe they have on their viewing audience, is really mind-blowing to me. It’s like they’re so determined to hang on to the tent-poles in their show bible, that they refuse to allow for the organic changes and mutations that are inevitable in a long-running story that contains absorbing and enduring characters (kudos to them!) that people, for better or for worse, have come to love. It’s a case of not seeing the forest for the trees.

    At the fade-to-black after last week’s episode, having watched House pause, hoping and waiting for Cuddy to come through the door, as she did in “Help Me,” my heart truly went out to him. I was left in no doubt that both House and Cuddy were heartbroken with what had occurred. I was sad for the turn of events, but looked forward to how this pair was eventually going to fix this, and ultimately find their way back to each other. So far – so painfully – good.

    Then I read an interview that apparently had come out before the show even aired on the East Coast. And the interviews kept on coming, reiterating the same thing. I was apparently being delivered the answer to my one burning question. The House/Cuddy Couple Experiment complete. Done. Check. House will revert to the drugged out, no hope, no love character you love. And he will never, ever change. Check, check. That’s all, folks!

    If true, what a damn shame. And how very shortsighted. I honestly hope they reconsider.

  • Tellyfan

    Thanks for the interview, Barbara. Appreciate it. And very interesting comments and debates.

    Part 1 (long, sorry) You know what? I’m one of those viewers who doesn’t blame the Cuddy character for how she acted in “Bombshells.” She had so much hope and faith in him through the whole episode. She was, in essence, alone, without him going through this, a horrifyingly scary moment in her life, and yet she didn’t get angry or annoyed, she just gave him the time to come around. I found it really beautiful. She understands him. I was particularly touched by the scene between her and Chase. She was so sure he would show up eventually. And he did. However, when all was said and done, she was shattered to think, that he couldn’t be there for her, without being high.

    I agree – and understood it as such upon viewing – that she didn’t end it because he took Vicodin. She ended it because she had time to reflect and picture what her life would hold with House. The fact that she felt he wouldn’t be there for her, in the ways she needed him to be, scared her and left her heartbroken and disillusioned. And the way I see it, this feeling for her is not about wanting him to ‘change’ – it’s about being there for each other, in the ways two people in love, and who care about each other, should be.

    Having said that, I love Cuddy and I love House, and all due respect, I don’t have quite as many problems with this Season, or with Cuddy’s character this season, that some do. I could see what occurred at the end of “Bombshells” happening. I get it. But what I don’t get is the writers and producers coming out, and with such bluntness, and finality, saying that this is as far as the exploration of these characters together, as a couple, goes. I certainly don’t understand the thinking behind this. And I don’t understand their actions, as creatives, with their viewing audience (major error in judgment), nor the idea that in the upcoming episodes (TBC, sorry!)

  • rjw

    I’m with you about House.I felt sucker punched when Cuddy broke it off with House,but it also makes perfect sense,too.House is a very complex person,and his inability to be there for her when she was diagnosed,makes it understandable that Cuddy would see the need to end the relationship.Cuddy is a complex character as well (but not as much as House).It’s sad to see House back on Vicodin,but also realistic that an addict would have a set back (especially under the circumstances).The writers,actors,etc. did a fantastic job! If they hadn’t,there would probably not be as many passionate comments in the fan community.I’m still a huge House fan,and look forward to watching the ensuing episodes.

  • Angela

    I agree with Sera G. Love your comments; I wish you could be a writer for the show.

    It seems to me that the show’s writers interpret the character of House differently than Hugh Laurie and we fans do. House has no humanity? Are you kidding me? Just look at his face; for goodness sake, just look in his EYES! Hugh Laurie is the one who makes that happen. The writers/producers always rave about his performance (and rightly so); surely they see that he infuses a powerful, poignant humanity into the character? So why do they continue to deny deny deny that House is human and complex? Why do they keep boiling it down to “he’s just a jerk”? It makes no sense; it does not jibe with what I see on my tv each week. I’ve seen him make great sacrifices for patients and for the people he loves.

    I’m not done with the show; I love HL and House the character. I can’t tear myself away. I’m addicted. 😉

    But I am extremely disappointed with the various interviews from the writers and DS this week. When I watched Bomshells, I was very sad, hurt, and shaken for House. I even cried. (HL and LE really rocked that break-up scene.) I was ok, however, because I figured it’s just a speed bump in their relationship, that Cuddy will come to her senses and they’ll get back together within a few episodes.

    But these interviews give me no hope that this will happen.

    Once again the show has hit the reset button, and we apparently get to watch House go into another tailspin. Cuddy was with Lucas for an entire season, and we got only 15 episodes of House and Cuddy?

  • justabitterfan

    Yep. Don’t mention the somewhat SEXIST writing they have for the female characters. Cameron was good back then she stood up to House and she was real smart but she was whiny and pathetic too. Yep, they killed Cameron’s character. And Cuddy? She was the ultimate HBIC back in Season 1-5 until Season 6 and now 7. Assassination of Cuddy, Complete. Thirteen! For all we know she’s gonna die too coz of Huntington’s yeah thanks for killing her. And Martha Masters, for all we know she’d be out before season ends, what about that. Yep, TPTB kills all the females. Yay! Way to go! Way to disgust more of your female fans. When I think majority of your audience are female too.

  • somy

    Re-reading the interview I’m just really annoyed that we are supposedly being lectured about “REALITY” by Hollywood writers who sit in their office and drink appletinis and “write” on yellow post-its. Please.

    If I wanted reality, I’d watch a Discovery channel documentary on incurable diseases or go to work and read reports about mass rape in the Congo. This is TELEVISION. If they wanted to preach a nihilistic philosophical doctrine, they could have written a book or produced a documentary, not stretch out fictional suffering for 7 years and expect people to enjoy cuddling up in their sofas with wine just to be lectured at about how much life sucks. We already know that from real life, thank youverymuch, probably more than these writers do.

    I enjoy the unconventionality of this show, but at this point they’re so obsessed with their own supposedly ingenious philosophical doctrine, they’ve forgotten to infuse House’s journey with wit and sensuality and small glimmers of hope, they’ve sacrificied every secondary character – especially the women, and especially Cuddy, who they turned into a whiny stereotypical Sex and the City woman – to prove that people!don’t!change! and life sucks. Good times.

  • TulipanRojo79

    139 – Baby Seal On the Run

    Jajaja, you´re are agree with me: Masters don´t exist…It´s really good! Your analysis is more exhaustive! This season is crazy, it only could be fix if all of that is a dream!

    But, so many interviews what pretend us to believe huddy can´t work…but on the other hand…20 years of relationship (look the post #125 of Jessica…) can´t finish like that!

    Well, we only have to wait two mondays from today…

  • justabitterfan

    Post #106 – Baby Seal On the Run

    I completely agree with everything you have said! First House not being too much of a romantic. Is it really? A man finding my old desk from med school and giving it back to me, I would ask that man out really. And what about Cuddy’s great grandfather’s book, which he kept for himself for years in case something comes up he’ll give it to her, isn’t it just romantic? And yes, what about the corset he gave to Cameron for their date (although I was not a House/Cameron “shipper”) I find that gesture really sweet. So please spare us because we were not the ones who wrote that.

    How about House not much of a person with much humanity in him? Is he really just an ass? Because I really think he’s an ass with a heart. If not, then why would he even insist in his own jerky way that 13 be tested herself for Huntingtons? House even helped Taub keep his marriage by helping him lie to his wife. What about Kutner? Didn’t he feel guilty about him too? What about Alvie? He had him detained but to really have him in court and he forged some documents just to prove his real nationality so that he could be free and immigration would let him loose. What about Amber? Sure she’s his bestfriend’s girlfriend but he also risked his life just so he can remember what really happened that night they got hit by the bus. Also I do remember in Baggage the POTW was the woman who lost her memory and at the end he told the husband to start courting her again so that the woman can like his husband soon again. So tell me if he does not care much and that is not considered an act of humanity for him. Thing is, he has his own romantic and acts of gesture in his own, twisted ways but we see that as romantic acts and acts of one who cares although on the outside it does not but yes deep down he cares.

    Also in Baggage he mentioned to Nolan and I quote from Dr. House himself “People’s brain stop working when they think they’re losing someone they love.” in which he was talking about the husband of the woman who had lost her memory and was disagreeing to cut a chunk of her brain to save her life but loses all her memory vs not cutting her brain but she dies and not lose all her memory. Which makes me think back on Bombshells. House as he said himself, when he heard about Cuddy and that she might be dying after Wilson’s news, he thought he should really man-up and be there for Cuddy but he wanted to be with her and be supportive and House has never been the one to show his true emotions because he is really twisted and screwed-up aint he, so yes he had a slip or two but he feels nothing and he’s now there for Cuddy. He said he was not with her before “she was dying” because he does not want artificial care for an artificial sickness which I think he’s implying he does not want to fake it just to be supportive because we know House! he really isn’t that type. So he was not thinking when he’d drown his pain with vicodin all he was thinking was to be with Cuddy, sure that is selfish but I think Cuddy’s point and her stand that “WE AVERAGE OUR MISERY” I disagree on that because one partner must be the stronger one or the “PILLAR” if one is miserable or sad. I think it’s kinda convoluted too that if one suffers then we suffer together. That is just whiny! And Cuddy’s been really a whiner this season. And how about if they’re married already for example Cuddy loses her job so he goes to tell House, “YOU HAVE TO STOP BEING THE HEAD OF DIAGNOSTICS COZ IM FIRED BEING THE DEAN OF MEDICINE” because she wanted to average their misery. What’s the point in that?

    Also I have read the book Official Guide of House MD book and I have read that they keep track of “THINGS” for consistency but I think not. With all the inconsistencies the TPTB have been making. Really, House birthdate and Cuddy’s sister’s name. SERIOUSLY.

    Also, please note that I really admire the work if Greg Yaitanes on the show because he is a brilliant director there is no question about that but the words he says are quite dissapointing. You can say I’m a fan girl but I’m also no 15 year old, am already working and in my middle 20s and yes I have shipped House and Cuddy (please note the past tense because I jumped out of the Huddy ship now with what distasteful writing they have really done with their relationship) and reading how Greg Yaitanes said Huddies are just small percentage really is like saying they don’t care about the fans sure shippers are nobodies but we the nobodies are also the ones who have been watching the show religiously and I DONT NOT ONLY WATCH FOR HOUSE AND CUDDY I AM SAYING AGAIN I WATCH FOR THE WHOLE SHOW TOO but it is really insulting that he acknowledge that fact because not only I WAS A HUDDY but to the shippers I think that’s also insulting. So yes, again House MD is the only tv show I was watching in the past year because I really loved it and no other tv show has compared to me since Friends and X-Files. But now I think the writing has ruined it. TPTB has killed it for me. But yes I will keep on watching but with less enthusiasm I have before. Can you believe I wake up 4am on a Monday morning just to catch the show (timezone differences) now I don’t have that kind of enthusiasm anymore.

  • Baby Seal On the Run

    I could totally see Martha as not really existing and being a figment of House’s imagination. Think about it. What did House go to that dance as during the conference when he was looking to start something with Cuddy (Known Unknowns)? George Washington, baby. Ha ha. Wouldn’t it just figure that his mind would come up with someone with Master’s… naivete and strong morals as someone Cuddy (who he’s identified in the past as idealistic to the point of not seeing what is) would chose for his team and then symbolically name her Martha? I really could see it. Even “Masters” works. Young, but very smart and already accomplished education-wise.
    Thirteen – he would have had to already know where she was going or this would have to be a hallucination for him to let her go without looking for her. He doesn’t do change. He would have made an effort to find her. He’s done it before, dragging her back to the team. It doesn’t make sense that he didn’t. So which is it? He knew where she went (in which case, why the letter on his desk – why wouldn’t he already have it?) or this is all a dream/hallucination?
    Sam would make sense as a mental pick for Wilson. It’s much simpler than the creativity of Martha. Sam’s a part of Wilson’s past.
    The cat thing – an echo of the past. Toilet seat – echo of the past (Stacy). Taub’s marriage dissolution – well come on. As if that would be hard to imagine. You’d think if this was all a dream/hallucination, there would be more House/Cuddy sex, being that House is well, a man, and one who has made a big deal of sex all along, but then, Chase seems to be getting enough action for everyone this season. Ha ha. (Note that House thinks of him at times as a pretty boy who’s looks can get him places with women but who also has a tendency to make poor choices). And then again, House focuses more on the misery than the pleasure so while the abundance of sexual innuendo is in character this season and has always been a part of their relationship (though it is now overly-abundant), the affection side would be harder for him to conceive and okay, yes, you can only show so much onscreen, but he typically implies their sex as oral and I think that is a potential testament to House not knowing how to grasp them mutually finding pleasure at the same time. I don’t know.
    Really, you would have expected Rachel to have been more of a problem. You’d think the writers would exploit that if this was all real. But House himself knows he’s fine with kids so maybe it isn’t a problem because House knows it wouldn’t be a big problem and none of this IS real). I don’t know. I’m not saying this next episode. I’m thinking we’d know two episodes from now one way or the other. Could be wrong though. I just… think this season isn’t very sensible and the only way I can see them saving it is by having it turn into a dream. Frankly, if House is about to deteriorate and wallow, 8 episodes isn’t enough to have us emerge out of the misery that a break-up like this would induce in House (not to my thinking – though then again, 15 episodes didn’t do justice to exploring House and Cuddy’s relationship either). But these are just my thoughts.

    BTW – Add him wanting to hold her hand to the list of romantic gestures. That IS romantic.

    I think there is a LOT to delve into where his past is concerned. I don’t see him having an attachment disorder in some form as being problematic to the whole. It makes sense to me. It’s obvious he’s got past trauma that we haven’t explored and he wasn’t ready to go into with Nolan. The guy (House) is slow to open up and had plenty to deal with at the time anyway. But even with an attachment disorder, he grasps on and doesn’t let go unless there’s no other choice (Stacy belonging to another man and it being far too likely to never work out anyway). So you have to figure that while he’s slow to trust, he DOES form attachments. There are many different forms of attachment disorders though.

    House loves Cuddy. Cuddy loves House. It doesn’t make sense after ep. 14 (you are right) that she’d end things the way she did and walk away. It makes even less sense that she wouldn’t call Wilson. And Wilson keeping a distance wasn’t exactly true of his character either. Hmm. We’ll see.

  • Martha Lee

    I for one will continue to watch House. It is only because of the brilliant and talented Hugh Laurie. I am along for the ride where ever it ends. In the 7 years of the show, I have seen the GREAT, the bad and the downright ugly. I am not a fan of the writers or TPTB in general. They hit gold when they found Hugh for the role of House and the first seasons were written well. He does flesh out the role from what is written on the page. There has been some BRILLIANT episodes written in 7 seasons, but more of the WTH and WHY episodes the past two seasons. I am not sure that I agree that we are going to go back to square one. I have seen the Global promo (a bad quality, is on youtube) and it does show a different way of House falling off the wagon, not all doom and gloom, and I am all for it. I have mixed feelings on “Bombshells” episode. I think the breakup of House and Cuddy was OOC for both of them. I guess 20 years of history means nothing to the writers. I knew it was going to be over something extremely minor in the scheme of things. Not sure all the dream sequences were needed. This whole season has been Cuddy centric and boring me to death. Cuddy has become so wishy washy that it is good riddance to relationship.

    All the week’s spin by the writers (Hess and Friedman) and comments/interviews with David Shore about “Bombshells” has made my head spin. I generally do not really watch the vlogs on the InHouse app, only because I do not care about what the writers were trying to do, or why they need to explain the reason behind what they wrote. I watch the episode and have my own opinion. Either I liked it or I didn’t.

    I just hate to see repeated diseases and storylines and that is what is painful to watch over and over again. All the writers have their own prospective on who and what House is and they write the character that way, even if it does not make a bit of sense. They are directed by David Shore and Katie Jacobs to do so. And we all know that they have not been hands on at the helm at lot the past couple of seasons. Both seem to have other projects in the works and then leaving it up to new writers that have no clue on the characters. Both of them have screwed up continuity. They should have read Barbara’s book. Lol.

    I am not even sure having a season 8 will be any better.

  • Pearl

    I am posting whoever comment this again is becuase I agree with it.

    Mar 12, 2011 at 9:01 am
    For those of you who want a WELL-WRITTEN SHOW, ROMANCE or Even CHARACTERS…TRY Watching CASTLE, BREAKING BAD, or even chuck. This showS have managed to make romances and self destructive characters GROW, not stay the SAME. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! As for THIS SHOW, it has ran it’s course, vicodin, vicodin…blah blah is all you’lle be SEEING if you DON’T SWITCH THE CHANNEL ON MONDAY NIGHT TO WATCH SOMETHING CAPTIVATING!


  • carpenter

    It’s 18.45 here in Berlin (6.45 p.m.) and I can still leave this side. I confess:
    I’m an addict.

    And @Jill: I hope NOT. When this would be the last season it would be worse than the Breakup from House and Cuddy.

  • Thanks! Changed a few words for impact. I feel what I wrote just needed to be said. I did it on behalf of all of us who have watched since day one.

  • TulipanRojo79

    Well, then I say AWESOME for #125 Jessica!

  • RobertK–sorry to have misread your sarcasm.

  • Jill

    Those final cruel words from Cuddy at the end of the episode. “Goodbye House”, still stick in my mind. Yes goodbye indeed. I see its the ones of us who have been watching since the very begining, who have been hurt the most by all this. As I said in a previous post, I have followed this mans journey, laughing for him and crying for him. Having hope in my heart that he would find some kind of peace in his traumatised soul. Did not Wilson say one time, I think it was to cameron, that House being hurt again would kill him, he may never recover. Cuddy as his friend then lover, should of know that. But she coldly kicks him to the curb because he would not change for her. To me Cuddy has comitted the unforgivable sin. She has used him and now abused him, like everybody else in his life. She now creates this fall out. Do I want to see House go out now and self destruct, NO! like I said I always had hope, but now I see none. What saddens me the most is that the writers and David Shore always gave me some kind of hope, but this time there is none from them. Give me a reason to keep watching now, and to countiue to follow this mans jorney. It saddens me to think that the show, has now gone the way of other shows that have had the honor of lasting so long. Not many of them ended with a positive ending I want to see House finish on a positive, but I feel they are starting to gear up for the end of the show, (yes I really am thinking that this is the last season of the show, judging by what we are not hearing from the networks), and it wont be a good end!

  • RobertK

    @Barbara, i did not send a positive message. I wish i had one to post, but i don’t.

    I was being bitterly sarcastic. I find that the so-called “exploration” of Huddy has been pathetic, which gives me little trust in the writing altogether, regardless of the screwed-up ways they come up with, to “revive” the show.

  • David

    Pretty sure RobertK was being sarcastic there, Barbara.

  • TulipanRojo79

    122 – jlch


  • RobertK

    @jlch (#122): yes. How screwed up is it to build that up and then turn it into a big nothing?

  • RobertK–Thank you.

    It think people do need to vent their frustration, which I understand. So I’m gonna step back here for a bit and duck out of the conversation for now.

  • Here are my thoughts on this.

    House and Cuddy share twenty-something years of friendship.

    Seven years on the show.

    All of the crap that House and Cuddy have been through together: College romance, Cuddy hiring House because she knows the brilliant genius he is, the infarction, Cuddy saving House’s life, Stacy abandoning House, Tritter, Cuddy lying under oath, Vogler and his $100,000,000, Stacy’s return, House being shot, ketamine not working, House nearly killing himself sticking a plug into a socket, IVF, teenage stalker, being held hostage, House ruining every date Cuddy ever had, losing his fellows, Amber’s death, the bus accident and DBS that nearly killed House, Wilson leaving, losing an adopted baby, House’s father dying, Rachel’s adoption, the Simchat bat, hallucinations, Mayfield, detox, House becoming a better person, Cuddy with Lucas, House heartbroken, Cuddy dumping Lucas, House and Cuddy admitting their love for one another as well as their hopes and fears and determined to finally embark on the relationship journey together.

    House tries to be the man he knows Cuddy needs, Cuddy and House take the plunge and go public and all in, Cuddy and House try to overcome her fears that House will screw it up, House tries bonding with Rachel even though it’s not so much so he can feel something as much as it is to keep Cuddy happy, House doing nice things for Cuddy because it makes her happy, Cuddy telling House that she loves the “uncommon” relationship they have, that common is boring and she has never been happier, House saving Cuddy’s mother and in the process giving Cuddy the strength to face her mother, Cuddy being annoyed by House’s selfishness and her honesty with him about it and her acceptance of his apologies and promise to do better, House hiring a mariachi band just because Cuddy mentioned last year she wanted one and the Board wouldn’t let her do it, House getting drunk and confessing in his own screwed up way, no matter what he will always choose Cuddy first.

    Oh and add in everything in between especially the fighting, the cat and mouse, games, revenge tactics, Cuddy putting up with House’s insane means of saving patients, and House pushing Cuddy to her limit to be a better doctor and administrator, and all the while they still are able to maintain their friendship at the root of it all.

    All of the history they share—the friendship, chemistry, trust, angst, anxiety, loneliness, hurt, longing, hope, tears, frustration, kissing, fondling, joy, sadness, pain, discovery leads to…

    Six months…fifteen episodes…and that’s it.

    If they never wanted Cuddy and House to be together they shouldn’t have given them a history together from the beginning. They shouldn’t have made their chemistry so perfect, shouldn’t have created two characters that are as much alike as they are different, shouldn’t have created such an INCREDIBLE dynamic as what exists between House and Cuddy and sure as hell shouldn’t have hired two such incredible actors who could pull it off so smooth and perfect, making it absolutely undeniably beautiful.

    But they did.

    I not only won’t read the article, I can’t. I don’t want them justifying their ridiculous actions. Actually I refuse to read ANY of the interviews related to that episode anymore.

    I am still watching the show because well…truthfully…I love the performances of the fine actors involved. I know that anything could happen this season and next, there is no way we can predict it. I know how I’d like to see it go (we’ve all expressed it recently) but in the end none of us knows what’s in Shore’s head and frankly I think we’ve learned by now that speculating only leads to frustration.

    As for me, I’m just tuning in for the actor’s performances. Hugh, Lisa and Bob turn crappy writing into PURE GOLD!

  • Vinny

    The assasination of lisa cuddy’s character is infact sad and should go down in history. the character is currently one of the worst characters i have ever seen on TV in my whole life. i have watched many shows and seen bad characters, but this in fact the worse…ad since house is going back to his old self, i say this show is no more for me. I would rather watch dancing with the stars which comes on this month or so, at least it’s entertaining and not disapointing!

  • RobertK

    Oh, come all, you all, why the big fuss?… They are promising another stretch of good storylines to come, dealing with the “aftermath” of the breakup…

    Don’t you trust them?… I mean, how dare you not trust them?! They promised a stretch of great House-Cuddy storylines too, they were talking about it all summer and all autumn… And boy, did they deliver!!!!

    Go-karts and the gut-wrenching, mature drama of “i don’t have the same hobbies as my girlfriend”.
    Then the massage and hookers episode, which really nailed all of their committment and openness issues.
    Then babysitting Rachel, which was dealt with in sitcom manner.
    Then the deep three episodes “you lied to me and i will not talk to you and we will not communicate at all until you lie to me again with an apology” storyarc.
    Then the divine story of the Holy Trinity: garbage, toothbrush, toilet seat. Really witnessed the essence of House and Cuddy there!

    House’s pain and the temptation of addiction, within the frame of the relationship. His childhood, his real father and his identity issues, the way this impacts his connection with Rachel. A serious exploration of their way to deal with conflicts at work. House taking his patient-related torments at home and Cuddy dealing with his state of mind. His resistence to truly trusting and feeling happiness and Cuddy’s way to handle that – none of these posed any interest whatsoever. Toilet seats are so much more important.

    So, you see, i have every faith that the storylines to come are gonna be equally impressive. Hey, guess what? Bring Lucas back – that will make for spectacular television.

    I cannot wait to see the rest of this season, as well as seasons 8, 9, and counting!

  • jlch

    Twenty-something years of friendship.

    Seven years on the show.

    All of the crap that House and Cuddy have been through together: College romance, Cuddy hiring House because she knows the brilliant genius he is, the infarction, Cuddy saving House’s life, Stacy abandoning House, Tritter, Cuddy lying under oath, Vogler and his $100,000,000, Stacy’s return, House being shot, ketamine not working, House nearly killing himself sticking a plug into a socket, IVF, teenage stalker, being held hostage, House ruining every date Cuddy ever had, losing his fellows, Amber’s death, the bus accident and DBS that nearly killed House, Wilson leaving, losing an adopted baby, House’s father dying, Rachel’s adoption, the Simchat bat, hallucinations, Mayfield, detox, House becoming a better person, Cuddy with Lucas, House heartbroken, Cuddy dumping Lucas, House and Cuddy admitting their love for one another as well as their hopes and fears and determined to finally embark on the relationship journey together.

    House tries to be the man he knows Cuddy needs, Cuddy and House take the plunge and go public and all in, Cuddy and House try to overcome her fears that House will screw it up, House tries bonding with Rachel even though it’s not so much so he can feel something as much as it is to keep Cuddy happy, House doing nice things for Cuddy because it makes her happy, Cuddy telling House that she loves the “uncommon” relationship they have, that common is boring and she has never been happier, House saving Cuddy’s mother and in the process giving Cuddy the strength to face her mother, Cuddy being annoyed by House’s selfishness and her honesty with him about it and her acceptance of his apologies and promise to do better, House hiring a mariachi band just because Cuddy mentioned last year she wanted one and the Board wouldn’t let her do it, House getting drunk and confessing in his own screwed up way, no matter what he will always choose Cuddy first.

    Oh and add in everything in between especially the fighting, the cat and mouse, games, revenge tactics, Cuddy putting up with House’s insane means of saving patients, and House pushing Cuddy to her limit to be a better doctor and administrator, and all the while they still are able to maintain their friendship at the root of it all.

    All of the history they share—the friendship, chemistry, trust, angst, anxiety, loneliness, hurt, longing, hope, tears, frustration, kissing, fondling, joy, sadness, pain, discovery leads to…

    Six months…fifteen episodes…and that’s it.

    If they never wanted Cuddy and House to be together they shouldn’t have given them a history together from the beginning. They shouldn’t have made their chemistry so perfect, shouldn’t have created two characters that are as much alike as they are different, shouldn’t have created such an INCREDIBLE dynamic as what exists between House and Cuddy and sure as hell shouldn’t have hired two such incredible actors who could pull it off so smooth and perfect, making it absolutely undeniably beautiful.

    But they did.

    I not only won’t read the article, I can’t. I don’t want them justifying their ridiculous actions. Actually I refuse to read ANY of the interviews related to that episode anymore.

    I am still watching the show because well…I love the performances of the fine actors involved. Frankly, anything could happen this season and next..there is no way no matter how much we speculate, that we can predict it. I know how I’d like to see it go but nobody knows what’s in Shore’s head so I gotta stop worrying.

    I’m just tuning in for the actor’s performances. Hugh, Lisa and Bob make shitty writing pure gold.

  • Ruthinor…if this was the final episode or final season of House, I’d probably be with you. But if we knew completely what made House tick, that would, as they say, be that.

    The attachment disorder thing comes not from the writers, but from an interview I did with a huge House fan, who is a child/family psychologist.

    We only get glimpses of who he was before the infarction. We knew he was not as hard–that the leg changed him. He was more social and had the capacity for a long-term relationship with Stacy.

    We know he suffered at least emotional abuse, and that he suspected his father wasn’t.

    Nothing about the leg has changed, however. He’s still in pain, it’s still disfigured. That still has to affect him.

    You are right about Cuddy. She’s a fighter–except when it came to her mother (until H goaded her into a confrontation). But this sudden health crisis was something unique in Cuddy’s experience. And House couldn’t bring himself to be with her?

    I don’t read that as his being a jerk, but I do read that as letting his terrible fear of losing her coming into play–and eventually causing his worst fears come true.

    Agreeing to disagree here…

  • josie

    As I been thinking about the show and its characters (all of whom are alone and depressed), and I was wondering, what was Cameron’s background? What was her life before she married a man dying of cancer while in college?

    This show is becoming like a long, bad book. I’ve become invested for so long, but it’s becoming a chore to pick it up each week.

  • David

    Sometimes I wonder if these people even remember the characters they’ve created. Maybe they do and have been jerking us around for 7 years. Well, at least now that they are finally admitting that no, House will not change and every little step forward we see will be completely destroyed by the pressing of the ‘reset’ button when they run out of creative ideas, I can finally move on, because that’s not the show I signed in for back in 2004. Notice I didn’t mention House and Cuddy. That’s because I don’t care. Honestly, I never envisioned House ending the series with anyone (I do give them that), but I did see (and part of me still does) a hopeful, somewhat open ending for the two of them. I do see the two of them never giving up but still struggling with the knowledge that they can never be together. However, given the fact that they have completely and utterly assassinated both character and the foundation of their relationship (and don’t get me started on the promos for the next episode) I think that’s also out the window.

    Too bad. Both characters (along with Wilson) are probably destined to be alone… together. Who knows, maybe in their sick sense of morality, that’s where lies the beauty of it all.

  • Barbara

    I kept right field bleacher seats warm mid 70’s and onward! Loved hearing about your ‘cherished letter’ and poem! Delightful! (she’s smiles warmly!) Always suspected that the CUBS acronym was just my dad…

    I am very much looking forward to ‘Finding House’s Humanity’. Brilliant! Please cc it to the writers for me!

    Many thanks for your insight regarding the lastest from Liz. Sometimes the writers are so harsh I can’t look beyond the callousness.

  • ruthinor

    Barbara, I think part of the problem I (and perhaps many others) have with understanding the character of House is that he appears to have sprung fully formed from Zeus’ head; i.e. we have very little insight into what made him the way he is. A few mentions of some cruelty by his father. Attachment disorder? OK, then perhaps we should have gotten some more insight into that in his therapy sessions. Nothing in those sessions made me believe that change was impossible.

    Before the infarction, was he any kind of addict? Does he have an “addictive personality”? No insight into that. He’s capable of forming a stable relationship with Stacy but it is outside forces that end it. Not saying it wouldn’t have ended regardless, we just don’t know. House himself says that what happened to his leg changed him, made him a harder person.

    The relationship between House and Cuddy, as written this season, is not happening between the characters I’ve come to know, with the possible exception of “selfish” where we see the bantering, arguing and love between them. IMO they really did a number on Cuddy. She’s a fighter, not a moper.

  • sigh

    Dear God, the entitlement in the comments here is amazing.

  • TulipanRojo79

    #106 Baby seal on the run

    I agree with you. Maybe S7ep16 will be the next episode after “Help me”…I mean, Cuddy never gone to House´s place, he took the vicodin after a lot of time, so he hallucinate all the Season 7…So that can explain all the mistakes that have this Season…Maybe Thirteen never gone out and Masters doesn´t exist!

    Well that are only speculations…So I can only say: “When someone has to explain something a lot of times is because the thing is wrong!”

    There are a lot of mistakes at interview…Writers don´t know how are their characters?

    All of that is very strange!

  • Sabine_W.

    This is truly impressive. The extent of the negative reactions on the recent turn of House’s story seem to go way beyond Huddy fans (who are, in any case, a big part of the audience – which is TPTB’s “creation”, since spending at least 3 full seasons (if not 4 or 5) on building up a relationship might have “some” effect on the fandom who sticks with you through it all, i’m just saying…).

    TPTB finally found a way to unite the grand majority of “House” fans in sharing the same opinion…

    I usually do not comment, as apparently many of those who stood up and expressed their frustration didn’t usually comment. But this has been too much, and i needed to join in the choir…

    What i am truly stunned by is the superficiality and lack of real emotion, with which the writers, and all the other who gave interviews, talk about this. They all appear either bored out of their minds, or simply too convinced that the fans are nothing but a bunch of morons who deserve nothing better than a couple of clichees thrown their way. “House can’t change, Huddy was doomed, he is too much of this and not enough of that…”. Empty words that show such a startling disregard to their own character…

    Perhaps this is simply one of those situations in which the creation has far surpassed the creators. It certainly feels like the writers were simply unable to handle the greatness of their own characters and story. Maybe just calling it off this year would be better, than simply chipping away at the characters until you ruin them entirely.


    For those of you who want a WELL-WRITTEN SHOW, ROMANCE or Even CHARACTERS…TRY Watching CASTLE, BREAKING BAD, or even chuck. This showS have managed to make romances and self destructive characters GROW, not stay the SAME. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! As for THIS SHOW, it has ran it’s course, vicodin, vicodin…blah blah is all you’lle be SEEING if you DON’T SWITCH THE CHANNEL ON MONDAY NIGHT TO WATCH SOMETHING CAPTIVATING!

  • Sorry for the double post: Love the CUBS acronym. Never heard that one before! It’s completely true.

    Switman–thanks for the support (I needed that!)

    Ruthinor–I’m working on a new piece called “Finding House’s Humanity,” which also touches on his romanticism 🙂

  • BigHouseFan. Spent the better part of my misspent youth in the left field bleachers! I can still name the entire starting lineup (and its changes from the late ’60s into the mid ’70 (RIP Ronnie Santo), and I have a cherished letter from Randy Hundley thanking me for a poem I wrote for the Cubbies when I as 12 years old!

    Back to topic:

    I think there may be an all-round misinterpretation of the word “change” and people’s inability to do that. There are fundamental personality traits we cannot change. Some are benign, others not so much. It was suggested to me once that House has what’s called an “attachment disorder” brought on from infancy. He has a fundamental inability to trust (beyond a certain point), and as much as he may want or desire to overcome that, it’s an unconscious part of who he is and even if wants not to, he sabotages (in some way) many of the opportunities for some happiness.

    He maybe can’t change that, but he can keep trying and little by little make progress. Even in the first season, just coming out of his shell at all (after Wilson manipulates him into it) to take case #1 was progress for this character. He learns at Mayfield that he can handle loss and rejection without drugs.

    But in “Bombshells” the potential loss was even greater–the loss of Cuddy. That, he couldn’t handle, so he dealt with the pain by slipping, something totally realistic within House’s pathology.

    As far as resetting things, they may be–but not completely. Look at the end of season 3 and where it led. Rehab did nothing for House and he was back on Vicodin. But he spent much of the end of Season three seeking something more after being sent a reeling blow, while fighting a relentless depression.

    We don’t know what the rest of the season will bring (and personally, I ignore Greg Yaitanes’ tweets as subterfuge), and I may change my opinion of the show by then, but I see nothing here that isn’t consistent or compelling.

  • Switman

    Hi Barbara,
    I think you do an excellent job with this blog and I thought your book was terrific. Don’t let certain people get you down. They’re probably just having a bad day. Tomorrow will be better.

  • ruthinor

    Baby Seal on the run: I totally agree with you about what they’ve done to Cuddy’s character. It’s NOT the Cuddy of the past.

    One other thing about the Vogler arc. Some folks said that when Cuddy voted the first time against House this was a betrayal. Not so. She knew that Wilson had voted to keep House and so her vote didn’t matter (remember only one vote against Vogler was enough) . Once Wilson was “eliminated” she voted against Vogler.

    House always seems to be offended by cheating spouses. If that isn’t being romantic, what is?

  • Barbara

    PS Just curious. My dad used to always joke that CUBS stood for: Completely Usless By September
    Was that just my dad, or is that ‘an old one’!

  • So, Linda,

    You expect me to argue with the writers about the characters they write? I don’t write the show. I may disagree with where they take one or another of the characters (even in a given episode, for example in “Whatever it Takes”), but they’re not my characters. And even if I disagree with where they’re taking the character, it doesn’t mean they’re wrong–I only disagree.

    I didn’t ask to interview the writer to hold an inquisition or attack her. I would, however, appreciate it if you, Linda, would refrain from attacking me.

  • TulipanRojo79

    #102 Linda

    Most part of our comments are about the storyline not about huddy´s break up! All we thought that come back to 1st step is a very bad thing!

    Writters must think about that: audience is not unconditional!

  • Baby Seal On the Run

    It is strange to find myself in a position where I actually hope this whole season has been a really bad dream/hallucination House is experiencing, revealing some of his hopes while also reflecting his struggles with said hopes and his fears regarding what could happen if Cuddy was to take a chance on him and he found himself in a situation where she had expectations of him changing that she claimed all the time not to have. I would ACTUALLY prefer to think that Cuddy never showed up at his apartment after the Trenton disaster, that she went home to Lucas and is still conflicted as to what to do, battling between settling for the unsatisfactory albeit safe route over risking it all to do what she’s wanted forever and be with House, EVEN if that means she didn’t get to House in time to give him hope aside from the Vicodin to relieve his pain and DESPITE how messed up House’s rendering of what Cuddy COULD be like in a relationship is, should this all be a dream/hallucination. The thing is though, I would much prefer THAT, honestly, to thinking they’ve done this much damage to who Cuddy is. To say that I would actually prefer he wake up in another couple episodes and find this was all a dream or hallucination (he hasn’t been on the drugs for a long time so we can figure that first time would genuinely be a real trip anyway, right?) or SOMETHING and that Cuddy is still scheduled to marry Lucas, is really saying something about how I feel about this season. Because frankly, I didn’t enjoy Season 6 Cuddy. She was a shadow of her glorious self and she was… Cuddy internally running scared and looking for something to hold onto after a storm, in my opinion, choosing Lucas as a safe haven in her reaction to House going to Mayfield. She was NOT the Cuddy from Season 1-5. And what’s also sad, I would rather have her actually marry Lucas than have this be real and have to watch next episode.
    Well, I’m not going to be watching next episode, or any future episode until I know this is a dream (at least a dream in part), because the writers have really messed up (and I’m not even sure I can say it’s completely their fault, if they had no choice but to break them up – the ultimatum was given by higher ups – and they only had one episode to pull together this lame breakup and try and tie it into the stupid things that have already been highlighted as “proof” that House can’t do a relationship) all I love about how things have slowly moved forward for HOUSE. I really just have no interest anymore. If they stick with this storyline, the greatness is all behind them. I don’t see how future greatness is possible. And frankly, while this show has become a strong addiction for me and is in many ways, MY Vicodin, I’ve reached the point where I can’t settle for living like this anymore. It’s not enough. And like an addict with the increasing necessity for higher doses to achieve the same high, House M.D. has lost its edge and WITHOUT progression, I’m thinking it’s time to clean up or switch meds. If I want to know what’s up in my weak moments, I’ll read the episode recap. Forget watching and reinjuring myself.
    Frankly, there is so much WRONG with this season that nothing feels true anymore. And my doubts about this season are augmented by the little details that don’t fit with the past. Setting aside that characters who aren’t true to who they were built up season after season to be (and they say nobody CHANGES?! Hmm.), what’s with changing House’s birth date and making a point of highlighting that change in needlessly directing his driver’s license to the camera? Don’t get it. Feels like something meant to subtly cause us to question if there isn’t a chance this is all a dream. Rachel’s aged (how soap opera-ish but okay, I can get the creative license there). Cuddy’s age has flip-flopped about. She’s suddenly been married before (for such a short period of time that it had little to do with the divorce law she cited because she never met the criteria so why would she really have known it for THAT reason?). House, who managed to be with Stacy for 5 years and who knew enough to sneakily plot the further demise of her marriage by putting toilet seats up to further her ire with Mark, has suddenly forgotten that little detail can be a frustration to women, but on the broader stroke, is suddenly incapable of making a relationship work in Cuddy’s eyes when he hasn’t done anything different from who she’s known him to be all these years (other than the fact that he IS actually making strives, though Cuddy is apparently too uptight to acknowledge and appreciate that)? Confusing. And irritating. On top of that, whatever the writers might suddenly decide to delude themselves with House IS a romantic. A person isn’t not one just because their romantic acts and gestures happen few and far between. He hasn’t exactly been in a relationship for long. House is a deep character and his romantic gestures show a depth that go beyond flowers and chocolates. Come on, that’s NOT romance. Romance is a desk from 20 years ago. Romance is a song written for a woman you’re in love with. THAT’S romance. And the patience and carefulness in his awkward wooing all these years… Open your EYES!
    Seriously, I admit I am a fan of House and Cuddy being together. But you’d think with the brilliance of past seasons and the cleverness of the writers, they’d be able to work this relationship. I don’t even mean make it end successfully, though I do 100% believe that it’s possible (because people DO THAT – people make things work – and come on, Cuddy’s made things work at PPTH for YEARS despite the VAST complications having a man like House brings to the workplace, etc., because she not only respects him but LOVES him), but what I mean is to actually do a DECENT job of writing hurdles and bumps on the road, along with the high emotional points, and making their work GREAT instead of a crappy, bumbling mess that looks like writers with very little experience got their hands on a genius show and flopped terribly. I mean what a train wreck! Not even a halfway decent season to date! You’re dealing with intelligent watchers who want to see your intelligence reflected in genius writing. Instead we see writing done by people who seem to have more of a knack for giddily clubbing baby seals than creating a halfway decent relationship plotline. Give House and Cuddy a smidgeon of credit. This failing isn’t the characters’ faults, as written previously. This is… I mean, what HAVE you been smoking there as a groupie on set? I love Hugh Laurie and I’m glad to say that when House finishes, I am confident that we will still see greatness ahead. But I can’t tell you how glad I am that he’s keeping his mouth shut right now about this fiasco. I wish others would do the same. TPTB have trashed Lisa Edelstein’s character and it’s terribly sad but it doesn’t help when she says things in a misguided attempt to back them. I really believe she’s a great actress and will do well in the future. It isn’t that. I just… think her fan-base wants to believe in her having the wisdom and understanding of her character to see this isn’t true to Lisa Cuddy’s character. If it was, the fan-base would be a lot more accepting. And as for the writers, directors, other actors, etc., it really would be for the best for lips to stay sealed. The cockiness of some mingled with the defensiveness of others… It’s debasing their credibility and that of the show. You might make us, the watchers, look like fools. But frankly, you aren’t looking any better. And please don’t pour what’s left of your ebbing genius into secondary characters. I have no problem with Taub but… I REALLY would never watch Taub, M.D.

  • jack sparrow

    #101 u wrong.sex hasn’t stopped there .we got house bonkin’wenches ep16 then cuddy ep 17 “fallin’ from the grace” .QED huddy sex is still in the play.

  • Barbara 96

    I am, in fact, a northsider and hopeless Cubbies Fan. Remember when bleacher seats were $9? Ahh, the summers at Wrigley! I have always loved the following quote by George F. Will:

    “Chicago Cubs fans are made up of ninety percent scar tissue.”

    I have read your book and reread it as it offers so much of what I enjoy here. The collective intelligence here is quite intimidating!

    The reason I enjoy your reviews, and your answer to my post by the way, is that I share your passion for the character and the importance of the gravitas (I choose virtue, dignity among the possible definitions) that Hugh Laurie beautifully brings to the character, House. The man rips my heart out!

    I understand and appreciate your answer but still stumble on this. I just don’t see the interest in writing from a perspective of no fundimental change or growth and how they deny the evidence in past scripts?

    I remember when Wilson told House in The Itch, “The corollary which you keep forgetting is that you have to grab any chance for happiness.”

    From their gloomy perspective, why bother? I don’t understand how you continue to write to push a narrative forward if the conclusion is always a brick wall?

  • Maria

    I remember an early interview with Hugh Laurie where he said that eventually people would get tired of watching a self-destructive person. He was right. They have hit the reset button one too many times. I’m done.

  • Linda

    THIS comment is for the interviewer, Barbara Barnett, next time be a CRITIC like others, share your disappointment, don’t be a fan or i am WONDERING if you actually work with them to promote this crappy storyline. i don’t care the couple broke up, i care for the storyline going back to SQUARE ONE. You know house going back to his past life is crap, the whole BROKEN was for nothing. Just my advice.

  • hazel eyes

    The Huddy is still there it’s the sex that has stopped. DS has said that Huddy will be at the forefront of the rest of the season.

  • TulipanRojo79

    Barbara, after read the interview, read a lot of coments and post my own…Do you be possible mail all of them to writters, producers, cast and even director?..

    I repeat: When someone has to explain something so many times is because, the doesn´t make it good!

    Do you think that to have a lot of disappointed fans is normal?

    The problem we have is about House Md´s storyline, not about the Huddy´s break-up, only…

    Five days after the last episode, people is still talking about that.

    I think that is an important point!

    Again, thank Barbara for your time!

  • jack sparrow

    so u were expecting house md turnin’ into chick flick or sth? c’mon

  • Susan

    Are the writers crazy or are we? I’d like a psychological differential diagnosis of Friedman, Shore, et al. How can they paint House in such bleak pictures in these latest interviews, when they’ve made him so convincingly a character that many of us have grown to love.
    What a contrast between last night, when many of us were laughing over a video that ruthinor put up, then THAT interview sending us back crashing to (TPTB’s) reality.
    Barbara, can you find a writer to interview that will give us some positive takes on House? OR ask the ones you do speak to, some tough questions. Why am I imagining them in front of the Spanish Inquisition (fiendish laugh). Or make them sit in front of the TV and watch all 7 seasons of House and they should take notes on how they created the characters that are now acting in OOC ways, that we can’t accept.

    Christina #79 and #83 – good work. Heather #86 and Seriously #87 I’m with you.

    Barbara, I just remembered the first time I found your blog – it was the House and Yiddish one, and I was so excited reading it and going through old episodes to find Yiddish words used by House. Another big contrast to the “downer” columns of the past few weeks.

    I think some of my sad feelings regarding House’s future and his inability to rise above what the writers have decided for him ,have
    some parallels in Hugh Laurie’s own life. I’ve read that he’s been treated for depression, he’s a loner, and he’s been living apart from his wife and kids for 7 years. It doesn’t seem like such a stretch to see that he might be unhappy like House. So I hurt for the fictional House, while equating him with Hugh Laurie. Delia-Beatrice, any insight?

    Practical question – I have no more room on my DVR – do I tape Monday’s new House and delete a loved older episode, or just wait a week to see it on the internet (won’t be home that night)?
    The new episodes don’t seem worth saving.

  • carpenter–thank you so much for your kind words. I share your disappointment (and that of so many of you, of course) that House and Cuddy broke up. It was a harsh way to do it (for both characters). And as I said – you never, ever know where thing eventualy lead – or lead back.

  • bigHousefan! Hey! Fellow Chicagoan (are you also a fellow hopeless Cubbie fan?). I think the whys are yet to be explored if they decide to go there. There’s a lot to explore with him they haven’t, and may not even know yet whether they will.

    Thank you so much for your kind words, BTW.

    I don’t think the writers (at least not most of them) think of House as an unremitting SOB, and LF said that in the interview. I do think that the writers differ in their takes on him (and all the characters–but esp. House).

    I think there is a fundamental humanity to House, but that he tries incredibly hard to deny it. Cuddy alludes to this at the end of Bombshells. He’s been abandoned, betrayed, brutalized since he was a kid (we know–or at least highly suspect). He’s always had a sense that he’s “undeserving” of real happiness (how many times has that bee mentioned?)

    He stuck his toe in the water (actually a lot more than a toe) in risking much of that well-developed armor to fall in love with Cuddy. So now he’ll retreat (tho I doubt all the way).

    If I asked the writers why House is so emotionally crippled, I doubt they’d answer-with good reason. There is much to explore along those lines, and why tell me? 🙂

    I understand the frustration, and I share it. But I respect the journey and the writers who have done a great job (along with Hugh Laurie) creating such a complex character.

    Much of what we see in House’s humanity emantes from Hugh Laurie’s interpretation of the writers words. (OK, I go into this in an early chapter of my book, which you can probably read in the excerpts if you don’t want to buy it ;)). but in essence, he really infuses House with all the non-dialogue stuff, which suggests HL’s sense that “House has seen a lot of human suffering during his lifetime.” And acts (in many diverse–and not always healthy ways) according to that experience.

    And maybe I’ll do a piece that asks that specific question, with the evidence season by season…

  • carpenter

    First: Sorry for my english, it’s not my mother-language.

    Dear Barbara: I love your book (it’s on my kindle and I readed it twice) and I love your recensions every week. I’ve would wrote it, but I’m learning english as recently as 3,5 years, never had it at school. It’s the reason because I’m here only a reader. By now.
    House is the only series I’m watching, I dislike TV. But maybe it’s because the German TV. I have the series on my PC – in English and German. I loved to see and understood finally the original voice from Hugh Laurie (alone that’s worth while to learn english) and enjoyed the development from House. And I’m very happy to see finally the original-episodes.

    I have a life are only 3 years younger than Hugh Laurie, have sons and one grandson. I know very good it’s only a series but I can’t sleep very good since Tuesday (we are 9 hours before you during the period or in time). My first reaction: I never watching it again. – But one day later I realize I couldn’t endure to know it’s still on the air and I don’t know how it’s end. I agree with every words of yours but I’m still disappointed. It’s too many pain to see House in that position again – drugs and alone.

    Too yearning I waited for the interview you mentioned on twitter and now I’m disappointed. It’s BLA-BLA. Always loved the discussions about moral and whether House is an ass or not (I think he’s not – you gave me good advise with your book) but now remains only sense of loss.

    I was never a HUDDY but I’m still hoping they find together again.

  • TulipanRojo79

    Thanks Barbara for another fantastic interview!

    Well, first of all: I think that when writters, producers and director of a Tv Show have the need to explain an Episode or something that happens at it so many times, this is because they know they do something bad, they know it was a mistake.

    I watch House from the beginning, I don´t watch it for Huddy, I really enjoy it. But, now I´m very disappointed about the show! I feel very bad, really, I mean that!

    I think House Md is about a doctor, his evolution along the time, his relationship with everyone…definitely, about his life!

    House MD is in 7th season and along that all seasons I can see the evolution of the character, but after the last ep, I only can see the death of the character and also the death of the show…why? I will explain:

    1. House coming back to vicodin: Why did exist Season 6? I thought the reason was the detoxification. NON-SENSE. We come back to 1st step.

    2. Cuddy breaking up with House: Why did exist Now what? What happen about “I don´t want you to change” or Why did exist S7Ep15: “Shut up, you´re too drunk to finish this relationship”?. NON-SENSE

    3. You talk about why Stacy break-up or Hameron don´t exist, aren´t bad and Huddy break up is the worst thing writters can do?
    Well, when along 7years you put 2 character very near, atraction each other…and you give hopes for a love´s relationship…and finally you make real this hopes is because you think really that relationship can work!
    But, if it really doesn´t work, well, is ok, but you can´t break up this relationship without no reason!
    This break up is unbelievable, non sense…in spanish “no venía a cuento ahora”…Because it´s based on things that Cuddy acept. Well also House is OOC at this ep, if we see eps from S6 to now.

    4. Character never changes! Ok…then all the Show is a LIE, because maybe they never change but we could see how they had an evolution (all, including House).

    5. Bombshells is a very good and excelent episode in his form! It is fantastic! I like all the remakes! I laught with Zombies so much! Hugh and Lisa are fantastic in the musical!
    But the inesperate final has NON SENSE! Not for the Huddy break up(I repeat, but by the mean of that!
    Writters can´t pretend we (the fans) agree with that! Audience is not unconditional…

    Thanks for the possibility to express my opinion and sorry for my poor English!

  • Jil

    Dear Lord. It gets worse everytime a new interview is up. Sara Hess was right: I want whatever they’re smoking. Whatever it is, must be good.

    Thanks for your time to do this interview, Barbara. We really appreciate it.

  • Barbara

    I neglected the most important thing I wanted to say first! Thank you for all the interviews with writers/cast etc and especially your reviews.

    After reading here what is possible to see elsewhere, I’m glad I happened upon one of your earliest postings (Season 3 I think…) and never looked elsewhere. This is a great place to reflect with insightful and intelligent discussion.

    AND THAT my friend is a credit to YOU from a fellow, but frustrated Chicagoan! I appreciate this space very much!

    If possible, please ask the writers to explore WHY House is so emotionally crippled instead of simply eluding to it. Are there not a multitude of stories there?

  • Sdemar

    I agree with what BB in comment #85. I don’t see us going back to Season 1 House. I see him numbing himself for awhile but picking himself up again. Hopefully he will now want to continue to pursue therapy. I don’t see him ever being happybut a more content House may be what we ultimately get and that is progress. I have faith in him.

    As far as House and Cuddy, I love the relationship and have always loved their banter. I do feel the writers only put them together for plot purposes and to drive their story so it ultimately cheapened it IMO. Unfortunately I think the Cuddy character is going to suffer because of it.

    Thanks for the interview, Barbara. You did a great job.

  • trackemtigers

    Barbara #85

    I think he’ll pick himself up (or try to), and whether he’ll be successful–who knows?”

    I think your question on whether or not he will be successful has already been answered.

    While the circumstances at this particular point in his life are different, the end result will always be the same as according to the writers ‘people don’t change’.

    It’s like seeing the character just walking in a circle.

  • Barbara #85

    “He’s always been the phoenix who “chooses life.” I think he’ll pick himself up (or try to), and whether he’ll be successful–who knows?”

    What is his motivation if the writers maintain that House is a selfish SOB (who fights hypocracy) and can’t and won’t change to any significant degree EVER?

    I have often said the writers talk about a very different House than I’ve come to love – and come to love with the vehical of their writing.

    We’re not delusional. We have all watched a tragically hurt human being with great capacity to care and be a trusting and protective friend many times doing all this behind the scenes looking for no credit for his selfless actions.

    I stand by the following:

    So, House will always be a screwed up SOB. I didn’t hear any suggestion of an investigation into WHY?

    What was the point of Mayfield if from the writer’s perspective, he won’t get better EVER!

    Why should we continue to watch after seven seasons if the writer’s view this character as having no chance at real growth and recovery.

    If the idea is that people don’t really change to any degree then, WHAT’S THE POINT?

    People do evolve and adapt and move forward. People do recover. If there is no effort to explore that journey I don’t know why they continue to write the show.

    While reading Liz Friedman’s words I kept saying to myself, ‘Then why should I continue to watch?’

    Simona #63
    Sometimes he was somehow “more realistic than the king” (we say in Italy) putting them (Cuddy and Wilson) in front of their own weaknesses and helping them out of the confusion and to achieve greater awareness of themselves and of the significance of their actions. In this way he became an indispensable travel companion.

    I agree with you Simona that in Season 6, House showed himself to be an unselfish friend. It was effortless, there was no inner struggle against his nature in it. Just another reason the approach to the House/Cuddy relationship this season with the House of last season doesn’t make sense.

  • Seriously

    i have been watching this show for nothing. last episode was extremely excruciating. i don’t want to see house with drugs, hookers and partying at his age. i would rather watch real life character CHARLIE SHEEN. if you writers are aiming towards an audience that enjoy that style, CONGRATULATIONS! i for one i’m DONE with this show and FOR OTHERS TOO, you should do the same. this show has no more stories to tell but miserable house. the man is 51 years old for christ sake, he deserved HAPPINESS!

  • Heather

    Liz Friedman might be right. Maybe people don’t change. Maybe, in real life, House would always stay the same. Maybe him going back on Vicodin is realistic.

    But guess what? It’s a flipping TV show. If the show was realistic, House would have lost his job a long time ago. If the show was realistic, House would have lost his medical license and probably be pandhandling on the street looking for his next drug fix.

    But the TPTB aren’t sending the show in that direction? Why? People don’t want to watch that. It’s not entertaining.

    And I will tell you what is not entertaining for me anymore. Watching House back on Vicodin. It’s too bleak, and depressing, and I started to get tired of that crap back in season 4 or so.

    Oh well. Thank you for doing the interview, but Liz has just confirmed I will no longer have reason to watch.

  • Waking up to so many comments, I’ve only been able to scan through them. As far as Ms. Friedman not understanding the character, I would say that her episodes stand for themselves–disagree with her or not.

    House deserves happiness like every other (fictional or not) human being. But the idea that he doesn’t believe he deserves it is a fundamental part of the character as he’s been written since the beginning.

    It made him happy beyond measure to be in love and be with Cuddy. And I agree (Christina) that he was willing to desert everything he believed made him unique in order to pursue love with Cuddy.

    In a way, that’s what Cuddy did at the end of “Help Me.” She said she could negate her own sense that it was a terrible mistake to love House, but she couldn’t help herself. that is so incredibly human: “God help me, I love him” is what (if not in words) what she seems to be saying.

    She tried to put aside that feeling that it was a mistake, very hard, but in the end, she couldn’t. She couldn’t overlook that House was always going to be House (something he prophetically said to Stacy when breaking up with her before he would “put himself through that again.”)

    Cuddy is also a flawed human. She wanted to stay with House (she still loves—and is in love with—him. But it’s not enough for her—just as it wasn’t enough for Stacy (before the series starts).

    House for all his desire to change, for all his efforts to be a great partner for Cuddy (and Liz Friedman says this in the interview–hard hard he tried), he couldn’t quite come out of himself in the ways that ultimately mattered to Cuddy.

    That is tragic. And it’s classic. But where do they go from here? The past informs the future and House is at a very different place than he was before we met him. So it’s not a return to square one (I don’t even think David Shore believes it; his comment was an equivocal response to a yes/no question he was posed.) The rest of this season will explore how House and Cuddy (and Wilson) respond to this crisis point for the character.

    I doubt the creative team will forget that he’s been off Vicodin for nearly two years, that he was in a psych hospital and underwent therapy (which he may have abandoned). In other words, will House respond the same way to this event and does he have a different set of coping tools than when Stacy left him pre-series timeline?

    I would speculate that at the start, he’ll forget everything he’s processed from Nolan, and bury himself in a lot of self-loathing and self-pity. But House is an incredibly resilient character. He’s always been the phoenix who “chooses life.” I think he’ll pick himself up (or try to), and whether he’ll be successful–who knows? But I’m incredibly curious to find out!

  • dvbfan

    Dear Barbara, thanks a lot about your interviews and reviews.

    There are so many comments here about House and Cuddy break up . Some people got disappointed . personally I want to see this relationship continue but the reality is that House can not be change in a few months and he has a really deep problems that makes him miserable.
    It is not easy for a person like him to become a lovely person and caring partner to Cuddy .

    I am very curious what is going to happen in upcoming episodes . what House is going to do . how he can deal with the reality.

  • Christina

    and to add a little something to my previous comments, Cuddy never wanted House to change. She didn’t NEED him to change, she was the only one that never did, that never even tried to fix him. She even told him that in “Now What”, which made it clear to him that she accepted him for who he was, who he always had been. Now they are claiming that she does want him to change.. Doesn’t that qualify as a character change? Haven’t they moderated her character in a way in order to support their own beliefs that House is irreparable or sth?

    They are simply and always negating everything. That, to me, shows total disrespect towards their fans. We have fought for them, we gave them awards and first places in every existing poll, but they never cared about what little we asked of them. I do sound bitter, and I hate it, but seeing what they are doing to my favourite characters and to a show i have loved more than any other in my life, i just can’t help it.

    House is a human being, and he deserves happiness. And what made him happy was being in love with Cuddy and being with her. That was something that made him willing to leave aside his past, his mania with his doctoring skills, sth he always thought as the only thing he has in his life, in order to be happy with her. I just.. I can’t deal with how they threw everything to the trush without a real reason and without a real chance. It’s unfair to all.

  • Clara

    Thanks! After this interview I’m still not excited for the next episode.

  • Lisa

    House come here at my place! I accept you as you are!!! :))

  • Caic

    Cuddy has more potential to end alone than House. Cuddy loves House but can’t stay with him, but she can’t be happy with another man. Maybe she’ll find someone that will stay with her, support her, so she’ll move on, even without love.

    House can find someone who has patient, love and accept him. Maybe he has a chance for happiness. A better chance than Cuddy.

    Life is sucks! But House deserves a better chance to be happy! He needs to be happy with who he is, then, with someone else. I beleive in House!

  • Christina

    I’m sorry, but even from the first question all i can tell is that ms Friedman doesn’t know the show’s characters at all.

    For Cuddy, to go into a relationship with House never looked like it was something she HAD to do, as LF claims. 7 years into that banter and sexual remarks, what was more obvious than House’s genious was the deeper affection for each other that they both shared, without having the guts to reveal it. To say that Cuddy’s thoughts were “I love him, but it’s not right for me” is SO wrong that i can’t even find something to compare it to. And all this constant neglect they show towards older episodes is infuriating. How can Cuddy break up with House for this reason when she has loved him for who he was for years now? She loved him when he was an addict anyway. The reasons they used were so rushed and so without meaning, that the ONLY feeling I, as a regular viewer, got, was that they found the easiest way to just get it over with.

    I will never understand why they have this ridiculous idea that House has no humanity and that he is not romantic, when they have clearly demonstrated both of these sides of him in quite a handful of episodes (i can start naming them, if someone really needs proof). And what i also will never understand is their constant belief that people don’t change, and especially HOuse. I’m sorry, but apparently, people CAN change. They have changed Cuddy an AWFUL lot the last two years, and yet, they think that she is the same. ANd House, he wasn’t always an addict, but he felt he got betrayed by life and decided to cheat life in his own way, meaning, taking Vicodin in order to not feel life’s pain. Well, guess what? HE STILL FELT PAIN!! Which means that the vicodin never actually worked, but he kept taking it because the writers are afraid of change.

    I’m sorry but i have no intention of watching another downward spiral of House’s. I’ve watched way too many of them. I watched it in s3, in s4, in s5 (GOD)… I don’t need a s7 one, especially not when season 7 was supposed to be an upward one. David Shore keeps saying he wants to keep his show fresh and interesting, but he never does it. Because they are not interested in exploring other sides of their characters in a real way. They only give the fans some cheaply done arcs and believe they are done with it, but only because they want to always return to square one.

    I love House. I love this character and i sympathize with him….. But what they are doing to him is brutal and i have had enough. They never intended to give him a real chance in happiness. And it was quite obvious that his happiness was right there in front of him, with Cuddy, IF they had the guts to write it in a good way. But what they wanted was to pretend the dynamic of the show would be ruined if these two were happy. That’s not a real writer, sorry. A real writer who cares about their characters and their show takes some chances and wants the characters they created to be happy, not stuck in misery. If they have any personal issues, they should not be projecting them to those poor people.. Because, for us too, House and Cuddy (and all the others, for that matter) feel like real people, and we do understand them. But apparently, WE understand them more than they do.

    Thank you for your time to this interview Barbara. I’m sure that if I were you, I wouldn’t be able to be so civilized with ms Friedman after what she did…

  • Delia_Beatrice

    Well… This interview, and the others that kept popping up this week, did nothing to change my perception or my attitude about the future.

    I tried very hard to work on some acceptance and openess about it all, but the fact remains: this was a badly written season, in which the huge potential of two sensational characters and a unique connection were thrown down the drain, for the great, great, great “creative” purpose of denying House his individuation journey and his amazing efforts for the past two years.

    This contradicts everything i believe about the inner logic of storytelling, as it contradicts everything i have been certain of in regard to these two characters, whom i’ve spent years and years studying with utmost attention.

    There is only so much back and forth the journey of a character can withhold, without becoming tireing, repetitive and ultimately meaningless.

    To hear a writer not acknowledge House’s romantic nature (in my opinion, he is both a romantic and the romantic character by definition), to hear the “argument” of the garbage and toothbrush (what a mature plot, i am in awe, there was absolutely nothing else that could have been explored inside the relationship of the most complex characters in the history of television except the goddamn garbage and toothbrush!!!!!), to hear that this relationship was denied its true chance at being properly explored, because it has been determined beforehand that it’s doomed to fail…

    I’m sorry, everything simply feels like a bad joke. I have so often praised the inner consistency of “House” as a show and the coherence of its characters, who have been written so perfectly ever since the Pilot… and until “Both Sides Now”, because season 6 was lacking the usual writing quality, while season 7…

    I don’t think this works for me, anymore. I will of course keep an eye on the comments and information about the show, because my addiction will not go away easily. But i will work on making it go away, and i hope i’ll eventually succeed.

  • Ca

    When David Shore said “It’s done” he killed hope and part (a big part) of the audience. You never should close a criative door, you screwed up!


  • Eve K

    I do agree with Barbara that there is a lot of ways H can go from here. He is free again. Being in a traditional relationship is not the only option and goal in peoples lives. I think maybe House is a person that cannot and should not be in a traditional relationship…maybe he should explore that some more instead of returning to the hookers.

    I like the way they used the fact that in the face of death, House was not there for Cuddy. That is a fact many humans have to live with. Even those who have been married for years can experience to die alone, because the spouse had to have a break from the hospital. I agree with some earlier comment that we expect a lot from our partners. I am in fact excited to how this season will work out.

  • HouseMDFan

    Re: Hope. I think we need to keep in mind that this isn’t the end of the series. If you look at the finales, even the dark ones, there was always some kind of hope: the Ketamine treatment in S2, a strangely confident House in S3, Cuddy with House and a potential for reconciliation with Wilson in S4, Wilson standing guard and House on the verge of a new chapter in Mayfield in S5, Cuddy coming to him in S6. Of course all of this was explored in the following season, it gave us good and happy moments as well as sad and frustrating ones. As Wilson said to House in “The Itch”: “According to your worldview, everything ends in destruction. What you keep forgetting is that we have to take the chances for happiness along the way.” (paraphrase) I think that’s true for the series as a whole. I wouldn’t take the “square one” comment too seriously, because House did have those moments of happiness and he will again. What he has been through is part of his history and always will be and it is not said that House won’t reach a place at least as ambivalent and hopeful as previous finales.

  • Jonas

    I’m a man. I’m not shipper. I watch for House. And I can see House as a romantic! Yes he is! He cares about who he loves in his own way.
    Men, sometimes (almost always) running alway from pain. We’re such cowards, if we love, we care, it scare us. When someone you love is dying you do stupid things. I understand House! Really! And this is the reason I can’t accept PEOPLE DON’T CHANGE. House changed, not enought for Cuddy, maybe. But enought to move on and take a next step.

    Cuddy had her reasons, her needs, but she was selfish too, thought about her needs all the relationship, forget about the addicted House all this months and put a lot of weight upon his shoulder… She doesn’t need to fell guilt, but see her mistakes and problems. She’s not normal as she think she is.

    Sorry about my poor English.

  • smk46

    if there is no hope for change, every story line has a predetermined ending: back to square one that’s not interesting drama. what’s wrong with the writers that they don’t know this?

  • Switman

    A smarter and more entertaining approach to exploring the House/Cuddy relationship would be to have them go couples counseling. They might not stay together but we would understand why. House was turning a corner and it would have been much more interesting to follow him going in a new direction than just sending him back to where he started from. The bottom line here is that while misery can make good drama for a while hope is what sustains an audience. Without hope there is no audience or show. Too bad because until this huge episode misstep House was worth taking the time to watch.

  • Joshinynew

    Cuddy’s character is totally OOC since last season. This is the reason I’m pissed. Bring old Cuddy back it’s all that I ask.

  • Trevis

    I’m not a Hilson but the man is the only one there for House! Marry him House!

  • Trevis

    My conclusion:

    Cuddy doesn’t deserve House! The man needs a woman less problematic, less serious and without a child. A woman that doesn’t try change him in months, but have patient and love to wait a little more.

    And Cuddy should marry any normal guy she find. (normal is boring she told, but maybe she is boring…)

    I can’t watch the show with House being miserable and miserable all the time, the man needs to prove a real love once. So, bring back his mother!!! Neither the woman cares about her boy!!!! ))

  • Michele

    The problem is: Huddy storyline was crap all season (a lie, last season and this one until now). Something with such a potential. It’s a pitty! It’s not RIP HUDDY, It’s RIP WRITERS!

  • jack sparrow

    there are only 2 important Qs left considering the quality of writing lately
    one i assume the most interesting is who is dr lisa cuddy dean of medicine ppth shaggin’ with after spectacular fallout of spectacular relationship that’s been explored thoroughly to death so to speak
    let’s narrow it down to 3 shall we
    1.dr remy hadley aka 13 coz it would make perfectly suited comeback coz she is terminally ill and flawed and there is a tacit assumption that deep inside she has some value and humanity and she’s hot
    2.dr james wilson head of oncology coz allegedly he’s the lover of her ex (as ones claim the only true lover he’s ever had )u know chicks can be harsh u know coz he has a cat coz she can be sure the next morning she gets a proposal
    3.dr chris taub coz he can not handle with rachels of any kind on regular basis
    since this is a journey of dr gregory house head of diagnostician department we must give him a shot as well and rightly find the answer to sec Q who’s gonna hit by our fragile scoundrel yet lovely one coz he saves lives and play guitar and has a lunch in morgue often and has inner issues deep inside
    here we go
    1. bunch of hookers coz after financial meltdown they’re cheap coz they are bored witch charlie sheen coz the world hates him coz he’s in pain everyday in pain coz he’s just run out of vicodin
    2.dr james wilson coz he can always relies on him (unless there is some chick available around) coz he has prescription pad coz of course he has a cat
    3.dr chris taub there’s no need to further explanation 4 obvious reason isn’t it?

    feel free to choose eh

  • Susan

    I was reading the log until around midnight, so was in on the tail end of comments for Bombshell and then the new Friedman interview. Another roller coaster ride of emotions. I was getting cheered up by the camaraderie of the first and the hope that the producers were screwing with us in an overall plan of dream sequences etc. But that interview killed everything. It’s now 6:30 and I woke up depressed and had to get up and check the overnight comments. I ‘m 100% with almost all of you – so much so that we’re all echoing each others thoughts and feelings. I can’t add more to what you’re saying – after reading each post I want to just give a thumbs up. I’ll just say SeraG, as usual got it right, but then do did smk46 – #60. ” a story arc that no one wants to see”. I don’t want to watch tomorrow. This is drawn out torture. At least in the Thorn Birds (mini discussion on Bombshells thread), I watched, I was upset but the story was told and it was over. With House the writers are telling us we’ll just be watching, miserable, waiting for some hope and it will never come. Maybe the writers should just have House and Cuddy die in a cholera epidemic or something so I could forget about them and get on with my life.
    If the writers do read all these posts and still continue with their plans for House, they’re sadists. (I really feel that Friedman is – I really don’t like that woman after seeing her video interview with Hess).
    Vicpei #56 – I’m also not at delusional 15 year old- but I feel like I lost a love. (And I’m married with kids and a dog, and a pretty good life).
    54 – #30 (too many numbers!), said “Here’s to hoping”, although is this just denial?
    Justabitterfan #26 – you got it right too.

    In conclusion, for now, why write when SeraG says it all, and much better.

  • Pria

    # 64 – Tati

    Another thing: Cuddy told House she didn’t want he change and in the next episode she was trying change him.
    So… House isn’t the only problematic, sure!

    He gave what he had all the time, and Cuddy? What she gave?

    Why change Cuddy’s personalitie so much since season 5? She’s now more jerk than House!

  • Tati

    I’m not a shipper, I watch for House and I’ll keep watching his trek, but I have some consideration:

    1. Since the beggining the Huddy thing was bad done, no deep conversation, no smile in Cuddy’s face (although she said she was happy as never), no passion. It wasn’t what I expected from Huddy.

    2. Cuddy tried change House all the time. She knew he was a jerk, he told her in HELP ME and in the next minute she was trying change him.

    3. House tried really hard, it’s really painful if he come back to stage one after all his effort.

    4. Don’t use “People don’t change” as an excuse, please. People don’t change 100% maybe, but 20%, 30%… We want growth! House can be the same in a different way.

    5. House could be a jerk, problematic. But and Wilson? And Cuddy? They’re all problematic. Please, stop put all upon his shoulder.

  • simona

    Barbara, thanks for the great job you always do.
    And I greatly appreciated the comments of
    Susan #5
    Sera G #8 #32
    Leesa #20
    Jill #23
    Bighousefan #25
    Justabitterfun #26
    Cuddylicious #27
    54 #30
    Ruthinor #33
    Leandro #62

    So, in TPTB opinion people don’t change???!!! Never???? Really????? Are they living on Planet Earth with us or are they walking on Mars? People change everyday, people with psychological problems go in therapy because people care to get a better life, to be happy, to come to terms with the misery, not to be swallowed by black holes. Sometimes it doesn’t work but often it works, luckily. House so far in 7 seasons has not changed????? It’s deeply untrue and if the writers still think to persuade us to believe it, well…everybody lies. The TPTB should know that [H]ouse has an enormous privilege: it get the most intelligent, faithful and sensitive audience throughout the known universe. But the rule is “do ut des”.
    I love House, I always will, but why are they taking us around? I love House and Cuddy but now I’m not talking about stupid ship, I’m talking about honest and real stories between two growing people.
    I hope that it’s only a fleeting moment of mental confusion concerning TPTB because there has never been this obsessive need by the House TPTB and writers to explain their choices or the contents of the episodes, almost a demand for justification. If the message doesn’t come loud and clear to the audience it means that you failed.

    Anyway, my speculation/wish concerning a possible evolution of the season.
    Talking about “House – Cuddy – Wilson” relationships (the heart of the show), during seven seasons of House M.D. we have taken essentially two stories: before Mayfield and after Mayfield.
    The last time House was far away from Cuddy and Wilson was when he was admitted to Mayfield but at that moment he was completely mentally devastated and they could have missed him but maybe they felt somewhat free from a burden.
    After Mayfield we all saw a grew up House who can somehow be “strong for others” and not just a burden. He was next to Cuddy and Wilson, supporting them (and not only them, but I am talking in particular of his two “crutches”) in times of difficulty. He has become a resource for them in some crucial junctures (I do not dwell on examples because I think we all have in mind the situations). Sometimes he was somehow “more realistic than the king” (we say in Italy) putting them in front of their own weaknesses and helping them out of the confusion and to achieve greater awareness of themselves and of the significance of their actions. In this way he became an indispensable travel companion. If this assumption is true, I think that Cuddy and Wilson, perhaps for the first time should look at themselves in the mirror honestly, they will come to understand that House is not alone in having needs but the needs are mutual. House is not only the recipient and they are not only the donors. Their relationship has turned into an equal relationship. Then the way to go, in my opinion, will involve all of them. House will continue to come to terms with himself and his ghosts but Cuddy and Wilson will have to deal with the “vacuum” that House will leave in their lives IF he decides to walk alone.

  • Leandro

    I’m not a Huddy, I’m a man and maybe I’m not so sensitive and romantic but I’m broken.
    I know House is a jerk, Cuddy has a child but I don’t feel the writers gave the attention and the time to develop this relationship how it deserved, and this relationship is so important to House and to the show.
    It’s a pitty! It could end, sure. But in another way, another time and direction. It made us feel like some idiots, because everything was so quick and superficial. Sorry, but I think it was really bad done.
    And people change when they want, really. Sure House will never be a gentleman, I really don’t want it (neither Cuddy, I suppose), so why not give a REAL try in the future?
    I still believe in the writers! 😉

  • Jennifer

    I searched for “bombshells” tonight because for the first time in a long time I feel like House is back! I assumed last week with his “romantic speech” that things were going to unravel with Cuddy. House actually believing that or making it a permanent part of his life seemed so far fetched and against the grain for him. Just like when he lost his edge with methadone vs vicodin and told Cuddy this is the house you get. He wasn’t willing to compromise his brilliance to be pain free. Therefore, I didn’t see how he could just all of a sudden be okay with losing a patient and solving the puzzle too late. I hoped that he would see the error of his ways and return to House.
    I loved this article because “merry little Christmas” has always been one of my favorite episodes. So being able to read one of the actual writer’s perspectives was amazing. Reading this article made me think of the scene in MLC where House is eating in the cafeteria and the little girl with the stuffed animal enters and argues that her stuffed bear is actually a stuffed dog because he has fur, four legs and a collar. And House tells her that that is a faulty syllogism ; Just because you call bill a dog doesn’t mean he is a dog. Just because House was with Cuddy and vicodin free for a while didn’t equate into him being true partner material. I am thrilled that he is back to normal, well normal for House.

  • smk46

    if there is no hope for house, why watch the show? the writers are wrong, people do change. addicts come clean, drunks get sober, it is possible to come to terms with one’s childhood, regardless of its horrible nature. if there were no hope for change, the only attitude would be despair. tptb need to change their attitudes toward their character and i, for one, am hoping they will. the show cannot succeed if all it will present is debauchery, misery, and an unfulfilled man struggling toward his inevitable mortal destiny. who wants to watch that? i wonder if the writers have taken house’s predestination to its logical conclusion. that makes for a story arc that no one wants to see.

  • Sam

    Finally I can start watching the show again! This is the House I used to love, not the stupid romance huddy turned it into. Don’t disappoint me again writers, you say the huddy is over, let it rip.

  • ice

    I definitely lost my interest in this show since you killed Huddy.

    I waited 7 years just to see them having troubles after troubles and be done with a stupid EXCUSE.

    No matter what you say, I’m done here.

  • somy

    I didn’t think it was the outcome as such that was problematic (I actually sympathised with Cuddy and thought she sounded more intelligent and coherent than she has in a long time), but the fact that they seemed in such a rush to GET THERE that they never really explored the relationship. They just set up boring relationship dilemmas in each episode which involved Cuddy unintelligently whining about something to House.

    There was no real togetherness, no banter or discussions about medicine or philosophy or whatnot, no passion, just a series of dull and artificial “problems” setting the stage for the final breakup. It’s like, what was the point then? It’s fine that they had an outcome in mind, but in my view, they were so obsesed with this outcome they did put any effort into the “ride”…

  • vicpei

    I relunctantly read the writer’s interview because I thought I would be even more bitter after, and it is the case. Apparently, I was deluded for 6 and half years into thinking I was watching House’s journey in life, when really I was watching House’s Never Ending Story Back to Miserable and Addicted. I feel cheated like I never did before.

    The end of Huddy I could bear, even if I did not want it, but the careless way it was written, all for shock value (Sorry, Liz, that’s how I felt it ; apparently I miss the subtle hints that it was coming so quickly ; I am not the viewer you are looking for) made me physically sick.

    Reverting House to a simple jerk who will always be miserable and mean and parties with booze and hookers and pills (waow, so incharacter and so game changing! what an exciting storyline!) is way more than I can stomach.

    I will watch the remaining eps after they air, after reading the recaps and probably fastforwarding through them, but if there is no more here than “House is a jerk and a drug addict and he will always be miserable” (and not even funny any more), this will sadly be my last season. I could gritt my teeths through arcs I did not like, like Vogler, because I was waiting to watch House’s slow growth and return to a kind of peace and point of equilibrium. If there is none, then why would I suffer through this and get no reward?

    I will wait till the end of this season, because against all odds, I am still hoping for some brilliant trick that will give sense to all this nonsense, and make me watch back knowing this and fall in love again. But my fear is growing that it is not the case : Shore, Yaitanes, the writers, the actors are all confirming that it is real and House is back to miserable and addicted. it is just, maybe not bad writing, but good writing with bad reasons : to show how shocking it can be, how brilliant they are, how they don’t care about the meaning of their story any more, but just about showcasing it. It’s showing off meaninglessly to me.

    I was in love with House, the serie, since the first ep. It is a complicated, rocky relationship, but I was sticking to it. I will miss it. I will terribly, terribly miss Hugh Laurie, too. I try to compose myself, (I am far away from a 15 years old delusional fan girl, but I suddenly feel like one), but for my own good, it is better not to watch any more. The way TPTB makes me feel is no good for my self esteem. I am more sad than I can express, way more sad than angry, even if I feel I just lost an old friend. The House I was feeling for apparently does not exist. There is just House the jerk with no humanity. Oh, show, why sink so deep?

  • C

    If you have to keep explaining in interviews why you murdered Huddy and all of House’s slow and painful character growth, taking him back to square one — and who wants to watch something endlessly circular and unwinnable — then you obviously didn’t do a good job writing the episode, did you. If you had done a good job, no long-winded explanations would have been necessary, just watching the episode would have been enough. Thanks very much for pissing off all the fans. Well done!

  • HouseMDFan

    “set up a situation for which you already know the outcome, pretend that there is going to be an opportunity and then take it away”

    But… this is storytelling! A lot of people who write stories know how it’s going to end! That doesn’t mean that the ride can’t be appreciated, or that the characters themselves know. So then, this whole disappointment thing comes just from the fact that the writers didn’t disclose their intentions? Why would they do that?

  • Nadia

    The breakup was inevitable and there are many good reasons of why it happened, or why it never could have worked for them in the first place, so I’m totally okay with that. My only complaint is the premise of a miserable House who needs Wilson to pick up the pieces. Not looking forward to that. We’ve had two major break ups in S6 (Chase/Cameron, then Wilson/Sam), and it hasn’t been explored nor have we seen them delving in misery and/or needing a friend. Now that it happens to House, we have to go through the ordeal with him, and I’m not sure if I want to watch that.

    Neither Huddy nor Hilson works for me, for the very same reasons Mrs. Friedman had mentioned. They seem to mean well but don’t trust him enough to really accept him for what he is. It’s one of the main problems in relationships and therefore very true to real life, but I’m not sure if I can endure House any longer if there isn’t a hint of optimism anymore.

    On a random note, I think House and Chase should have a drink together. It’s better to end an ill-fated relationship before things get worse. Both Cuddy and Cameron were manipulative and wrong about their boyfriend/spouse, and they left when they needed them most, seemingly careless to their state of mind and possible future self-destructiveness. At least Chase was able to draw the consequences by staying at PPTH when Cameron righteously left. I’m not comparing her reasons to Cuddy’s but she was just as selfish. It’s sad that there is not one single well-written female character on the show that I find enjoyable. Except probably for Nurse Jeffrey.

  • Amie

    Wow, 50 comments already! I haven’t the time to read them now so I will just share this thought that came to me while reading the interview:

    So House is like Schroedinger’s cat: he is and is not human deep down at the same time! LOL!

    Reading the interview, I just realized I misinterpretated House from the start. I thought he was being a jerk because it’s his way of putting distance, dealing with pain because he has too much empathy, he cares too much. And he’s all for the tough love (telling people truths, as hard as it may be).And reading the interview, it seems that for the writers he’s just a jerk, period.

    More later…when I get to read all your comments.

  • Sera G

    HouseMDFan, I cite Vogler because Cuddy practically begged him to do the simple things that he asked, wear the white coat!
    Yes, she voted for him to leave. Cuddy the administrator was in a tough spot. How could she justify turning away all that money and the good it would do, when House was being House. I don’t think House held it against her. He as much acknowledged she had to do it.
    But do you remember the lines where she said how he saved lives, that his department was innovative and world renowned. Cuddy was locked for hours in her office going over every one of House’s files. She defended House until she had no choice left. How is that a one sided interpretation? That arc is always cited as a further example of how far Cuddy goes to protect House, until he really leaves her not alternative.

    Last point then I am done. No, love is not always enough sometimes. That is not what we are debating. We are debating how fair it is to set up a situation for which you already know the outcome, pretend that there is going to be an opportunity and then take it away and…on the way out, make fun of the people who believed you.
    It makes me think of listing job openings, knowing beforehand that someone is already selected and has been ‘hired’, yet holding the interview, giving the person positive feedback, telling them “You’ll hear from us soon.” Then sending them the rejection and sneering, “By the way, you never had a chance at that job.”

  • Amie

    Thank you for the interview Barbara! It is always very interesting to learn how the stories are created and how the writing process works. Your last interview with House’s new writer was very very instructive for that matter also. Like who decides on the general story line, how they divide the work among the writers, how much liberty they have, how ideas come up etc…
    It is also very interesting because the House writers leave a lot to interpretation and it’s nice to know what they really meant.
    Thank you and thank the writers (if they ever read this) for taking the time to do the interviews.

  • samn

    i don’t get bitches saying that this was out of character for cuddy. maybe she’s tired of being a doormat. if you were cuddy and your boyfriend was missing throughout your being tested for a possibly serious illness and then the bastard herp derps back towards the end thinkin he’s not in the wrong, you’d break up with him too. i mean at least i would. idk about cuddy but i wouldn’t want every last thing i do psychoanalyzed and mocked especially when i’m going through some possibly serious shit. i’m hoping cuddy sucks it up and leaves house to do his miserable teen girl shit like A BLOO BLOO BLOO I’M GOING TO KILL MYSELF IF YOU LEAAAVE MEEEE~~~ smh seriously

  • HouseMDFan

    @Sara – Not gonna debate every one of your examples, but you are quoting the VOGLER arc as a sign that House has always been Cuddy’s top concern? That’s exactly what I meant when I was talking about “onesided interpretation”. Did you forget that she voted against him the first time? Did you forget that she only voted for him the second time because she was fed up with Vogler, with the way he behaved towards Wilson and towards the hospital?
    And I never said that she doesn’t love him. Nor do the writers by the way, and the moments they had together will stay moments they had together – otherwise they would never have attempted a relationship in the first place, yes? It’s just that love isn’t enough sometimes.

    Also, jacksparrow: Thank you for that SPOILER. DAMN. I should just stay away.

  • Karen

    What a complete mess this episode was.
    They build up Huddy for 7yrs only to wreck it in a few stupid episodes.
    Liz thinks we will understand why Cuddy did it?? Is she having a laugh. The whole thing doesn’t make one bit if sense,hense all the explaining they are doing since Minday night. If you have to explain why they broke up , it’s obvious people don’t know why. It was Badly written. There was so much more they could have done with the Huddy relationship.

    Why should we watch anymore? They’ve all told us it’s over ,no going back for them. House is back to the beginning.We’ve seen it all before.
    This is S6 all over again. House sad and depressed ,Cuddy looking on at him with a stupid pity face.
    This isn’t what I want go watch and won’t be.
    I watched for Huddy and there’s nothing left

  • jack sparrow

    #44 this!!!! the whole idea of cuddy as a guardian angel ready to throw away everything she has to save charming greg is so preposterous that even beyond the dumbest soap opera scripts. anyway we’ll get a clearer view of what’s goin’ on house funeral ep 17 i guess

  • Sera G

    HouseMDFan, with all due respect, I say that House’s healing was her top concern because the WRITERS have always shown that House was her top concern:
    law suits
    the auditor of the hospital
    sitting beside House after “House’s Head”
    breaking up with Lucas and rushing to House

    That was even many viewers’ complaints, that Cuddy always catered to House. Doctors at the hospital said it, too. Of course she made him a top concern. She values him a doctor, human being and the man she loves. Rather ironic that the writers give us all these moments and then cry foul when we believe them.
    Over and over I have cited episodes and lines to suport the love between these two charcters. I don’t make them up.

    Be fair, I have NEVER dismissed anyone else’s opinion.

    I do not believe that love cures all. Where did I ever say that? I’ve been around a long time and don’t think I believed it when I was a ‘girl’ either. Every post since the show aired, I have stated that House needs to heal himself for himself. I never said that Cuddy should ignore this problem. I just said she should have stood beside him. The Cuddy they used to write would have.
    One final point, I love the strong Cuddy. I have always said that I think her strength, brains, wit and deviousness are what attracts her to House. She is no pushover. One of my favorite episodes is “5 to 9” because, finally, we get to see PPTH from her point of view.

    HouseMDFan, I’ll let you in on a secret, I think I enjoy Cuddy’s character more than House’s sometimes. Please don’t put my name with comments, beliefs or opinions which I have not expressed. I stand behind everything I have posted, but you can’t accuse me of things I have not said. Thanks.

  • HouseMDFan

    @Sera Quote: “that his healing was her top concern”

    THIS is exactly the problem! So many people here succumbed to the “House can be healed by true love” philosophy and that’s coming back to haunt you. It also doesn’t help that you all talked each other into seeing this as the one true romance, some were even talking about an “archetypal romance”. If you insert your own views that much, and exaggerate what you see that onesidedly, while dismissing everybody else’s points of view, it’s no wonder you think this came “out of nowhere”. And why should his healing be her top concern, at the expense of herself? She’s her own person, with her own accomplishments, her own life, her daughter. She isn’t there to heal him.

  • Sera G

    HouseMDFan,#39, perhaps, out of “nowhere” is the wrong word. Out of character and not keeping with anything that House/Cuddy were trying to accomplish, is more what I meant.
    Yes, House did act selfishly. He always does.
    Please make no mistake, in NO WAY, do I blame, hate,or have anger toward Cuddy. Contrary to what many posters write, I don’t think she was unreasonable in their realtionship. If you are sleeping at a woman’s home, you put down HER toilet seat. That is simply good manners, I don’t blame her for being irked about the toothbrush or garbage. Those were ‘games’ he played in my opinion to see how far he could push her. NONE of that led to the blowup in Bombshells. Cuddy was miserable, worried, in pain and still recovering from a brush with death. Nevertheless, I still don’t think the character I love would be that heartless. I think she would have stayed up with him all night, talking, fighting and finding a way to make him see that his healing was her top concern.
    Ms. Friedman achieved her goal, fans are heartbroken for House and Cuddy. To quote you know who, “Mission Accomplished.”

  • huddycat

    Thanks for this interview! It was a good one.
    But what the writers of House said is very sad and it expresses for me the total despair of the man and the humanity. If anybody cannot change, how make change things, how to try to reduce the disparities and the injustices? This point of view is really very black and hopeless

  • Somy

    I hate that they had to change Cuddy’s character completely to justify their condescendingly cynical emo worldview.

    The whole season the relationship was portrayed as a mechanical plot to illustrate how “unconventional” and “difficult” House is when having to be in a “normal” relationship with a “normal woman” – thus making Cuddy into the kind of person who passive-aggressively rolls her eyes, whines about toothbrushes and toilet seats, makes constant demands and very little intelligent conversation, even though she was NEVER like that before, she’s always been portrayed as witty and smart and capable of playing at House’s level. It just sends the message that men are unconventional free-spirits and women are whiny and codependent.

    I wouldn’t have minded a break up so much if they had actually taken the TIME to write this relationship properly – if there had been intelligent conversations, touching moments, some actual passion – but it all seemed like a badly written rush to come to the inevitable and dull conclusion that people!don’t!change! (except Cuddy, who changes into a desperate housewife whenever convenient for the plotline).

    If this break-up leads to some more tension and passion and witty exchanges and some tiny hope of occasional relapses *cough*breakup!sex*cough*, I would be OK with it, but apparently the producers and that rude guy on twitter have said categorically that it will never, ever happen again. EVER. So why should we even keep watching?

  • samn

    YESSSS THIS PLEASES ME IMMENSELY brb licking the tears from huddy shippers’ faces

  • HouseMDFan

    @SaraG This was NOT an out of nowhere show! LF said it herself, just look at “Recession Proof” and “Two Stories”, especially Cuddy’s words in that one. This was set up, and it’s very true that House acted selfishly a lot of times during their relationship. And of course TPTB knew what this would do to (some of) the fans, LF said herself that they wanted them to be heartbroken for House and Cuddy.

  • Sera G

    bigHousefan, #35, thanks and back to you.
    I am trying to tell myself that this must be one mass-hysteria hallucination. (“Airborne”) as TPTB not only write an absolutely out of nowhere story and are shocked, shocked I tell you, when people are upset. But really, the worst is the disparagement of the fan base. Call me a fangirl if you want, I don’t take that as an insult.
    There is no way you can tell me they did not fan the flames of Huddy (and even Hameron, for a while) if they felt it would keep people coming back or new viewers would watch. Fangirl when it’s convenient, I suppose.

    Remember the interviews with HL/LE after “Joy” talking about the kiss. They didn’t mind putting an alternate kissing scene on the Fox site. But I forgot, the last 61/2 years were all in MY imagination.

  • HouseMDFan

    Loved the episode, but I just want to comment on one tiny thing: House has NOT been continuously miserable for 6 years before he got together with Cuddy. Especially in the early seasons there were moments where he was relatively fine being alone, the end of “Human Error” for example. I love what LF is saying about House’s aversion to hypocrisy. There is also still the “want/need” theme of the show, and while House might not get his wish for a “normal, happy life”, he might reach some sort of acceptance of his own place in the end, we’ll see.

  • Sera G

    ruthinor,#33, in this we agree.
    However, if your goal is to make the relationship dissolve anyway, it doesn’t have to make sense.

  • Sera G #32

    Exactly, thank you, too, for expressing what I’m finding so hard to put into words!

    In Wilson’s Heart, House told Amber (in his hallucinitory discussion with himself) that he did not want to be miserable.

    He told Dr. Nolan in Broken that he wanted to be happy.

    The writer’s tell us this will never be. There are so many insightful, bright minds here, WHAT AM I MISSING?

  • Sera G

    Nola, I understand what you are saying. However, for many, many years we saw House wishing, pining, trying to find a way to make connections; his hand on the door of the restaurant, watching the team have dinner and drinks, laughing together at the end of a long case. Watching families together when a loved one is cured or crying-together after a loss.
    NEVER, was there the feeling that House wanted to be alone and miserable. I felt the move toward healing was gradual, believable and had to happen. No one can stay that unhappy without either taking so many drugs/drinks that they OD or they commit suicide. He had been miserable for five years before the show began and five more before he went to Mayfield. That is a long, long time to be that messed up.
    Nola, I never got the impression after Mayfield or even together with Cuddy that House was ‘happy’. I think that he found his world less bleak, he smiled more, he didn’t feel the need to put barriers between him and the human race. Someone loved him and it felt good. I’m sorry, I can’t see why you feel that was wrong. After 5 years of misery, didn’t you cheer a little when he wanted more from life?
    We will have to agree to disagree, I suppose.

  • ruthinor

    Speaking only for myself, my major complaint about this season is that the characterizations of House and Cuddy appeared to be all over the place with no coherence. Particularly in Cuddy’s case, the way she was written was an insult. Two people who have known each other for half their lives, bantered, flirted, cared about each other, decide to embark on a love affair. No one expected it to be a smooth ride. These are two screwed up people. But the idea that in episode 15 we are breaking them up, regardless of what went on before seems ludicrous to me. It comes out of nowhere. In one episode it’s toothbrushes and toilet seats. In the next it’s far more serious as Cuddy is ill and House is nowhere to be found. It’s too abrupt and OOC. House is at her side during her mother’s illness but can’t even enter her room in episode 15? Sorry, but that’s bullshit.

  • Sera G

    I have been writing imaginary ‘letters’ to Liz Friedman and TPTB. After reading bigHousefan’s #25 post, why bother? She said it best.
    My comment before I sign off for the night, depressed all over again, what did they hope to gain? Besides hoping the ratings would jump out of curiousity, I mean. They truly did not think that this would please fans; except those who really seem to enjoy House stuck in misery and despair forever. Truly?
    Where is the surprise, the pride, the amazement at the human spirit? I find it very sad and very old.

    I made the mistake of reading posts on another site. What a mistake that was. The world has gone mad, bad and cruel while I wasn’t looking. Name calling, vulgarity, death wishes for actors and writers. If that is the crowd TPTB hope to cultivate or lure back, yikes!

    Barbara, I don’t think most viewers (why I think I know what most viewers want is the height of arrogance, I admit) don’t object to House relapsing. What they/I object to is the callousness they see coming from Cuddy. I agree, she felt she had to free him to let him free himself. (A stretch, but okay). If I were writing, the episode Cuddy would have taken House by the hand, you know, the one she clasped in love, trust and hope, and told him that the relationship could not continue until he got help…no negotiations! She would be with him every step of the way. Not as shocking, perhaps, but far more in keeping with her true character. If the goal was to make people hate Cuddy, they really succeeded there!
    The intent may have been to show that Cuddy realized House has a lot of healing to do. She can’t be his drug. The reality was a lot of viewers now see her as a cold, callous b****, who broke faith with the man she loves.
    The intent may have been to show that addicts relapse. The outcome for most of us is the feeling that no matter what you do, how hard you try, how much you want to change and ‘heal’, you will not succeed. How bleak, especially for a program that supports NAMI.
    The intent was to show that House is a mess.
    We know that already. He will never be ‘easy’, again, we know. House “doesn’t do happy.” That is not why we and Cuddy love him. We see the man he could be. She loves the man he is and the man he could be. Why didn’t the writers let that story be told? What a testiment to love, compassion and commitment.

  • 54 #30

    Thank you for beautifully stating what I am thinking, but too frustrated to express. You nailed it exactly.

  • 54

    I think the writers of House need to take history courses on their own show.

    I totally agree with ruthinor (#21). House had an adult relationship with Stacy for five years. In his relationship with Cuddy, I feel like they portrayed him as someone who has never had a serious relationship before.

    Furthermore, they should seriously rewatch their old episodes and ask themselves whether they can honestly say the episodes held the message that House has no humanity, cannot change, will not change, and etc. I can’t even begin to count the number of episodes that explicitly contradict this view.

    For them to scream that House cannot change at all, even though he tries mightily, is for them to have selective memory impairment in what they themselves wrote. Alternatively, it can also mean that they planned ‘House’ from day one as a series that depicts a tortured man who struggles though self questioning and tries mightily for self development, but ultimately fails. If this is true, then all the episodes between the beginning and end episode, which would again shout, people don’t change! would be….what? Meaningless? Are we supposed to “find meaning in meaninglessness”?

    I think the writers need to honor the wonderful work they have done for the series and focus less on thinking about what dramatic devices they use to tell the stories and think about whether or not their story arcs actually make sense. They need to focus more on what the characters would do in light of their history, which THEY presented to us throughout the series. They also need to stop taunting fans through social media, justifying their work through interviews, and just give us substantive content in the stories themselves. I know that Hugh Laurie himself said that he is more interested in how a story is told than in what the story is about, but, when viewers do not understand what story you are telling, the stylistic form of a story won’t have a leg to stand on.

    I hope that the remaining 8 episodes offer some redemption. I can’t bring myself to stop watching the show just now, but, if they continue on this path, then I think I will sadly join others who will stop watching the show because I can’t stay around to watch current storylines that not only do not make sense but also destroy the integrity of the characters that they have built up for seven years.

    Here’s to hoping.

  • Sera G #8

    Yes, thank you! How do you write such a complex and moving history of two people who obviously care deeply for one another and say, ‘Well, it was never going to work’.

    Think back to ‘No Reason’. ” Did you really think that your life’s purpose was to sacrifice yourself and get nothing in return? No. You believe there is no purpose to anything. Even the lives you save you dismiss. You turn the one decent thing in your life and you taint it, strip it of all meaning. You’re miserable for nothing. I don’t know why you’d want to live.”

    This is what propels House to fight back. But if the writer’s have decided that he is not going to improve to any degree, then what could possibly propel House?

    What is his motivation, dreams, expectations – why does he get out of bed in the morning? A miserable existance does not inspire the heart and genious of this man, so what does?


  • Nola

    Well some might want to tune out but there’s a bunch of us who will be tuning back in and doing the happy dance !!!

    To Post #9, sherlockjr, I totally agree.

    Its funny that when some of us didnt like the direction the show had taken and we dared come here to post our dissatisfaction, we were told by many not to come here and complain if we didnt like the show. That this blog was for those who liked House. That if we didnt like it, change the channel, go watch Grey’s. Dont rain on the parade of those who still like it.
    Not all posters, but some were pretty darn mean.

    So I truly do feel for many of you who are now not happy with the change of direction. Been there, understand how you feel.

    But I am not going to tell you not to complain, not to watch. I am going to say, stick with the show just because you dont like this step, doesnt mean you wont like the next step.
    As so many on here have said in the past, the show is about House and his journey. So isnt this just another step on his journey ?

    So keep watching, just like I did even though I wasnt thrilled with the last direction the show took because you never know what may happen next.

    To Post #12, SeraG, you say you feel you were led down a path and then deserted. I can relate. When the show changed into Happy House, I too felt deserted. Like what happen to the House I liked. The miserable, cranky, vicodan popping jerk.

    The writers cant make all the viewers happy all the time with the direction of the show. But they can give us all a little piece here and there of what we like. Those pieces just dont last forever before we are off into another new direction.

  • cuddylicious

    I always enjoy your reviews. However, I feel you may have gotten too close to the House TPTB. I don’t see many probing questions about this season. A lot of reminiscing, Zebra-book-like, about old episodes, nice but not to the point right now when even completely non-Huddy fans/reviewers have question marks about the current turn of events.

    Back to the TPTB issue: why didn’t you question her about Greg Yaitanes behavior, i.e., purposefully baiting and insulting Huddy fans (e.g., Huddy fans are a minuscule fragment of the viewers, if they don’t like it, good riddance, they’re idiots)? That, coupled with the callous description by Hess and Friedman of Huddy as basically being a diversion that was never meant to go anywhere, that went on much longer than was their original intent, and Shore’s interview, all indicate an almost joyful, mean-spirited disrespect for fans.

    Did you notice by the way they spent a lot more time in their v-log video with their producer hats on (oohing and aahing about the fun they had with the dreams, the logistics, how creative it all was) than with their writer hats? Many a viewer wouldn’t have minded a little bit less “high concept” stuff and a lot more good writing offering a lot more solid evidence for why Huddy had to split up. Surprise is good, but when TPTB have to spend so much time and energy explaining, justifying an episode afterwards, maybe the story wasn’t told very convincingly?

    “Hamerons” and “Hilsons” have been unhappy before so this Huddy discontent is more of the same? Except that the Hameron idea was never pursued much, there was no chemistry, no balance: just cat (House) playing with mouse (Cameron) till it got boring and he moved on. Hilson? Well, we all know that’s just a side joke, some levity and allowing House self-reflection by bouncing off against Wilson. Again, nothing serious.

    Huddy on the other hand, as some other commenter has enumerated, has been an ongoing give-as-good-as-you-get relationship that had deeper currents underlying it almost from the beginning. Why did you not ask Friedman about the lack of consistency in the way Cuddy and Huddy was written this season? They were all over the map.

    Also, Cuddy was tarnished as a character by her erratic, contradictory and most of all ill-explained behavior. It almost looked like a check-off list of “relationship problems 101” was used as the guide for episodes. Never mind the coherence of the actual characters’ relationship: were they just props? I could go on.

    Another TPTB cosiness example: why not ask about Shore having to be recalled from the Rockford Files pilot to “fix things” at House? How about the infamous beach shoot that Yaitanes has been spinning/explaining away/using to taunt fans in a variety of ways?

    They sure spent a lot of $ on a “distraction” to mislead fans, promoting it by doing it so publicly, etc… I understand that you value the kind of access you have with TPTB but maybe you have forgotten a bit that you write for the viewers and not them.

    I hope you don’t take this the wrong way. I only tried to express what I know a lot of people feel. People who cherish the show and crave an entertaining but smart TV show that doesn’t underestimate its viewers capability for more than just sorrow and cynicism, easy ways-out, instead of writing a complex, fraught but ultimately interesting and?”why not??”inspiring relationship between two middle-aged adults who’ve been around the block.

  • justabitterfan

    Screw them all; HOUSE TPTB. They could really kill off House and let him jump from that hotel balcony and I’d be happier and you know what? before I’d say screw you to the audience who would want Cuddy’s death but then now I’d rather be much happier if they’d just killed off Cuddy from Bombshells and then House go on a full-blown relapse.

    They’re saying relapses are common? But if he would have relapsed then not after a year and a half or so, because clearly he was doing great. And House is just an ass? Okay they are asses too. Now I have come to love House the show for 4 years now (I was late for the party okay) but you cannot blame me because I live in Asia and watching on cable channel the episodes are always late, yep I bought all the dvd’s and have watched it from Season 1 to 5 just to catch up then and the show has really gotten to me, sure I ship House and Cuddy since Season 2 (that was when I started watching) but when I watched back to Season 1 I think they really had chemistry even then so don’t blame me for shipping them since I liked Stacy and House but yeah thanks for teasing us again that House can be happy and Cameron and House don’t really work for me since she’s too pathetic as a character and House isn’t really attracted to that and House and Wilson I have always loved their friendship but that’s just that I’m not delusional.

    If you guys wanted to watch guy on guy action just watch Queer Folks alright. I’m saying I dont just watch House just for the “HUDDY SHIP” but everything was brilliant and interesting to me, the patients, the medical mysteries, the medical procedures, the ducklings, the new ducklings I have loved them all and the characters.

    House MD has made me cry, laugh and I can say it really turned me crazy now. Season 6, I loved it, even though the Lucas/Cuddy stuff. But Help Me gave me hope, not just hope for House but hope that Cuddy was really his savior and that someone can actually save him, not fix him because yes he cannot be fixed he’s always gonna be broken.

    What they had really done to House and Cuddy relationship was destroy it not explore it. Sure House is not your preferable partner but when did he become a normal one? He’s an addict remember and he’s got so many issues and Cuddy has known him for years now, surely when she agreed and thought that she’s entering the relationship she knew the consequences right? but then again that all seemed to be washed away by her toothbrush, toilet seat, petty professional lies, and House not showing up for her award etc. etc.

    Ever since I have looked up to Cuddy and her understanding to House, because she and Wilson are the only ones who did understand him and tolerated him, yeah sure sometimes they’d be unforgiving to House but this is HOUSE MD show right? we’re supposed to cheer more for the MAIN CHARACTER right?

    So yes thanks TPTB now we know Cuddy’s true colors and we now hate her for it. Turns out Cuddy just cares about House’s brilliant mind and how he saves people for it, but as a human and as a person she could not accept how he is, because he will always be screwed-up and he’ll never be changed because that’s the core of the show right NOBODY CHANGES, PEOPLE DONT CHANGE.

    I hope Cuddy does not find happiness herself, and she’d feel guilty forever and House well if he’s gonna be back on vicodin for good, oh what glee he’d be himself once again miserable, alone, popping pills, schtupping hookers but never happy then okay I can still watch that but now with a bitter taste everytime.

    Thanks for assasinating Cuddy and recycling House, what a bore. Thanks for giving us hope that screwed-up persons like House can have happiness and love too. You know what we are all screwed-up and watching House overcome all his obstacles gave us hope. Whatever.

    They could all kill off the character and we’d be happy too because this world is going to the ruins right and we’re all gonna be dead and gone, we found hope in the show but now its kicked us into the curb and I really felt screwed. All I am watching now is for the show’s cinematography which never failed me, Gale Tattersall’s work for the show is flawless. But the writers, well it was crappy. All the story now for the characters look crappy to me.

  • Liz Friedman has written some of my favorite episodes, but I don’t understand her attitude here.


    So, House will always be a screwed up SOB. I didn’t hear any suggestion of an investigation into WHY?

    What was the point of Mayfield if from the writer’s perspective, he won’t get better EVER!

    Why should we continue to watch after seven seasons if the writer’s view this character as having no chance at real growth and recovery.

    If the idea is that people don’t really change to any degree then, WHAT’S THE POINT?

    People do evolve and adapt and move forward. People do recover. If there is no effort to explore that journey I don’t know why they continue to write the show.

    While reading Liz Friedman’s words I kept saying to myself, ‘Then why should I continue to watch?’

  • ruthinor

    Sherlock: Is that a clue to another medical blunder since the usual pills are 10mg? Or perhaps Cuddy is in a coma? I didn’t get a look at the bottle on Cuddy’s dresser but I’ve seen mention of this elsewhere. Tis a mystery!!

  • Jill

    Thank you Barbara for your interview. The problem I am having since Monday, is that I feel so let down and disapointed by the writers, and David Shore. I have invested seven years in watching this show. Watching this wonderful and complex character of Greg House. look at the journey we have taken time and time again, to go through his physical and mental torture. Finally he gets clean, goes to put his life back on track. To get the life he wants from the woman he really loves, only what? to go right back to the drugs and misery!
    No! so I am done, and it saddens me greatly. They say he can never change, but they do not answer the question WHY! can he not change. He is a man who was abused as a child, yet we have never explored that. The relationship with his own mother and real father has never been explored, why the heck not? after all this show is about House, yet I know more about 13, and Cuddy than I know about the lead character! that to me is not right. I realy feel they took the cowards way out on the relationship with Cuddy, who by the way I now dislike, after all the things she told House. She said she loves him! no I think not, I feel she used him. I do not feel sorry for her at all. I feel David Shore has gone out and killed this show, and this character. Plus after seeing the promos, for Monday that has even House acting totaly out of character, I dispair more for the show I have loved, but can not watch anymore after Mondays kick in the teeth by TPTB. Like I said I am sad by all this, but hey its only TV right!

  • Sherlock

    Clue number 1 Zolpidem 200MG

  • ruthinor

    House appeared to have a stable relationship with Stacy for some time. Didn’t he only start using vicodin when the infarction occurred? Yes, he was always somewhat of a misanthrope and deeply involved in his career, but he was capable of having a relationship. It was the pain that drove them apart and Stacy’s role in the medical decisions. So this idea that House could never have a love in his life seems far-fetched to me. He himself said that he changed after his leg problems (in Help Me), so why can’t he change again with therapy and love? I guess I’m with the writers who don’t want to totally condemn House to a life of gloom.

  • Leesa

    I will be watching with my eyes half closed

    I feel as though the 16 episodes have been a half hearted love story. ” House don”t touch her with your left hand, we wouldn’t want any one to think you were crazy about her” .” Cuddy, don’t smile, or seem as though you are crazy about him.” We are going to break this up, wouldn’t want any one to think this couple is magic….. IMO, you can’t hide magic.

    I am very disappointed. I wanted a love story. Television is all about youth, but here was our chance to have a mature love story.

  • em

    Thanks for the interview. I’ll tune in Monday to see what they do but I think im done. It may not be bad writing but it is poor the last episode went for shock value over story telling. I agree they had the perfect opportunity to make a unique tv couple, it didnt need to be soppy or romantic people do survive having a non conventional relationship.

    I think the writers,producers and show runners could do with keeping quite for a while as they seem to be pissing people off.

    People don’t have to change but they are capable of adapting to the changing situation around them. May be they could have gone with that.

    I have a question what they going to do for the finale a death would be the only way to top that and I don’t think the death of 13 would suffice.


  • Val

    Thanks for the insightful interview. You echoed all my thoughts in your comment(#10)!

    I was quite heartbroken at the end of “Bombshells”, but House is still the most interesting character on American broadcast (and most) TV, IMO. It is the only American show I watch with any consistency. As difficult as it will likely get, I plan on sticking with it.

  • fatOlady

    Jane 2 – I share your POV. The more the creator, writers, & producers “share” the worse it gets and the more pointless it seems. I wonder what “Chuck” is up to Monday night?

  • Sdemar

    Thank you #8, Sera G. You have stated my sentiment exactly.

  • Jane 2

    Thanks for the article Barbara, and thanks also to Liz Friedman for taking the time to share her insights.

    I’m one of the few who did see Cuddy’s POV in Bombshells and totally got why she did what she did, even though it broke my heart. However, I do disagree with Liz Friedman about the ulltimate viability of House/Cuddy as a couple for many reasons but there’s no point in bashing my head against a brick wall. She’s a producer, I’m not.

    With regards to watching the show in the future I’m in pretty much the same place as @Kelly and @Mathew. I just can’t go down this road with House again. If I hadn’t read any press from the writers or producers I’d still be watching next week, probably peering warily at the TV from around the corner of the couch in the next room but I’d be watching. However, I think that episode would have been my last. I guess I should thank them for their honesty. As it is, the knowledge that House/Cuddy is done for good and that we are at the beginning of yet another destructive, downward spiral for House has just made it all seem so pointless. I need hope to keep watching and the producers seem to be saying there isn’t any.

  • Liss

    I believe TV Guide expressed my feeling perfectly: “Enjoyed the fantasy sequences in House — the Two and a Half Men sitcom parody, with Hugh Laurie in Sheen drag, almost felt like instant nostalgia — and the Fellini-meets-Fosse “Get Happy” production number was way cool. But the unhappy reality of the episode is much less appealing, as Cuddy’s health scare sends House back on the Vicodin, which puts the kibosh on their relationship, which means we’re back to Square One. Again. Even if you weren’t a Huddy fan, this latest development earns a big sigh. And a realization that some long-running shows often come perilously close to wearing out their welcome.”

  • Sdemar–There’s always been debate on the staff about House and who he is (Doris Egan and David Foster, as well as Friend and Lerner have chatted about it with me in previous interviews).

    I think there is much to explore with the character. He has always used vicodin both for physical and emotional pain. It is perfectly plausible for him to backslide. Whether that’s short or long term, who knows? Maybe he’ll eventually go back to Nolan for therapy, maybe he’ll try something experimental, who knows.

    If people don’t change, that doesn’t mean that can’t be revealed more and more. This relationship with Cuddy, we saw a side of House we hadn’t seen–we saw him trying to overcome decades of issues and baggage–probably going all the way back to his childhood.

    House will be hurting now — for awhile. He’ll lick his wounds (and be self-destructive), but then what? Will he crawl back into his shell–or try to move on, taking Nolan’s advice from “Broken.” No one with the sort of emotional/psych issues House has will miraculously be healed in a year and a half.

    I’m actually not convinced that House and Cuddy won’t get back together. We simply don’t know. We’ve seen not seen ONE episode in this new trajectory for the character(s).

  • Sera G

    With all due respect, Barbara,
    I don’t think the point is if the show is “bad”. I think the point is we were led down the path and deserted at the end. Should we have been suspicious? Perhaps.
    I however, had faith that right would be done with these characters. I thought TPTB were going to give him a chance at some happiness after some mighty serious blows. They were going to reward his hard work. My, my 15 episodes and on the skids again. I, too love the show and marvel at the complexity of the writing and the character. I just expect there to be fairness. I guess House might just mock that, too.

    House could still have dealt with his demons. He could have had setbacks, he could have messed up. They set the rewind waaaay back. I’ve seen and suffered it already.

  • sherlockjr

    One more thing: I haven’t read the writers/producers insistence that “people don’t change” to suggest that their behaviors, don’t change over time, but that their core personalities and beliefs tend to remain the same… something that is backed up by behavioral scientific study.

    We’ve actually seen House change his behaviors in many ways over time, sometimes one step forward and three back, but his core personality has remained the same.

  • They may still have a chance. It’s nothing we know…and the series isn’t ending next week. We have a lot of episodes to go, and I, for one, am perfectly happy watching this character struggle to do the right thing, to continually try to overcome his own demons. For House happiness has never been as simple as “the love of a good woman.” His internal wounds are so deep, that to have Cuddy’s love be the balm to heal his soul would not have been genuine for the character. (IMHO.) I loved Cuddy and House together–I still do.
    The show is not my creation, and I many not like this turn or that turn, but to be honest, I watch for House. I’m sad that House and Cuddy have been broken up. But I’m curious as to the road House now must travel (and the road Cuddy will also travel working with him). Will Wilson have to pick up the pieces? How will Cuddy (and her famous guilt) deal with House’s certain fall. Will House pick himself up? Or will he stop trying?
    There are so many questions to explore, because at this point, we’ve only heard about how he was in the aftermath of Stacy–I am curious about how House will handle this terrible loss both in the near and long term.
    People have lots of opinions about House and his relationships. The Cameron fans were furious when it became clear that H/Cameron was not to be. They screamed and yelled and railed about how terrible the show had become and how awful the writers were. The House/Wilson fans have done the same at various times, when Wilson fades temporarily into the background.
    So the answer to when the show breaks up House and Cuddy is that now the show is “bad?” It’s certainly a valid opinion, but it’s just an opinion. I may not like it, but does that make the series “bad?”
    I will keep watching and enjoying the show as long as it continues to explore the depth and complexity of the character. I will stop watching when they no longer write him true to what I believe the character is about (but it will be my opinion–and not a judgement based on that–that the writing is bad.)
    I know bad writing. And this isn’t it.

  • sherlockjr

    Frankly, I’m surprised by these comments. House is an unhappy, screwed-up man, who occasionally has moments of intense humanity, and who is striving, mostly unsuccessfully, to be better. That’s who I signed on for seven years ago, and that’s who I’ve stuck with all this time.

    For me, that’s part of what makes him so compelling. And although this latest complication might be thought of as a “reset button,” perhaps it’s just the jumping off place for something new and different in the character’s troubled journey.

  • Sera G

    Barbara, thank you for an insightful interview with Ms. Friedman. She has written some great episodes of House and this is in no way intended to be an insult to her, but, I am mad all over again.

    The fans are derided for being angry/upset and surprised by the breakup of House/Cuddy. The writers are the ones who laid the groundwork for this relationship. They are the ones who wrote the banter/inuendo and flirtaion. They are the ones who had House going to her home at all hours to talk medicine or calling and asking what she was wearing. They were the ones who wrote the IVF scene, imo, one of the sexiest with (almost) all clothes on ever! They are the ones who had her holding his hand all night after “House’s Head”. They are the ones who gave us the kiss in “Joy” that started it all. They ae the ones who had Wilson say, “She’s probably the only one who could put up with you.” They are the ones who wrote the hallucination scene in “UMS” and had House wanting to move in together in “BSN”. They are the ones who informed us (and Cuddy) that he wanted to pursue a relationship with her at Michigan. They are the ones who had her break up with Lucas, go to House to tell him she loved him and then wanted it to be the “beginning of IT.”

    The TPTB seem surprised that we are upset/angry and disappointed with “Bombshells.” They cast the spell and almost mock us for falling for the magic.

    As I have said, this season seems to have been written to prove to us that the couple could not work, even though stating in interviews that they were going to really give it a try. Instead of planning for it to fail, why didn’t they spend the time, talent and creativity to make it successful? Either the creative team never intended to give this couple a chance and were just placating the audience or
    got worried when the ratings didn’t skyrocket.
    TPTB had an opportunity to take a unique/complex couple and make television exciting and risky.
    Instead, they took an easy out.

    I am an ardent fan. Have been since episode 1. I have always anticipated the show. I talk it up. I buy the DVDs, I give them as gifts. Will I stop watching the show? I honestly don’t know. You have taken it from something I love and trust to something about which I am wary.

  • Sdemar

    Thank you, Barbara. Excellent interview.

    4 things popped out at me:

    #1) based on the post interviews, LF is very curious as to how the fandom reacted to “bombshells” and why.
    #2) some writers seem to think House has humanity and some don’t. I wonder how many arguments take place amongst them?
    #3) she doesn’t perceive House as a romantic
    #4) she didn’t feel Hoyse was suicidal in MLC but left it open if you felt he was suicidal.

    For me, I find the writers view of House, primarily and Wilson and Cuddy to a lesser degree, are different than what I think.

    OTOH, it does seem we agree that Wilson and Cuddy’s view on House is sometime totally wrong, which I find amazing because they are the ones closest to him.

    I thought Bombshells was excellent but do think they went for shock value at the end but it is their story and they get to tell it.

  • trackemtigers

    First off, thank you Barbara for your articles/interviews!

    In this interview, you state there are plenty of places to go with House being back on Vicodin.


    How can they take him other places when they’re constantly preaching the mantra ‘people don’t change’?

    How can one not interpret seeing as ‘people don’t change’, we’re going to see him just as he was in the first 5 seasons while on Vicodin.

    Shipper tinted glasses aside, is that really what the audience wants to see? Just a core retread of the past?

    I had hoped that maybe the purpose of this relapse was to show House putting on his big boy pants and learning to get better for himself. But now it just seems like he’s going back to the drugs because that’s who he is i.e. people don’t change.

  • susan

    Well thank you NOT for that depressing interview. So House will always be miserable and a jerk and incapable of feeling or receiving love. I am so sorry that I started watching this show in the first place. Seven seasons of hope and expectation down the drain and I’m back to the sick feeling in my stomach that I had after Bombshells. You know, alot of us on the blog were trying to cheer each other up and really hope that the writers were tricking us and everything would turn out O.K. in the end. But Liz Friedman really killed that. Barbara, I thought you were more optimistic. I thought you thought House and Cuddy had a chance. Most of your faithful commenters thought so, and still do.
    I guess I’ll just have to keep hoping that TPTB will see all the impassioned viewers who are so upset by the breakup and listen to their reasoned analyses of House’s pros and cons – and lead us and House to a happier ending.

    I can’t see myself, at this point, not watching House. But I’ll do it with a heavy heart and trepidation and none of the anticipation of “It’s Monday and let’s sit down and enjoy House and Cuddy”.

  • Diane

    The House writers need to take a tip from the writers of Breaking Bad. They’ve managed to creator a main creator who does do some pretty screwed up things, but who also has a heart and shows love for his family. He’s the kind of “tortured” hero I root for. Not some drugged addicted loser who screws over everyone who cares about him over and has sex with hookers.

  • Matthew

    Ugh, you know, honestly, ever since “Bombshells” everytime I read something regarding future episodes or TPTB’s take on that particular episode, I feel like punching someone in the face. I thought they couldn’t sink any lower, but – if the promos are any indication – they’ve managed to make it worse. Maybe it’s because I’m a guy, but I never really cared that much for Huddy the way others did/do and yet it felt horrible when Cuddy broke up with him, mainly because I could see where the writers were heading. A few seconds later, the reset button was pressed. I’m sorry, but that’s not something I want to see again.

    Thanks for taking your time, Barbara.

  • When a television series no longer does it for you, I agree, it’s time to turn the channel. I’ve never thought that House would go through any sort of major sustained change. The character has always been unstable–and it’s not just the drugs. There is so much to the character, deeply ingrained. To have made him “healed” or happy would not be true to the character. He has always been a character with a bleak outlook. But he’s always wanted (or often wanted) to crawl out of the hole he’s in. Sometimes he makes progress–and sometimes not.

    Hugh Laurie, the writers, David Shore always suggested that (no matter how he might want to) the fundamental nature of the character isn’t going to change–not a complete transformation, certainly. One step forward, three back. Been hearing that since season one.

  • Kelly

    I’m done watching House. And no, it’s not because I’m I shipper, although I did like him with Cuddy. But, after hearing from yet another writer for the show on how House is doomed to be a miserable SOB ….well….that just isn’t my cup of tea. It’s like watching a kid pull the wings of the fly. Creepy, needless and distubed. I want someone who rises above their problems, not someone who sinks into the abyss again and again. Shame on me, I thought the creator of this show was actually going to show some growth with the character. I’m sure we’ll see House popping vicodin well into his sixties w/no medical complications because of it of course;)