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Interview: GodsGirls Set Out to Improve on the Alt-Porn Model

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Alt-porn sites are big business these days. These sites eschew the traditional notion of big hair, big lips, and big tits, instead focusing on other body mods: tattoos, body piercing, and waist training. Playboy Playmates are out; emo girls are in.

Ever since the success of Suicide Girls a few years ago, dozens of alt-porn sites have popped up, all trying to expand on and improve the alt-porn business model. One site that has done so with impressive success is GodsGirls.com. Here, site owner Annaliese tells us why you should be a Gods Girl.

What inspired you to start GodsGirls? When did it start? How did you get it rolling?

I started GodsGirls because I felt that the alt-porn market was severely under-served and that what it did have to offer was pretty unimpressive. I think adult websites suffer from a lack of style in a lot of cases. I wanted to kick it up a notch, so to speak. I was lucky enough to have a close friend of mine, who had unyielding faith and finances, back my idea & get it off the ground. Here we are two years later.

Who was the first GodsGirl (or first "batch")? How did you land her/them?

Ah, it's been awhile since then. Most of the initial girls that shot for GodsGirls were girls I knew personally or was acquainted with from partying in Hollywood. Kayla-Jane was our first model followed (in probably very wrong order) Seniel, Katie, Veronica, Helena, Pia, Adrianne, Malaya and others. We have always been really lucky to work with really beautiful and interesting girls.

What is the meaning behind the name, GodsGirls?

"God's Girls" is the name of a song by a band called Scarlet Grey that is out of Los Angeles. They have a new record out now, a totally independent release. I'm really proud of them. The song goes something like, "Well I never knew one / But I never had to / And I always saved one / But I never never never gave into one."

Do you ever get tired of sharing your loft with hot girls?

Absolutely, there have been times when I wanted to rip out my hair because I was trying to work and I had 10 giggling girls in my living room talking about boys or comparing boobs. But in the end I have created something that I am really proud of with these girls and I wouldn't trade my time or memories with them for anything.

What is your men-to-women member ratio? How many GodsGirls do you have?

I’d say it's slightly more male than female but we definitely have a very active female-fan following. As of today there are 170 gorgeous, unique women featured as GodsGirls.

What sets you apart from other alt-porn sites?

Quality. Model quality and content quality are at the forefront of the GodsGirls brand. The girls have to be beautiful and intelligent and the photos of them have to reflect that. We update a lot and I think that is where a lot of alt-porn sites really fall behind us. They simply cannot keep up with our onslaught of updates.

Describe the application process. Is it lengthy?

Models who are interested in applying for GodsGirls fill out an application at our website and then they are contacted by our model coordinator. We generally ask to see some more photographs of them and learn a little bit about who they are as a person. If we get a good vibe, and they can prove they are of legal age, they are given a profile and from there it's all rainbows, unicorns, and nudies!

Do you actually let in Purgatory girls based solely on member votes? Are all GodsGirls decided upon that way?

Yes we actually let the members choose which models they like. About 30 percent of our applicants currently go into purgatory, which is an area of the site where members are in charge of deciding whether or not an applicant will get to be a "GodsGirl."

Describe a standard modeling session. How does it go, beginning to end?

Every day is different. We spend long, arduous days working to create the best content possible.

You say that you won't consider modeling for your own site until you are in better shape. Doesn't that go against the site's motto, that all different shapes, sizes, and looks are beautiful?

Making the decision to be nude on the Internet has to be done when a person feels totally happy with themselves. That is certainly not the only or even the main reason why I have not modeled for GodsGirls. I think that I am more interested in creating a good experience for our models and our members than I am in garnishing any fame or fans for myself.

What are your plans for the future? New features? New ventures?

GodsGirls will continue to be enhanced from a programming perspective. We will add new models/girls who we feel meet our standards. We are always throwing great parties all over the US, Canada and UK. Lots of things will be happening but I suppose everyone will just have to keep an eye out.

To join, visit GodsGirls.com. Membership packages begin at $19.99/month and include access to thousands of nude photos and videos, plus band interviews, member-submitted news, forums, and social networking.

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