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Interview: Gale Laure, Author of Evolution of a Sad Woman

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Gale Laure, a native Texan, is the international selling author of Evolution of a Sad Woman.  She resides in a small suburban town in the Houston area with her husband and family.  Gale Laure is known for her informal Southern style of writing.
Thank you for this interview, Gale. Your recent release, Evolution of a Sad Woman, is a mystery, suspense, thriller, romance. How were you able to combine all those genres into one book?
It was quite easy for me. My story in Evolution of a Sad Woman seemed to be multiple genres.  It was not something I purposely did.  When I began writing, the story unfolded.  It had already popped into my head. The story of this book was just there.  I just told it on paper.  I believe some divine presence put the story into my mind.  I have always loved mystery, suspense, thriller and romance novels myself.  This made it easy for me to write these multiple genres together.
Evolution of a Sad Woman is about five men who are strangers and who are drawn together by their love for the same beautiful woman and her brutal murder. How did you come up with this plot?
I wish I could take credit.  I do believe the divine presence put this into my mind.  It was as if I had to tell the story, or I could not be at peace.  It was just there one day – the entire story.   It did not come in bits and pieces.  However, when I first wrote Evolution of a Sad Woman, it was without one clue that is introduced in the first chapter.  I went out of town to visit my sister.  My husband decided to surprise me and upgrade my computer.  I had a backup.  Well, it crashed.  My book was lost.  The backup was corrupt.  So I started all over again. 
I understand you write under a pseudonym. Can you tell us why you chose not to reveal your real name?
I am a very private person.  I like to keep my personal and professional lives separate.  I have chosen a life in the spotlight.  My family has not.  I write mystery. Thus, I like to stay mysterious! (Smiling deviously)
Your hobbies include genealogical research. Can you tell us more about this?
Yes.  I began genealogical research before Roots. I was intrigued by the mystery.  My grandmother had an old family Bible that always fascinated me as a child.  It had family names handwritten inside.  I loved the Bible.  I wanted to know more about the people whose names were in the Bible. Well, I found out. They were some very famous people.  When I researched the family histories of these people, it went back to Presidents and royalty. My family research is back to the fifteenth century in some branches.  I love a good mystery.

During my genealogical research I found some beautiful romance stories. True stories, these are the kinds which bring you to tears.  Some day, I plan to write a series of novels based loosely on my ancestors.  It will be fiction, mystery and romance.

You are known for your informal southern style of writing. What is it about this style that intrigues you? Have you dabbled in other styles?
I suppose I write the way I think.  I hear my characters speak.  I write what they say.  To write any other way, would not be to speak my voice.  I could write another style, but it would not be me.
Last but not least, how would you define success and what words of wisdom can you give new authors about this crazy publishing world?
Success is doing something you love with all of your heart.  I describe myself as “just someone who has written a book.”  However, at times such as the Book Expo America, I have felt like a real author.  It is a wonderful feeling.  What amazes me the most is the fact that someone actually reads, likes and wants more of what I write.  I love writing.  I feel successful because I am happy with what I do. 

The publishing world is ever changing.  The authors of today must market their novels as well as write them.  Nonstop marketing is required.  Writing the book is the easy part.   It is the fun part.  An author can learn a lot in this ever-changing publishing world.  A genre that is popular today will fall flat tomorrow.  All authors must be prepared for a roller coaster ride!

Thank you for this interview, Gale. Can you tell us where we can find you on the web?
Thank you so much for having me. This was a delight. 

For more information about Gale Laure, search on the Internet or visit www.galelaure.com (website), www.evolutionofasadwoman.com (blog), or the following:  

• www.twitter.com/wwwgalelaurecom

• www.authorsden.com/galelaure


• www.goodreads.com/galelaureauthor   

• www.myspace.com/galelaure-author  

Evolution of a Sad Woman is available as a trade paperback, ebook or Kindle at  Amazon.com , Barnesandnoble.com,  Buy.comAbebooks.com, Tower.com,   Half.com byebay,  Alibris.com GoHastings.com ,   

Langtoninfo.com UK & many Indie Bookstores.  

You will also find Evolution of a Sad Woman at many other international websites in Italy, South Africa, New ZealandIreland , Australia, Denmark , Czech Republic ,Amazon -UK , Amazon -Japan , Amazon -Canada Amazon – France   .

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  • Yes. I did. First let me tell you that we stayed in a hotel overlooking Fox Studios. I could look out my window and watch the wardrobe trucks pull up and unload. They were filming in the buildings.

    At the BEA itself, I had several movie filmmakers and producers come up to me. They were fascinated by the cover of my book. When I gave them a brief synopsis, they all said that it would make a great movie. However, I have not heard from any of them yet. So, we will see if Kizzy, Evan, William, Tom, C.D., Jimmy, Dom and Tony will come to life! Wouldn’t it be great if they did?

  • Judee Heintz

    You mention on your website that you were at the BEA in Los Angeles. Did you meet any movie people?

  • Yes. Several authors influenced me. But if I have to choose one that was the most influential, I would choose Stephen King. Yes, he writes horror, and I do not. It was his style of writing that influenced me. During my first edit of my novel, my editor asked me to take a look at one of Mr. King’s books. I did. He influenced me with his way of handling flashbacks. His were so clear and understandable. As an author, I find the modern way he includes music in his work refreshing. So, Stephen King is my final answer! GL

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    Did any of today’s authors influence you or in some way was your mentor?

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    Did you have a question or comment?

  • Katy,
    Thank you, Katy.

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    I know they aren’t real. But she writes them so well they seem like they are.

  • El Bicho,
    How true you are! LOL

  • Katy, they aren’t real

  • Katy Bee,
    I can not speak for all authors. I suppose I feel a little sad when I am forced by the storyline to kill off a character. But I believe the death makes the lives of the remaining characters richer and more appreciated. A death does change us, but not always in a bad way. GL

  • Katy Bee

    Do authors feel sad when they kill off a character in their books?

  • J. Johns,
    Yes. It was on purpose. When the story popped into my head, it was more complex than just a murder mystery. It had romance, suspense and more than just the murder mystery. Like life, my book is a mosaic. It is a mosaic of living. There is more than one mystery in our lives GL

  • j. johns

    are you there?

  • j. johns

    you got more than one mystery in this book. on purpose?

  • True, Lucy Loves Romance,
    But I really believe Tom was the “one” for her.
    I am not saying she did not love William. She did.
    Good thought with the note.
    Thanks for blogging in today. If you have any more comments or questions, I will be here for quite a while longer.

  • Lucy Loves Romance

    I thought it was William. She stayed in contact with him and she didn’t the other guys. She sent William the note on his birthday.

  • Lucy Loves Romance,
    I believe the love of Kizzy’s life was Tom Hastings. He was her first love. You know how powerful a first love can be. Do you agree or disagree?

  • Lucy Loves Romance

    Which one of the five men did Kizzy love the most in your opinion? Which one was her true love?

  • mystery book author,
    Twitter, Facebook, MySpace have been wonderful for me. They have increased the traffic to my website and my blog. I also have met some wonderful people who have helped with marketing my novel. I wholeheartedly recommend the social media. Best of luck with your debut novel! May there be many more! GL

  • No. I really do not. buy.com had it on sale for a while. I am not sure if they still do. There are many stores selling my novel: amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, gohastings.com and many, many more all over the world. I would suggest an Internet search. Many of the Indie Bookstores are also carrying my novel. I hope you find it for a great price and enjoy it. Remember, it will make a great Christmas gift also. Maybe buy one for yourself and one as a gift. Best of luck! GL

  • mystery book author

    I am a new mystery book author. I am looking for the best way to advertise and market my debut novel. How are you advertising and marketing “Evolution of a Sad Woman” in addition to a blog book tour? What kind of results have you have using Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter?

  • murder mystery story addict

    I love reading a good murder mystery story. Your mystery romance book video of you reading chapter one of your novel was great! Got to read it and add it to my bookshelf. Do you know which online bookstore has the lowest price?

  • Well, Dad, here goes. Once a man told me he had started my novel. He attended a football game with his family, but for some reason carried the book with him. He found himself leaving the game, sneaking under the stands to read my book, “Evolution of a Sad Woman”. He said he could not concentrate on the game because he had the story stuck in his head. I was very flattered. I hope you enjoy it Dad. GL

  • crime detective dad

    I am looking for a great crime detective book a dad would like to read. Your mystery book trailer looks very good. Watched your video on youtube.com too.

    However, I want to read a novel that a dad would find hard to put down. Have any of your male readers found your book hard to put down? I need more convincing.

  • suspense thriller romantic,
    The first 2 chapters of my novel are the murder and the murder scene. However, do not be disillusioned. The next several chapters involve the love memories each of the five men had with Kizzy. These five men loved her so much that they put their lives on hold to investigate her murder. She was an unforgettable woman with each man, and each man had an unforgettable love with her. So read on . . . dear reader.

  • suspense thriller romantic

    I watched your “mystery romance book video” of you reading chapter one of “Evolution of a Sad Woman”. I enjoy reading suspense thriller novels with a lot of romance. Your story seems to have more of a murder mystery theme after watching the video. That said, I recently found a review of your book depicting it as a love story.

    My question is, ” Why should I read your novel since I enjoy reading romantic novels that are a little steamy.

  • All the readers who have contacted me have told me they were totally surprised by the ending. None of them saw it coming. I do believe they were pleasantly surprised. Thank you for reading my book and blogging in today.

  • mystery thriller detective

    I onsider myself a good detective at finding clues in mystery and triller books. I must say that the ending to your mystery-romance book came as a complete surprise.

    Just curious as to how many readers have told you they figured out the ending before it was revealed.

  • Good morning, all. This is the author of “Evolution of a Sad Woman”. I am here to answer your questions and hear your comments. Welcome to each of you.

    mystery romance reader,
    I try my best to get inside each character. I try to feel what they feel, think what they think, see and hear what they do. I also try to get inside each relationship to react.

  • mystery romance reader

    Read your mystery romance book. How do you make your characters seem to come to life.