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Interview: Frontside Five

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It has been a long time coming and finally the Cowtown streets of Denver are starting to see a decent number of bands that are able to hold their own. Among the talented peeps representing the 303 is skate-punk hooligans Frontside Five. The band took a few minutes off from their current US tour to speak with Blogcritics.org to tell readers a little bit about the band and their unrelenting music. If you need a blast of aggression while your counting the days until The Incredible Hulk opens, the band will be making a stop on their home turf when the will tear the roof off Three Kings Tavern on June 11th.

NOTE: I’m not sure if the band's drummer Robdogg, was suffering from touring fever, distracted by something strange or what, but as you can see many of theses questions are answered in the third person and the questions that aren’t sound like they were read off cue cards. Either way, Enjoy!

Did all the members grow up in Denver?

Brooke grew up in Arvada, a suburb of Denver, Shane is from Cortez, CO, Bart is from Florida, and Robdogg is from California

What is your take on the Denver music scene?

Denver has a very active and growing music scene. You can see live music at multiple venues 7 nights a week, anytime of the year. There are a lot of great and talented musicians who seem to get along together in the scene.

Denver is also a huge hub for national bands, which gives our local bands a lot of opportunity to play with and establish relationships with musicians/bands from across the country.

Tell me a little about your forthcoming record.

Our next album is being written as we speak. It will definitely be a different album than the first three previous releases. Since our last release, 50 – 50 Split, we have downsized to a four piece.

Brandon Stolz, our previous front man, left the band last Summer. Instead of replacing Brandon with a new singer, both guitarists, Shane Henry and Bart McCrorey have stepped up to the microphone with dueling vocals.

We have been touring as a four piece forth new material. We have two new songs that will be released this summer on a Fivecore Records compilation CD called, Mile High Lo Life. Which will be available on The 5corerecords website. The album was recorded at ML Productions in Denver, CO. The upcoming compilation will expose some of the new sound and give a good forecast on what to expect from the latest Frontside Five album in the works.

I noticed you listed Suicidal Tendencies as one of your main influences what do you think their best record is?

Suicidal Tendencies (S/T) 1983, Still Cyco After All These Years (greatest hits) is another good one.

Who in the band writes the songs?

Songwriting is done by everyone in the band. It is a collaboration of riffs, time changes, vocals patterns, lyrics, and rhythm. We start with our favorite parts and expand on them until we have a finished piece that everyone is happy with. These songs are all of us.

Tell me about Fivecore Records.

Fivecore Records was started in 2005 by Robdogg and Bart to help represent Frontside Five and other aggressive bands from Denver, CO. Bart had the idea to start with five bands from Denver who we thought were part of the core scene. That is when we decided to call it Fivecore Records and set out to sign five bands which included Frontside Five.

Since then, Shane has come on board and we have upped our core catalog to more than 10 bands. We are still small and DIY and will always be rooted in DIY philosophy. If you want to do it… make it happen.

It’s great to see Women that can rock, how did you come about your bass player Brooke?

Brooke has been there from the start. Brooke and Robdogg have been married for almost six years. They have been playing music together since before Frontside Five started. Frontside Five started in the back room of their house, moved to their living room, and then they ended up building a practice space and mini ramp.

Your playing Red Rocks at the end of your current tour with NOFX and The Circle Jerks, tell me about that.

We have a series of three tours which are all building up to our summer show at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado on August 22, 2008. This will be our biggest show ever, including bands such as NOFX, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Bouncing Souls, Circle Jerks, and Street Dogs. Frontside Five never imagined that they would one day be playing Red Rocks with such an amazing line up. It seems way too good to be true.

Has the band ever played with Fourth Yeer Freshman, what do you
think of their music?

We have played several shows with Forth Yeer Freshmen. We think those guys put on a great show and are stoked to see other Denver bands working hard to be on the road and representing Colorado on a national level.

What are you future touring plans?

We just finished up a short Oklahoma and Texas run in conjunction with the Grindline Skatepark grand opening in Houston. We are back now gearing up for at three week tour through the Pacific Northwest and West coast. Upon return of the West coast tour, we are heading through the Midwest, Great Lakes, and East Coast for another three week run. We plan to return to the South in September before we take two month off for the completion of our next album. The new album will be released early 2009 and followed up by several support tours. Basically, we are going to tour as long as we can.

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