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Interview: Fall of Troy’s Andrew Forsman

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Scientists have proved that when the economy tanks metal and hardcore bands see a rise in popularity. There are few bands as poised and ready to take advantage of George Bush’s latest sucker punch to America as underground heroes Fall of Troy. The band hails from Washington — The one not dealing death blows to the country — and is currently in the midst of another tour of the U.S. in support of their 2007 album Manipulator. In addition the band is enjoying the success of having a song in Guitar Hero III,a game that could very well usher in a new era of for musical distribution. The band's drummer Andrew Forsman took a few minutes to give Blogcritic’s readers some basic info on the band.

Where or how did the band get the name?

Thomas (guitarist) and I were in the same history class, and we decided that a name is just a name. So we flipped through the history book and landed on The 30 Years War. There was another 30 Years War, so we did the same thing and ended up with our current name.

This album is said to be darker than Doppelganger tell me about the reasons for that that?

We had two very close friends die in the year leading up to Manipulator. We were all broke, and girls were a source of frustration much more than before. It was just a depressing time and all we wanted to do was write music and keep moving. So, I think it reflected in the lyrics quite a bit.

The first paragraph of your press release is really good, who wrote it? Who writes your lyrics?

I have no idea who wrote the paragraph but it describes what I hope our band is for people. Thomas our guitarist writes all the lyrics.

Your album has been out for a little less than a year, how are fans reacting to the new material?

We actually just re-released it with a live DVD. The fans seem to like it. When we play them live, they go pretty crazy.

Many fans claim to hear a bit of prog-rock in you music do you agree with that?

Yeah, I'd say we are trying to always be doing something new or progressing further in some way from what we have done before.

Your t-shirts and designs seem to have a lot more lighthearted tone than some of the bands you play with. What do think of the obsession with gore and violence in many styles of music?

Whatever makes you happy is fine, but for us that kinda stuff is silly.  We like to just have fun art.

What are the advantages of being a trio over a four or five piece band?

We get more money and there's less dicks in the van. No, I think it catches people's attention more because they expect to see a singer or another guitarist so it's a more of a surprise.

What’s more fun playing a big festival or a small sweaty club gig?

I like festivals a lot because I feel like more people who haven't seen us are probably there, but there's also nothing like a fun club show. I sweat either way so that's not a factor.

What are some of your favorite books, movies, or other forms of inspiration?

I like anything by Arthur C. Clarke and Issac Asimov, but I don't know how much that influences my music. I know Thomas likes David Lynch quite a bit.

Being great musicians do you prefer the studio or live shows?

I like playing live. It’s more of a challenge to play a bunch of songs in a row rather than one song over and over. In my opinion we are a much better live band than a studio band.

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