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Interview: Dishing with Cozy Author Paige Shelton

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As a youngster, Paige Shelton relocated quite a few times. However, she attended both high school and college in Des Moines, Iowa. After college, she spent many years employed in advertising, regularly for the local Salt Lake City
newspapers. Shelton’s efforts to become a published novelist originated in 1997, but it wasn’t until 2008 that the first contracts with her agent and Berkley Prime Crime were signed.

What is your ultimate vision when it comes to your career?

I would love to write and be published until the day I die, my head landing on the keyboard, and my nose magically typing “Finis.”

What do you want for your legacy to be?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that I hope I am raising a son who is a good and productive member of society. I can’t get my head around “legacy” when it comes to my writing. Maybe someday.

What are the three key ingredients you must have to make your dreams become your reality?

Good heath, a sense of security, and emotional support from my family.

What does the word perseverance mean to you?

I don’t think perseverance is something you can force yourself to have. I think it’s just there if you’re going for something you want badly enough. I worked a long time to get published, but if it hadn’t been so important to me I wouldn’t have continued to try. I think it’s a chicken/egg (perseverance/drive) thing.

When you reach your breaking point, what do you do to recharge?

Just step away. Take a walk or a drive. Take a breather. I’m pretty mellow so I don’t need much to recharge.

What do you think are the three essential components to a successful life?

1 – You must find a way to be happy in your own

2 – You must set and attempt to reach goals – big
ones, little ones and all the ones in between.
3 – Try (it’s not easy some days) to do everything
from a position of love, not hatred, fear or hurt, but from love.
(Of course, all of this is based upon being blessed
with good health for as long as possible)

How do you find balance?

Since I’m a Libra, I don’t really have to find it. My body automatically balances. I didn’t realize that it (my body, my psyche) was in control until I was in my thirties. If I need work, it works. If I need rest, it rests. If I’ve eaten too much chocolate…well, unfortunately, it LIKES too much chocolate.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Silly, happy, sensitive.

What is your end game?

Long after raising that good and productive member of society, and long after my husband and I see the world, the answer to the first question would work quite nicely.

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