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Interview: Dana Precious, Author of Born Under a Lucky Moon

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Dana Precious is the author of Born Under A Lucky Moon; a new novel that’s being released on February 8, 2011. It’s publisher is William Morrow, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers.

According to Dana:

“This is just one story of my family. It starts with a long planned wedding on a Saturday, followed by a surprise wedding on Sunday. It ends with a murder and a sex scandal. Like every relationship in every family, this story doesn’t reside in the black and white of right and wrong. It resides in the gray area called love.” 

The film rights for the book have been optioned by Janet and Jerry Zucker of Zucker Productions (My Best Friend’s Wedding, Fair Game) and Jesse Kennedy of Aurelius Films, with Randi Singer (Mrs. Doubtfire and the upcoming Topper, starring Steve Martin) attached as screenwriter.

Dana Precious is currently a Principal / Creative Director at the entertainment advertising agency, Vox + Associates. Previously, she worked for nine years at Sony Pictures Theatrical as the Executive Vice President of Creative Advertising. She was responsible for the advertising of films such as: Spider-Man, Charlie’s Angels, Black Hawk Down, Stuart Little, and dozens more. Dana lives in Los Angeles, CA. with her husband, Martin, and their son, Gus.

I had the pleasure of interviewing her recently and here are some highlights from our conversation:

DANA: First of all, Luanne, I Love you. I can’t believe the amazing review you gave my book and I am so grateful. My mom would send you cookies if she knew where you lived. Thank You Thank You!! Dana.

LUANNE: You’re very welcome-I enjoyed the book and you deserve the praise.
You have shared that at age 10, you had “an inkling” that you might become a writer. Can you elaborate? Was it something you did for enjoyment even at age 10, or was there a special teacher who encouraged you?

DANA: No, I actually had very little encouragement and I was so scared someone would tell me not to write that I never took any writing classes or literature courses (but I read everything). I just knew that I always wanted to write, but as my mom has said, “You never said anything about it to anybody.”

LUANNE: Your book is fictional, yet you’ve said that it’s based on your own personal events. How has your family reacted to the book—are they amused?

DANA: Some are amused. Some won’t read it. All are supportive. My mom thinks it’s hysterical.

LUANNE: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your book? Did the book change you or bring new things to light?

DANA: WOW. My therapist asked the same thing. Uh…I don’t know.

LUANNE: You have said that you had thought about writing the book for years, but what finally motivated or inspired you to begin the writing of it?

DANA: Someone told me that every time I told the story to people, I diluted the need to write it. So I stopped talking and lo-and-behold; I started writing.

LUANNE: How long did the project take you?

DANA: I wrote it off and on over a five year span. If I compressed all the time together, it probably took me eight months.

LUANNE: How did you manage to balance family, work and the writing demands?

DANA: It wasn’t so hard before I had my son. Now… It’s hard.

LUANNE: What was a typical working day, including your writing schedule?

DANA: A typical working day is 8 A.M. until forever. I wrote on Saturday mornings religiously at The Novel Cafe in Santa Monica.

LUANNE: Do you have a favorite character or chapter in the book?

DANA: I love the character of Evan. I love his homespun philosophy that’s mixed up with food.

LUANNE: What was the hardest part to write and what was the most enjoyable?

DANA: Definitely the 2006 part. Even my mom said I was scared to really write about it. The film industry is so unforgiving and I was afraid if I wrote something that everyone would think, “Oh, that’s so and so.” The most enjoyable was the whole 1986 part. It wrote itself very fast.

LUANNE: What do you want your readers to know about you, other than what’s already been written?

DANA: I’m actually a very private person. Doing interviews is kind of hard for me. I’m always terrified that I’ll sound stupid.

LUANNE: What’s your best advice to a writer who wants to be publishable?

DANA: Stop fearing what others might think!

LUANNE: I could see your book becoming a popular movie (Like Eat Pray Love). Any talk or inquiries about movie deal?

DANA: We’re going out to the studios very shortly. I’ll keep you posted!

LUANNE: Are you working on anything now? What’s next for Dana Precious?

DANA: I’m working on the sequel to Born Under A Lucky Moon.

Thanks Dana! I wish you GREAT success with your book.

To learn more about Dana, visit her website at Born Under A Lucky Moon.
Don’t forget to enter The Born Under A Lucky Moon Contest. The winners will be chosen at midnight on Feb. 8, 2011- the same day Dana’s book is released.

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