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Interview: Cynthia Ruchti, Author of When the Morning Glory Blooms

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Cynthia Ruchti is an author and speaker who tells stories of hope-that-glows-in-the-dark in several ways including through her novels, nonfiction, women’s events, and outlets related to the Heartbeat of the Home radio broadcast she wrote and produced for 33 years. Ms. Ruchti and her plot-tweaking husband reside in the heart of Wisconsin, not far from their three children and five joy-giving grandchildren.

Ms. Ruchti’s latest novel is the Christian fiction title, When the Morning Glory Blooms.

Readers can learn more about Cynthia Ruchti and her work by visiting the following links:

Website Facebook  Twitter

If you had to describe your book in two sentences, what would they be?

When the Morning Glory Blooms is the story of three women—from three eras—desperately seeking hope in the tangle of unplanned pregnancy. Their perspectives are different; their longings, the same.

Do you have a favorite line or excerpt from your current work?

One of my favorites is actually the first line of the book: “The hand on her cheek weighed no more than a birthmark.” When I started writing the story, I had no idea the line would reappear as the novel progressed. And I didn’t realize how that concept would so profoundly affect me at the core level.

What are five important things that you take into consideration while writing your story?

Not necessarily in this order:

1. Does it sing? Are the words musical, even in the harsh places?
2. Does it speak? Do the characters seem so real, the reader feels immersed in the story, carrying on conversations with secondary characters, living the main characters’ challenges?
3. Does it dance? Does it evoke an emotional, almost visceral response?
4. Does it resonate? Will readers recognize themselves or people they care about in the pages?
5. Does it make hope obvious?

Why should readers pick up your book?

When the Morning Glory Blooms is an invitation to rock babies that will rock your world, to vicariously wrap your arms and heart around three women—from three eras—who are both hurting and courageous, to watch unexpected love uncurl in their lives like a morning glory blossom unfurls to embrace the sun. My hope is that readers will linger over the reading experience, reluctant to leave those characters, eager to stay connected with them and their stories that live beyond the last page.

What was the turning point when you realized you wanted to write and share your voice with the world?

I’ve long appreciated the power of words to change things within the human heart, making us wiser, more compassionate, with eyes opened to experiences outside of our own. For me, the turning point was the day I was given the assignment to create a radio broadcast of drama and devotional thoughts. I could have said no, that I had no training or history or resume or practical experience. But I had passion to spare. That led to a 33-year run with the radio broadcast. All those years included listening to listeners and readers, writing shorter pieces in preparation for longer stories, and learning the meaning of faithfulness and tenacity.

What genres do you prefer to read? Which do you enjoy writing in?

I’m a diverse reader. I like to read outside my own genre to challenge myself and help me grow. But I usually gravitate toward novels that have a literary feel a notch or two higher than what I write. I enjoy writing family angst, emotion-rich stories that also know when it’s time for a brief breather of humor.

What five things would you have with you at all times if you had to be prepared to take a trip at the drop of a hat?

1. An e-reader loaded with lots of books
2. A great, versatile jacket that can dress up or dress down
3. Smartphone to keep in touch with family, work, editors, my agent, and readers!
4. My cosmetic bag with the only shampoo that works for my hair, the only hair spray that works for my hair, the only foundation that works for my face, etc.
5. My laptop and charger (or the stripped-down version: legal pad and pens) so I’m never far from the current story

If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?

Perpetual focus. With the super power of perpetual focus, I wouldn’t be distracted by silly annoyances like laundry and making meals or spending four hours thinking of the perfect name for a protagonist.

What footprint do you want to leave behind in this world?

My husband said to answer “Size 11.” But not only is that not my shoe size, it’s not accurate. The footprint I long to leave behind is that of someone who listened hard enough to find creative ways to put into words what others thought and felt but didn’t know how to express.

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