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Interview: Barbora Knobova, Author of Tales for Delicious Girls

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If the title of Barbora Knobova's latest book Tales for Delicious Girls isn't enough to make you want to pick up her book and check it out, you are sure to, after reading the delightful answers that she shares with readers, within the following interview.

To give you a bit of an idea at the knowledge base of Ms. Knobova, she carries a Ph.D, is a relationship coach, CEO of Delicious Path – Personal Development for Women, and an internationally published author.  Ms. Knobova dedicates herself and her time to helping women from around the globe find their path to happiness, empowerment and self-love.  She firmly believes that all women deserve to be loved, respected and appreciated, something that is often lacking in society. 

First of all, could you tell us a bit about Tales for Delicious Girls?

Tales for Delicious Girls is a humorous, ironic book about men and women and about female friendship. It deals with dating and relationship mishaps and funny situations that actually happened, no matter how incredible it may seem. Its main purpose is to entertain but when you read it you realize the book also shows women that the relationship they have with themselves is much more important than their relationship with men and other people who surround them. It helps them love themselves more, appreciate and respect themselves.

Do you have a favorite excerpt from Tales for Delicious Girls? Could you share that with us, please?

"Let’s reeducate ourselves. It definitely won’t be easy, and it might not happen overnight, but if we realize that we want to change, sooner or later we will manage. It takes so little to live for ourselves, to decide according to our feelings, instincts, desires. To ignore what others think about us, to forget the past, to stop worrying about the future and to live what we have now. To make ourselves happy, to find joy in little things. To put tulips into the vase, to enjoy a bar of chocolate with almonds and to breath in the fresh summer night air. Maybe it sounds like a cliché to you, but it works damn well for all the blues, troubles and doubts. We cannot save the world. We cannot save the people around us and we cannot even secure their happiness. But we can save ourselves. We can make sure that we, only we, are happy. That is more than enough for one life."

What do you want readers to take away from reading Tales for Delicious Girls?

I'm a relationship coach and I work primarily with women. Every day I see that no matter how strong we are, how educated we are, how great our career is, sometimes we just get lost in the complicated web of relationships. I wrote Tales for Delicious Girls because I would like every woman to see herself as the pillar of her own life, her best friend. I would like every woman to truly love herself. I hope that my book makes women laugh and also helps them deal with any personal and relationship issues they may have.

What was the most fun about writing Tales for Delicious Girls?

Describing all those insane relationship mishaps and crazy dating situations that make you laugh (of course, only if you're not the one experiencing them).

What was the hardest part about writing Tales for Delicious Girls?

Writing Tales for Delicious Girls meant realizing some of my past mistakes and patterns that I used to follow in relationships. It's not always easy to be completely honest with yourself.

What kind of research did you do for Tales for Delicious Girls?

The research was very thorough and required long evenings with my friends and ex-boyfriends, over wine and good food, discussing love and relationships. It was so much fun!

Could you please tell us about your writing process?

I'm a very instinctive and impulsive writer. I'm not one of those systematic writers that stick to a plan. I simply write when I feel like it and when I know I have something to say.

Do you ever put yourself within your characters?

Always. Most of my characters are reality-inspired and even when they're fictitious I become absolutely submerged in them. I become them, in fact. Sometimes it's a bit schizophrenic.

Do you have any particular habits that you take part in while writing? By that I mean certain music you like to listen to, foods you like to eat, environment that helps you write better, etc.

Yes, I have my writing sofa full of colorful pillows. I need a cup of Earl Grey and my beagle that usually starts snoring when I write – but I find it very comforting.

Where do you get your ideas and inspirations?

From traveling and from new experiences. I think that every author needs to get out of his / her comfort zone every now and then, explore new places and try new activities. It really helps me be more creative when I write.

How did you decide you wanted to be a writer? Was there any authors or books that made you think "Wow, that's what I want to do – craft stories of my own for others to read"?

My grandfather was a writer and books were a very important part of my upbringing. I learned to read and write when I was four and I've been in love with literature ever since. The first author that inspired me to write about women and for women was Marina Mayoral, author of Recóndita Harmonía.

What made you take that leap from "wanting" to be a writer, as opposed to "becoming" a writer? Many talk of being a writer and dip their toes in, but it seems there is often a sort of "push" to bring one over that wall.

It took me a long time to become a writer. I wanted to write for a long time but I never felt the circumstances were right. Then one night I simply started writing and I never stopped. I believe it depends on your inner growth. When the time is right, you simply know it. It's instinctive.

Were you an avid reader as a child? If so, what were some of your favorite books?

I was an absolute bookworm as a child. I didn't have any favorite books. I read everything from fairy tales to newspapers.

If you had to summarize your life and give it a book title, what would that title be?

Delicious Insanity.

What are you working on right now? Could you give us a taste/teaser (aka excerpt) from your current WIP?

I have just finished Delicious Girl's Guide to Self-Love. It's a guide to self-love and happiness that teaches women about the importance of self-love and helps them start loving themselves in only three weeks. In a way it picks up where Tales for Delicious Girls left off. It's a complete step-by-step system, easy to use and understand. It helps women find themselves, respect and appreciate themselves and accept themselves.

"The way we feel about ourselves influences the whole world around us. Life is a mirror that reflects the relationship we have with ourselves and projects it onto the relationships we have with other people. If you feel miserable about yourself, if you are overly self-critical and focus on how "imperfect" you are, guess what happens? People will see you the same way you see yourself. However, as soon as you acquire a healthy, balanced, loving and generous attitude toward yourself, the way other people treat you changes almost miraculously. Why? Because if you love yourself, you will be loved. It doesn't matter what is going on in your life right now and what your past experience is. You can learn to feel better about yourself and literally fall in love with yourself, which will make other people fall in love with you too.

Always remember that the love you feel for yourself has the same, if not bigger, importance as the love you feel for your man, family and friends. Look at the way you treat yourself and think about all the people you care for. How do you treat them? With love and respect? Treat yourself the same way. You are the most important person in your life so treat yourself as such! You deserve it.

Change your attitude toward yourself, show yourself lots of love and respect, and your relationships with other people will change too."

What are you reading right now?

The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Marina Mayoral, Simona Sparaco, John Grisham and many others.

If you could have lunch and chat with any author, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

My grandfather. I think we would talk about his and my books and about life for hours.

What do you hope to accomplish within the next five years?

In five years I would like to look back and see many successful books that make women happy, that provide them with advice and guidance. Books that make this world a better place to be.

Is there anything that you would like to add? That you would like readers to know about you or your writing?

I would like to say one thing: Many people say that you can never have it all. But you shouldn't listen to them. If you believe in yourself and in your desires and goals, you can accomplish anything.

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