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Interview: Band of the Week – The Argonauts

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The Argonauts are a punk/ska band from northwest Ohio with an incredibly unique and fun sound. I was granted an interview with my good friend Curtis Presley, the saxophone player. However, he is extremely busy with school and practicing his music, so I was limited to a three minute interview that occurred between two BGSU classes.

Curtis is very vibrant and not only shines through his music but with his off-the-wall humor that is more than evident to anyone who spends more than five minutes minutes in his presence.  While some of these questions might seem odd, Curtis would expect no less and fans of the Argonauts have come to expect the zaniness. 

Describe the Argonauts in exactly nine words.

Punk. Warriors. Politically Aware. Past/present music majors.

Who is the song writer of the group?

Mostly Mark, Jason, and Chris. They bring in a song to practice and then we all throw in our two cents and finalize it. Each song we play didn't come through exactly as it was on paper when we read it down.

Which of your songs would you say most closely resembles "If I Were
a Rich Man" from Fiddler on the Roof?

Maybe "Pirate Show" or "Leaving the Midwest Forever." I really don't know what "If I were a Rich Man" sounds like.

What from your live show do you hope to carry into your first album?

The good times and the energy. Which can be very hard to do when your audience is replaced by a microphone and multiple takes.

When you're involved in a multi band performance, do you prefer starting the night off or ending it and why?

We actually prefer the middle of the bill. Everybody who's gonna show up is there and no one has left yet.

Which of your songs creates the most energy between the band and audience when you perform it?

"A-Ok." Solos and shouting fun for the whole family, plus its our closer.

How many roadies do you hope to have once the Argonauts hit the big time?

As many as it takes to create a roadie pyramid…

Which band member is the most like Paul McCartney?

Mark… I guess… He plays bass and sings and is first name has four letters in it.

When you think about it, what popular band do you sound the least like?

The Monkees

What is the greatest complement you have received from a fan?

"Dude, I skanked so hard that I puked."

Many of The Argonaut songs have caught my attention, a fun one is "Midnight Raid."     Lyrically, it is my favorite because it is nearly inspirational, and makes me just want to jump out of my seat and dance.

I was informed by an inside source that "Half a World Away" is based on a ancient war and the soldiers fighting in it. The intro to this song is very My Chemical Romance before changing to a more traditional ska guitar rhythm. Again, what I like about this song is how it really takes advantage of their more unique instruments within the horn section.

"A OK" is the song that has the happiest feel to it, even though lyrically it is a little on the blue side. The horn line gets its longest solo period and each band member gets their own moment to shine. The chorus is catchy, the bridge is enjoyable, and it is an overall well rounded song.

The Argonauts debut album A Catalog of Heroes will be released March 20. You can look into acquiring the Album through the band's myspace.  They are a lot of fun band and if you give them a listen, I'm sure you will enjoy them. If you are local to Northwest Ohio and get the chance, catch one of their live shows. I guarantee you will have a good time.

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