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Interview: Band of the Week – Carmen & Camille

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Carmen and Camille Thomas have made some noise with their debut CD Two and are banking on MTV to give them a bigger push into the big time.

Why shouldn’t they?

The 22-year old twins have made their career in large part due to television. Their song "I Will Never" played on MTV’s The Hills winning the Vancouver duo plenty of fans. Since then, songs from the album are set to be placed on My Super Sweet Sixteen, Next and Newport Harbor.

But the real excitement is still to come. The Thomas twins are in MTV’s “Battle of the Bands” contest in promotion of the new hit show Kaya . The duos’ single “Lose My Voice,” is in competition against songs by five other bands.

Carmen & Camille are taking the pressure in stride. Although they started singing together at age five, the shelved their dreams and went off to separate colleges. But it wasn’t long before they found their way back together musically.

Here’s a bit more about the duo and how they see their musical career moving ahead: 

What made you each decide to leave college and go into music?

Carmen: Our parents were in a band. Our mom was pregnant when she was performing, so we were on stage with her. As you can imagine, this all comes pretty naturally to us.

Camille: Our parents were very supportive of it. I think for Carmen it was harder [to not continue college]. She was on a TV show, on [a journalism career] path. Performing is in our blood. It is what makes us happy. For me, now is the time to do this; I couldn’t picture doing anything else.

So what is happening with you right now?

Camille: We are in Vancouver. We just got back from Boston where our band is based. Right now we are preparing a live DVD which is pretty exciting for us.

Carmen: We are also in the middle of the MTV contest that we are hoping to win. That is very exciting.

Your first album was fairly pop oriented. Was that a conscious decision when you were writing?

Camille: Some of the songs we had written a couple years ago and some we wrote right before we made the album. I was going through a break up at the time and some of the songs are about that. They are an accumulation of songs about growing up, youth, fun.

Carmen: Because it was our first album and was so many years in the making, the songs are fairly different.

Has your music matured?

Camille: It has matured in the sense that we have gotten to be better lyric writers. That is a craft that you can consciously get better at and work at. Before that we would work in a fairly isolated way. Now we have started working together more. We are creating our own sound.

Carmen: We have matured since we wrote the songs for the first album. Our first album was pop, now we and our band is more rock. We are putting our own take on the music, mixing sounds we like together.

How did you develop your stage show?

Carmen: We started performing quite a while ago, singing in church when we were growing up. We have always performed.

Camille: Definitely in the last year we have had an opportunity to play a lot more. We’ve been touring and that has definitely helped us. You can’t buy the experience we are getting. We definitely have a long way to go but we’re getting there.

How has your fan base developed?

Camille: It definitely developed because our music was played on The Hills. It’s great finding people in line buying our CD. We have also built up a really good fan base in Boston where we play a lot.

What is next?

Carmen: We haven’t set a date (for the new album) but we have gotten more serious assembling all the songs, fine tuning our songs. We’re hoping to get more recognition through MTV. We’re definitely moving forward.

Find out more about Carmen & Camille at their website, or at their MySpace space.  You can vote for Carmen & Camille at MTV's "Battle of the Bands".

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  • Sherry

    Wow wow wow…love How Deep is the Water on utube…great little vid called Meet the Twins too…thanks for another great find Nancy:)

  • Nancy

    Thanks to all of you for taking the time to write. I think C&C are amazing too. Frankly, I’ve grown so cynical listening to young singers, I really didn’t expect much when I listened to their CD. Shows how wrong you can be!

    I also reviewed their CD. Watch for that as the second “segment” of this feature — should be posted soon!

  • Britt

    C&C rock. They are the new generation of singer/songwriters. Their music is amazing and so refreshing compared to all of the artists who lip sing and don’t write their own music.

  • Nicole

    I love Carmen & Camille! I’m so excited they have been getting more exposure because they deserve it!! They are going to go very far and when they do I can proudly say I have been a fan of theirs from the beginning!!

  • Kris

    It is refreshing to see real- down-to-earth-girls in the music industry. Hope you guys win the MTV contest!!!

  • These girls are so awesome! I first heard their music on MTV about a month ago so I bought their album on iTunes…it’s incredible! Carmen and Camille are two of the most talented new musicians out there today – they are going to go FAR!!!