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Interview: Author Robert Ferguson, Creator of the “Food Lover’s Fat-Loss System”

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Hailing from the Midwest state of Indiana, author Robert Ferguson, the creator of the "Food Lover's Fat Loss System," performance nutritionist to career boxers such as Maureen Shea and Sergio Mora (The Contender), a motivational weight loss coach and speaker, discusses his passions in life, work, and family.

Robert, you are a weight loss coach and a motivational speaker. How did you get into this field?
I’m a former U.S. Marine. During my time in the military and afterward, I worked in the areas of rape and assault prevention. I facilitated seminars around the country to help diminish violence committed against women. At the time, I was a co-owner of a health club and had always been an athlete. A group of women who worked out there asked me to put on a weight loss seminar. Not knowing much about “dieting,” I phoned home to Mom, a lifetime dieter. She laughed and said despite what I knew about athletics and human performance, there was no way I could do it!

But I persisted and gave a Sesame Street type of seminar using simple techniques. I placed several plates on a table; I filled all but one with vibrant, delicious greens and vegetables. That one plate was different—it contained food void of colors. I then asked them to choose the unhealthy plate. Obviously, they all knew the correct answer.

Success! These female club members said it was the best weight loss seminar they had ever been to! Why? I focused more on the mental aspects of weight loss and how to bridge the gap between what they knew and what they did.

My goal in life is to become known as the Voice of Weight Loss through healthy living! 
 Robert Ferguson
Your website, www.DietFreeLife.com is wonderful! Who inspired you to create it?
My mom is the spark behind all this. Somewhere along the line food became her number one enemy. I remember the good old days when we would all get together at the dinner table and eat home cooked meals. I want to help people learn how to prepare and enjoy healthy food that that everyone enjoys. Let’s get that family dinner time back. Family is important to me. My wife and I are expecting our first child, a baby girl, in September.

How old are you? And how much do you weigh?
I am 39 years old, 172lbs, 5’9”

How do you personally build muscle and decrease fat?
Believe it or not, it’s all science. You need to know how to keep your body in a fat-burning mode. My experience comes from working with many clients—I use food to release the fat, and then it’s gone forever. For this I use the Glycemic Profile, not to be confused with the Glycemic Index. Carbohydrates are combined with other foods to keep insulin levels from spiking too high. You also want to eat every two to three hours, up to one hour before bed.

It’s OK to eat carbs?
Yes, I advocate healthy carbs and healthy fats.

I also meet people where they are. For example, a long time ago, a Filipino lady came to me for weight loss coaching. I had cut rice out of her diet. Working with me at the time was an executive chef. He stated that the woman wouldn’t return. He was right. Sure, the client had lost weight, but she’d also spent her entire life, from birth through adulthood, watching her family prepare and eat rice. Rice was part of her cultural identity. So, today, I meet people where they are. If they eat carbs, chocolate, or pork chops, I show them how to do it and still lose weight.

That’s why it’s not a diet, it’s a “Food Lover’s Fat Loss System.” You eat all your favorite foods all day long and reduce your waist line every week, guaranteed. I teach people how to incorporate small changes, eat frequent meals, and eat foods in the right combination.

How does your faith relate to helping others lose weight?
I believe in God and being of service to others. I grew up in a church environment; many in the church are hurting, and much of it is weight-related. They’d like to upgrade their lifestyle. I believe they need to discover, this is crucial, that they can eat their favorite foods without the negatives associated it. It is as simple as altering a few ingredients.

Do you drink wine?
Yes I do. In fact, I created an awesome seminar titled, “Wine, Chocolate and Weight Loss.” I show people how to enjoy your pleasures and live a diet free life. Both wine and chocolate are rich in history and share common benefits. But in no way do I encourage drunkenness. Again, wine and chocolate are simply great expression of a diet free life.

Recipes are found at your site. Are they your own?
Yes. They are the delicious health-conscious creations of my wife, my staff, and myself. I have an infomercial coming out soon, demonstrating the benefits of eating tasty food like tamales, lasagna, and even biscuits and gravy. The recipes will soon be increased to more than 500 and we post many of them for free at www.DietFreeLife.com

I heard that you’re a Vegan.
I was for twelve years—but in the last five years I have incorporated egg whites and cold water fish like wild salmon on occasion. The bottom line is, I don’t judge people for what they eat.

How can I begin to lose weight quickly and safely?
My wife and I created the Detox Drop for this reason – to help people get results fast and keep the integrity of the method being healthy. In short, the Detox Drop is a combination of an extremely healthy holistic liver, blood, and colon cleanse and a rapid weight loss boxer diet. This refreshes the body, allowing you to lose up to 14 pounds in three to six days initially, depending on your weight. What ultimately happens is that people learn how to cleanse their body and then begin eating in a way that keeps the weight off.

You authored Conquering the Munchie Monster. Who is this character?
The Munchie Monster is your negative inner voice; it is the voice that beats you up and makes you feel bad and sad about yourself. Instead of beating ourselves up, we need to conquer this voice and fill our minds with positive thoughts that will help us embrace a lifestyle which makes us feel better about ourselves.

If you don’t plant flowers and nurture them, you’ll get weeds and weeds are the negatives of life. A positive mental attitude will help you overcome the negative influences of life.

The book contains drills, tools, and techniques to help you outwit temptation on a daily basis.

Robert—thank you for your time. I look forward to seeing you on television soon.
Thank you Kelly.

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