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Interview: Alexia Fraser, Author of Memories of Mom

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Alexia Elizabeth Smart-Fraser was born on the beautiful island of Jamaica. After marrying her high school sweetheart, Edward, she moved to the United States. Ms. Fraser is the proud and loving mother of two children: a son, Sean and a daughter, Paige.

Alexia Fraser studied acting at H.B. Studio and worked as an extra on the set of Cosby Mysteries with Bill Cosby, New York Undercover with Malik Yubo, Central Park West with Lauren Hutton, and the series Prince Street with Mariska Hargitay.

Alexia Fraser has written and produced three original non-fiction one act plays both off-Broadway and off-off-Broadway: “The Ryans,” “Dope the Endeavor” and “Blind Trust.” Her fourth play, “Our God is Awesome,” is not yet produced, but will be soon.

Ms. Fraser is the original founder and partner of her production company, Paige Unlimited, LLC of which she is the Creative Arts VP. 

Memories of Mom is Alexia Fraser’s first published book. She was driven to share her story after seeing her mom suffer from unacceptable nursing home and hospital care. Her second book is already partially scripted. “Write what you know” is what she believes.

Readers can learn more about Alexia Fraser by visiting any of the following:

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Please tell us a bit about your book and what you hope readers take away from reading it.

Memories of Mom (M.O.M.) is a poignant story about an extraordinary mother, written by a daughter who loved and cared for her during her last lap of life. This story is written from the heart, and will inspire love and affection in millions of daughters and sons who will someday be caring for their elderly parents or loved ones. It is about undying love, unyielding sacrifice and compassionate role reversal.

It is the very personal story of a strong, dynamic and loving mother and a grateful and loving daughter. The attitude and example of her “Mom” continues to enrich her life. Her mother’s beautiful image is engraved upon her heart. It is a labor of love and a great book for all those who love their mom.

It reveals the joys and pains of her mother’s life. It also gives readers information about Jamaica, “the island in the sun.” It is a riveting story — a must read!

It is hoped after reading this book that the reader will take away her mother’s beautiful image that is engraved upon her heart.

Who/what inspires you the most within your book?

Without question, my mom. I am inspired by the truthfulness and love that flows effortlessly from her and into the pages of my book.

Do you have a favorite line or excerpt from your book?

My favorite is:

Mom touched everyone around her with compassion. She was all about peace and love. She made you reach inside yourself and find the love within.

Everyone was treated equally by her, “because God made us all,” she would say. Her motto was, “Every child has a mother.” She had something kind to say about everyone regardless of their behavior, whether it was good or bad.

One evening while I was visiting with Mom, we were talking and for the first time she looked me in the eyes and asked, “Ali am I going to die?” I was speechless. I did not know how to answer her. I am still not sure what I said to her. I know I did not tell her she was going to die. Mom did not want to die, even though she was in such pain. She wanted to live. The pain certainly did not stop her from wanting to carry on. She was not someone who gave up easily. Her tenacity was something I really admired. She really loved life. This memory will always bring tears to my eyes.

More than anything else, I wanted my mom to live. I wanted her to live for a long time. Pain or no pain. I was seriously looking forward to Mom returning home. Each day my hope for that reality became dimmer and dimmer. Then I cried.

If your current release were to be turned into a movie, who would you love to see play what characters and why?

Wow…if my current release were to be turned into a movie, I would love to see Diane Carroll play my mom because of her natural ability to portray a strong woman who is willing to make sacrifices in her life in order to raise her children with love, respect and patience.

I would love to see Tracee Ellis Ross play the character of the daughter who was there for her mom to the very end. Tracee has a natural, unassuming way about her that would be just right!

Denzel Washington would be perfect to play the character of George Winder (Dad). He has the raw natural talent to become whatever character he plays. I see him as a great musician.

Billy Dee Williams would be perfect to play Frank Smart (Dad). Mr. Debonair himself.

Nene Leakes would naturally play Pammela Smart (sister), just by being her no nonsense self.

Octavia Spencer would play Eulalee Campbell (BFF). Her dynamic portrayal in the movie Help was truly powerful. She is a natural.

Last but not Least, Mr. James Earle Jones to play Mr. J. P. Williams, the first man in mom’s life, a distinguished businessman. I cannot think of anyone more perfect.

What are your favorite aspects of writing?

Besides being passionate about writing my stories, I would most definitely say my favorite aspect of writing is simply having it written.

Your least favorite aspects of writing?

My least favorite aspect of writing is not having a hundred percent support from family members and the hurt you feel within. Not being able to have a first-time self-published author book signing at your neighborhood Barnes & Noble because you’re not a celebrity or a Head of State is another.

Who are some of your favorite authors/books?

Some of my favorite authors/books are: The Holy Bible and its authors. Mayo Angelou, one of the most influential voices of our time. Her book Letter to my Daughter speaks to me. I feel I am the daughter she wishes she had.

Joel Osteen – His natural gift, the ability to communicate with millions of believers and non-believers all over the world. His book It’s Your Time activates my faith, helps me to achieve my dreams, and increase in God’s Favor. He inspired me to write my book.

Steven Taylor Goldsberry – His book The Writer’s Book of Wisdom (101 rules for Mastering Your Craft). This book not only helps me to become more passionate with my writing, it also teaches me that I should write to be read.

Sidney Poitier and his book The Measure of a Man. A brilliant read! It makes you feel like you’re sitting and having a conversation with him. This is how I believe I wrote my book. “I am the me I chose to be.” Powerful!

President Barack Obama‘s The Audacity of Hope a very inspirational and thought-provoking work.

What are you reading right now?

I am currently reading Night Before Dawn, a novel by Roschelle McKenzie. She writes about God’s amazing ability to restore broken relationships that have fallen into the trap of lies, lust and betrayal. It is emotional and spiritual.

If you could have a dinner party and invite five authors – dead or alive – who would they be and what would you serve them?

Thank you for asking. I would most definitely invite to my author’s dinner party the following authors: Barack Obama, Mayo Angelou, Joel Osteen, Steven Taylor Goldsberry and editors from the Writers Digest.

Menu: Because I was raised drinking tea with lemon at a young age, I would serve tea with lemon in fine china and a printed copy of my favorite excerpts from their books, nicely rolled and tied with blue ribbon on the side.

What is a book that you wish you could say that you had written and why?

Of all the books that I have read, I am most impressed by the 66 books of the Holy Bible. Of the 66 books of the Bible, I would have loved to have authored the book of Acts. This book is rich in the history of the early Christian Church, as the followers of Jesus sought to spread his message of redemption and salvation.

What is the greatest piece of advice (for writing and/or just living) that you have heard?

My greatest piece of advice for writing is “Write What You Know” and as for just living, my mom always told me to “shake it off Ali.” Now I shake off all disappointments and all negativity, and most of all I know that with God “all things are possible.”

Thank you for inviting me to interview. This is my first interview of this nature and hopefully not my last. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with you and thousands of your readers. I am extremely grateful.

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