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Interview: Actress Natalie Ramsey From Beyond the Break

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Natalie grew up in Milton, Massachusetts. Natalie, 30, has had a lot of acting experience before Beyond the Break. More recently, she can be seen in Cruel Intentions 3 and Local Boys.

Natalie Ramsey currently plays Lacey on Beyond the Break. Natalie is a surfer, so her skills come in handy when performing on Beyond the Break. Other characters such as Tiffany Hines (Birdie) and Suzie Pollard (Dawn) did not know how to surf and had to learn before going on Beyond the Break.

Lacey grew up in an abusive home. The only thing that saved her is her dream to be a pro surfer. She follows her dream leaving her mom and abusive boyfriend at home. Her mom's ex-boyfriend, Justin (David Chokachi), ends up being her coach. Justin acts as a father figure to her. Beyond the Break had its season finale last Friday. Season 2, guaranteed to be more intense, premieres early 2007.


This interview was conducted by Maddy Pumilia in the month of July 2006. All photos belong to the-N. Cast photo belongs to Mario Perez.

You were interested in acting at a very young age. How long did it take before you got a job?

I got my first job a few months after I moved out to L.A. and into the Oakwood apartments which is where a lot of kids come and stay to temporarily give acting a shot. I went on an audition for Sweet Valley High. I got the part! It was one episode, and like only 5 lines. I was terrified!

Was there ever a time where you considered quitting acting?

No. It definitely has its ups and downs though. It’s a tough, competitive business. One day you’re employed, the next you may not be. Trust me, I’ve done my fair share of waiting tables between acting jobs.

You've been in a lot of shows and movies before Beyond the Break. Do you still get nervous when going on new sets?

It depends. Sometimes. It depends on the scene and how comfortable you feel with the other actors. natalie

You play the character of Lacey on your TV show, Beyond the Break. How hard was it to get into the character of a girl who comes from an abusive household?

I did not grow up in an abusive household like Lacey did so it took some work. We had an acting coach sometimes to help. Lacey is a pretty tough girl. She’s had to protect herself and grow up fast, so I play her guarded as well as vulnerable.

Your character hooked up with one of her teammate's crushes and got caught. Do you have any advice to a girl in this situation?

Don’t hook up with your friend’s crushes! Ever!

laceyIf you could be any other character on the show, who would you be and why?

Dawn. Lacey and Dawn are so different.

What was the hardest scene of Beyond the Break to shoot so far?

I’m not sure. Physically, the water unit training was tough. Like carrying rocks under 20 feet of water. The phone scene with Lacey and her Mom’s boyfriend wasn't easy. Plus, I hit myself in the head with the phone by accident in one take. It HURT! Also rain scenes are long. And COLD!

Are you at all like your character, Lacey?

Yes. A lot like her. Not with as much baggage though.

What was your favorite scene to shoot so far?

The water scenes were always a blast. Jet skis, waves, friends … it doesn't get much better.

What was the funniest moment on set so far?

In one scene Justin hands Lacey a business card. During one take some one switched the prop with a condom. I tried to stay in character and keep going … everyone was laughing.

Does it get old when people recognize you or do you still love it when people come up to you on the street?

No, I love it!

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