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Interview: A Few Words With Dear Life’s Vince Apostol

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It’s been said that being a concert promoter is a good job because there will never be a shortage of young, eager, bands to promote. The fact is for every band out there only a few will make it to the big time or be able to live of their music. Dear Life, a band from Hacienda Heights, California, is one of those bands that have been signed and the bets are on to see to see how high the band can take their career.

They play a mean mix of hardcore with a variety of other mosh pit styles mixed in. The band is currently on a tour with Dillinger Escape Plan that will make a stop in my hometown on April 16th at the Marquis Theatre.

Vince one of the band two shredding guitarists, and one of two brothers in the band, took a few minutes to introduce the band to Blogcritics.org. Visit the band's MySpace  for tour dates and and a taste of their music.

Where or how did the band get its name?

Back in 2003, when we started the band, a common theme amongst a lot of big name acts and even smaller, local bands was that their names were all pretty negative. There was a lot of “death”, “dying”, and “blood” going on so we wanted to bring something positive and “life” in the mix. It also expresses the importance and significance of the life we are all given on this Earth. We cherish and live our lives as full as we can so we might as well have a band that encompasses that too.

How dose having two brothers in the band work out?

Well in my opinion, I think it works out pretty well. My brother and I basically see eye to eye on most things and we can interact and feed off of each other better than anyone we know. We are usually on the same page and it shines through in our music and overall band outlook. It’s also really cool to just be able to have a fellow musician on hand at all times as well.

You are signed to Uprising records, a respected label, how did that come about

Yeah! We're signed! Woohoo! Ha, ha. Well I think it first came about through Josh at This City Is Burning Records. He had been watching us grow over the years and he had seen us play at Chain Reaction. After that, he started staying more in touch. Eventually, I think they both wanted to work with us so they came up with a deal in which both labels could interact with the band, which is working out pretty well so far. Also, our manager Steve Morales had previously known Sean at Uprising and was in touch with him. We're very excited to have this opportunity, that's for sure!

Your MySpace page looks like one giant ad, do you guys make more money by playing live or by selling merch?

At this point, I would say that we make the bulk of our band funds by touring and playing shows. Between our guarantees each night and selling merch at the shows as well, we’re doing pretty decently. I’m not too sure how our online store is doing but I believe we’re doing better on the road (Thank you to everyone who has bought anything, EVER! We love you!).

I hear a hint of death metal in the few songs on MySpace, who are your influences

We honestly get our influences from such a wide range of music that it’s often very hard to keep track. Definitely Poison The Well's Opposite of December era. Refused The Shape of Punk to Come. A little bit of Comeback Kid, Love Is Red, Misery Signals, and Unearth. There's probably a million more, but those should do for now.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

While we're home, we mainly like to spend a lot of time with our family, friends, and loved ones. Being on the road can really make you feel homesick and nothing feels more like home than being with the ones you care about. We usually like to chill out with the dudes and some brews. We keep it pretty simple. My brother and I actually run a full time screen printing company and clothing line while we're home so we keep busy.

I really like your album cover who designed it and what meaning, if any, does it have?

Thanks! Donny Phillips was the mastermind behind the album art direction. He’s definitely a very mature artist for his age and we've always been a fan of his work ever since we saw The Warriors' album covers. He's now a full-time art director over at Warner Bros. Records so kudos to him!

The meaning basically follows the theme that we came up with for our record. Each song on the record is about an event in one’s life that can determine the person they will be. To build them as a person we use the concept of building and kept a constant underlying theme. We are always building and growing as people and always trying to find ourselves. The framework of the bird symbolizes that.

What's more fun playing a big festival or a small sweaty club gig?

It's funny you mention that because this Sunday we are actually playing the Bamboozle Left festival and just got back home from tour with Comeback Kid where we played a bunch of small sweaty club venues. The one thing that definitely makes one unique from the other is the intimacy. At a small club, you’re right in everyone’s faces and almost at the same level as the crowd. If the energy level is high enough, it just becomes one big party and everyone can't help but get involved. What we do love about playing big festivals is the opportunity to reach out to a wider variety of people. The rush of playing in front of thousands is one of those experiences that you cross off your life-long “to do list”. It’s simply epic. We get really stoked on both, but I think in the end, we'll always feel more at home sweating it out in the smaller clubs.

How do you describe your new album to some one who asks?

It hits hard right from the start and takes you for a journey. It has its twists and its turns and encompasses a lot of different feelings, emotions, and experiences. If you like your music loud, fast, heavy, melodic, catchy, and most of all, meaningful and sincere, then I think you'll dig our new record, Framework.

You have a few groups you support. Can you tell me a little about “Be Safe 08”

Haha! That's funny that you bring that up actually because that started off as a joke. Since the youth of today is definitely growing up a little faster than our generation did, more and more kids are getting involved sexually and intimately but aren’t keeping themselves safe. The internet and media today introduce sex and immorality at an early age and there’s no way to stop it. We can only hope that they all make the right choices and stay safe. We just want to raise awareness of safe sex.. BE SAFE 08!

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