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Internet Super Forces Twitter and Yahoo Unite

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Released recently on tgdaily was an article detailing monstro-Internet super forces Twitter and Yahoo as they join efforts to create a fast retrieving, fat free, sucrose free, no salt, no kidding news-specific search engine.

The current Internet news situation is that we the people want our news, and we want it right now! Seriously. We have no desire to scratch our heads waiting, anticipating and wondering when major search engines and directories will manifest the desired items. Clearly, major search engines and directories have somewhat of a difficult time doing what they need to do to get our data to us for reasons of algorithms and time-consuming software and processes or for any reason. Really.

Sometimes, we visit our usual Internet haunts — or we were already there, hanging out, hitting the keyboard, moving our mice and inadvertently smearing chocolate everywhere we go and are too lazy to go elsewhere — in an effort to secure the above mentioned news articles.

The problem is that we are standing in the mango aisle, trying not to drop our coupons, purse and keys and looking at row after row of the delicious fruit, but wanting liverwurst. Liverwurst is not even a fruit.

The absolute maximum speed, fastest that Internet giant Google (for example) can get a news story onto our computer screen and in front of our bi-focals is 25 minutes. Meanwhile, those enamored by Twitter are on Twitter, securing information that is incorrect, not to mention 25 minutes old, for any number of reasons.

The solution is Yahoo boss engineer Vik Singh's TweetNews, which combines the speedy retrieval of Twitter's news messages and the fresh-off-the press accuracy of a major search engine.

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