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Internet Marketing for Free

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Having been in business for myself for over five years now, I’ve probably spent thousands of dollars on learning how to market on the Internet.

The problem is that most of this junk says about the same thing.

1. Build a website.

2. Get a blog.

3. Make sure you have a niche.

4. Market your business.

5. Set up an affiliate program.

On and on it goes, but they all say the same thing.

And then there are the Internet marketing “gurus” that will tell you all their secrets, which are often tricks, or worse, outdated, if you give them $1000.

This can be anything from how to set up thousands of spam blogs, to worthless pages created by some automatic page generation system that will get you banned in the search engines. Let’s not forget that a lot of these guys spend thousands of dollars in offline advertising every year to tell everyone about their products.

When the dust clears, you basically don’t know any more than you did before, and you’re just out of your hard-earned money.

So how to learn how to market on the internet without losing your shirt? If you stick to the tried and true, you won’t go wrong. There are plenty of resources out there that have been around a long time. The bottom line is that a lot of the principles that worked offline can work online too.

Below are several tips:

If you’re thinking of starting an Internet business, or you’ve just started one, then you need to build a firm foundation for your business.

Make sure that you understand the important stuff, like tracking your expenses, keeping good records, and choosing a topic for your business that you are passionate about.

Keeping good business records is crucial because if you go afoul of the IRS with your recordkeeping, you can kiss your business goodbye. Unfortunately, this is one topic that just isn’t discussed a lot.

Don’t choose your business because someone said it’s the next big thing, or you think it’s easy to make a lot of money at it. If you own a business, there’s work involved.

Before you spend any money, go to your public library and read. You can get plenty of books and magazines there that will not only teach you how to start a business, but what you will need to do next.

Some of the best books I’ve read on Internet marketing weren’t written by Internet marketers at all.

I’ll be sharing my list of books and magazines with you, and I’ll show you how they can help you get started in business or market online.

With affiliate marketing being a $95 billion industry now, even an affiliate business is big business, and I’ll share some tips and information with you on that one too.

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Jinger Jarrett is a freelance writer, author, and internet marketer. She teaches one person businesses how to get started and then market online using completely free internet marketing techniques. Her books are available on Amazon. Get her free Internet Marketing Tips Guide, and her latest title: "Hour of Power: When Jesus, Zen, and Quantum Physics Meet the US Army" from her site for free: http://jingerjarrett.com